1. What kind of graphics will this support? Nvidia graphics cards? Because I want to be able to play oculus on this. Anyone know??

  2. The keyboard looks like a failure. Placing other keys to the right side of return/backspace/etc isn't very optimal, unless you put some space between them.

  3. I have no idea why these 2-in-1s don't fly off the shelves. I purchased a Dell 13 2-in1. I really like the tent mode. Tablet not so much.

  4. laptop of the year!
    I put my money on it
    I'll put my money towards it lol

    the first time in the usb type c/ thunderbolt 3 generation of products somebody produced a machine with everything.

  5. PSA: If leaks from Intel are correct, the 7th iris graphics on the ULV CPUs are going to be 15-20% more powerful than the 940MX. Is it still better than integrated HD graphics? Yes. However, just be aware that noticable performance gains are almost non-existent.

  6. Now that the active stylus works on these new 4K models, any news on whether the previous Kaby Lake Spectres will be made compatible with hp stylus?

  7. as someone who ownes a HP laptop, I'm really digging the logo without the circle makes it look more sleek in design hope they have that in future products.

  8. I plan to get this. I'm a programmer and a gamer too but I have the Xbox One and would love to limit gaming to that. However I might feel the need to play games on this or probably stream game to the display if thats supported. Do you guys think this PC will be perfect for me ? 😉😉

  9. Even if the battery life is reduced to less than 4 hours, it will be an instant purchase if there's an option with a low power GTX 1050 variant or even a low power Polaris.

  10. FINALLY they get it: "more wanted the 4k display than the full HD display" hope they stop pushing crappy 1366×768 and 1920×1080 resolution to EXPENSIVE laptops that people buy to do actual work on..really hard to fit multiple windows of apps on those crappy low res screens…

  11. This will be my next PC… Looks awsome. Time to try anopther form factor… Alienware 13" -> Surface pro P3 -> HP Spectre x360 15".

  12. Could someone tell me if it's possible to do high quality photoshop/indesign/illustrator work and video editing on this computer ? Also a bit of gaming ? Thanks

  13. I'm torn between the Spectre x360 2017 or the new XPS 15 2017. 🙁 The Spectre for the price is incredible, but the dual core i7 has me worried. The XPS is absolutely phenomenal as well, but for the same price point it is lacking in ram, storage, display, etc. Hmmmm…..

  14. Does this guy work for HP? I noticed his ID card notes a different company. I'm just wondering why he keeps saying we as if he represented HP.

  15. A 15" at this price with a dual core seems a bit skimpy on the latter. Battery life better test pretty well for that concession.

  16. Can you tell me please how much price of this configuration laptop ??? i mean 15t, 4k, i7, 7th generation, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, 16gb graphics…
    please tell me… i wanna buy this laptop that's why i am arrange my budget…

  17. Dell XPS 15 has 1050 and i7 quad core but only 256 ssd and 8gb ram. Still would choose XPS and this is coming from a spectre user. $1599

  18. 1:00 "We got two type c ports, most of which supports Thunderbolt 3" … So what he is saying, is ONE of them supports Thunderbolt 3… Most of two= ONE hahahahaha

  19. i got just mine x360 spectre (first gen) and they release now one with the 4k display… but i am not sad because i knowi couldnt afford the 4 k one because it would be easily a couple hundred more.

  20. The only thing I wish this thing had is a fingerprint reader. A real bummer that it doesn't have one. Beautiful machine, though. Kicks Apple ass.

  21. Hell yeah they made an already great laptop even better. I have the last year's model and the only knock off against it in its price range were lack of dedicated graphics and an average battery life. This one's got NVidia 940X graphics card and a better battery life.

  22. Why 940MX graphics ? Why not an nvideo 1050 or higher ? The 940 (and the color scheme) is what keeps me away from this machine …

  23. Greate. But next time, place the power connector (and hdmi) to the left side! It's annoying if using a mouse.

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