HUGE 2019 Silver Unboxing, Tons of Variety!!!

HUGE 2019 Silver Unboxing, Tons of Variety!!!

Pardon me sir. But do you have any silver in that box? Why but of course!!! Hey, what’s up guys, it’s silver seeker, and we have an unboxing for you guys We are excited because inside this box is not only a lot of silver but a lot of difference they’ll be ordered in a huge Variety of stuff and I just want to share the unboxing with everyone. So let’s get into it I am excited. Ok, guys, let’s go. We’re gonna cut into it just like so and get this thing open Like I said, I’m really excited cuz there’s so much different stuff in here. Ok I lowered the gain a little bit because obviously the it’s just so bright. It was washing it out and of course inside, we always have our foam so They APMEX likes to wrap all their stuff in these foam sheets and inside of it you can see there’s just these packages So we’re gonna get these out. Let’s go and alright number one Number two so two big packages and Alright here we go guys. So first thing out I Needed to get some of these and I got them. We have a full roll of 2019 South African Krugerrand, so let’s get this tube open really quick Alright, here we go. Let’s check this out under the close-up coin cam Okay, guys, there we go. We got a 2019 South African Krugerrand, these things are pretty beautiful. I do like the design. It’s a very classic design They’ve been using this all the way since the Gold Krugerrands which have been out for over 50 years now, but just absolutely gorgeous I love the sheen and Just the luster of these they are pretty. Alrighty guys. Here we go, pulling something else out Oh now these I was really excited about guys. These are really cool. These are the 2019 Australian double dragons now these obviously are in capsules as is the norm with pretty much all coins from Australia Let’s go ahead and pull these out cuz they’re just beautiful. Okay, guys, there they are. Look at this. These are beautiful. This is the 2019 Australia one ounce silver Double dragon you can see the fireball in the center there and the Dragons swirling around the fireball with the smoke in the background And then of course on the reverse, we have Elizabeth the second from Australia one ounce of four nine silver 2019 one dollar these are the 2018 Chiwoo Cheonwangs With the scrofa privy and we’ve actually had these before but we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at them up close under the coin scope Or I should say under the up-close coin cam Alrighty guys. Look at this. This is like I said the 2018 Chiwoo Cheonwang and down in the bottom right You can see the scrofa privy right there, which is really cool Because in 2019 the scrofa the cent the Z:Sin Scrofa actually came out Here is the reverse of this beautiful coin You got the KOMSCO now if you look in the bottom you got above the word KOMSCO You have the circle and it has the three nine silver in there and if you tilt it you can see it also says AG, so if you tilt it like that you see AG if You tilt it the other way you see nine nine nine So that is a really cool feature on these and I just think they’re absolutely beautiful The 2018 Chiu Chow on winged scrofa privy Alrighty guys. Now this package right here. I mean, this is a phat phat package. It has a lot of stuff in it This is the one that’s gonna have a lot of a variety. I ordered a lot of like one or two More two than one but I talked a lot of two of things And we want to just make sure we don’t break or scratch anything while opening it because there’s gonna be so much in here And that wasn’t actually expected at all. Oh man. I didn’t know those came with the pouch Okay guys, so let’s get these out really quick because these are pretty cool. I did not realize that That came that way alright, so what we have here Alright, these are these are just really cool. Alright, so you can look at the card These are the rare elements 2018 foundry dragon collection. This is the water dragon It’s the mirror limited edition. This is number 148 of 1000 and let’s see This one here is 132 of 1000 and if you look on the pouch That’s really cool. It’s got a wax seal on it And then it has some words around the outside as well and a beautiful cloth pouch for it to go into You can see that this is actually it feels like and it is that is that real wax? Right there. So it’s actually kind of soaked through before it dried. Oh, yeah, that is real wax. That is cool So it comes with a real wax sealed pouch With a certificate of authenticity and then here is the coin itself guys. This is really cool This is the rare elements water dragon and the mirror finish. This is really pretty ok guys here It is under the close-up cam Look at that with the mirror finish in the background and that water dragon is just really cool Looks like he’s destroying a ship or two right there. I wouldn’t want to be on that ship Okay on the reverse very very cool. It’s got some Archaic writing around the outside. It can’t read it says 99 fine silver one ounce 2018 This is really neat. I I really like this There’s a lot of scratching and scuffing on the case But as you can see if you look at like this one next to my finger there It’s reflecting on the background of the coin. So that is certainly on the case You can see it even moving a little bit, but man, these are cool Okay, guys, let’s go ahead and kind of just pour some of this out because there’s so much different stuff in here We’re just gonna kind of have to sort it So, oh man, that’s that’s a lot of stuff Okay, let’s go. I Had wanted to just kind of stuck in there. So that’s the package. It’s empty And there’s just there’s just so much stuff here move these water dragons aside. Just kind of figure out what we got going on So ordered me a couple of ms69. These were really cheap right now. These are the ms69 2019 silver eagles in the original brown label, which is why I ordered them instead of the blue early-release label I got a couple in the brown label. I think I just ordered two of those. Now. These are really cool guys. These are the 2018 half ounce Chiwoo Cheonwangs now These have a very very high premium on them for just being a half ounce But I did want to pick some of these up because I really do like that South Korea series There’s no point looking at these under the up-close cam because it’s it’s the same design as the one we just looked at But we did pick up some of those. Those are really cool There’s gonna be some more in there Now this one I wasn’t sure you know what this was gonna look like in person Now that what’s really cool is this is an MKbarz So everyone knows who MKbarz is I assume you do and we’ll go ahead and pull this out This is a poor bitcoin one ouncer from MK bars and what I like about the MK bar stuff is he’s actually Recognized by the big boys like at max, which is really cool. I do like that at max carries his stuff Let’s take a look at this one up close already guys. There it is up close You can see it’s definitely a hand poured piece. It’s got that Bitcoin symbol in the center It’s got some stuff going around in outside I assume that supposed to be data or something like that And then on the reverse, of course, you can see M MK bars 99 plus fine silver one. Troy ounce So we did pick up two of those. There should be another one in here somewhere up. There it is Alrighty now we pick some of these up I just you know these Missouri gateway arch coins I just like that they had they came with the capsule that’s shaped. Just like the silver round itself I know I just called the des coin. It’s actually round but it says route 66 Anyone that lives Missouri knows where I’m 66 But it’s got a really cool sheen to it. It’s in a really cool capsule I really like the shape and the design and of course you can see the st. Louis aren’t stay in the background Those are really cool Okay, when I was looking on around I did see these and I just wanted to pick a couple of these up Let’s get one of these out of the package. So this is the Alamo. This is a one ounce silver round You can see it says one troy ounce and then it says remember the Alamo and then on the reverse It has the Texas star with an eagle alrighty guys there it is on the close can now it looks like it has an angel guarding the Alamo and then on the One side you have Houston on the other side. You have Austin one torian’s fine silver Remember the Alamo that’s actually really cool and then looking on the reverse of the piece. You can see it has that really cool Sheen you got the Texas star with an eagle and some branches in this clause e pluribus unum In God We Trust This is actually a really cool piece. Okay, this next thing that we picked up we have the one ounce silver Deadpool now These are really cool. You guys have seen these marbles before they’re from Tuvalu This one is for Deadpool on the reverse you can see it is says Tuvalu Queen Elizabeth – Let’s go ahead and look at it really close up because this one is really cool as well. Ready guys. There you go You can see the Marvel symbol on the side there Deadpool in the center with the word or title of Deadpool He’s just kind of standing there because he is awesome on the reverse of the coin of course 2018. Tuvalu $1 Queen Elizabeth – Four nines silver one out very very cool. All right now we did pick up I wanted to get a few more of these. This is the 2018 Congo gorillas. I picked up a few of those Okay, so this is really neat I actually you know the Colonel series we really I discovered in the 2019 but you know, they have a 2018 and a 2017 and I did find a 2017 now this is to proof like finish as you can tell I Mean you can just see the reflection of basically everything right there, which is neat on the reverse is really cool as well Let’s go ahead and look at this one up close because although it’s not as pretty as the 2019 I do really like it. This is very pretty. Alrighty there It is under the close-up cam now. We don’t want to take it out of the case We don’t want to scratch it up You can see there’s already some scratching and stuff on it, but you can see those scratches reflecting on that beautiful mirror finish background Which just shows you how beautiful this coin is and then reversing it, of course It has an forever with a really neat pattern off to one side on the other side you can see it has the Pressburg mint logo who is actually the people that created these Pressburg actually reached out to me when they saw me open up the 25 2019 s about the scratched up cases and offered the replace those for me. That was really cool. The Pressburg meant to do that Okay now speaking of the Pressburg mint. This is cool. This is 2018 tequila one ounce silver. This is the 2018 equilibrium, which actually this is from the Pressburg mint as well So that is really really cool now There’s a whole lot of detail here that you’re not gonna be able to see like this So we’re gonna look at it up close first, but look at that yin. Yang with the trees in it and everything That is really cool. Let’s take a look at this one up close, okay there we go guys went ahead and cut it out of the plastic that it was in we’re gonna cut it put it in a Protective flip but you can see it says equilibrium Elizabeth to tequila, it’s got that really beautiful pattern with her in the middle It’s got like looks like circuit circuitry from a circuit board coming out from that You got the scales of justice right there off next to the queen’s head on the reverse You can see you got the tree on the background with the yin-yang You got the moon shining through the trees and more of that pattern around the outside You got the it looks like the electrical circuit board on the one side and like that floral pattern on the other $5 one ounce fine silver nine nine nine. Okay something else We did pick up in this is the two thousand and sixteen Canada Superman now, I really like Canadian coins with that really cool Sheen in the background. I kind of wonder how this looks under the close-up cam So even though we’ve seen these before I just kind of want to look at it close-up. Anyway, let’s check it out Okay, guys, there it is close-up. I really love the sheen of the field of this coin Just kind of going around the outside of the s I really like these I really do I mean, it’s pretty simple with just a Superman s shield, but I Just I think they’re cool. Okay, we’ve seen these before but these are the 2018 nui cheque lions. All righty, guys, here we go. That is really really cool you got the check line right there on the front with the shield and It looks like a crown they’re on top of maybe an you know a table with some sort of table cover on it One ounce AGG AG $9.99. And on the reverse, of course, we have nui island $2 Elizabeth 2018. Okay, guys, here we go. We have some more m’kay bars here. So we’re gonna pull this one out now We’ve got two of these as well. This is another hand cord piece by MK bars. It says Second Amendment Alrighty guys, there it is a close second amendment You can see the skull and the crossbones that looks like two 8k 47s or something, maybe M fours either way I really like the bottom saying where it says America’s Constitutional homeland security. I really like that the Second Amendment and then of course on a reverse one, troy ounce 99 plus fine silver MK bars Okay, guys, here’s something new. I want to show you now. It’s in a Scottsdale card so we’re not gonna be able to look at the reverse, but this is a 2019 Barbados one ounce silver lion fish that has a really cool finish on the reverse I think it’s supposed to like be water and then the bottom of the ocean for a floor under the lionfish Let’s take a look. Alrighty guys, so it does look like that’s coral under the lionfish right there. You got 99 fine silver Lionfish one troy ounce and like I said the back of that coin It looks like it’s wavy like a wavy water finish like you’re supposed to be underwater which totally makes sense But that is a really really cool really cool coin 2019 Barbados Lionfish. Okay guys, here we go This is another generic round this another Bitcoin round But this one is pressed instead of you know being hand poured by NK bars But it says Bitcoin cryptocurrency made in America and then on the reverse, it has a picture of the globe it says decentralized Yeah, decentralized consensus one. Troy ounce 99 fine silver. Okay, guys, here’s another one different that I picked up This one is the aztec calendar. This is another generic one. Ounce err But it’s got a really cool design. Let’s take a look at this one up close Okay, guys, there it is under the coin cam. That is really cool I don’t know anything about the Aztec calendar But I tell you what that design is really neat and if you flip it over to the reverse It looks like you got an Aztec. They’re not a 9 find silver at the bottom. It says Chunked amok or something like that if you know more about it than I do Let me know but I think that’s really pretty. That is really cool. Okay, guys. Well, that is about it We had a couple of other things like the 2019 cuckoo bird that we’ve already seen up close We have some more of the silver shield 2019 justice rounds, but outside of that that’s pretty much it but a huge mess that I have to clean up here now But I just wanted to share it with you because it’s got some really cool stuff in here I hope you guys enjoyed the video If you did do me a favor leave a like let me know in the comments what you think if you haven’t done so yet Guys, make sure you hit that subscribe button because it really helps me out and we will talk to you in the next video You


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