Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Fast Food

Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Ordering Fast Food

Before you even think about taking a trip
to McDonald’s, Burger King, or whatever other quick-service restaurant your stomach desires,
it’s a good idea to take a minute to commit these common fast food ordering mistakes to
memory. If you’re unable to visit your favorite
fast food spot as soon as they open, there’s still an easy way for you to get your food
hot and fresh by simply saying, “I’d like that fresh, please.” Yup, it’s really that easy! In a Reddit thread on fast food hacks, workers
and former workers from several different fast food chains confirmed as much. One Redditor wrote: “The Wendy’s I worked at always would give
fresh anything if it was requested.” Another poster added: “I work at McDonald’s, and people ask for
food fresh, which we honor. That may just mean you have to pull up and
wait extra time for your food, but it doesn’t matter much to us either way.” There are a few other ways to score your fast
food as fresh as possible, too. For starters, time your trip right. According to one former fast-food worker,
the most reliable way to get fresh food is to go to fast food restaurants that stay busy. The more orders they have, the more often
they have to crank out more fresh food. Are you a big fan of Carl’s Jr.’s breakfast
burger? Well, if your fast food order ever includes
something with eggs, you’re going to want to hear this. You know how it goes — your order is handed
to you and, for a brief moment before you stuff your face with delicious greasy goodness,
you take a quick look at the food in your hands and you wonder why your egg is shaped
so oddly. At many fast food eateries, the eggs come
out as a spongy pale-yellow rectangle folded upon itself. If you play your cards right, though, you
can actually get an egg that looks exactly like an egg. Here’s what you have to do in order to snag
one of these poached-style eggs, per a Serious Eats contributor: “All you’ve got to do is tell the cashier
that you’d like your sandwich made with a ’round egg’ and they’ll replace your folded
egg patty with a real egg, free of charge.” Know what’s better than cheap food? Free food. In one Reddit thread, a Wendy’s worker weighed
in with a little-known fact about Wendy’s drinks. If your Wendy’s doesn’t have a self-serve
drink station, you can still get free refills without having to commit a crime. The Redditor said: “All you need to do is go up to the counter
and ask for a refill. No need to go large when you can go value
and get it filled again.” A former Chipotle employee told Reader’s Digest
in 2017 that employees are required to give a, quote, “non-heaping spoonful of each food”
in an order — but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for more. A former employee also revealed: “I used to work there. Everything extra except for meat and guac
is free as long as it fills the bowl/burrito. […] The employees will hate you if there’s
a long line and you keep asking for more, but it won’t cost you anything more than the
regular price.” If you aren’t using the app or rewards program
from your favorite fast food eatery, you’re walking away from a lot of perks, including
potential money savings. In 2017, Insider contributor Madeline Diamond
detailed how these programs can be super-beneficial to fast food fans. “If you regularly eat at fast food chains,
you could save some serious cash by joining their rewards program.” She then described a few possible byproducts
of using said apps at popular fast food joints. If you download the McDonald’s app, for example,
you’ll have access to coupons you wouldn’t otherwise get. You can also snag a free McCafe beverage after
you purchase five at regular price. At Chick-fil-A, ordering through the app earns
you points, which in turn accumulate to earn you free food items. And, just FYI, in a 2019 study of the best
restaurant apps for fast food deals, ranked Chick-fil-A’s number one. “You have my warmest congratulations.” Given the nature of fast food, most of us
order it on the fly. This means we typically roll through the drive-thru. “Then I think I would like a large —- with
—- m.” Of course, this also means that you’ll have
to wait for your food. That doesn’t have to be the case, though — if
you want really fast food, it might be time to do a little snooping around to find out
whether your favorite fast food restaurant offers alternative ordering methods. Are you confused? “Do you understand the words that are comin’
outta my mouth.” As it turns out, there’s often a speedier
way to place your order. Many fast food restaurants will let you order-ahead
using their online app. To find out if your local store allows ordering
by phone, just give them a call! Be careful though — many places won’t actually
start your order until you confirm on the app that you’ve arrived, meaning you may still
have a wait, but it’ll still be a shorter one. Have you ever heard the urban legend of the
Poor Man’s Big Mac? Well, it’s one of those rare urban legends
that is true. The gist is this: Instead of paying nearly
$5 for a Big Mac, you ask instead for a $1 McDouble off the dollar menu. Only, as Twitter user @LandenCantWeld pointed
out, you ask for a few specific changes. He said, “McDonalds Hack: Get a McDouble, but substitute
the ketchup & mustard for Big Mac sauce and lettuce. You will NOT regret it.” Fans of this simple substitution swear the
modified McDouble tastes exactly like a regular Big Mac for around a quarter of the cost. If you’re willing to do your research, you’ll
find there are easy swaps like this at most fast food restaurants, like at Taco Bell where
you can substitute potatoes for meat if you’re in need of a vegetarian option. “VEGETABLES!” You go to a fast food joint, place your order,
get your receipt, and immediately proceed to toss the receipt in the trash without so
much as a second glance. This is especially true if you’re going through
the drive-thru and the employee at the window hands you a receipt with a survey at the bottom. You nod politely, grab your receipt, and shove
it into the cupholder or center console where it will likely remain until the next time
you decide to clean out your car. In a 2016 study, Ttag Systems found that 45.9
percent of people polled didn’t even notice their receipts had offers on them. As it turns out, this could be a costly mistake. If you ignore your receipt, you might miss
a survey and, also miss out on the reward of free goodies. By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard that most
fast food restaurants offer a secret menu. And while that’s all well and good, you don’t
have to memorize said secret menus to partake of tasty food that isn’t part of the restaurant’s
typical fare. You just have to be bold enough to get creative
— and ask your favorite fast-food eatery to indulge you a little. For example, one Redditor revealed a super-scrumptious
Taco Bell hack. “Okay so you know you like the Cheesy Gordita
Crunch. You also like the Dorito taco. […] But did you know that for just 30 cents
you can replace your plain Gordita crunch shell with a Dorito shell?” Another Redditor interjected and said a lot
of customers aren’t even aware that you can add or subtract items in almost all of
the combos and individual items. You can also add lava sauce to almost anything
on the menu. All you need to do is muster up the courage to ask, since most fast food eateries aim to please. “And then?” “No and then, that’s all I want.” “And then.” Whenever you’re craving fast food, there’s
quite possibly an internal struggle going on as you pull into the eatery’s parking lot. Do you go through the drive-thru, or do you
walk inside to place your order? Chances are, you prefer to go through the
drive-thru for convenience sake, especially if you’re craving a Big Mac. But ordering your food through the drive-thru
might not be the best bet. In a study of 23 fast food chains performed
by QSR magazine, drive-thru times were found to have slowed down significantly, down some
23 seconds from the previous year’s average order-up time. This slowdown seems to be backed up by a Quora
commenter who worked at a McDonald’s for two years. He stressed the importance of going inside
because it’s usually much faster than sitting in the traffic jam outside in the drive-thru. “Can I give you two guys a friendly piece
of advice, OK? Don’t EVER go through the drive through. Always walk up to the counter.” In fact, there’s a separate Quora thread devoted
entirely to the topic of whether it’s faster to hit the drive-thru or just go inside. Clay Nicolsen, former Senior Director of US
I/T at McDonald’s, said, “A restaurant may be famous for its fast drive-thru
service, so almost all customers go through the drive-thru. Because of this, if you go inside, there is
no wait, and the service is faster.” Apparently, we’ve all been making a cardinal
fast-food ordering sin, and most of us probably had absolutely no idea. Curious? Okay, here goes: If you go through a drive-thru,
you should not check your order at the window before you pull away. One Redditor explained that there are timers
installed in the drive-thru: “And once those times get up to about 60 seconds,
the boss starts flipping out on the crew because they aren’t working fast/hard enough.” Granted, it sounds like that Redditor suffers
from sucky-boss-syndrome. “He called me a moron, Dennis!” “Did you threaten this customer or use profanity
in any way?” “Yes!” “You’re fired!” However, another Redditor confirmed that — even
at fast food restaurants where the managers don’t flip out — drive-thru workers are
held to specific time standards. They said, “But it is true that we were given numbers
about how quick we were, but we were already doing the best we could, not like being told
that we didn’t do 2 percent of orders under 60 seconds changed anything.” So what’s the solution? Know what you want before you pull in, don’t
start eating while still in the drive-thru, have your money and change ready and, if you
must, check your order super-quickly. You can also pull up a little bit to do so,
though. Between BOGO deals and other clever marketing
campaigns, we the people have been indoctrinated to believe that you always get more bang for
your buck if you buy in bulk. And sometimes the math really does work in
our favor so that we get more for less. When it comes to fast food, though, that isn’t
always the case. On a Reddit thread devoted to secret intel
on fast food franchises, a McDonald’s foodie advised against going for larger quantities
of a specific menu item — and the reason is borderline brilliant. They said, “McBurger’s advice is that a 4-piece nuggets
is $1, whereas a 6-piece is $2.49. […] Always order multiple 4 pieces for best
value.” These means ordering 8 nuggets for $2 instead
of ordering 6 nuggets for $2.49. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
restaurants are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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  1. I worked for Macd's and I know for sure that the Drive-thru gets preferential service ahead of walk-in customers because the drive-thru line is almost always long and local bylaws prohibit engines idling while waiting in line

  2. If I want a fresh burger I just ask for no pickles. Years ago they used to be sneaky and just pull the pickles off one that was already sitting there, but I can taste that shit so I'll know if it's fresh or not.
    Also I never go in the drive through, always inside. 9/10 times it's quicker because all the other dummies wait in line outside thinking they are beating the line lol
    And I ask for little ice in my drink. It doesn't last long enough for the ice to melt anyway.
    And large fries are a joke, they always underfill them so you end up paying essentially for medium. I've taken them back and request they refill it to the proper level. Basically they count on people being too fucking dumb to notice the difference. But if you are on the ball you can actually get what you paid for.

  3. Uh no, as a fast food worker, if you ask for food fresh, we will all hate you in the back, I can guarantee you.

  4. Mashed-was-secretly-paid-by-all-the-Fast-Food-places-in-this-video-that-are-mentioned-to-say-positive-things-about-them.


  5. I once was at a tim hortons drive through after a long day, and asked for a frosted cinnamon roll and coffee. They said okay that will be however much money. So I pull up to first window, pay. Pull up to second window, receive order, and in the bag was another donut, I told them I ordered the frosted cinnamon roll, they said "we don't sell those here". So I asked "well how come you charged me for it then, and didn't tell me before I paid you didn't sell them?". So they switched it for a donut I actually enjoyed, but the difference between their donuts and the cinnamon rolls was like $1, so I asked for my change, and it took like 10 minutes to get the change. Just as I was about to leave they finally gave me the change, and I looked behind me and there were over 30 cars in the drive through (it was on a highway rest stop). I felt silly, but if someone orders something you don't sell at that location, you can't charge them for it and then give something else and expect them not to notice.

    It's reasons like that Tim Hortons is going out of business in Canada.

  6. Working at Chick-fil-a it’s always busy (duh). It is faster if you come inside because everyone seems to love going through drive through. Tips: place mobile orders. We love it when you do. It’s faster for us and for you. Don’t ask for 11 CFA sauces or any special sauces. We have a limit of 7. You can buy tubs of sauces. Also, if you come through the drive through, please don’t sit there and complain about how long it took to get through the line. You came during a rush hour and we already heard how long it took the person in front of you to get through the line. You’re only holding up more people and you can google the number of the store or write a review about how long it took. One more tip; during our dead hours 3-5pm, ask for fresh stuff. Especially on nuggets and regular and spicy sandwiches. Those usually sit there in the warm shoots for a bit. But fries are always fresh because we are constantly making them.
    Reminder: don’t get upset at the people taking your order outside. We don’t like being out there anyways. We know you are hungry, but please be patient with us. We are only teenagers and can’t control how fast the inside is working. Plus, if Karen in front of you ordered 5 milkshakes, we are all definitely mad at her she didn’t go inside.

  7. The only thing as a cook and chef that ever bothered me was when we close at 9 and someone walks in at 8:58. It’s annoying but at the same time I look at it as the final sale that will increase my value as a cook because I made money in the last minutes of a work day (I have not worked fast food since I was a kid, but have done fast casual lately which is essentially the same)
    I’m trying to start my own shop now and would want my cooks to be happy about serving people at closing time.

    The problem is that the employer a lot of times won’t offer the extra 10-45 min of work to finish cleanup after a late rush. Meaning: if the store closes at 9 most corporations want you cleaned up and clocked out by 9:30. If you hit a rush late (let’s say cooked to order Chinese food for a party of 12 that came in for a take out order at 8:55) actually cooking the food is going to take up a significant amount of that 30 min breakdown and clean time you get. It can be frustrating because many companies want you to clock out and then finish. That’s illegal but they will replace you quickly if you don’t adhere.
    In addition a lot of cooks from south of the border like to start clean up about 30-45 min before closing so a lot of shit will be put away early (I don’t recommend this as it can fuck up flow in a late night rush). The answer is to pay the worker for the extra time spent in the store when a late rush happens.

  8. I work at a KFC and the way mine is set up is they try their best to get faster at the drive thru window. They do it really well too. However if they see an easy order up front they fly through it sometimes before customers even finish at the register which really puts a smile on diners faces when they say wow that was quick

  9. They put chemicals in that stuff thats why you get hungry quickly and come back!! Its funny how they tell us what is illegal to sell and what is legal. Wake up!!

  10. not buying value meals is one i only recently figured out. a) i like free water better than calorie loaded soda b) the fries are empty calories. water and a burger for me please.

  11. So what am I supposed to do when I check my order after I've pulled away, and it's wrong? Wait back in line? Go inside, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place? No, thanks. I'll take the 10 seconds to make sure it's right before I pull away.

  12. For those in Australia, Red Rooster have a very generous rewards card that is worthwhile! And there is an excellent chance that McDonald's will have a secret meal that is heavily discounted that you won't find on the menu, but can ask for. More than likely this secret meal will only cost $5.00 and will be a burger, small fries and small drink.

  13. I know that in Edmonton the drive-thru at Barf-donalds is dramatically faster. Service inside is glacial by comparison.

  14. The Big Mac one @ around 4:35, all you have to say is that you want a mcdouble dressed like a Mac. They should know what that means.

  15. The very best advice is NEVER eat fast food. Cook at home with the best ingredients. It’s cheaper and better for you.

  16. When I was 6 I had a cheeseburger from my happy meal and to make a Big Mac I just asked my sister if I can have her meat and then put that In my cheeseburger XD

  17. you dont say you want fresh food you say i want burger without pickles and they will have to prepair it fresh for you you might wait a bit but you will get it good and great hah

  18. I usually ask big mac sauce on my mcdouble anyway. I swear the patties for the mcdouble are different than the big mac patties. Idk what it is but they’re jucier. Whereas the big mac patties are dry like the sahara.

  19. Really! Smh okay so I say it at Portillo's I like my Italian Beef fresh when they cook the beef perfectly 🤔🤔🤔 lol

  20. Guess I like it simple, go in and dine. Despite being young I like it old fashioned. But I'll keep these tips in mind if I go out of town.

  21. Five Guys is good but EXPENSIVE. Cheeseburger with 2 patties, smallest fries and smallest drink cost me $17.47

  22. Australian maccas are the best and fresh. Also if you don't know what you want get the fuck out of the drive through.

  23. fact of life… ASK a busy.. low paid worker… for something "NOT" standard, expect…. errrm well.. just don't….

  24. Did Mashed really imply that I shouldn't check the accuracy of my drive-thru order to pacify a manager's drive-thru timetable? Um, sorry, not happening. People sometimes make mistakes, so I always do a quick check on dark soda's and bag item counts.

  25. are you retarder? where in hell did you see that 4 nuggets are 1 dollar and 6 are 2.49? Dont spread false info because you want to make your stupid video

  26. A Big Mac always costs more than two cheeseburgers, which it essentially is, minus one bun. When you get a Big Mac you are essentially paying twice as much to get a wilted piece of lettuce and a shot of ranch dressing.

    Always order your soft drink WITHOUT ice at fast food places — especially if you're going through the drive through. The drinks are already cold without ice, ice just takes up room in the cup so you get less soft drink, and drinks already have the most over-inflated prices of any item on the menu.

  27. Here's what I do with available options, Jersey Mike's—Firehouse Subs—Jimmy John's—Arby's—Publix Deli (wraps)—Subway

  28. Ehh buying 4 nuggets for $1 and not 6 nugget for $2.5 is not a "hack" or being "savvy". It's people being idiots and can't figure out the price is higher.

  29. Why did i just watch this most people arent gonna give a damn about giving you"fresh" they arent gonna go out of there way to make something fresh lol they are just saying its fresh so you can be happy and to get you to shutup trust me

  30. in Canada we can't even buy mcnuggets in groups of 4, let alone for one dollar. here they're 6 for $5.69, 10 for $6.89, and 20 for $10.29

  31. what is this drive through bullshit?? people realise that orders are made in the order they are taken right??? it doesnt matter worth shit whether you go inside or not your food will come as it is made according to your place in line.. i worked at mcdonalds here for two years and thats how it always worked, i have no clue whether an order is for the drive through or restaurant as they just pop up on my screen in the order they are taken, from wherever they are taken

  32. Orders food
    Okay sir will that be all?
    Swirls mustache Yes and I'd like that fresh please
    😒Okay proceeds to summon all the snot into their mouth and spit into food

  33. Sorry but I don't agree with you, it's way faster to go through the drive-thru. A manager at McDonald's admitted to me employees are instructed to push through 4 or 5 cars for every one person who walks in! I believe it's because they can make money more quickly handing it out the window than taken care of you inside the "restaurant"

  34. Carl's jr. 's flagship burger is absolutely tastey. Almost as tasty as a dbl cheese burger with extra bacon from Nations. 😛
    And yes I absolutely HATE this f'n jig…

    The jungle beast freak wrecks every single movie he is in. I don't known how Jackie Chan could stand the big mouth , boot lip freak.😡

  35. “I’d like that fresh please”
    suddenly your car is surrounded by employees, screaming insults at you
    (your lip trembles) “I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT fresh…”

  36. Why should I give a shit how long it takes for me to order? I need time to look at the menu! And if I ever catch someone spitting in my mom's food, who has had a hard life already, I will find them and beat the shit out of them.

  37. For the love of Tacos please do not check your food at the window! It's demoralizing watching that timer go from green to yellow to red.

  38. There seems to be 5 people waiting in line when the drink refill is behind the counter.

    At Hardees add lettuce and tomato to a chicken biscuit and it adds 60 cents to your bill. So when they have the two for $4 sale its $1.2 extra. When planning to get a chicken biscuit I just take my own lettuce and tomato in a plastic baggy. Tightwad I know.

  39. Thats why I Loved working at Smashburger. I was a manager there and ALL FOOD WAS MADE TO ORDER. They would butter the grill, season the burger along with the hot toppings. The only thing that we had ready were the vegetables that we had sliced for the day, and the meat that had been weighed out and portioned "not frozen patties." I of course cannot say the same for Burger King. They had their patties precooked and kept in a warmer sometimes we would keep them past their time so as to not have waste. Their toppings were pre-cut all we had to do was simply assemble your food. ALWAYS ORDER YOUR FOOD FRESH!!!

  40. If your not broke you don't have to think of all those ways to scam a fast food joint, so glad I'm not broke anymore.

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