HUGE TREASURE GOLD SILVER OR GEMS? $850.00 storage unit I bought an abandoned storage unit

HUGE TREASURE GOLD SILVER OR GEMS? $850.00 storage unit I bought an abandoned storage unit

alright ladies and gentleman it’s the
moment we’ve been waiting for you know the pirate loves gold silver and gems I
bought this unit I smelt it I felt it please do not be silver plate let’s have
sterling silver on three ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages it
is pirate time we are here in this amazing little unit I bought yesterday I
bought it for $850 I had to have it they told me the woman hasn’t been here in
three years she went to the unit she was interesting and I was all I found this
this thing was amazing right here over 200 years old it’s a contract for the
land I think very well handwritten it’s amazing to think that somebody put all
this effort into something that they only paid 15 total shillings for it’s
really cool it’s got the seals it’s got some signatures if y’all could help me
out with these signatures I swear says the Pirates right there and then we got
another signature here and then we got another signature here we got all of
these boxes to go through right now this is gonna be intense to see what’s you
know I have a feeling there’s gonna be gold silver and gems I’m trying to find
gold silver and gems ladies and gentlemen but won’t settle for some
decent clothes come on be some Chanel be some Berbick Pendleton right there right
off the bat high-quality clothes you have to check all these poppers tomorrow
at the flea market that Pendleton – good Eva items I like that that’s Pendleton
it matches the other one right yep see good guess
Pendleton Hector Russell nope it’s no I was hoping that was
chanel Bali that’s a good brand right there pretty sure look at that quality
leather still there well soft that is want there that’ll be pretty trendy you can wear to
uh out to the club with all your friends you look at that we got a receipt $69
receipt for that skirt Talbots how much is not the greatest
brand I think it’s like a TJ mask I planned but it would be wrong don’t open
those yells at me when I’m wrong cow bit tarnish coach empty this is a good sign
no Chanel we did that salvatore ferragamo she’s gonna come Burberry bamboozle I love all you guys
out there oh you know who loves toilet paper right whose are who they are you
too buddy you love toilet paper mister hale’s Jeremy hey we sent it to
me for Christmas Oh what is that wood box let me see that
see that right there I don’t know but I think it’s gonna be good does that mean silver art I knew there was something I’m so excited now I know there’s
dueling in there got injure so that goes with that as for the cheese pretty there Ralph or no Lauren Lauren Ralph Lauren
James right there that is a nice suit that’s probably 40 bucks on handing it
there Kirsten Blake I don’t know about that
Jones New York I’m a giddy now King brand-new $59 Liz Claiborne and Taylor
that’s a good brand Lauren Brooks Brothers this is good record
that’s a good brain there is the gold silver and gems I know what’s in here
there’s a piece to the receipts $15 more clothes more Brooks Brothers what does this say
on it $89 not bad 89 no closer that no yep Jones New York that is a nice
trenchcoat you’ll probably want to eBay that and then we have a Anne Klein I
don’t know if that’s her watches don’t be very well to find those all the time
so I’d imagine this isn’t very expensive listen great shape winners coming does
XP stamps right there forever stamps those are money no marking still nice to
the frosted edges backwards huh $11.99 that’s party she the wine look Sam shoulder Bay in the camera here see
when you look up and hold it to the Sun see how there’s nothing in there just
the bubbles oh no it’s starting to ferment you can cook with this but you
can’t drink it maybe I want to find some Chanel something that’s cute Gianni no boo I got something for you haha the oldest flatscreen this is like
the first flatscreen that came out so that’s got to be a collector’s item
ooh what is that that is a frickin wasp Nick that was a charter club that’s kind
of decent and Taylor American Eagle sheet a small ad Talbots we got a lot of
Talbot’s Pendleton there you go 47 bucks probably on eBay just profile
of that shanell Pendleton nope charter club only
the bus was still in the back Oh Oh beautiful another one for you oh
we got a decent person here here we go finally Dooney and Bourke vintage this
is something that she will sell on the internet that is probably 20 to 40 bucks
easily we’ll give that to the eBay woman we will put the link below for you guys
to be able to locate stuff like that why do they do this
put your what’s your guess why do they put them in a bed to help prevent from
moths is my guest yes you don’t go and lure your what we’re gonna call this the closed unit she goes the one beautiful thing so far
as we found that pile of silver so do we have some Brooks Brothers that is good
she’s got paper bag in it to keep stability it doesn’t have 100 grand but
another Brooks Brothers that’s good I think I’m quite sure their purses have a
little bit of value New York established this is nice these
are nice ooh still got the kind of receipt thing on this is good I think that I’m not quite
sure I don’t want speculate we’ll look that up and we’ll figure out what it is
maybe 50 bucks and gems and it is not New York this is a lot of clothes you’re
gonna find money when we open you presently the Google Ralph Lauren
that’s a goodie bag she goes Ralph Lauren sixteen bucks at the Macy’s these are not very stylish these would
be a good brand like that I’d like to sell those on eBay but I don’t feel it
that’s very Tiana I have to look that up cheaper purses forever 21 20 bucks at
the store this should be pair of Bradley that’s good maybe 20 bucks on the
internet salvatore ferragamo eelskin this may be 75 to 100 and a penny it’s
old too it’s the older version that’s good Frenchy of California that’s a
vintage maker still 15 20 bucks at the flea market
Liz Claiborne no dinero ah yes yes what do we got here
yes silver that is gold nice it has a look of Chanel that’s worl gold silver
right there aha
Gold right there nice 14 karat probably looks like gold no nothing extravagant what’s hoping to
find more Burberry right here this is one I’m sure this is berbay that’s the
standard Burberry pattern I’ll have her look it up if that’s
Burberry that’s 75 to 100 bucks oh no man $20 at the store for that 75 for the
Chico’s Talbot we’re looking for something why
people in the move they keep their best stuff out to the end that’s why it’s the
last-minute box so they want to make sure they have access to it so there’s
chances there being something good see these no paperwork it’s nice it’s hand-painted I’m looking
for the word Tiffany no no signature that’s nice it’s newer it’s new but it’s
still painted No clothes clothes at Ralph Lauren yep I’m
good I’m getting good at this picking clothes out no there’s like baseball
pants right here like you play for the Yankees charger sub usually the tag is
on the end here somewhere so you always want to look for those on scarfs master bedroom
hello something in here is not closed she had a very old style um I guess she
was like 70 ish years old just by the style of stuff she wears nice Salvatore
Ferragamo c69 on sale was 185 that’s good another pic 119 marked off from 200
salvatore ferragamo ebay renamed inseam made in italy i don’t know the price of
these so I’m not gonna speculate but that sounds good because he made in
Italy Salvatori look at these good shape made in Italy she liked that style with
the little pattern in the front eBay that he’s gonna be in heaven this week Salvatori nope this is my bed
Enzo Angelina lunge leaning you know 70 bucks marked down another good pair of
shoes what did she pay for those probably the
same thing down to 60 no 86 marked down from 129 for Alma folia not bad be a box
full of dad daddy needs a box full of cash no not a box full of cash Stuart
Weitzman good brand these don’t even look like they’re worn if you look
there’s no scuffs made in Spain beautiful those aren’t easy 40 50 bucks
on you salvador Ferragamo they just keep coming
ooh where’s the cash look at that made in Italy by rung juni
oh we just had one pair this and then here’s one more pair worth likes me nice
it looks like brand-new too no babies these are probably 30 to 50 bucks used
cielo 240 a lot of box for a little person hundred
million dollars no to me I’ve never heard of that brand tickly on oh that’s
a good brand right there maybe 20 40 bucks on on the Poshmark or the eBay
pearline no bueno last chance for romance take me on oh
alright alright ladies and gentleman it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for
you know the pirate loves gold silver and gems I bought this unit I smelt it I
felt it please do not be silver plate let’s have sterling silver on three two
one oh look at that that is sterling ladies and gentlemen the word sterling
clearly marked there I can’t see the smaller world coz my vision is bad this
may pay for the unit let me see here one two three four five six seven eight nine
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 what’s 26 times 20 right now
baby girl then we have 1 2 5 15 to 20 apiece that’s 140 Justin scrap of silver
here huh 5 20 plus 120 is 640 640 and scrap right here easily maybe a little
more because some of these are a little heavier than this one but that’s 20 and
that might be 25 this almost pays for the storage unit and if you remember
correctly I got a couple pieces of gold we are pretty much almost in the profit
just from the silver gold and gems I call that a home run love y’all thanks
for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to my daughter to dissolve in
so she’s what start out here with me a little sick
right now and let me be can’t leave and gentlemen


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