Hulk Spoils Movies

Hulk Spoils Movies

So you two have a new movie coming
out. Yes. Infinity War
Ragnarok!… Oh… what can you tell us about it? well infinity war is the culmination of all our adventures
together it’s where we finally get to… Everyone Dies! Dude! you can’t say that, man! oh. sorry. What are you doing? Everyone Not Die! Happy Avengers! I can’t believe you said that. Is Hulk in trouble? I don’t know. Maybe. hmm okay moving on what was it like making a movie with everyone on set together? What can I say? It was great to finally see the entire… HULK SORRY RHODEY! HULK SAD! It’s okay man I think we should
just move on Hulk almost as sad… as when Han Solo die! What!? Han Solo! I still haven’t seen that movie man! Ooooh! thanks a lot, Hulk! Han Solo Not die. Oh yeah sure I believe you now! Hulk not understand sarcasm!
Hulk confused! Almost as confused as when Snape killed Dumbledore. Man! What are you doing!? I just started watching the Harry Potter’s, man! That surprising! like Bruce Willis being dead at the end
of sixth sense! Are you kidding me! Is that what we’re doing? are we just gonna ruin all the movies now? Tyler Durden not real! just stop man
just stop! SoyLent Green is People! Okay well that one’s old. Nobody cares about that one. The Vulture in Spider-Man… Okay that’s it! This interview is over! Just
turn the cameras off let’s get out of here! Come on What is wrong with you dude?! you


  1. I know this is old but do Hulk and Incredible Hulk, give the big green some love. I'm sure you can make both look different. And have the Lou Ferrigno Hulk cameo.

  2. I know we’re supposed be mad at Hulk for spoiling all these movies but I’m just mad that Roady hasn’t seen any of these movies I mean seriously…..🤨

  3. Nooooolooooooooooooooooooo I have not even seen all Harry Potter movie but who cares infinity wars was going to be easy to ges but spider man was not that great

  4. Back when avengers age of ultron so u guys have a new movie coming

    Rhodes avengers age of ultron

    Hulk iron man 3 oh

  5. avengers end game comes out

    so you guys have a new movie

    Rodey.yep avengers endgame

    hulk. into the spiderverse oh

  6. Who came here after movie Spider-Man: Far from home? This movie is insane. So many plot twists blowing

    my mind. Hulk would have much to spoil. (Sorry for my English)

  7. How could hulk have seen the force awakens if he had left earth in April – May of 2015 when the force awakens came out in December of 2015…

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