Hunting Buffalo, Finding Silver – Nickels

Hunting Buffalo, Finding Silver – Nickels

pretty excited about this nickel hunt I
got a two-box hunt I’ve got a couple of boxes with nickel wrappers that I rarely
see I think these are a Brinks source now the boxes are normal but the
wrappers inside are different but that’s not what excited I’m excited because
when I checked for circulated nickels you see it? BOOM! One of the rolls has a
Buffalo ender…. hey everybody its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and as you saw by the
intro we’ve got a buffalo nickel in this box as an Ender that gets me excited now
I do find my fair share of buffalo nickels here in Texas but I’ve been on a
mission to try to find some silver nickels because there have been eluding
me for several boxes lately that being said I’ll never turn down a buffalo
nickel under I’m excited to get into this hunt you saw in the beginning roll
number four will have a buffalo nickel under for us we’ll get to that when we
get going but my biggest focus here is trying to find some silver you guys know
the drill I will loop you in on my first good find
and hopefully it’s before the Buffalo so we’re on roll number three the next rule
is the Buffalo ender I bring you in because I laid it out this is looking
silvery and it is 1945 Denver I’ve got my first silver nickel found corner
hunting and quite some time I’m happy that I have found it that’s a good sign
that we’ve already got silver in the box the very next roll has a Buffalo ender
and since I have you here we’ll just go really quick to see if anything stands
out I don’t see anything else in this role but we’ve got a silver and roll
three and a Buffalo coming up in row four just laid out roll
for I pushed it down to see if I could see any other buffaloes I don’t see him
at quick glance but here’s the ender and it is indeed as I thought a 1930 a
little bit chewed up on the top and I don’t know if there’s gonna be a mint
mark has chewed up on the bottom as well looks like it likely has no mint mark it
is definitely a beat-up buffalo nickel but you know what I’ll take it either
way 19:30 likely Philadelphia chewed up
buffalo nickel to go along with a silver first couple of fines of the boxes oh
and I’ll point out to that just like in quarters 1983 and 1982 Denver and
Philadelphia minted nickels are worth a little bit more if you can get them in
mint State this is a pretty nice example it’s probably not mint state it’s more
like au 50 but I’m gonna pull it out anyway to check it against my album and
probably roll it up as I do keep nicer condition 82 and 83 nickels and quarters
alright let’s find more goodies rule number eight and I’m bringing you in
because this is an odd find and I’m probably gonna put on my blue gloves
after this but look at this this is a 1984 Denver minted nickel look at the
prooflike finish on it now that’s just an oddity it’s not San Francisco minted
so it’s not a proof but look at that I don’t think that’s been polished either
it’s got good shine all around it it’s almost proof like too bad there’s some
dings on the back the fields on the front or the obverse are okay but that’s
just an oddity you don’t see 84s struck like that if it’s not a proof it must be
one of the early strikes or first strikes that’s what I’m thinking it is
so the fact that we found that one along with a couple of those early in the box
has my optimism high that maybe we got part of someone’s collection dump maybe
I’ll find a lot other nice nickels in here but look at the finish on that tons
of original luster got to be an early strike
mmm let’s get back to the hunt just grab roll 15 out of the box and that’ll
likely be a 40s or 50s nickel there let’s see what it is that old nickel
Zender got a demon’s work on the back 50 6d and I think I see another old one
I do 1952 out of Philly roll 22 is gonna yield one of our first 40s it’s not
silver of the box it’s a 1942 I can tell it’s not silver by the look of it
okay West silver it have a large mint mark about the Monticello but it does
have the D adjacent to the Monticello and you do want to check your 1942 DS
for the over horizontal D over MIT mark so we’re gonna put under the scope real
quick see if we have a D over D by any chance
I do see a little bit of something up here can’t quite tell what it is yet we
also got some damage though so it could just be damaged something striking it
and rubbing it across here I’m thinking that’s just damaged let me just wipe it
down a little bit more and see if we have anything else visible if not we’ll
get back to the hunt and search for more finds we’re all 24 another 42 nickel
1948 out of denver mint mark looks a little bit weird but nothing worried
about it well 28 we have another 40s nickel in it every year 1947 Denver
rolled 33 we have a back of another old nickel hoping it’s not in the 60s and
it’s not 1941 out of philly roll 35 we’ve got an old nickel here too bad it
is heavily corroded but take a look at that that is a 1939 be a shame if it was
a key date with a DRS on the back but I’d still take it I don’t see a
mid-march let’s put it under the scope it’s got some raised elements there but
Ali there’s a mint mark let’s check for doubling and despite the corrosion the
1939 Philadelphia minted Jefferson nickel does have heavy doubling on the
words Monticello and five cents and I don’t see it rule 42 unwrapped it laid
them out and look what speaking up at us a buffalo nickel number two of the Box 1919 with a date no mint mark but not
terrible detail let’s take a look at that 1919 real quick no doubt about it
1919 buffalo nickel in the box not absolutely terrible detail at all pretty
cool toning to it hasn’t been nikka dated or treated I’ll take that all day
all this nickel of the box same roll and you probably saw the back when I had
flattened it out but we’ve got a 1948 in the box as well 1948 Philadelphia so we
finished box one of this two box hunt and I’ll get to the finds in a second
other than at 1919 buffalo nickel we found late in the hunt a lot of the good
finds were on top and I said that maybe was gonna be a small collection dump or
part of a collection dump if that’s true that would explain why there wasn’t as
many good finds throughout the rest of the box because possibly as it was being
loaded and it got to the end of the box and just started getting into a
collection dump if that’s the case and that’s the sister box of this box maybe
the bottom part or a lot of this box has some more good finds now it’s very
possible that this is just another box out of boxes they packed and it has
nothing to do with this box whatsoever other than the fact it’s the same kind
of box same kind of rolls I got it from the same Bank branch
the same day so I’m optimistic about it that being said we did find 11 in the
50s nothing diable here there is no errors of varieties that I could find
there is no semi key dates in there although there is semi key dates in the
50s none of those were them we found five in the 40s excluding the silver
none of them are anything particular other than it was good to see a 42 D
transition your nickel before it went to silver that was kind of cool lead a
trash 39p not a key or semi key terrible condition not the DDR I did pull out
three nice nickels I’ll add to the collection as well as a crazy proof like
finished 84 on top of that we had to 2009’s and the finds of the box or this
1919 buffalo nickel pretty good detail still on it some of the original luster
maybe was in an album for a while we also got a 1930 that’s pretty
trashing but it was entender made me happy and finally found some silver in
the first couple of rolls no other silver but it is a 45 d and i’ll add it
to my silver stack box one down but will box too old let’s get to looking old
over three a box two is gonna give us an early 40s nickel in 1946 and I believe
that snow mint mark might just be some damage there let’s take a look at it
under the scope not that it matters it’s just a common date but it is a 46 d
we’ll take it one year off silver and actually our first from 1946 same role
and holy smokes I missed it by the edge we have a 43 war nickel here I did not
see it by its edge you can see it’s not as easy to spot as sometimes they are
1943 Philadelphia so 43 Philadelphia we’ve got to check for a double die
which in this condition we’re not gonna see or a 43 over 42 let’s go look at
that three and see if we can see it three over two
I don’t see it it’s pretty predominant you would see parts of the two
especially the tail end of the two coming through this three right here and
although there are some minor scratches that make it look like you could see
something I don’t see it so it’s not a 43 video but it is a 43 war nickels and
that is our second war nickel now in 53 rolls still the same role and I happen
to notice the last one was old and sure enough it is 41 Denver three finds one
roll roll 8 another find another 48 out of philly roll 17 and we’ve got another
40 find a 1946 out of denver look like it even had a few steps for a second but
what it to the collection roll 21 a box to 1941 found out of philly
roll number 27 a box tooth and we’ve got a pretty decent 1946 and that’s a 46 s
there is a double die obverse on the word liberty and on 46 on the 1946 s
nickel palm is usually there warn’t too slick to decipher whether it is but this
one’s clearly not a little bit of grease striation if you will towards the
outside of the rim but another net not a bad 46 will add it to the fines up here
and get back to the line roll 41 and we’re gonna have a 1949
is it a denver it is not it’s a philly roll 50 or 100 of the two
box hunt just laid the roll out so we had a first floor in a Canadian nickel
1994 no 9s in this box we’ll finish up this roll and give you a two box wrap up
so he finished all 100 rolls two boxes I must admit I thought the second box
might be a little better than the first all the first was great we
still got a pretty good amount of fines here and I’ll go ahead and pan over them
and show you what we got we got 17 from the 50s we got 11 from the 40s and one
from the 30s so that makes 29 Jefferson nickels that
are not silver in the box I’ll take that we also got to 2009’s
and a Canadian as well as you saw them the fines in the two boxes to war
nickels to buffalo nickels on top of that I was able to add one more nice
1968 Denver minted he’s got a scratch on his cheek but it’s a really nicely
structure person nickel and I’ll add it to my rolls so in my opinion we did
really well two boxes hunted we got two buffaloes and two silvers that’s two
fines per box average that’s better than you can hope for
still no vehicles didn’t find any good 30s Jefferson nickels and we could have
found a few more semi key dates but we didn’t still I had fun hunting those two
nickel boxes it felt like a different source there’s a lot of nice 82 through
87 nickels in there although I only kept a handful for my rolls if you enjoyed
this two box hunt I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching


  1. Let's hunt for some Silver Nickels and some more Buffalo Nickels!

    I continue to have my fair share of luck finding Buffalo Nickels during my nickel hunts. In this video, I actually ended up finding a Buffalo Nickel Ender and that made me super excited to see what other goodies were in these two boxes!

    That being said, we've noticed a significant decline in the amount of silver nickels we're finding and so I am definitely hoping to see a few in these boxes (or at least one! LOL).

    We'll be hunting these boxes of nickels for Silver, Buffalo Nickels, Proof coins, Old Jefferson Nickels, V Nickels and 2009's for their low mintage. We found several nice Early Jefferson Nickels in this two bank box hunt so let's keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open for some goodies!

    Keep hunting and good luck!

    They're still out there for us to find!

    By the way – I am selling my custom Coin Roll Hunting Mats on my website or on eBay (see below):

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    Thanks for watching!

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  2. It seems like Chicago-area Brinks facilities have upgraded machines – they have different wrappers and are programmed to spit out silver. I've tried over 10 boxes (some halves, quarters, nickels, and dimes) and have yet to find a single foreign or silver coin. My Loomis boxes, on the other hand, are great. However, it seems like your Brinks rolls come from somewhere else.

  3. Nice finds brother😍 Awesome Hunt😋👀👀Buffalo's 👀👀🤯silver🤯Keep up the awesomeness my friend 😋Can't wait for the next one!!!!!

  4. I’m hunting a box of nickels right now, I found 3 war nickels so far. Oldest nickel is a 1940, but I still have 33 rolls to go. Thanks for getting me into coin hunting!

  5. Hey Rob I have a 70s penny out of Denver and the D is up in the date looks like this (19D72) what would you call that

  6. great buffalo ender and to answer your question yes I have got a V nickel ender, and you know that 1984d nickel could be a proof error maybe I don't it just came to my mind

  7. I just hunted a box of nickels that had 2 silver war nickels in it. The box I hunted before that one had a 1939 S Jefferson nickel.

    IT WAS A 1912 (this was my second box)


    I’m posted the v nickel video on my channel

  9. Badass Rob Dylan nickel hunting myself I found three buffaloes the Beautiful found a Denver Mint San Francisco mint And1 Philly💯💪💪

  10. Rob I think that 1939 is actually a 1939S. I just got a box of nickels and it had a 1939 Ender. I have not gone through it yet I am waiting to start my YouTube channel so I can open it then.

  11. I’m pretty sure that 1939 is an s. Look back at tbe raised elements rob was talking about. It defiantly looks like an s without a doubt

  12. Great hunt! That 84-D pseudoproof is very interesting.

    Yesterday I went to the bank and asked for nickels, but they only had $16. I still found a 1920 buffalo and a 1940-D with full steps! For $16, it was my best hunt ever!

  13. Great hunt. Buffalo and silver heck yea.

    BTW, the teller at my bank knows I coin roll hunt. He told me he has some rolls of UNC 2005 buffalo nickels. They've been sitting in their vault for years. I took everything he had. $170 in UNC 2005 buffalo nickels.😁😁

  14. What a great hunt! Thanks for consistently posting so many videos. I'm living abroad for a few years for school and miss hunting coins (Norway clears out their old currency when they introduce new making hunting blah, although in circulation you can occasionally find Syrian coins because they're so similar in weight and size they fool coin machines.) Your videos help scratch the hunting itch until I'm back stateside!

  15. I watched one of your nickel hunting videos where you found two 1917 buffalo nickels, and the very next day at work…I found a 1917 buffalo nickel in pretty good condition. What a coincidence!

  16. Nice hunt finally got some silver nickels, they were both in the 3rd roll of each box. Silver and buffalos it would have been nice if there was some key dates, that would have topped it off nice.

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