Hunting Dimes for Silver – Best Dime Box Ever!

Hunting Dimes for Silver – Best Dime Box Ever!

everyone its Rob again and I don’t know
why I do this to myself but I am going for dimes once again
for those of you watching my channel or watching my videos especially on
dimes you’ll notice that I’ve only pulled two silver dimes from bank
boxes this year but I don’t want to give up and I don’t want to just keep posting
pennies and and nickel hunts a lot so I’m trying to diversify and despite my
poor luck see if I can get one now they’ve got this box from Wells Fargo
it’s hard to tell but I believe they’re circulated by looking through here there
is no really dirty ones or any obvious circulator ones but I’m gonna get into
this box open it up and validate that it is circulated coins and then that’s the
case ring did I have something to show you this time all right we’ve got some
dirty coins I don’t see anything that looks brand-spanking-new new so that’s a
good sign all right guys we’re gonna get into this
hunt keep your fingers crossed hope that I find some silver and if I
find anything cool I’ll loop you guys in guys 9th roll in could it be could it
actually be just don’t fool me with the foreign please okay and it’s got a D mint mark 1956 I
can’t believe the ninth roll in I actually got a silver dime you know I
was watching diggin dave’s Channel and he inspired me today because he I watched
it this morning he got four dimes and two boxes four silver dimes and I
thought dang it diggin Dave I gotta I gotta find myself
a silver dime what do you know I did I’m happy normally when I have found the
two that I found it’s always in the last ten or eleven roll at best I’ve never
found one this early in the box doesn’t mean I’m gonna get any more but dang it
I am stoked I finally got a silver dime not just in a box but early in the box
to keep me wanting to hunt them yes that is awesome
all right now I’m stoked let’s get back to the hunt okay guys twenty-fourth role
in figured I’d show this to you just for the viewers that may be not unfamiliar
with the fact that you do want to pull out all your 2009 dimes as well they’re
pretty rare I only get a couple per box at most the reason why I pull them out
is in the year 2009 the mints made a lot less of the dimes and nickels for sure
but there are no mintage they’re hard to find the hard to pull they’re also hard
to see because they look very familiar to a 2000 when you don’t if you don’t
catch them in the light just right anyway I’m pulling my 2009’s out as well
as my silver and then any kind of cool coins that I’ll show it to wrap up let’s
get back to hunting okay guys for the 34th roll in and it
appears as though we might have a second silver another d mint mark a 1954 oh wow we’ve now got two silver dimes in this box a 54 and a 56 both the D that’s my best
time box this year guys let’s get back to the hunt
okay guys 38 roll of the box it has that silver look to it gotta be silver it’s got a demon mark on the back 1964
we got our third silver it’s a little dirty but that should clean up pretty
good yeah that’ll clean up pretty good little soap and water on there to make
it look a little cleaner but guess what are you kidding me three silver dimes
I’ve got you two all year in my first 12 boxes and found one in the coin store
machine found one of my daughter’s piggy bank found one metal detecting but I
can’t believe it we’ve only got five silver dimes all year and now we’ve got
three more in this box we’re still going through this roll and we still have 12
more rolls I am super stoked let’s get back to the
hunt guys fortieth roll of the box I don’t know if you can see it I almost
missed it but it looks like we might have another
silver 1964 D unbelievable four silver dimes I went ahead and just soap and
water this a little bit and you can see very clearly look cleaned up pretty
nicely but don’t recommend washing your coins but it was pretty trashed before
we’ve got another 1964 unbelievable four silver dimes in the box we’re still
finishing up this roll we still have ten rolls I’m ecstatic it’s like it’s
Christmas for me let’s get back to the hunt
46 roll into the box score to ourselves our second 2009 we’ll take it let’s get
back to the hunt all right guys last roll the box I didn’t want it to end
but I guess all things got to come to an end
all good things as well so you know we’ll crack this open live for you guys
see if we see anything let’s crack into this roll not seeing any possibilities guys looks
like it’s gonna be a non silver role all right
both will crack into it if we find anything we’ll bring in for the ride
okay guys we finished that dime box and what a time box it was we just kind of
go over a few things first for you what I see a lot people ask about the 1970
because as you know that year that’s the year that the proof from San Francisco
omitted some of the s-mint marks anuman and so sometimes you’ll see someone say
have in 1970 no mint mark dime is it the air or is it the proof air well first of
all it’s got to be a proof and this is a regular strike
you’ll recall that dimes didn’t put the Philadelphia mint mark on him until 1980
so anything pre 80 if it doesn’t have a mint mark it’s most likely from the
Philadelphia Mint I pulled one aside that had the deed just for comparison
anyway first and foremost the 1970 year has got
to be a proof and if it’s a proof of missing the S you got a great coin I
pulled this one aside because it’s obviously off-center quite a bit times
you do see off-center a lot but this one’s a little more dramatic than normal
it’s not in great condition but it’s pretty off-center so I decide to keep it
for a keepsake I kept these because the toning on them is really cool this has
kind of a satin finish you’re probably not getting a good look with the camera
but you can see it’s got a little bronze satin finish to it thought it was cool
say with this one it’s beat-up but what a mirrored finish on it it’s kind of
crazy I think someone treated this one we also found those four silver dimes a
54 d a 56 d and two 64 D’s Wow my best dime box ever
thank you diggin dave for inspiring me after watching a video this morning to
go out and get a dime box and give it another go before the end of the year
and boom I almost should just send these to you just kidding but thank you again
and then finally we got to 2009 D dimes low mint diamond I usually get about two
per box so that kept the average they’re really hope you guys enjoyed this time
with me it was fantastic it has restored my faith in dimes I remember saying are dimes dead? they’re not dead and it to me anymore what a
great way to finish the year on dimes if I don’t get anymore dies but after that
box I probably will anyway I appreciate you watching if you’re not a subscriber
please subscribe and as always thanks for watching


  1. WOW – Dimes are NOT dead afterall! Picked up a dime box today (thanks to Diggin Dave's video which inspired me) and I found my best dime box ever!!! Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

  2. Awesome finds! I hadn't found silver dimes after my summer hot streak. for 8 boxes no silver, but I got $70 in hand rolled dimes and found a 64 D and a 63 D in those. And the day after I found those I found canadian silver dime in a coin machine. So 4 months with no silver dimes, then 2 days in a row with 3 silvers. Dimes are very streaky for me.

  3. Dude Nice! You beat my Record of 3 Silver Dimes in a box haha. I told you keep Hunting! I almost have a full roll of.Silver dimes from Metal Detecting and Dime boxes. Merry Christmas man!

  4. Hey man, how get so many boxes. Does your bank have a coin machine? None of the banks around me have those 🙁 so i either have to give away my 9% or re-roll myself. Also what do you use to film?

  5. Rob, have watched a couple of your videos, just became subscriber #501! I REALLY appreciate the fact that you can admit you have done 12 boxes of dimes and only found three silvers in them, and that your perseverance has finally paid off with this 4 silver box. A certain other coin roll you tuber seems to ALWAYS get TONS of SILVER halves, dimes, nickels or whatever in EVERY Box the pair does. My first box of halves I did 6 months ago had bumpkiss in it, (didn't even post the video) but I tried again a few weeks ago and Bingo, one 64 90%er and 2 1967 40%ers along with 11 Not for circulation halves that looked proof shiny!
    Just finished my 3rd box of pennies and my first 2 Nickels boxes (got my first silver nickel in #2)
    Again, nice to see the candidness in your video. HH
    Diggin' Florida w/ Rob

  6. I've only ever searched one dime roll. Was one of the three rolls I went through on my first hunt.
    One roll each of quarters, nickels and dimes. The dime roll had a 51 Roosevelt. Beginners luck I guess.

  7. I want to pull off that skin tag on ur thumb soooooo bad! Sorry if that is intrusive. It is mutilating my brain's OCD/!!

  8. I love Dime boxes. I only average 1-2 per box. My best is only 4 in a box. Still love finding silver!!

  9. I got a 1964 D Rosie in my latest dime rolls… in the middle of butt fuck nowhere Canada. I think it was one of the branches in Burns Lake. Good finds by the way;)

  10. Nice finds. We got $200 in dimes (they wouldn't sell us a whole box, they were almost out!) and we found FIVE silvers over the course of $200. Then we went to another branch, got a box, and it had 3! Dimes are on fire, I think we'll give it another go, next time at the bank.

  11. Isn’t this the beauty of putting these videos out here. Even months later, people can still learn and enjoy from them. I just picked up a dime box yesterday and am planning to search it. I went to 3 different branches to try to get some halves but they didn’t have any (I ordered a box from one of them). I love 90% dimes so I am anxious to get started. Thanks for the great video Rob.

  12. Is going to do my one sleeve of Dimes from safe help bank and found a coin that says two on the front grosz e it's gold on the back there's an eagle and it says Z PCGS pollita Polska 2005 the eagle has two Wings two legs and its tail looks like a scorpion the whole cold coin is gold would it just a tad of what appears to be copper near the Eagles beak and it looks like a double headed dragon to me

  13. Wells Fargo is the worst place to get coin rolls from, they are distributed by Garda armored service. The best that i have found is Loomis.

  14. So been saving change for some time and I always go thru it and find wheats or what ever else that is worth holding on too. Yesterday I bought my first roll of quarters to search and I got lucky. Sitting in there was a 1954 quarter. How cool is that for my first roll. Too bad it can't be like that every time. I'm diggin you're channel and keep them videos coming!!

  15. you should have 1 million subscribers also great video…..late to the party! My record is 9 in one box and 1 error coin it was very lucky. I hope you have great luck in the future have fun.

  16. I've been watching bank box videos for 7 hours now and finally a video that says it's not normal to find silver. Other videos make it look like you just order a box and collect the silver. LOL. But I'm still going to try my luck! Thanks!

  17. So you soaked the 1964 in a little bit of soapy water and probably just rinsed it off under the sink, big whoop. I don't consider that cleaned, and LCSs would do more than that to make a coin more presentable…

  18. Still waiting to find a silver us dime up here in Canada
    Found a silver 1943 quarter a few months ago

    I find about 3 silvers a box up here 🙂
    Dimes are the only half decent place to find silver in Canada
    At least that's what I have experienced 👍

  19. I never find good counsel, but I should be opening a nickel box soon, I'm thinking about posting it on youtube

  20. I went to the bank with a friend to buy rolls. I bought two halves boxes and he bought 11 rolls of pennies a customer brought in. I got four 40% and four 90% all 64. He got a full roll of Indian head pennies. The luck some people have.

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