Hunting For Silver Half Dollars – A First Ever Find!

Hunting For Silver Half Dollars – A First Ever Find!

I’ve got seven boxes of halves this week
and there’s no way no way I can’t hunt this one on my own Alright… what do we have in here it’s kind of an odd one but doesn’t have a mint mark so we don’t know and it probably isn’t doesn’t quite have the silver look all right let’s flip
around and see if we got some silver on the other side well this is gonna be a
good box silver ender silver under silver ender silver ender and a Ben
Franklin silver ender right here yeah we’re excited holy cow let’s get him
home let’s get him hunted everybody its Rob
with Rob finds treasure and I picked up seven boxes a half two hours this week
I’m gonna hunt this one I was gonna save it for my live stream but it was part of
the to box pickup and this one wouldn’t you know it it’s one of the two
boxes I’m pretty certain the other one has silver as well which is kind of nice
but when I popped open the top we’ve got a silver under here a silver under here
I’m fairly certain that’s a silver under this is a 1960 something 68 silver ender
but look at this it’s my first ever silver ender Ben Franklin so you saw it
in the car when I opened this box there’s just no way I can’t open the box
it has my first ever Ben Franklin ender on it hi
we’re gonna go and kick it off the old-fashioned way opening it and I’ll
show you guys I have the rolls open but if I get into a lot of silver I might
set the tripod up just because I know a lot of you do like to see me open the
rolls with silver inside let’s kick it off well here we are guys roll number
three and I’m fairly certain we’ve got a silver but first of the box let’s just
make sure 1967 so that’s a good sign when those Enders and when there’s one
already in the rules first fine of the box let’s get us some more yeah just
cracking into roll number four and we’ve got another silver on the end look how
close it was to being an ender so that’s gonna be another silver again a good
sign and this one 68d and the next one is a silver ender and might have a proof
here looks kind of thick I could be wrong is it that one or this one
it’s neither but that’s why you check ah let’s get back to the hon rule number
five it’s the one with the 1968 ender and we’ve got another one in there is a
possibility that’s 90% so I want to pull it out first it’s not it’s another 67
silver number three and the ender we saw it already
1968 D silver number four so four silvers five rolls so the last four
rules didn’t have any silver in them so we’re still at four Silver’s in the
first nine rolls but I bring in cuz we’re on the Ben Franklin tender so let
me pop this open see if he’s got any friends with them no friends but you can
just see how brilliant this Ben Franklin is he’s got a little
dirt on him at least but still that’s a pretty nice 63 Ben Franklin 63d got some
Bell lines as well first Ben Franklin Endor I’ve ever found happy to have it
and it’s 90 percent in our fifth silver of the Box rule number 11 is gonna have
our sixth silver just cracked it open you can see it right here in the middle looks a little odd 1966 we’ll take it
it’s another silver and I didn’t checked all the way at the edge nope that
appears to be it on that roll all right six silvers 11 rolls roll number 15
we’re gonna have our seventh silver of the box you can see it here at the end
let’s go ahead and pull it out definitely a 40% 67 7 silver 15 rolls
roll 16 is gonna have a sandwich it’s gonna have a sandwich one looks whiter
than the other but I see a line I see a band in the middle of it so it’s not
gonna be and now that I think about it think about this guys we’ve got a couple
of Enders right here we had a couple of silvers down here maybe this side of the
box is going to be hot that was cold right here right we had silver here in
here we had silver at 5 and 15 so these were a little cold
I wonder if this box is gonna be left stacked we’ll have to see but enough of
that let’s see what we got in the roll first
silver silver number 8 is a 68 d ii silver silver number 9 of the box here’s
a 67 so it looks like it’s gonna be locks of 67 68 which I will take any day
of the week let’s get back to the hunt yeah very next roll roll number 17
stacking my discards going through him and I missed it
how did I miss it pretty obvious oh no I missed it but another 67 summer number
10 unbelievable roll number 19 is a silver under let’s
see if he’s got any friends with him he does not by himself but I’ll take a 67
Solo silver anytime roll 22 got another silver another 44 Center just pull this
guy out and see what he is another 67 silver number 12 for the box 1140
percenters and a 90 we’re on rule 14 and it’s a silver ender
and I think the next rows of silver ender as well so we’ll catch you up on
this one see if he’s got some friends with them another lone silver but 68 D
and lucky number 713 rule 15 that suspect ender no longer suspect it’s a
silver 1968 d7 or 14 nothing from 69 yet nothing from 65 and we had the low on 90
percent only but it’s a Ben Franklin all right let’s find some more rule 17 we
got another one let’s take a look 1968 denver silver
number 15 we’re on the roll 36 so I’d spent about 8 or 9 roll since we found
silver and it looks like we’re back on it again I was getting worried I thought
man wonder why the front half of the box had all those Enders maybe we’ve just
started getting into a collection dumb towards the second after the box and
it’s good to see something in that front half and it’s a 68 d and it’s silver
number 16 roll number 37 guys and I’m a little
more excited than normal because it could be me but that looks better than
40% that looks better than 40% I’ve been wrong a lot but let’s take a look nope
it is a 40 percent IRR it’s also our first 1916 out of the box and it’s a 69
d we’ll take it though silver number 17 starting to stack them up hopefully we
got enough for a full roll and I mean 2040s in at least this 90 they’ll be 21
silvers is my goal let’s get their roll number 39 we’ve got another silver and
dare I say it looks better than 40% again I’ll be another 69 either way
we’ll take it if I can pull it out 1967 roll 40 more silver this is gonna be
silver number 19 overall and it’s another 66 so 1840 percenters and a 91
number 46 guys and either we’ve got a plated one
or a 90 percenter what’s gonna be a 90 percenter 1964 Philadelphia Mint so – 90
percenter that’s silver number 20 1840s man that is nice to get to 90% is in the
same box anything else in there for me well we finished hunting that box a half
dollars guys and it was a dandy it was a dandy we ended up with 20 total silvers
enough to fill a whole roll you can’t get mad at that
we also found foreign ifcs in 2003 a 5 and 8 and a 2014 kind of deemed up I
also pulled out this unidentifiable date we know it’s not silver though still
crazy a 63 deep Ben Franklin a 64 P Kennedy both 90% and 18 in the 40% range
– 66 s 867 s7 68 DS and one loan 69 Denver as well 20 silvers one box I’ll
take that all the time hopefully you guys enjoyed this video of me hunting
half dollars and actually find some good silver this time been a little bit if
you didn’t I appreciate a thumbs up and as always happy hunting and thanks for
watching shameless plug time if you’d like to
pick up a stacking silver Matt I sell my eBay store the links down below


  1. Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars – 5 Silver Enders!

    This Half Dollar Box ended up producing a variety of finds INCLUDING a nice amount of Silver so I was happy to be able to throw out a Half Dollar Hunt Video! I hope you enjoyed it and are also finding some good coins in your coin roll hunts!

    How are you doing stacking silver? Are you finding 90% or 40% silver in your half dollar boxes? The Silver was starting to really slow down before this box BUT we're well into "Silver Season" which should run through mid-late January… We'll see what the final take is this year!

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  2. Rob great box and the really worked half is probably a pocket piece that was in somebody's pocket for years. HOT BOX . Great video. I picked up 28 boxes this week and will be doing a ender search video today and hope to see you soon in the community.

  3. Wow, great score. Congrats on the first Ben ender. Can't wait to see what's in the other boxes.

    Funny thing, during the time frame of when you found that 69' 40%, a commercial comes on for hair care and hair products. Lol

  4. Moar silver! Very good box! I'll be getting four boxes from two banks here soon, but they told me probably won't be in until first week of January. I'm hoping for more of the good stuff!

  5. Wow what a box 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👑👑🙏🏼🙏🏼👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👈👈👈

  6. Nice box Rob! My wife got me two boxes of pennies to hunt for Christmas. I can see them in the gift pile and it's paining me that I can't dig into them until Tuesday!

  7. Cool finds, Rob! I love that 1963 D Ben Franklin half dollar! I'm glad you ended up finding a full roll of silvers! 💥🦅👏

  8. Awesome box Rob congrats. That Franklin is in beautiful shape. Hopefully the second box you got from that bank is packed with silver also. HH. JOE

  9. What do you do with all the 40% you find? Just curious… I watched your silver stack video and I don’t believe you have any of these in your stack. Do you just flip them? Merry Christmas

  10. Downvoted. What was the "first ever find"? Do not tell me it was the franklin ender! Comes across as clickbait. In my humble opinion….

  11. I picked up a box from chase this week, it was a small double stacked box. 0 sliver 60-2018s I didn't count but like 100 bicentennials… what's a good bank to order from?

  12. CRH is still pretty good here in the Midwest. Several 40s this week, plus a 97 s proof. I’m overrun with NIFCs. Happy hunting!

  13. Hey Rob. I have a out of the blue question. So yesterday I found a zinc penny with extra copper spots, like extra copper. What are those called?

  14. Rob, where do you get the binder books to put your coin collection in? I am new and this looks like a lot of fun.

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