Hunting Quarters From Bank Hopping – Can I Find Silver?

Hunting Quarters From Bank Hopping – Can I Find Silver?

let’s do a quarter hunt today Hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure and if you watched one of my last videos when I was Bank hopping around
trying to build a box of quarters and dimes this is that box of quarters so I ran
around to about eight chase banks and cashed in $100 at every single one of
them and got a mixture of dimes and quarters so I’ve built a quarter box in
a dime box and today we’re gonna go through the quarter box now obviously
will state the obvious we’ve got customer rolls we’ve got machine wrapped rolls so I’m kind of curious to see how it goes the fun thing about this hunt is
about every seven or eight rolls is a different Bank so if I get into a streak
where I’m not finding anything I’m not gonna assume it’s from the same customer because it’s several different banks so that’s kind of cool we could get lucky
the unfortunate thing though is if I get on a hot streak I only picked up seven
or eight rolls so and I won’t really know which bank there are from at this
point so we’re kind of loss there that’s the negative some of the things we’re
gonna be looking for today is obviously silver we’re looking for anything that’s
silver the quarters from 1964 and older are 90% silver so that’s a good score
we’re also gonna be looking for some clad quarters special note is the 83
Philadelphia and Denver mints they’re really hard to get in mint State and if
you can find an 83 P or D quarter in mint State it fetches a pretty penny
from 10 to 50 bucks roughly that being said you really want to pull out any
quarter you find in mint state since they’re gonna fetch about three or four
times their face value regardless if you can find in a mint state 63 or 65 hard
to find quarters they’re heavily handled heavily circulated in mint State but
still we’ll be looking for them and then finally I always double check a couple
of the state quarters for varieties there’s a lot of varieties but of note
is the 2004 d Wisconsin there’s a high leaf and a low leaf variety and those
fetch really good amounts especially if they’re better than an au 50 we’re also
going to be looking for the Minnesota State Quarter because technically there
is an extra tree in there the value is not as much as the Wisconsin State
Quarter err variety but we’re still gonna be looking for that at the end of
the day I haven’t ever scored out of 11 boxes
I’ve never scored a silver quarter so we’re hoping to find one today that
being said let’s kick it off with this roll and as always I’ll loop you in if I
find something great a customer wrapped roll guys and no silver but looks like there’s a nickel in there 2015 we might have been shorted a
quarter oh well let’s keep looking you know the camera angles weird guys
but I needed to film this and I couldn’t hold and do what I wanted to do with one
hand on the camera and one hand on the quarters but we’re on the twenty first
roll of customer wrapped rolls and got something that looks a little suspicious
there it doesn’t have the silver quarter look but it does look silvery I’m gonna
point to it in case you can’t see it it’s right here
so before I get heartbroken or completely excited I want to do a live
test with you guys we haven’t taken a look yet I just splayed the quarters into
my hand tighten them up saw it put the camera down started recording – got a
magnet here so the test is that we’re gonna run the magnet across the quarters
it fits a foreign it’s not made out of a copper alloy it’s made out of something
more magnetic which means it’s a foreign let’s see what happens well there you have it everyone 2016
Canadian quarter we’ll take it the first fight of the box that’s worth mentioning
the hunt continues all right guys we’re halfway through the box and we’ve got
four of the Machine rolled rolls taken care of as well as the twenty one
customer wrapped rolls not much to show for it
we found a 2015 Nickel, a Canadian 2016 and three pretty nice coins
that’s a 2007 and 1995 and a 1978 I wanted to show you that I don’t find too
many 2004 d Wisconsin state quarters to go through but we looked at those
three and there’s no high or low leaf halfway through the box let’s get back to the hunt whole roll of quarters from different
years look like they’ve been machine washed or treated some way they’re in
terrible conditions and it doesn’t even matter what year they are here’s a 65
terrible condition 2013 same problem 1999 same problem I’ll save you the
agony but geez it’s weird to see a whole machine
wrapped roll with all the quarters the same way makes me a little nervous about
which bank I got this at holy cow those are terrible all right let’s get back to
the hunt yep well it looks like we got a bunch of quarters that were mistreated
we’ll run through ’em and hope that that’s only seven or eight of those
rolls at the most alright guys it ended up being seven rolls that were just
absolute trash I don’t even sort through those last three there’s no need
if I would have found something it would have been worth
by the condition anyway definitely wasn’t silver so we do that
look at how beat the heck they are I was able to tell by the ends which ones were
which looks like these are in better shape so let’s get back to the real hunt
all right guys we’re on roll… what is that 42 and we got our first find of
the box really our first real find it’s in terrible condition but look at this
it’s a proof it is a quarter proof not in great shape at all oh and it’s a it’s
a Wisconsin proof 2004 Wisconsin again terrible shape but it is my first
quarter proof I’ve ever found that’s a little exciting because now that we
found a proof maybe there’s something more in this box this one looks a little
suspicious just a little satiny finish but we’re
gonna get back to the hunt and maybe there’s something else in these rolls
now that we found a proof you find a proof you never know what else you could
get I’m a little excited probably won’t find much but fingers are crossed.. let’s keep looking
well guys another box of quarters down it’s 12 that I’ve hunted I still
didn’t get a silver but you know what we got some consolation prizes here 1965
kind of crazy edged coin I pulled it out just because whoever did that I kind of
liked it found a nickel in the box a Canadian and a 2004 proof Lighting’s not
gonna get it perfectly there you go three coins that I consider worthy of at
least a second look this ’07 is pretty nice 95s got a couple of scratches and
for a 78 you know what it’s not a bad coin it’s not great either this box had
a lot of bad coins in it we did look at five total 2004 D Wisconsin’s none of them had the high or low leaf I’m not gonna give up
on quarters but man it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for me to
find silver quarters in circulation so I ask the question are you finding them
anyway I still enjoyed the hunt with me if you did please give the video a
thumbs up and as always thanks for watching


  1. I have only found one silver quarters. I go to one of my local banks and get what they have of customers rolls of what ever verity. That's where I got mine. And I'm thinking 2 silver dimes coin roll hunting. I usually do nickels and pennies. Thanks I always enjoy watching.

  2. I found silver quarter about a year ago but it was in such a bad shape that no wonder it was missed. I like quarters simply because there are a lot of varieties out there and it’s always nice to mix and match with other denominations. Keep on hunting and success will follow. Don’t give up!

  3. Nice score on the proof. Too bad there were no silvers. They sure are hard to find. Btw, in case you didn't already know, another coin you might want to look out for in your quarter hunts are business strike "s" mint quarters from 2012 and later, they're not meant for circulation but they do turn up, and they have pretty low mintages. Happy Hunting!

  4. I do enjoy your videos but dislike that you re-roll and put back in the box. nothing worse the buying a box to hunt and find already hunted rolls. run it through a machine and mix it in. lol

  5. Great Video !! I love hunting quarters, but it's mentally draining. Too many State Quarters. I only do one box of quarters every other month.

  6. So far I have found only one quarter proof in a roll, turned out to be a 2007 S Washington Proof that was 90% silver, but to find any proof in circulation is a great find. Great hunt.

  7. Hi Rob, the bottom line with quarters is you got to search for varieties and higher grade quarters only with little expectation of silver. So, when a silver does show your real happy because you have not had unreasonable expectations of finding much. Get a list of all the possible varieties that come with quarters. You would be surprised at the number. See friend, just changing the emphasis of the hunt will be uplifting.👍🏻
    BTW, those three high grade pieces look great!!
    Happy Hunting Rob!🏆

  8. I had a bank that would give me anything and any amounts. They were the most trashed coins I have ever gotten from a bank. Needless to say, I haven't been back there. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You probably won’t find any. I’ve only found 1 silver quarter and that was a 1964 that I got received in change about 5 years ago. You’ll probably have better Luck with dimes.

  10. You should keep the 1960's clad quarters because they are becoming hard to find in circulation nowadays. I know they are not that old but still these are +/- half a century old, which should be taken in consideration. Just think about it, ten years ago on youtube people still filmed themselves finding wheat pennies that were 50 years old at that time and they kept them. Why not doing this now? I mean yes clad quarters are not silver and some people do not keep them but I think that these are becoming kind of old and they are in a rough shape most of the time. I am Canadian and I keep all US quarters between 1965 and 1974 that I find because as I said earlier these are +/- 50 years old, which makes them interesting to collect. Of course this is my opinion and you may not share it because once again clad quarters are worth almost nothing. Still the quarters from 1968 and 1969 are great finds since these years have the lowest mintage years ranging from 1965 to 1998.

  11. I have not found one thing in a quarter box. Well other than filling some state books. I will keep trying as a proof would be welcomed, but really NOT expecting any silver

  12. Quarter dollars circulate so much more heavily than all over coins in the States, don't they? They are the most popular coin, and tens of billions of clads have been struck since 1965, so yeah, you are truly going to struggle to even find one silver. The silvers are in the hands of silver stackers. What happened to those 7 rolls of quarters? They were destroyed, not fit to continue circulating. Hopefully they will be removed from circulation and returned to the mint for destruction? You can't have coins in that state being accepted anywhere, if you try and spend them. A vending machine would probably reject them. Its a shame coins ain't looked after by some establishments.

  13. Yeah just nickels and pennies. Tried hitting up quarter machines at arcades but the i found it exhausting looking through state quarters ((

  14. only ever found two silver quarters one was sitting in a box of quarters my dad uses for clothes washers (so i know he got it from a roll and had no clue) and the other i happened to get as change from a restaurant (my gf wanted to use it for a claw machine before i stopped her when i heard that distinct silver sound) but in all my time as cashier edge checking the easily thousands of rolls never once found a silver

  15. I worked for a Vending company for many years. My primary job was collecting quarters from vending machines on the average I collected around $10,000.00 a week. After a time I became very good at detecting silver quarters by their unique sound. On average, I found around 60 silver quarters a year My best year was 88, and my lowest was 54. So If I collected $10K a week, for the sake of averages call that 2 million Quarters a year. Divided by 60 equals one silver quarter per 33,333 quarters. So if anyone could judge how many total quarters are in circulation, you would have a general idea of how many silver quarters are out there. I am curious what kind of averages do folks have who buy rolls and boxes of quarters.

  16. i found a 64D & a 52P in the past 2 months bur 13yrs before i found my last one but I've just got back into searching the past 2yrs

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