I bought HUNTER GOLD MINERS storage! Guns? Gold ? I bought an abandoned storage unit PIRATE BOOTY

I bought HUNTER GOLD MINERS storage! Guns? Gold ? I bought an abandoned storage unit PIRATE BOOTY

scope keeper that’s a good sign that’s a
good what do you use this for can’t really get this open much more
than this but I paid $80 for this unit I haven’t bought nothing in a while
everything fell on me when I opened the door up again I can’t get the door open
much more because if this is tearing my couch up looks kind of nice even though
it’s been sitting in the dust to be a little smarter I just realized I have my
truck with me and is empty so we might as well take a load with us home right
we are back here to storage and we are about to unbox this fine treasure right
here all right these are marked to close so we don’t
spend a lot of time in there but I got to look anyway you never know that’s
pretty cool that’s like a horse style blanket I feel something inside probably
a peg ah my hands are burning my hands are burning he was a Seahawks fan we
can’t even mess with this guy we don’t even close what do we have here
where are you 45 long colt this is money right there nikon laser on the edge of
the bed where the nikon used to be nope nothing but empty box gives us hope hope gun racks let’s see what this a nice
little pipe put that in your pipe and smoke it I found a gun we definitely
found a gun I don’t know what these are what do you do with these those seem
kind of cool what is that all about I look like gun racks what is a Gerber
road flare strikeforce something jacket that is a good jacket maybe a hunting
jacket Trail Blazers oh my god this you see more s’mores now it’s just starting
to get a little frustrated with all of the poor choices and sporting teams this
person has Panhandle he was a panhandler to that sack of
funny human wears clothes and say panhandling that’s some country style
shirts that’s pretty popular right here we got him West Linn police Westland
police police me was this guy a policeman who does getting more
interesting into search of HA the Salty Dog cafe the Salty Dog cafe type 99 if
you’ve ever eaten in this cafe and type 6 if you never have but I think we’re
gonna see if Michaela wants this it’s called this salty dog cafe oh my god
okay if this is ridiculous Seattle’s everybody type in 1976 if you had burned
that shirt how many people out there just like the Seattle Seahawks I don’t
even know if that probably a good a bay item likely of meat literally but I
don’t think I would want to list the Seahawks Jersey to my email storm Wilson
Russell Wilson another box marked closed and this is
why we don’t go by what the box says Seattle Seahawks tile that’s good for
wiping up like say your dog TV clear and you want to wipe it up
you use your Seattle Seahawks what could be I’m gonna save this to the end I’m
gonna save that to one of the last things we do thank the Lord I was gonna
say if these were uh the anesthesia glasses we’re about to make an official
break-in video I want to take a moment to point out that last boxes said you
kind of look like store-bought though it said clothes on I want you to notice the
despite the fact that said clothes there was absolutely nothing to do with
clothes in there and you have to really pay attention a lot of times you might
think you know what’s in a unit that it’s a cowboy we all see that we see
that look at him he’s lasso and ears doe a deer a female deer Wow the legitimacy it’s harder to dig
through a box and make it all pretty and nice and sounding good because
everything swaps around holder that is a beer holder all right I’ve seen it all
I’ve seen it Kim Jong Lee Ford zippers are good evening I usually try to save
them and put a few in a lot because it doesn’t most of them don’t do well
individually but as acutely you can get some good money for them Canadia we
found $10 in Canada money but I don’t know if this is a good candidate mine
you know anybody tell me this money right here is still good I really
appreciate it really really appreciated me now we’re talking he was a wise man
he did like the better team see he was a bandwagon fan what he did was he went
and we lost he joined us Seattle Seahawks you like hey I’m gonna like the
Seattle Seahawks and then you went back to liking the Niners I like this guy a
little bit now remember the last box said closed
and you have to remember just because it says closing the meaning always is and
this one is looking like it’s closed what do we got here
these don’t look like Big E Levi’s to me we got some long sleeves map with his
team so he’s a Giants fan now he’s a giant space that’s not we have a hobby
and silica it’s been a while since we found some silica you guys remember
silica is very rare they don’t want you to eat it and they don’t want you you
guys can take notes if you want to they don’t want you to throw it away just
find that The Killers that makes it very rare my eyes do it close again let’s see if it’s
close looking like close close any cool shirts anything that we need to see in
memory of when I cared oh oh I could see myself wearing that we’re keeping there
I just found something some locker where I like in a memory oh now we’re talking
now we’re talking now this man I like him
ladies and gentlemen I officially like this guy probably a bandwagon fan
probably being a fan but we will keep this shirt yellow is bright in the
Warriors that’s my time that’s my team shout out to all other
teams that you’re not as good as the Warriors I just want and we got some ski
pants please be North Bay sir Columbia hmm eBay right there you ever see the
word Columbia know that that I’m not gonna speculate what it sells for but
know that that goes on eBay there are some type of suspend your pants this was
one more one more Seahawks Jersey I was even gonna go
through the rest of the ball pit this is a number eight organ state I do
not like Oregon State but I love the number eight infinity this is turned out
to be a lot of stuff I’m gonna keep that’s going mine to me locker where
nice what are these what it is Daniel area cowboy boots cowboy boots
I like these boots might have been made for walkin these could be some money
I don’t know but cowboy stuff is usually pretty pricey made in China that’s not a
good sign Nike golf cones
doesn’t ask these are better shower towels than the other one the Seahawks
towel remember if I told you that was for when your dog pees in the floor
these are shower towels here I don’t know what’s in there but we’re gonna
save that to the end I like wood boxes climbing nice camping hunting gear this
is a good pile over here what would you sell this for if you were to sell this
it looks like about a hundred feet of climbing rope climbing rank is very
expensive comment below what you would sell climbing here screaming stuff we
would have set the whole climbing system together North Dakota joke book who wants to hear
a joke let’s just let’s do one joke one joke right now all North Dakota fire
trucks have a Dalmatian that rights to all fires that’s only whether North
Dakota can find their fire hydrants they use birth control pills in North Dakota
they feed them to the stork Wow alright that was not as fun as I was
hoping there’s a snake number these when you’re a kid or even when you’re Doakes
I like plant what’s do no enough of jokes me inspector rate personal paper life with the Kotaro man
called paladin somebody did a race fishermen summer losing a child crazy
thunder over a Cho Cho Oh Cho ko yes it is a magic conch shell I how many people
watch spongebob I think it’s spongebob doesn’t a spongebob have a magic conch
Oh what’s the blow into a mic imagine being
the hermit crab that lived in this let me see if you guys can hear it is worse
than Mike can you guys hear it can you guys hear it can you hear it I’ll put
any up to the mic can you hear it sushi be laptop doesn’t you bad Windows
7 hmm we might have to plug this in and see what that’s all about and a charger
you will check that out he ate a lot that’s why I don’t like CS
some people take care of stuff let’s just put my hands in this bag shirts more countries western-style
shirts maybe Italian doughnuts though the material reminded me of a
Renaissance shirt Buckingham you could smell our butts for miles Wow Seahawks shirts looking for like vintage concert shirts
you want to a good shirt find and vintage early 80s
Iron Maiden shirt behind a barely worn Guns’n’Roses concert show you talking
money concepts are usually the highest one is that Iron Maiden shirts – sure
yeah vally Ice Arena beaverton organ is a network um I don’t know tell me but
I’m not sure isn’t that what’s that one fancy brand and Elton is made is in
Pendleton made in Beaverton what is this NH L what is that can’t be see that NHL
rules committee officially approved custom-built by heid scholastic what I
see in each mmm that is interesting NHL committee
interesting these are pretty neat in a new Burton organ suitcase bag which i
think is where Pendleton is made not that makes a difference I did you guys
do know that comment below what do you guys know about these though they say
NHL and these are these potentially belonging to an athlete from the NHL
this one had no lid it’s a tent sponge music highwayman big real fish a lot
about a person by the music they listen to that’s weird Oracle I was just asking for one of
these the other day and now I have one foot it’s a we need this coming up here
they’ll find out soon enough I wouldn’t like that one shoes we got shoes we got
like a tent in here some type of portable camping tent in a colorado bag
already has the handle open gps etrex gps may be out there usually still type
in a 37 right now let me know if you still even use those 37 to cross the
board health and safety sherry pointment he worked here defining aspect
spectrum gadget you have any important guy has no files scope keeper that’s a
good sign that’s a good what do you use this for gold mining gold mine Inc in
this box after holding it samsung galaxy that’s a six dollar eBay you wanted to
make teach people in eBay always say save these and then people cactus making
a Bad’s for me on AIIMS it at the simplest to learn the rhythm insanity
counter upper body the Insanity Workout Wow ladies and gentlemen what did I find
here it’s a duck call see if it comes need a we got here with the clock


  1. Valley ice arena is where the portland winterhawks practice and play. it is in sw portland just a few miles from where i live..judging by the skates and the west linn P.D. patches and a few other items, i would guess the guy used to live in the area here

  2. Nice to see you back. I’ve missed our daily video get together. The Canadian money you found is good currency. Worth about $7 American. Watching out for your next video. Thanks for sharing

  3. Awesome Score.. So far.. I can't wait to see the rest. Seahawks sux .. I am a CaliGirl I rooted for my home state teams..
    Have a Blessed Day I LOVE YOU ALL 😍 😘🤗 💜💙 💛💖

  4. I would say $50 for rope. Skates are probably worth a good amount. Good finds. I see $$$$ your way. Thanks for video

  5. I was just laughing and said the same thing to my self before you did about the Seattle Seahawks 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. someone just picked one of those e-trex items recently. People like them for doing geocaching. wish i could find a guns n roses tshirt too but i would keep it because i am a fan of them. could just be officially licensed nhl skates, doesnt mean the guy was a pro hockey player.

  7. Cole Haan shoes looked in good shape and aren't cheap to buy new. The ice skates are expensive so should get you some good money and having a bag for them adds to it. Interesting locker for sure. Loved the video

  8. The Canadian is good money. Walter Cronkite's friend was the artist that did the reproduction. Those are some very nice custom made ice-skates. Cheap skates are $60.

  9. You can send me all the Seattle Seahawks items, I'm their Canadia neighbor and the $10.00. This $10.00 is one of the new paper money. 🤣

  10. What up Big Mike? Them Warriors lookin decent. I'm not a fan just acknowledging. Appreciate your uploads

  11. 99 That's funny a Salty Dog shirt..Yes I had lunch there last Friday…. I live in Hilton Head SC. Great Video Mike

  12. Alright man I’m a long time subscriber but watch it with the Trail Blazer bashing 😡😡😡👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  13. hey Mike i'm from Canada and i'm not sure, send it to me and i'll try to buy something with it and i'll let you know how it went. lol jk of course its good but in U.S money it's worth about fifty cents lol all joking to one side it's still good Mike have a good day
    your friend from Montreal Bob.

  14. 3:00 The Blazers are in the playoffs right now, you might be able to sell it real quick.
    7:45 A lighter with Mao Zedong on it? That's interesting!
    Also Pirate, I wondered if you keep trash cans in your unit? That seems like it'd be useful to me.

  15. Best thing the 49ners have is nick bosa jimmy G is gonna be a bust but I will say your backup Mullins has heart he may be a hidden gem

  16. I can't say much im a jags fans liked them since the mark brunell Keenan mcardall plus David Garrard jimmy Smith but I've stayed since we enter the league I think in 1997 maybe 1995

  17. #6 Eclectic locker all kinds of unique items. Hope the next half has some of those hunting items that there were signs of you know, like binoculars!

  18. All Canadian money is legal tender. Even if it was printed in 1901, ten dollars is ten dollars. That 10 isn't collectable, but it's still a good 7usd in your pocket.

  19. Yes spongebob has a club that relies on the magic conch to provide answers.. NHL are hickey ice skates, could be very nice

  20. Seems like he was whoever he needed to be. Maybe he was a player, but players usually have excellent taste in their clothing. Or a spy?

  21. It would appear that he might have been from Oregon that's where West Linn is and he does seem to have Pacific Northwest team s***

  22. it doesn't matter if you like Seahawks or not LOL and they would love to have seen what that was including myself

  23. Your fans are the ones that are going to make you or break you on the media and you putting down a lot of your fans Sports choices is not a great thing to do on YouTube. That's really kind of being selfish and immature and showing the your self and your views is more important than your fans

  24. https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/make-money/side-gigs/make-money-with-old-newspapers/ came across this just thought it could be useful

  25. 8:52 Canada's official notes and coins are called legal tender

    Every bank note issued by the Bank of Canada since we opened our doors in 1935 is still redeemable at its face value. … In fact, some bank notes, especially the rare ones, are worth more than the number on their face to collectors. check here … https://www.bankofcanada.ca/banknotes/bank-note-series/canadian-journey/

  26. It's A predator call to call in coyote wolves and other predators with wounded animal sounds love your channel

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