1. I know this video's pretty long but I just wanted to share a personal experience that happened to me a while ago. If you don't want to watch the whole thing you don't have to but you won't understand unless you do lol. Hope you're all having a great day and let me know if you want more story time videos like this! Thanks for watching ✌

  2. Plz tell me shes in Hong Kong now if she's in Hong Kong shes dead 😈😈😈 because the president let the killing legal or "*legal killing*"

  3. and even after all that she did to you, you were still such a gentleman. dude you deserve better and i hope you find genuine happiness in your lifetime

  4. So what i'm hearing, she's not only a gold digger she's kind of a hoe too (sorry for the language), but it goes to show that she might actually do all those couple-y things with other guy friends. I know/knew a lot of girls that did this, especially in high school.

    When I worked at a gas station, I dated this one guy about a year younger than me. I was 18 at the time and he wanted me to buy him cigarillos and I said sure but only this one time. It turned into 3 or 4 times and my friend was like "dude he's using you." I didn't want to believe it because I was really into him, but I opened my eyes, he didn't even do anything in return, so I'm like okay dude, no. I'm practically risking my job for you. No dude." And I left him.

  5. You were so right…you don't treat friends like the relationship you guys were in…holding hands and kissing…thats beyond friendship

  6. Just because Terry is a nice guy DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN MANIPULATE HIM!!!!!!!! Terry you have a heart of gold💜💜💜 you da best💜💜💜💜

  7. You're such a loser dude, using your only weapon to strike back at a woman who didn't like you that way. "I was a perfect gentleman" minus the kissing and telling, and the judgmental video, and the name calling, and the complaining about paying a dinner bill. Get real.

  8. It sucks getting used. Dating these days has all kinds of manipulation. Good ppl are hard to find. I would have appreciated you. 😊

  9. I watch this video really late I'm sure you recovered by now sorry that happened to you I love you by the way

  10. sorry you had a bad time, but i really thought in every culture you HAVE to ask, the other person first, to be officially in a relationship. and they have to acknowledge it. so this is something new to hear. good luck anyway,i hope you find happiness.

  11. This made me cry I'm sorry I'm quite really sensitive😭
    I'm sorry you went through this Terry.
    I know I'm really late so I'm sorry again
    And at least you have your fans

  12. I had same kind of experience  like you, Terry. But I could not stop doing stupid things like that, because at that time I was not mature and old to tell who is good people or not.We need to go through to realize the  way to learn how to tell what kind of man or woman are that we  would meet in the future. I ' m so with you to have the thought that way .That kind worse experience must have given you the collar you are wearing the way u were,are. Anyway I understand u ^^!!힘내요~!

  13. That was sad tbh and I also believe that relationship whether friends or not should be two-way so sharing of bills is a must as a decent person. But to be completely fair, there are instances that girls are afraid to assume because there are lots of times when guys plays the "im just friendly" or "I dont think im ready"
    card, and tbh that was a big blow for us too. So better to not assume unless otherwise stated.

  14. Soooooooo cause u decided to take a gurl out🤔 she’s a gold digger? Guy c’mon she’s paying for all that shit, ya gotta pay to play a lil bit guy.now for the double date I would have split the bill and told the hostess, end of that dilemma

  15. I feel so sad really jinjaaa thx god k boys r not gold diggers just 88% of the k girls that’s a shit century 😤 it’s really depressing but I feel now more thankful for my Korean ex

  16. Like you said she travels around. Unfortunately your probably just 1 in a woodpile of a bunch of you. Sorry that happens to you.

  17. I’m truly sad that this has happened to you but I’m glad that you’ve left that in the past and we are here for you no matter what even if we are just behind a screen we will always support you terry so please know that your not alone, much love from everyone of your supporters here.

  18. U r such a nice guy,I love ur videos and I am a Muslim,I have watched this video Right now,I now I am really late but I love your videos 😄😄

  19. Ok just a warning this might be a culture shock for most westerners but reality is Asian girls in Asia (especially with a little good look) normally expect the new boyfriend to pay for dinning and outings.

  20. You did nothing wrong. I hope you've moved on from this and it no longer plays on your mind. You'll find a good woman because you are one of the good guys.

  21. Those are the type of women that destroyed JYJ greed and when things did not go well they then
    Became victims.
    If the camera had not been found and videos not suffixes they would have kept coming because he is a celebrity.
    I am sorry Mister for being reel in these women has been breeding for this kinda things. Invest was your downfall . I do hope that if things got more personal you had test done for STD or any other test sexually you needed.👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  22. @TerryTV I should been your cousin cuz I would have run she mothercunt outta that restaurant as soon as she said that and I see your facial expression.

  23. Terry, I cannot speak for all Koreans or even East Asians, but for her to actually live off you that way and for things to really go so fast after merely a few dates is simply just a sign of her being opportunistic. Your being a foreigner who barely knew any Korean at that point also gave off a vibe that some Koreans tend to take advantage of. Better off for you that you broke it off with her.

  24. A lot of my Canadian friends, Asian-Canadian and Caucasian alike, had told me that when dating Korean girls in Canada, they were often left hanging without exact answers. It is also linked to the Korean culture of superficiality in which people do not like to tell you the truth as it is.

  25. your face seems familiar. I think I bumped into you once in Seoul. forgot exactly where, but it was in the subway. I mean, I don't usually care about the people around me but you (or that guy who I actually saw) spoke straight English with an American accent that's why he caught my attention. he (or you) was with another guy who can speak English fluently. anyway, I've been wanting to recall his face because I was thinking "Oh hey, it's cool; another English speaker in Seoul" and I'm trying to fit your face to that voice 🙂 that was back on January 2017.

  26. When I was about your age I had a similar experience with a Taiwanese girl in NY, even she dropped me and an older friend listened to me story and he only asked me: Did you banged her? … oh, well…. no!… he replied: Now you know!…. I would ask you the same !!! and this think in Korea with… D u wanna be my glf?… it’s like a teenager romance not like grown ups… he he!

  27. I just stumble your channel Terry, and I really enjoyed watching your video. You are handsome, and don't worry you will find a very nice girl one day. 🙂

  28. HI Terry. This happened a long time ago and by now I'm sure you are enjoying really great pastures surrounding you, But I just find you out, and all I can say is that when you are in a foreign country, by yourself and you have not overcome the cultural differences yet (if you ever for that matter), you are LONELY and things like this will happen to you. This was a really big learning experience for you to realize that not every relation is a relationship, and not everywhere in the world things are done like in America. Remember that what you believe is not really very apparent to the rest and don't expect people to be telepathic (most men do until they die since they don't want to express their feelings). Stating the rules in a kind, fun, loving and respectful way will get you out of trouble most times than not everywhere in the world and in most situations. It is my experience at least. Don't become cynical though… Keep your heart intact because it is in the right place, and love, truly love again. The good thing now is that you will recognize love and appreciate it even better than before. I hope you are happy.

  29. Mmm maybe you started off on the wrong foot with this girl, you were paying for everything from the start.
    Maybe you should have been clearer, in defining certain aspects of what you were looking for from a relationship.
    But hey, you had some nice memories of that time. So the money and time was not altogether wasted, all we can do is live and learn buddy.
    Everyone makes mistakes, that's how we grow as people. You are doing well now, I forget your ladies name but she seems super nice.

  30. you only kissed, and it sounds like she never invited you to hang out in private, always at public places and restaurants where you'd have to spend money. thats rough, buddy, at least lesson learned.

  31. She was just using you for a good time. Korea is a terrible environment to live in. I've had similar experiences. Forcing your own people to work outside of seoul where your more isolated and difficult to make friends. It was a difficult place.

  32. Yeah cause….you know…..this is……you know…….it will end fine you know……it didn't end fine you know……….you say you know way too much you know

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