I Dyed My Blonde Hair Auburn Red | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I Dyed My Blonde Hair Auburn Red | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I’m just gonna have… You don’t want stains.
Yeah. On my face. Yeah. Face stains. Face stains! It’s a good band name. Right? That’s true! Hi, my name is Sarah, and
this is Hair Me Out. Today, I’m going to get
my hair dyed red. Before we get into the transformation,
don’t forget to subscribe below. I have wanted red hair
since I was a kid. I was a huge Little Mermaid fan. She was free, and she was in the water, and
her hair was always flowing and beautiful, even when it wasn’t in the water. But then I grew up, and I wanted
red hair, but I wanted it to be like, grown up and sophisticated, like… Emma Stone. I love kind of the sleekness and the
shiny depth of Emma’s hair. I have been playing with hair dye
from a box, from a bottle, for years. The first time I dyed my hair,
I dyed it black. I had purple, blue, orange, and then I had
the darker red that I went for in college. And then I had this weird candy striper thing
that happened for a while where it was like, half blonde and half red, and
it really wasn’t attractive. It’s never been what I wanted, and it never
turns out the way I expect it to look, so I am so excited to get my
hair professionally colored. It kind of reminds me of
pumpkin pie a little bit. Like, before it’s cooked. And like, before I put an entire
container of cinnamon in it. Okay, here we go. Alright, alright, alright! I think that some of my
trepidation about my hair color right now is just
that I’ve had it for so long. I am the kind of person who
likes to change things up. I like to look differently
and change my style. Like, I never wear the same thing twice,
and I like to experiment. And it’s just really been a while
for me to play with my hair. I’m at this point in my life where I am reinventing
myself creatively and professionally. And a change in physical appearance, I think
will help me get there mentally, and will kind of put me in a new headspace
and allow me to start new. I think it will look good, but I have heard
that red hair is particularly hard to take care of, and I’m kind of scared about how
the texture is going to change. And I do just have to remind myself that at
the end of the day, if I don’t like it, it’s just hair, it will grow back. I definitely used hair dye and
color to try to find myself. I’m a big believer in getting my
confidence from the outside-in. If I feel like I look shabby or if I’m kind
of used to the same thing that I look like, I don’t have that confidence. When I look good, I feel good, and I can walk
into rooms more confident, and I can charge at life with everything I’ve got. I think that I’m going to feel
like a whole new person, and that’s really exciting for me. I love the feeling of waking up
and seeing something new. And I really do think that I’ll be re-energized
to do fun stuff with my hair. I think that I’m going to be
more creatively jazzed. Here we go! Ah! Ah! Oh my god, I love it! What do you think? I don’t… I don’t even… I don’t even know… It’s beautiful! It looks so good. It looks really good. Oh my god. Look at how much it makes
your eyes pop! It’s crazy. I feel like a totally different person! I love this hair. It’s bold. It’s sophisticated. It’s creative! After experimenting for so long,
I finally look on the outside the way that I feel
on the inside. This hair gives me power.
It gives me strength. It gives me the confidence
that I need. Thanks for watching! If you have an idea for
Hair Me Out, comment below. To watch more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here. Floaty, floaty, floaty… Buttons, buttons, buttons! Okay!


  1. Wow. That color is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. Unsurprising, since that's one of the best- known salons for hair color in the country (especially known for their "buttery blondes"). I'm sure this cost many hundreds of dollars. Far beyond my means. But I have to say, if I could afford it, I'd love to get color there. Meanwhile, if anyone has a good link for ways to make DIY box color look better, please list it! Thanks —

  2. I am dying my hair auburn 🙂 i have only had my hair dyed brown and my natural hair is brown so I don't know what I will look like with auburn hair

  3. "I never wear the same thing twice" what does that mean???? Do people not realise the world it literally ending due to climate change? What the heck? How are people still into fast fashion and unsustainable and vain shit?

  4. Im sorry but why do all white salons do the same hairstyles. The curling iron with the ends uncurled. I never see any volume, body, or movement😔

  5. Im completely just like her! Every word she says is me! Im always been a fan of red hair! And i just couldnt find the right color for me! Im happy that she reached her desired hair! Hopefully me too!

  6. I think when people dye their hair this kind of red, I bet they get a lot of different people asking them if their dyed hair color is their natural hair color

  7. When you have weak-ass hair root, and it falls out, and you're trying the hell out of yourself to keep them upon your scalp.

    Hair is not just hair anymore.

    I feel envy and just a little bit angry to anyone who say that 'hAir Is jUst hAIr'

  8. This woman was kind of annoying. Like, you don't have to be going through a TrAnSfOrMaTiOn to dye your hair; just say you're bored.

  9. I loved my hair when I dyed it red but it was extremely high maintenance, because the colour fades very quickly and loses its intensity

  10. It’s just so patchy and uneven. Her roots are deep cherry red (cool tone) while her lengths are more like chestnut red (warm tone). Definitely not Emma’s copper red.

  11. i have auburn red hair and blueish grayish eyes omg i love your hair like some people say that its hard to get diyed red auburn hair but i love the way it turned out at first i thought it was not gonna turn out good but it did.

  12. I didn't like it, the red could have been lighter or more vibrant! Besides what happened with the roots color? They looked almost mahogany!

  13. I ain’t seen my natural red hair since a young teen lol bleaching it too long an so wish I can go back to my natural colour!! Jus I’m pale an would need a fake tan every week 🙄 with us redheads when we can't be arsed doin make up we always get the comments ‘ girl ur pale u not feelin well heh no love jus got not make up on or tan lol 🙄

  14. Okay why does she have two huge ass bowls of color and why did she use a full sized whisk. You don’t need that much hair color 😂😂😂 where did she learn this shit from? They have color bowls and small whisks for a reason my man

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