I Found Gold! My First Of This Kind

I Found Gold! My First Of This Kind

Hello, I was walking towards my location, but this spot cough my eye. I “camouflaged” the white Deus coil. Let’s see… The terrain looks modified. First find. Welcome to the 1940’s. That’s where this piece of metal came from. Hmm… A strange signal. It’s a button. GPS (POI) #1 The area “feels” already detected. A bottle top? Looks “1940’s” too. A “10 Reichspfennig” coin. 1941. #2 Something next to it. Under a root… A big chunk of coke. I don’t like this signal, but let’s take a look. Part of a shell casing? Ear clip from an animal? It has a number… Iron. That’s all iron. That’s gold! It looked like a screw cap. It’s a gold watch! There is a serial number and 18K stamp. With a gem? It’s heavy. It’s my very first gold watch. The previous ones were gilded. I used 14 kHz. It could have been found with any detector. There seems to be something else. I don’t know what it is. This is how this place looks like. This time it’s a screw cap :). That’s foil. More foil. I guess I got lucky with the watch… A “deep” signal… The material is lead. It’s very heavy. Probably cut from both sides. Must be “industrial”. My GPS asks for new batteries. It’s a buckle. Probably from the 40’s as well. Strange material. Autumn… It’s just a screw cap. Sounds like bigger iron. A disc made of zinc. Look at the compass on my “smart phone”. North suddenly turns 180°. Well, let’s extend the search… WWII shrapnel. A mushroom. Finally. Hmm… Could this be a piece of an oil lamp? How do you like the new coil colors? It disappeared… There it is. I have no idea… There is a sausage clip in every forest… The next mushroom. My coil is 9″ wide. There is another one. There. And here. I don’t like how this detector reacts. Iron? Hmm… I’m walking on something that looks like a path. A piece of foil. My “beloved” “50 Pfennig” coin. The worst coin you can find. The soil is compressed. I should re-ground balance the detector, but I have no energy… …it works and I’m just “passing through” without any expectations. A button. I’m almost on top of a hill. But everything looks “modified”. The targets (if any) are probably too deep. Hmm… Nothing. That’s what I think of this area. Even the mushrooms are “bad”. Now I wish I had stayed where I found the gold. I’m walking further… This is a short portion of a path. A spoon/fork handle. This section of the forest looks much nicer. The last coil swing sounded like iron… Now it sound like iron too (with (Tone-)DISC at “4”). What? This is part of a copper ring. DEUS – what are you doing? What was the depth – 1″ ? (with proper G.B.). I need a detector I can trust… Now (out of the ground) it sounds great of course. There is a tiny bit of iron next to it, but… It wasn’t affecting the ring. That’s not even iron. You have been a bad boy… I have to change the setting. I “accidentally” broke the LCD, but it still works… I just can’t see much. What a beautiful spot… I’m using 54 kHz with “Deus Fast” filters. It should help getting “cleaner” signals. Is this a small bell? I think, it is. A shotgun cartridge. Another one. They are probably “connected”. There is a root between me and the target. It’s a shotgun cartridge. A root – not again. It’s nothing. My assistant “The Dog”. And the proud General. World’s worst coin. A button. Something happened to this one… Hmm… Part of an oil lamp? It has a face… A buckle. Look, there even is a gem. Part of a copper ring. The tiny bell. There is something inside. The gold watch. (not cleaned much yet) A sapphire? Maybe a “Cartier” watch? “18K” stamp and the SN. Trash… (check out the description for more info) …more trash. And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:44min


  1. I am delighted you have found the gold at last 👍🏻 I hope the next gold is big so you can retire and just dig every day 🤗 I hope one day you detect in uk , best of luck ✌🏻

  2. Beautiful gold watch, congratulations on this discovery. A lot of targets to keep you very busy. Enjoyed watching, very good video. Looking forward to your next hut and best of luck.

  3. You seem to be moving your leg better 👍. At first 2:50 looked more like a hem weight for a woman's skirt. 25:58 looked like the decoration of a scabbard or belt.

  4. Yet another interesting hunt. The watch was a nice find. Why is the 50 coin so bad ?.
    Waiting for the next outing in anticipation. Thanks

  5. Great hunt and finds mate congrats on the gold watch very nice thanks for sharing enjoyed watching 👍👍👍👍👍⛏⛏

  6. Another great video… it is all about getting to know your machine and believing what it is saying to you. They say 95% of your finds will be garbage… no one would enter into business with such a high rate of waste but metal detecting is all about getting a great sounding beep and saying to yourself,”Wow! What is it!” So you dig it and it turns out to be garbage but we don’t give up.. we just say,” Maybe next time!”
    The 95% can come at any time …all at once… scattered throughout the hunt …. or at the end …but what keeps us going is the promise of 5% that is worth keeping.
    Congratulations on your gold watch find.

  7. Really hope you keep these super videos coming. Love it when your little treasure box comes out. The best of luck, glad to see you getting around so well.

  8. Ctx 3030 Large coil. Multi frequency is the way to go definitely a learning curve but you will have a decent idea of what you are digging most of the time

  9. You struck gold my friend!! Made the hunt, although I loved the little bell! I agree your detector wasn’t playing fair! 😃👍👍👍

  10. Watches, especially pocket watches can be really interesting as the person that worked on the watch always dates when the watch was repaired/oiled/etc…Maybe your watch has a story inside to tell.

  11. That first find is an "explosive" item!  I thought it was a mashed top as well.  The top of the winder is a sapphire! Nice.  Now you will be on time for the trains! When I was in Germany, the forests were so "clean", I used to say I could walk through and not pick my stockings. Smart phone is cool, but I like the batteries holder! Perfect color coil for fall of 2019! Did you know Mushrooms are the flowers of the plant? Cool huh! Why the dislike of the 50 pfenning?  Give my love to Puppy and the General.

  12. Guess the Deus didn't like the new paint job.  The "Dog" probably sniffed the gold out.  General was proud of you both…and himself, humility can only go so far.  Congrats on the gold!

  13. Ahoj MD24, gratuluji ti ke zlatému úlovku,je to parádní úlovek 👌👍. Ať se ti daří a Lovu kovů zdar 😉 .

  14. Wow. What a stunning find. Gold cleans up beautifully. Your dog and the general certainty brought you luck. Good job! X

  15. Congratulations ! Very nice watch . you keep bringing beautiful videos out ! Big fan of yours ! Can w8 for the next video ! You do a great job! CJ from UK

  16. love the coil camo!, that camera your using is very good quality, what camera do you use?, I want to get one for myself.

  17. The good old hand digging and route pulling sounds – great to listen to. The action is continuous / nothing like this anywhere else.

  18. War unterwegs und konnte das Video leider nur in Etappen gucken. Aber war doch ne gute Runde. Wurstclips sind ÜBERALL. Was hast du gegen die 50er? Und mecker nicht so mit dem Deus. Der Hund ist neu im Clan 😯 welch ein Debüt mit Gold. Eine Frage habe ich mal, wie kontrollierst du den Winkel der Kamera?

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