I Give to CFC, Military PSA

I Give to CFC, Military PSA

(Megan) One of the things that
has always been very important to me is a sense of service. Taking care of my community. Taking care of my
friends and my family. Giving through the CFC is
just another way of doing that. For me, the CFC gives me a very
direct way to support my fellow soldiers in need even when I
can’t be standing next to them in the battlefield. (Thaddeus) I can honestly say
at a time when my family was going through a rough
period they were there for me. (Claudia) Donating money to the
CFC makes a big difference to soldiers, to
families, to civilians. (Megan) It’s important to us
to take care of each other even when we’re home. And the CFC gives us very
specific ways of doing that. The feeling of giving,
especially when you see it come back straight
into your community, it’s just something that makes
you feel really good about yourself when you
see it working.

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