I Got My Copper Box Dye Color Fixed + STRAIGHT HAIR

I Got My Copper Box Dye Color Fixed + STRAIGHT HAIR

so we’re gonna go on your
roots we’re gonna do a 4/5 which is here it was a little bit out of gold
just to give you a little bit more depth hang on your ends we’re gonna go with
eight for three and seven for three here okay and they waterproof and they’re
waterproof like proof yep
where’d you find those Amazon through Instagram okay yeah you please let’s
take 10 to 15 minutes back applying color why euro the application business like this one for 20 minutes right and
so if you take 30 minutes put it on that front when you started is gonna be
already ready to come off by the time done right that means let it be let it
over process yeah and it’s so much harder at least for me to go fast on
myself no like when I did my boyfriend’s it was easy to just lift her and he
barely has me hair yeah but like I wasn’t doing this I had school section your hair so fine and fluffy yeah that
you have to make sure you do all those strands are inside there yeah you got a
massage it in there so semi-permanent it will fade over time
right yes there’s no ammonia that’s the main thing and it doesn’t does no we
don’t have this so with semi-permanent in tone-on-tone
you can subtract own or you can go darker but you can’t say like if you’re
a natural level 3 that you are and you want to go to like a level 6 you can’t
do that what’s not going to color you have to come the color kids means that
I’m only to get the lift to the monies would open the people yeah no mass suicide middle yeah so I’m back home so I’m getting my hair
done and I’m pretty sure you guys can tell that there is no more line of
demarcation it looks so good the color had faded out so now it’s nice and
vibrant I love this gradual fade into the color it’s beautiful and my roots
did get dyed that’s all but when my natural color grows through it’ll fade
perfectly into this like reddish brown which will fade or which is fading
perfectly into this reddish copper so yes I’m super happy so as you can see my
hair definitely puffed up my hair has always been like this it is not even
close to humidity proof


  1. That damn James strikes again! I'm really bouta come from Redmond to get my 3c slayed if y'all keep it up 😄 bravo darling 💁🙌

  2. Just a question, why did he apply the dye on your dry hair? Is there a benefit vs wet hair? I like the video format, hope to see more content like this!

  3. The color is really pretty on you and I love how James makes sure you comfortable and I like his laugh a very likeable person

  4. I love your results. Your hair color is so pretty. I love that James stays professional but yet he's so down to earth. I'd love to be in his chair.

  5. Looks amazing! QCan you do a revert video when you're going back curly. I just moved to seattle and I might want to go to him.

  6. Umm, err, ruh, heat protectant people, heat protectant, lol.

    ' Cause after all them passes with that flat iron mamma you should-uh been SILKED OUT to the floor AND with body-yoddy-yoddy, lol.

    Great filming, beautiful salon, nice color correction and BOSS silicone slip-ons on James–saw them on Instagram too, waay cool!

  7. Your eyebrows look great. Did you fill them in? Or is the microbalding still holding up ? I want to get it done. I have oily skin. I read microshading or powder pros is better for people with oily skin

  8. He did a great job on the color. But all those passes with the flat iron and it wasn’t as silky as it could be. He needs to work on his press on natural afro hair

  9. James is so likable and very professional. He sounds like Reza from the TV series Shahs of Sunset. Love your color!

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