“I KNEW YOU WERE A GOLD DIGGER” EPISODE 2 || Kinigra Deon • Monnie Drea

“I KNEW YOU WERE A GOLD DIGGER” EPISODE 2 || Kinigra Deon • Monnie Drea

I I Know why y’all here sorry. I was busy being super smart reading because that’s what I do Anyway, I want to thank current for sponsoring this video so now let’s get to “I Knew You Were A Gold Digger Part 2 So which package would you like we have the elite package here which includes a fertile stimulant his? address and a date with hair and makeup Ah How much is that? Umm if you have to ask then that mean you cant afford it. It’s a thousand dollars honey A thousand I don’t have that type of money which is why I need a baller now! Well, here’s our make-a-wish package It’s only $25. It includes this address but nothing else and for 10 extra dollars. We can tell you when he comes outside I dont have thirty five dollars right now either Honey Who Gave you my number mmmH mmmh Sorry one second. I’m with a client. Okay, sweetie. That’s really the best I can do for you. I don’t have $35 Obviously, she doesn’t have $35. You know what I’ll use my current card cause I’m hormonal right now Im pregnant 31 hours pregnant And I know what it feels like to be broke, yes, I’ll tell you later I know what it feels like to be broke, but you need to get a current card. What’s a current card? Girl, it’s a mobile banking account. They gave me my paycheck two days early! Don’t you have like a deposit for that? No, it don’t take a deposit. It’s free to sign up I aint got time to sign up for all that It dont take long all it takes is two minutes girl, quick easy and fast! This sounds great… umm current sounds great but could you promote someone else’s business on your own time? Thank you Now I will send you an email with all the information. All set. yeah okay good luck Aleta your baller is a fraud! What! FRAUD! Oh, wait a minute. I take my reputation very seriously check the reviews Is it recording Okay, I would like to thank “Get A Baller Incorporated” for helping me quit my job as a stripper and leading me as a stay-at-home mom for this NFL player. We had a baby together and I make $20,000 a month in child support! All of this is mine! Thank you “Get A Baller” You tell them girl! Okay I believe you! Imma let yall two handle that! Thanks Again Alright look out for that email. I want a REFUND! You didnt hook me up with Daryl Jones, You hooked me up with is broke ass cousin! What are you talking about? I hooked you up with Daryl Jones NO! Hooked me up with his broke ass counsin Demondrae Jones and I paid for the elite package Who the hell is Demondrae Jones? And I gave you a 50% discount That’s $500! It’s A $1000! Still I hooked you up with Daryl Jones! No, you hook me up this broke-ass cousin you need to do your research. I’ve done extensive research. Oh No you didnt! Oh Yes I did! No you didnt! Oh Yes yes yes it was! Oh no no no no hell no it’s not! What are you talking about I went to his house. It Was nasty! The living room and the kitchen was in the same thing, he had the couch in the same room he aint have a kitchen table. And he had an old ass air conditioner And when he took his hat off…. His haircut was fucked up And he broke Brrr Brrrrooo You cant say that word in here. It’s not allowed! And you know I am pregnant and the morning sickness And then when I told him I was pregnant, He couldn’t even give me 75 dollars for a Plan B. A Plan B! Darryl Jones It’s Demondrae Jones What do you want me to do You need to set me up another date with the REAL Darryl Jones! I don’t know if I can do that. Because Darryl Jones already saw you It’s not the right one Alright well, I’ll go work tonight and wait You aint going no where looking like this! What? Did you not read the fine print? What? do you have a mascara in your pocket? Because you never leave the house without your make up on You keep mascara in your pocket, even when you go into the market because you never know who’s watching you! I read it! Be ready at 5:30! Great! Imma look completely different! Dont worry! Make sure you shower Imma CNA, okay, I had to change some diapers Smell like it! Trying to take my whole business down that’s why I dont work with friends! Where’s my febreeze! With hair and makeup, how much is that umm if you have ask Laughter Extensive research that was Daryl Jones Oh, oh no it wasnt Oh yes it was Iaughter…. Extensive Research Oh no you didnt! Oh yes I did Laughter….. blooper Well did you enjoy that video I thought it was extremely funny, you know those girls are hilarious. But anyway, make sure you Subscribe and don’t forget to go download your current mobile banking app so you can get your paycheck two days early too music


  1. Make sure you get your current card!!! https://www.current.com/KinigraTv Thanks for watching!!!!!! Y’all Episode 3 is going to be crazy! Here is episode 1 https://youtu.be/LXjGMi7HsKQ What do y’all think about “Get A Baller” business?

  2. @Kinigra the only thing I didn’t like is the CNA reference I use to be one before I became a nurse and they don’t just change diapers

  3. this was hilarious you are so funny if you haven't done it already you need to do a Ciara Parody because you remind me of her

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  5. That review was hilarious 😂 😂😂😂😂 good job on channeling your inner hood chick!!!!👍🏿😂👍🏿😂

  6. Wow chocolate sweetness and caramel sauce. By jove🧐☝🏾 Kinigra and Monnie give me the embodiment of what the candy bar Twix would look like in human form. 💖

  7. 😆😁😂🤣😂😁😁😁😂🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  8. I have to say, this is one of my favorite videos from the sistas. The acting was on point, the ladies were fine as usual. They even threw in some shameless promotion. Well done.

  9. I’m definitely waiting for that track because if a woman playing it I know how to move with her.🤣🤣Body count low🤔oh yea ma 😂

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