I Made Thousands of Gold in Civ 6 (with this One Simple Trick 😏)

I Made Thousands of Gold in Civ 6 (with this One Simple Trick 😏)

Welcome back to another Civilization 6 video So, in this video I’m going to show you an interesting strategy that you can use to get some extra gold, some extra faith… and the best part is – it works at any stage of the game So, you are going to need a settler. I got one right here. You are going to need at least two builders I would highly recommend 3 builders. And you are also going to need a bunch of units. It needs to be enough units to capture a city. You might already see where this is going And you need a neighbor, because the first step is settling a city in -20 loyalty area So right here for example. This is Shaka. I am over here I only started two cities so far and this is turn 72 So first, you settle a city right here Then you want to improve as many tiles as possible around the city – preferably all of them It also works best if you unlock the lumber mill, but you don’t have to – it’s not necessary at all You can also buy some extra tiles. For example, I would highly recommend buying hills and then you wait You want the city to flip, which means you do not want it to grow It will flip in 5 turns if you settle in -20 loyalty area Make sure you aren’t getting any extra loyalty from policies or anything like that And now we just wait. I’m going to improve all the tiles around it and then we wait And here we go – the city has flipped to a free city Another thing you want to do is save at least one or two builders with one build left because what you want to do now is pillage all the tiles that you improved So you can pillage pretty much anything here – mines will give you gold, lumber mills will also give you gold Pastures will give you faith, and most of the bonus and luxury resources in general will give you faith So if you want to get gold, you focus on the hills and woods to get lumber mills and mines if you want faith you focus on resources However, before we pillage all the tiles we might want to kill any units that spawn. You definitely need to make sure that you bring enough units to be able to actually handle any units that spawn because they might be more advanced than this. This is only turn 78 but there’s a good chance you’ll see swordsmen for example, depending on what tech is avariable in the game So now that we killed… well, mostly all of them we can finish off this guy, or we can let Shaka finish him off. Now we can start pillaging So I’m already getting 122 gold for each mine and lumber mill I pillaged There. That’s already what… 366 gold from that, and we’ll also get some faith That’s one more tile with gold and more faith And then we recapture the city, repair the tiles and let it flip again. That’s it. That’s basically the strategy It’s not exactly a very sophisticated strategy but the yields from pillaging are pretty damn good in the current build of Civ I actually think they are a little bit too high But hey, it is what it is. With this strat you can get up to few thousand gold before turn 100 easily And the yields will get higher later on. So I got one more tile to pillage – this one… and then we can capture the city I think I pillaged everything that was in range Here. Now we recapture the city Obviously keep it. And then we want to repair all of this This is the best part, because repairing does not cost a build all you need is to have one, two or three builders with one build left and then repair everything before the city flips again and then you can do it all over again. That’s basically the entire strategy You just need to be careful to not let some AI come in and to take the city while it’s a free city but all you have to do is surround the city with your units and that will not happen and the best part is – you can also get experience while doing it, because you can get basically unlimited experience from attacking a city Experience for attacking a city is not capped like experience for attacking barbarians So you can get some pretty damn good experience by doing this And there we go, the city has flipped again, I didn’t even have enough time to repair all the tiles I previously pillaged Which is where having more builders can definitely come in handy Just need to kill the defenders and then we can recapture the city yet again Having a fourth builder here would definitely be helpful. So let’s pillage these before we recapture the city We don’t even have to bother with that unit, because as soon as we capture the city, the unit will go away So there we go, we got the city again – and now we repair again, and we can do it as many times as we want Like, if you don’t find it tedious you can just keep doing this for the majority of the game and you will get massive yields from that over the course of the entire game. Like I said, I actually think yields from pillaging are a little bit too high right now I would lower them a little bit personally But hey, since they are what they are right now, you can take advantage of it – and this works with any civilization you don’t need any specific civilization to make this work and here we go again it’s back – and now we can pillage everything yet again That’s 131 gold now So it’s more than previously – it will scale through the entire game, so you can get some really damn good yields later on This is already pretty damn strong. I’m up to 800 gold One thing that’s worth keeping in mind is that the city will eventually spawn stronger units Which means you might want to keep your own units up to date Alright, we can pillage a few more but that’s basically it, that’s the strategy – it’s not exactly complicated but as you can see, I’m getting quite a lot of gold out of this and you can even do it with like, more than one city if you want You can set up several spots like this. It would be a little bit tedious to do in the long run but hey, if you don’t mind micromanagement The requirements are not really that hard to meet All you need is a neighbor and an area where your city will get -20 loyalty per turn, that’s it So now we can recapture it yet again like so And it will flip every 3 turns or so. Yep It will keep flipping every 3 turns But wait, there’s more – we’re not done yet Once your research military training, which you can do pretty early – you can get the raid policy which increases yields gained from pillaging and coastal raids by 50% and that is exactly what we are going to do here. So I can pick up raid and now I just need to wait one turn to have the city flip and then we can pillage all over again Alright, so here we go. This is turn 103 and I can already get almost 200 gold for pillaging one mine This is just a regular mine, nothing special about this tile – and I can also get 97 faith so that’s pretty damn good and we can do this basically every 4-5 turns Here, we can do some more pillaging and then we recapture the city and that’s basically it I’m already up to almost two thousand gold and that’s after purchasing a settler for gold and also some other things. You can get massive amounts of gold by doing this, especially if you set up more than one city However, that’s going to be the end of this video. So thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it Leave a like if you did or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye


  1. Going with the 120-ish gold you get for pillaging a single tile, and assuming it flips every 3 turns after the first time and you recapture it the turn after, that is about 30 gold per turn per pillaged tile, going up as the game progresses. That is absolutely insane. And hilarious.
    And then you mentioned the Raid policy. Damn. At 200 per pillage, thats 50 per turn. One has to wonder where all the gold comes from…

  2. Marbz, I've been a fan for yours since your Civ 5 and XCom 2 videos, both games I love. I've not bought into Civ 6 at all since it was released but your vids are enticing me to give it another shot. This isn't written in regard to anything in this video, just in general since if it's good for Marbz, it's good for me.

  3. The cost of the settler, the workers, and the opportunity cost of not raising the city normally, how much is this really worth?

  4. If you want to take this even further, do it as Harald, who also gets science and culture from pillaging. Although that might get a bit silly. 😉

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