I Try Jewelry Subscription Boxes

I feel like I look like a man from the 80s wearing a turtleneck or the chain over it so subscription boxes I feel like have gotten pretty big over the last year or so and we try that a few on this channel but we have never tried jewelry boxes me and jewelry have a weird relationship I like it but I kind of want someone to tell me how to wear it and I feel like these subscription boxes will help me with that because they’re just gonna give me like two or three items and be like go so I’m gonna order one month of these boxes and I’m gonna wear one look a day and see what people think see if I feel like it can up my jewelry game or whether it’s just kind of like a bit of waste of money with no further ado let’s see which one’s I’m gonna subscribe to and we can go through that process together qui Maggiore is 2995 a month it says retail value of $75 Plus this one looks super cute it has good ratings you can’t choose if you have earrings or not which isn’t it problem for me but could be if you don’t have holes so this one is B shoebox and it’s the most expensive I’m assuming the jury’s probably a little higher quality but isn’t so anywhere how much it’s worth you get three stylish jewelry pieces plus a bonus item so ask if you want earrings which is good and it asks for your ring size so our final box is called rocks box and this is the one that you actually have to send the jewelry back every month which sounds slightly irritating but it does give you a chance to wear like nicer jewelry for a cheaper price it looks like it’s gonna ask you some questions about what kind of style you like it’s probably gonna get you more tailored pieces oh and you can click Edit wear earrings so that’s cool so they’re all ordered and I looked at how long they take to come and some of them do take longer than others so if you want to order them for a certain occasion you want to check out how long they take to ship first so it’s the next day and there has been a development I checked my email this morning and glamour jewelry emailed me to say that this month you can choose a statement necklace alright let’s see what do we have bold and gold simple statement and let’s keep rockin crystal rockin pink and dainty rhinestone I’ll go midway in to craziness then choose this one I have no idea how to style it but that’s part of this video hello me again I know this time it’s from rocks books I can if I want which out any pieces I don’t like I could do something surprise me but I think I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna see what they’re gonna get me oh my god it’s so cute it’s a little leaf necklace or not sure about that well but I saw this I’ll never switch this out there’s like so much stuff here I’m gonna go with this because that is the only gold bracelet that can go with the fact that I have a necklace and earrings well the boxes have arrived that’s just what the package of this is the Bijou box this is for my least favorite packaging just because it’s a little it’s you know it’s whatever this one is very cute it’s more like dainty I know I also really like rocks box cuz you get a bow today I’m just gonna look at glamour box maybe should have what about this folio because I don’t have any scissors no that is so cute I love the cute stuff if you hadn’t noticed here’s the first thing so no bracelet super easy to wear I am NOT nervous about wearing this I love it I hope I can wear all this in one day because like that’s the idea is that I’m gonna try and wear them all together earring I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen a style that has like some buckles on it but this is how you go outside your comfort zone I don’t know how they’re gonna go down with a statement necklace because give me a lot wow it’s pretty cool everything looks nice quality put it all on will see where looks like I feel like I look like a man from the 80s wearing a turtleneck or the chain over it it’s too much going on I think this is as close as I’m gonna get to something I feel comfortable in and I think I like I do have the earrings in but I don’t know because I’m not good with jewelry if this is too much or not alright well let’s go to work and see what people think do you notice anything different about me today yes you’re wearing a lot more jewelry than you usually do look at me that necklace is like pretty blingy you don’t wear the story as much there you go you look like especially put together I don’t know you just look a fashionable rich person I really love the necklace it looks they take this wrong way more expensive than usual I love these items so I definitely feel more fancy today I really like the necklace I’m getting used to it now and this dress that I usually wear too so healthy it’s just like leveling the office this one’s 2995 a month you get three pieces of jewelry every month took me aback high jewelry sigh meeow I really enjoy like jewelry especially for jewelry so it’s the end of the day and I’ve got to say I really liked this box I would actually wear all the jewelry again it’s day two and I’m doing rocksbox today which is the one that you are just renting pretty I didn’t realize that you can actually swap out the jewelry anytime you want it is a monthly price but you can get more than three things in months purchase your phase with your monthly $21 membership credit you get a discount on your favorite items except she won’t buy them let’s get into it oh yeah I chose this I forgot yeah it’s alright obviously this is only one month so it could definitely get better as time goes on I don’t know how to open this yeah this is super cute I will say I don’t know enough about jewelry to know why this is more expensive than any other jewelry I think maybe it’s just because it’s like a brand that’s but not least the colors in these are really really cool I think everything can be worn together alright let’s try and choose an outfit so the problem with today is that it’s cold and I want to wear a bigger coat and I feel like this looks very summer-like I think I’m going to have to try harder I might be a little chilly but I think this works better and here the earrings they’re very subtle even though they don’t super match at least they’re both gold I don’t think anyone would be like oh my god why are you wearing these two things together they should be is raining so much I’m they’re wearing like a frickin summertime that clothes they look nice and I like that it’s a leaf and then this bracelet kind of looks like BAM we wish so it gives kind of like a tropical s vibe but not necessarily like cohesive feels like something I have when I was like 15 definitely more expensive than that I guess it looks less mature like yesterday I personally think that these all look a little more expensive been like forever 21 purchase I’m enjoying trying out there’s $150 for a toe in total oh my gosh it’s just I don’t think anything’s necessarily super unique I think any one of those is reasonable considering the price of the pieces I don’t think subs subscription boxes for jewelry are from Maine because when I pick out my jewelry I’m very specific but I feel like if you’re just trying new things that’s good I can’t imagine always wearing rented stuff because I always have that fear that I’m gonna lose it I really like the fact that you can swap outlet pieces how many times you want because that means you always have a new look I also appreciate if the amount of things they asked you at your style to get an idea of what you like it is the final day and it is bu box time this one you can keep the jewelry ooh pretty oh yeah I get a free earrings of this one they’re a little too sophisticated for me but I mean they’re free this doesn’t match their box oh all those bags are different colors I guess please bag – this is the most expensive one I guess five years freebies is a nice type fashion can be bought style must be style one must possess let’s open the bags this is a bracelet it’s silver it’s definitely prefer gold this is cute though just the style of it sort of says nighttime to me but you know what I don’t wear enough jewelry so maybe I should amp it off your necklace I’m going to say this unfortunately is not my style at all I’m wondering if this box is more for kind of like a more sophisticated older crowd ah my first ring what is earrings these aren’t rings not ready for me I will still wear it and I will still see what my peers think there’s maybe I’m wrong the one thing I will say though is that everything is coordinating which is the first box to have done that all right s-sir she’s an outfit I’m having such a hard time because all of my is way too casual and doesn’t work with like a pendant now for the joy you’re on it actually might just wear this sweater with it this is what it kind of like goes I like the earrings a little more nother on oh and I have on the black pants for sophistication I definitely look very regular office work appropriate today right away I like the other day I saw better it’s a long chain because we don’t really wear long necklace shoes this one seems a little more understated than the other ones if I’m gonna get a subscription box I want stuff that’s like bold it’s just not your style and it’s not your age demo it feels a little bit dated it feels a little like corporate it’s all just to each their own because someone will think that that’s worth the $40 yeah so I feel bad I didn’t wear anything but sweater with this jewelry but honestly just didn’t have anything that would go with it Wow we just found out that this was peeling look it’s a sticker it’s no jewel there’s nothing on this side and it’s just a sticker take back the thing that it’s probably nice quality and worth $40 a month I did want to like change up how I wear jewelry with this challenge but I just feel like I wanted it to be like more the statement pieces and like stuff there’s a little more high fashion than the shoe box was I think it would work really well certain people but it wasn’t for me and I think the price is too high I really really did like that glamour box one and I really actually might think about buying it so I feel like I’m gonna be wearing or statement necklaces going forward and I’m not as scared to wear them anymore so yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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