I Wore A Cursed Bracelet For A Day

I Wore A Cursed Bracelet For A Day

– What was that? (scary music) (logo whooshing)
(logo squeaking) You can buy a lot of
haunted things from eBay. A lot of them are dolls,
most of them are dolls. Another kind of haunted item you can get from eBay is haunted jewelry. I decided to buy a piece of
haunted jewelry off of eBay, wear it, and see if I
experience anything paranormal. I found a haunted bracelet. The woman selling the
haunted bracelet said she was a collector of haunted
items and haunted jewelry. Nine years ago, she went to Italy and she went to a flea market. She went to a stand that
was selling antique jewelry. And she said she felt energies coming from some of the items
at the jewelry stand. So she picked up this bracelet. But when she picked it up, the Italian man who was selling the jewelry
didn’t want her to buy it. He didn’t really speak much
English, but apparently, he said, “No good, cursed.” I guess my question is, if he doesn’t want anyone to buy this cursed bracelet, why does he have it out
at his jewelry stand? Why not keep it at home or get rid of it? Maybe the curse is that
he can’t get rid of it, I don’t know. The woman tried to explain to the man that she’s a collector of paranormal items and that she could
handle it, so she bought the bracelet and took it home. When she took the bracelet home, it started showing up in
weird places around the house where she definitely hadn’t left it. She said the temperature would drop when she was wearing it
or when she was around it. She felt like whatever
spirit possessed the bracelet was trying to feed off her energy. She said she wanted to get rid of it ’cause she felt like it
was possessed by an entity that she didn’t wanna deal with anymore. The bracelet came in the mail. I have it in this envelope. Let’s bust out this cursed bracelet. Okay, it is smaller than
I thought it would be. Don’t be mad at me, ghost, I just thought this was a bigger bracelet, okay. So the woman who sold this bracelet said she has no idea how old it is because there’s no markings on it. I’m gonna wear it and we’re gonna see if anything weird happens. So I actually do wish that
there was like a ghost inside this bracelet to help me put it on, because it’s one of those bracelets that’s really hard to get
on without somebody’s help. I have placed the bracelet onto my wrist. It’s pretty hot in here, but this bracelet feels oddly cold against my skin. It feels very cold. But it could just be because
it’s super hot in here that anything metal is going
to feel very refreshing. I do like the tiny
people on this bracelet. They’re very cute. – This looks like George Washington. Oh no, am I going to be
cursed now that I touched it? – [Joanna] I don’t know. – See, I just got a chill. – [Joanna] You did? – I legitimately just got like a chill. – I’ve been wearing
this bracelet for maybe 30 minutes and I just feel so tired. Something is stealing my energy. I don’t know if it’s a ghost,
but I’m definitely tired. Something super weird did happen to me and I have no explanation for it. Somehow, I got lipstick all over my computer. And I swear to God, I
did not kiss my computer. It’s not on my hands. There’s not lipstick on anything else. I have no idea how I got
lipstick on my computer. It’s super weird. I just got home, it’s about eight o’clock. I’m still wearing the bracelet. Normally, I have a rule that I don’t bring haunted things into my
home, but I broke the rule by wearing this bracelet,
so that’s not great. I’m definitely way more
tired than I normally am. If there’s a ghost sucking
my energy with this bracelet, it’s doing an amazing job. I feel kind of relieved
to take off the bracelet. It is nice to just stop wearing an evil bracelet for the day. So I’m definitely on
edge, being home alone with the haunted bracelet. Every time I hear any noise,
I’m just like, what was that? I am hearing some very unusual noises that I’ve never heard before. Is there a weird vibration
going through the attic? Which is not ideal. I’m trying to just be chill about it, but there’s a cursed bracelet just hanging out where I sleep. Whenever I’m scared, I like to just look out the window across the street at my neighbors and I
can always see their TV through the window and I’m just like, okay, the neighbors are
watching TV, everything’s chill. I keep wanting to throw
the bracelet outside every time I hear a weird noise. This is why I don’t bring
haunted things into the house. Don’t buy haunted bracelet. I’m just recording where I’m leaving it in case it’s in a different
place in the morning. I hope that it stays right here. I thought maybe when
I woke up this morning and came out to the living
room, I would see a ghost child. And I did not see that, so
my bracelet, thankfully, is exactly where I left it,
right on top of my wallet. One of my cabinets is weirdly open and I definitely didn’t leave it open. So either my husband or a ghost did this. So I’ve had kind of a rough morning. I’m wearing the bracelet. I woke up 6:00 a.m. to
try to go to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. My train was late and it took way longer than it’s supposed to. Even though I got up two hours early, to go to the DMV, I was
still two hours late to work. So I don’t know, is it
the curse of the bracelet? I’ve been wearing this bracelet all day. A few bad, weird things did happen. Maybe this bracelet is cursed. If you’re scared of ghosts and
you wanna get over that fear, buy something haunted from
eBay, like a bracelet, hang out with it, and then
if nothing scary happens, maybe you’ll feel a
little bit less scared. And then if something scary does happen, you’ll know that your fear was justified and you’ll feel smart for being afraid. For the record, I’m never
bringing this into my house again. (gentle music) (logo whooshing)
(logo squeaking)


  1. Oh uhhh uhhh when she left the bracelet to go to bed the bracelet was on top of the wallet and the buckle was facing a different direction from the time she woke up. Her wallet turned upside down… maybe she did it? Idk.

  2. Im dying. The intro went from scary stroy and weird, saying about how bad it was, then went jumped to: so I have the bracelet here with me!

  3. That story’s fake because I have one of those exact same bracelets and they are not ancient or very old the only difference with mine is that it’s a different colour

  4. Why didn't anyone notice that at 4:44 where she left the bracelet..the next day the wallet was in a different direction

  5. The braslet Was in a conar movement and then Was strat🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  6. 4:40 the bracelet and wallet are in a good place but at 4:55 the wallet is the wrong way and the bracelet is straight, not slanted… who else noticed?

  7. “ LiP sTiCk In My vAlEnTiNo WhItE bAG?!?” 😂sry i thought of that when the lipstick was on the computer

  8. I have several actually "cursed" things. Nothing happened.

    If you want I can't do some occult rituals on you. Nothing will happen. But I'm just a dabbler. Hardly a master of the dark arts.

  9. First time I watched this didnt click but you left braclet on a side when you left it on a side and when you woke up it was straight

  10. Was it just me or wasn't the bracelet on an angle at night on her wallet and in the morning it was straight

  11. The wallet was right side up the bracelet was diagonal when you left it at night but when you woke up the bracelet was straight the world was upside down

  12. Watching this at nearly 3 am and then suddenly someone yank my room's doorknob. Mom, you frightened the hell outta me ヾ(´囗`)ノ

  13. I'm the most paranoic person in this world, I can't even sleep half of nights just because of little random noises, if I had a CURSED braclet in my house I'll probably gone insane the first 5 minutes xD

  14. Was posted on April Fools Day but channel posts every day. To believe or not to believe. THAT is the question

  15. Girl dont be giving out suggestions to people to buy haunted items to get over their fear of ghosts! Now that’s proof you definitely possessed. Smh

  16. 1:22 – 1:26
    The bracelet is telling her to,
    Wash the spoon in the sink,
    Do homework,
    Eat bananas,

    Also check the date this was posted.

    No, not the fact that I’m a year late, the fact that it was on 1st April

  17. 4:40 look at the position of the wallet or whatever.
    4:55 now look. She says she didn’t touch it and said nothing happened. Omg is this vid… fake?!

  18. Is it bad that the moment that she took the bracelet out of the envelope I got the worst chills I’ve ever had and the tingles aren’t going away

  19. You should of had an experiment with it. Like lend it to a friend and say it's a present, and say nothing about it. Then wait a week. Then check up on them. See what you get.

  20. All i got to say is this is fake so
    PS: Dislike if you want–
    1. Metal against skin is cold.
    2. Yea your tired but a band/jewerly wear isn't gonna drain you that fast even if so.
    3. Your just to c h i l l a b o u t t h e w h o l e t h i n g

  21. Being a person who knows paranormal and speaks to spirit with spirit box and pendulum etc, you need to be careful with buying haunted objects! eBay is the worse! People lie and so say the spirit is gentle…well if it’s gentle why are you selling it 🙄 ya… I don’t believe this is haunted is anyway shape or form lol

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