IAD + NAD Co-Hosting Thanksgiving Eve Party

IAD + NAD Co-Hosting Thanksgiving Eve Party

I’m a proud IAD member. I’m also a proud NAD member! I’m thrilled IAD and NAD are co-hosting a fantastic event the evening of November 25, the evening before Thanksgiving. The event will be from 7-11pm, After the party, we’ll have the opportunity to socialize at the bar here at Westwood Tavern and Tap! Westwood Tavern and Tap has awesome food! It’ll be a wonderful time with everyone there! Why are IAD and NAD partnering up to host this party? It’s a great opportunity to work together! Collaboration is quite important in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community! A lot of the areas IAD and NAD respectively focus on truly align, all with the goal to make sure the community’s needs are met. We’ll have a blast with wonderful food, drinks and entertainment! Please join us on November 25th! Thank you, and have a great day!

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