Ignore the Dollar Collapse Fear Mongering – Rants Illuminati Silver

Ignore the Dollar Collapse Fear Mongering – Rants Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 16th December 2016 and we
are suggesting to our listeners to ignore this fear mongering about the imminent collapse
of the US dollar and we are going to have a rant so brace yourselves.
The US Dollar is getting stronger not weaker. Even today, the day after the 0.25% interest
rate rise by the FED we have seen the dollar hit a 14-year high and bond yields also rose,
further extending yesterday’s gains. The dollar index has risen to 103 and guess what,
it may go even higher in the coming weeks. Why? Because the markets believe the FED’s
figures, the markets believe the Employment Figures, The market believes that the US may be
coming out of recession. Whether any of it is true – frankly for the time being it
doesn’t matter – its what the market believes that dictates where the so called hot money
goes. Right now that’s into stocks. Today, U.S
stocks bounced back a little from yesterday’s biggest daily percentage decline in about
two months, led by gains in bank shares. The Dow Jones Index is up 59 points, the S&P 500
and the Nasdaq are also up – despite the fact that the FED indicated yesterday that
it anticipated 3 rate rises in 2017 and 2 in 2018.
Why is this happening? Well for a start, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who will be
sworn in next month, is expected to cut taxes and boost spending on infrastructure?
Paul Nolte, portfolio manager at Kingsview Asset Management in Chicago sums it up very
well and is typical of those people who influence markets when he says:
“The thought is that earnings will be better and the economy is strong enough to be able
to withstand higher interest rates, and that is why we’re not seeing a decline in stocks……That
being said, the stronger dollar and higher interest rates will at some point filter through
to earnings. It’s just a matter of when and how.”
There are other reasons why the dollar is strong and can only get stronger. Europe is
embarked on an extended program of QE, China has been debasing its currency and so has
Japan, and today the bank of England kept rates the same and stated that the next movement
in UK rates could be in either direction. The dollar is one of the few currencies; anyone
has confidence in at the moment. Let’s repeat that The dollar is one of the few currencies,
anyone has confidence in at the moment. Forget Alex Jones, Forget Peter Schiff, Forget Greg
Hunter Forget Greg Mannarino – the dollar is remaining strong for some time to come
and do not let these pumping blowhards persuade you otherwise.
Gold fell today to a 10 month low and currently stands at $1127 and silver has fallen almost
$1 in the last week to $15.99 – they are both going lower. Let’s repeat that – they
are both going lower. Now please no-one shout manipulation – because
if you believe they are manipulated – then guess which way their prices are going to
go – certainly not up. We are having a rant. We want you please to ignore the pumpers,
ignore the doomsday merchants, ignore the conspiracy theorists – at least for now
– yes they will have their day but it is not today.
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its owners.


  1. Thank a you so much for being a person out there who has something positive to say about gold and silver also since Trumps been elected nothing but positive things have been happening Stock Market, jobs,Down with TPP All good things no mater what they say out there!!!

  2. I largely agree with you on gold, however the thing that is bothering me is BTC is rising against this strong dollar. Is this BTC move a safe haven bid?

  3. I enjoyed the rant video and believe the pumpers will have their day but not soon. Gold and silver are going down to my $999.99 Gold and $13.13 silver level soon I believe. Hip, Hip Hooray for another Rant video Soon. Thanks Guys. Out

  4. I do a bit of trading with a company called eToro. I've noticed that it is free in overnight fees to short gold/silver and quite expensive to long.

    For example, to buy $100 Gold at 100 leverage, the current nightly fee is $0.53 and weekend fee is $1.60. The overnight fees to sell are $0.00 in both cases. Therefore short trades are less risky and more appealing.

    I'm wondering is this typical of brokers? And if so is this one mechanism being used to suppress the price of the precious metals? I haven't seen this talked about anywhere as such.

  5. I wish I had found this channel and realized it's truth before making some decisions earlier in the year. You do speak the truth and I appreciate your efforts. The pumpers are miserable right now and rightfully so – they underestimated the resilience and abilities of those they warn us about – and I believe you are 100% correct in that the road in which they can kick the can down is considerably longer than people envisage.

  6. It matters not what the price is with the fiat ! I own metal because its real and i know i dont want to get stuck with the one eyed greenback lol Pumpers pump savers save pedios run washington and the sky wont hurt you when it falls if you live in a underground bunker 🙂 who cares the fiat price heck realize this if you saved 100 grand for 20 years could you still buy that huge 2 story with those acres? not hardley hmm maby a tiny home thats mobile 🙁 The price allways goes back up but i do want my country to recover from the last 16 years of bad actors and not so good entertainment news media traitors . What good is the paper ? ill keep my old fashioned hedge.B.t.c.looks good but is tied to the internet and facism controls that now 🙂 like the rant its fun to listen to and thanx .

  7. Just reading at the comment section I feel like I am in good company here 🙂
    In a short time you have been able to assemble a crowd of base listeners who seem smart, funny and educated !
    Quite an achievement. Kudo Illuminati Silver !

  8. I agree with you once again. You may remember I'm  a PS fan – his critics say he has been bearish so long he is bound to be right sometimes –  and don't think he deserves to be lumped in with the others you mentioned. I enjoy his perspective on many things other than precious metals and don't follow anybody's advice in its entirety, rather I listen, evaluate and draw my own conclusions based on facts, fundamentals and trends. One of the fascinating things beginners learn about markets is they are often wrong because of emotion and momentum. These are interesting topics to me and their affect on markets often skews the reality of fundamentals. Did I go off on a tangent or am I opining about the dollar? Again, as perhaps an intermediate trend, we are in agreement. I reserve the right to change my mind with market developments.  :?)  Like you said a few days ago to me, got to know WHEN to jump ship. Cool to see you blow off a little steam.

  9. Thanks for the rant 😉 It's been a funny year. Every call, bar Brexit, has been bad for gold; think Trump, Italy, Fed announcements, India, Islam, China the SDR inclusion- all bearish. I think the "club" watch these videos and enjoy destroying all bullish predictions and tormenting the metals personalities. Once they all work it out and SHUT UP, sulk, and hide- that's when prices will start to rise. Please all you goldbugs, shut up with your predictions and celebration of the fundamentals of gold investing. You are all pooping in the nest! Every time one of these Pizzagate doomsayers extolls gold, it is GUARANTEED to get hammered. BTW, not every precious metals investor is right wing or conservative. It's getting depressing. Thanks again IS, a good rant.

  10. Thanks for the great insights. I think we have to admit that there is some kind of positive Trump effect going on here. Even if it may be temporary, people seem to feel that the future for business is going to better in the near term future.

  11. I know this will make you either smile or even angrier.  So brace yourself.  Sit down.  Take deep breathes.  Bo Polny has a new video out.  States that the collapse is going to happen on or before Dec30th 2016.  Don't shoot the messenger.  But he really believes that.  He has had some success in the past.

  12. Why doesn't everybody listen to Illuminati Silver…
    It's The Best Channel on Youtube… Keep it UP Mate!
    ha hs ha even your rants are tongue in cheek… Brilliant!

  13. Got to love that passion in your voice. I think it's great the dollar is strong. And I need another price dump to collect a few more items. I will wait.

  14. Great effort, well presented, now, take a deep breath in, release it slowly and repeat several times.
    There, that's better.
    Thank you for a great rant. I agree with you. Gold and Silver WILL have there day, just not today.
    Speculators, Central Banks and Bullion Banks all have the affect of suppressing the gold price. this is not conspiracy theory, it is a fact. Thier suppression of gold is NOT thier particular aim, it is rather a byproduct of thier function.
    A lot of the information put out links in to our own delusion of seeing the world the way we want it to be, rather than seeing the world the way it IS.
    So, my lighthearted ending is by way of a mind altering saying:
    "You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead."
    I wish you all a lovely weekend. I'm now off for a cocktail as it's nearly midday!

  15. Great effort, well presented, now, take a deep breath in, release it slowly and repeat several times.
    There, that's better.
    Thank you for a great rant. I agree with you. Gold and Silver WILL have there day, just not today.
    Speculators, Central Banks and Bullion Banks all have the affect of suppressing the gold price. this is not conspiracy theory, it is a fact. Thier suppression of gold is NOT thier particular aim, it is rather a byproduct of thier function.
    A lot of the information put out links in to our own delusion of seeing the world the way we want it to be, rather than seeing the world the way it IS.
    So, my lighthearted ending is by way of a mind altering saying:
    "You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead."
    I wish you all a lovely weekend. I'm now off for a cocktail as it's nearly midday!

  16. The USD is clearly the least dirty shirt in the laundry, so it can't fall against other major currencies. It can fall in the sense of losing its purchasing power, which is another way of saying price inflation might well start to pick up. Do you have a view on the prospects for inflation?

  17. dear I.S. ,
    would you please do a small segment on what important economic indicators get affected by market corrections, and why? if stocks crash, what do you expect will happen to the dollar, bonds, metals, oil? thanks very much

  18. What we're seeing right now is that the central banks and the financial elite are controlling a 100℅ of the market. It's a demonstration of power and a blackmail also, it's their way or no way. We are the weaker, they are the stronger. The hot money is seeking shelter in stocks and bonds, nobody wants to loose. We are betting against the house, but the round will be decided by the hot money owners. They are frightened, so in the first disturbance they will pickup the money and run as fast as they can.
    The Central Banks are watching the gold and silver markets. Anyone moving from the stocks to the metals will be killed. Our mission is to survive, so you don't move, keep calm, reload your cash account and wait. They are probing the gold and silver markets to discover the minimum price. Gold and silver prices will keep going down until they find the minimum price. Eventually the prices will cross down the bottom line. Then the Asian operators will start buying massively. Just buy the necessary amount to cover your losses and stop. Reload. Repeat. There will be a war on metals.

  19. Oh My! I've never heard a British rant. It's very polite… 🙂
    Alex Jones isn't worth the time of day, or the others, incl. Rickards.

  20. People, it's real simple. There's no need to "rant" about it. The dollar is built on CONFIDENCE. The DJ, as is shown without any argument against, is manipulated and controlled by the Central Banks of the US, Japan and the ECB. We have no "free markets" anymore. All the data coming out of the US is "seasonally adjusted" figures. In other words, they're not real. All of us living in the middle and lower incomes can see this economy has NEVER truly recovered. How long they can keep this charade going is anyone's guess. I'll finish with this, 10 years, the dollar reserves around the world was close to 80%, today it is below 60%. The world is SLOWLY moving away from the dollar, Illuminati Silver is correct in that the dollar will be replaced. But when????

  21. Long Dollar and time for a better price for Gold. Thank you for the rant to drive home the message: "The market is always right."

  22. I really wish I had heard this before I sold all my shares and bought into a silver etf just before the election. I thought I was so clever when trump won. I predicted what few people had. and I still lost because markets didn't react to trumps victory the way we thought they would. Why is no one concerned about all this debt? if rates continue to rise, we will see governments default for sure. Maybe then will be the time?

  23. Have you ever noticed how gold and silver always go up in price on Friday's regardless of what's going on?  I think the powers that BE raise the price on Fridays because that makes people pay higher prices for the weekend and a lot of people get paid on Fridays.    It always starts on Friday mid day like right now then by Friday at 5 pm est the price is always up.  So I  only wait to buy silver and gold Monday through Thursday for the most part.  Anyhow, it sure seems like it to me.

  24. further to my last, I'd like to remind you of my price prediction after your offer of a second chance for you competition. Gold $1,106.47 and Silver $15.63 and in our last few weeks of the year, those down numbers could be conservative.

  25. Thanks for the rant gentlemen! :))

    I am beginning to develop a theory about this now.. The markets will not crash like before in history. It will rather "detoriate/dissolve" slowly from within, by hidden and official inflation and "peoples pay in different variations". And moving towards the digital age money will be "swapped" into a world digital currency with perhaps one major "world IMF digital currency" and several minor digital currencies, almost like the money as of today.

    The IMF admin, Lagarde, actually stated, before she came into office, that she wanted Paris to be a center for muslim banking. That implies no interests for the lenders.. Is that why she was chosen to be the head of the IMF? Might that be a clue of whats to come?

    I think that buying some silver and gold will be more a chance to have some freedom at the side from a very rigid digital financial system that is underway. And that the financial reality as of today will be totally different in a few years; A new paradigm.

    I had a dream some time ago, were the splendid computergame i designed and are investing in didnt earn me money at all, because by then the system was so that everyone just shared everything^^ Imagine my frustration after all my hard work and investments, haha. 🙂 But i also see some kind of "freedom" in this also; A world tribe cooperating.

    Who knows.

  26. Gold up more than 28% and silver up nearly 40% in pounds since this time last year. Not as impressive in dollars, but that's okay, my currency is the pound! Preserve your purchasing power now while you still can.

  27. Amen brother. I have been having this rant for some time but nobody will listen to me, I hope they listen to you. I for one am holding cash on the sidelines waiting to deploy it opportunistically

  28. I have to politely disagree. The fact is this madness cannot continue forever. We are quickly approaching $20 trillion of debt. There are only two ways out of this mess, inflate the debt away, or default. I believe when judgment day happens, meaning creditors want to be paid and there is not enough assets to pay the debt, everything will unfold rather quickly. I am thinking days, or weeks at the most to fully unravel. Will it be tomorrow? No. But it is coming.

  29. Great rant, very creative. However, Porter Stansberry in his book "America 2020" states that there will be a mutiny on the dollar. What he says makes total sense. And of course we know about Jim Rickards.

  30. the US dollar is the tallest midget in the room. people will flood to it till there is no other alternative and another system/currency is put in its place. A strong dollar is kind of a joke. the dollar has lost over 90 percent of its purchasing power since it's modern day inception. It's strong relative to other currencies and it's attachment to oil makes it the king of currencies. However it was definitely cheaper to buy a carton of milk or a loaf of bread a decade ago than it is today. it's why having a diversified portfolio (including gold and silver is) is important to prevent the theft of inflation from destroying your savings.

  31. it maybe wise to look at ratios on the metals (vaulted) as the prices decline rather than cash out! yes I suppose those that wanted have already taken profits off the table I certainly did and have now started to buy again.

  32. I agree, even Harry Dent sounds credible at this point! The question is: are we going to get deflation or inflation? My guess is deflation in the short-term… Then rampant inflation as easing or monopoly money goes into overdrive.

  33. It's refreshing to hear positive news about the dollar…..instead of all the doom and gloom….end of the world stuff. I have listened to this channel and have always walked away informed and enlightened from its conception ……I look at it as a chance to continue to invest in the metals and grow my nest egg for when it's time to retire……metals go up and they go down but the fact of slowly building wealth is my goal".."outstanding video…."from a dedicated listener…….

  34. I highly recommend that all precious metal investors read Dimitri Speck's great book, The Gold Cartel. He does a good job of documenting manipulations of the gold market.

  35. Any suggestions: (I live in the US) I buy silver as a hedge, but I am tired of going from site to site to find the cheaper Gov backed coins (kooks, elephants, Britannia, libertads, ASE….) SO, as a 'hedge against inflation buyer', would it make since to just buy generics? (Provident Prospectors, Sunshine minting eagles etc) Correct me please, but isn't silver silver? Thank you

  36. US could have a boom soon.  It is confidence in economy.   Trump is Reagan like with the economy.  I believe silver is and always has been manipulated via paper sales.  I just don't believe as much silver is being mined when silver is below $20 an ounce.  I have always believed Gold should never be higher than Platinum.  Gold is too high, Platinum/Palladium are about right, and Silver and Rhodium are too low.

  37. I do not believe a short term collapse of the dollar, but I do believe a long term collapse, and I base that belief in the overreaction that I think the FED will make to the coming deflation, the US will default, but I doubt they will admit it before it is inevitable.

  38. I wonder…………………..The globaly econemy is drowing in debt cause of the debt based system,capitalism is leaving the west and the massive in debt USA has a new president coming who has a economic strategy (witch he explained the rest is unknow) that showed it dint work in the past like protectionisme…………

    Really its a show and i am confident that in 6 months people realise wow wenn china cant sell its stuff in the usa it will dump it elsewhere and who buys the way way way more expensive products the americans produces sooo its all a big hocus pocus but the real situation hasnt changed one bit…………i brough 2 kg silver last week 🙂

  39. +Illuminati Silver, I'm not so sure Mannarino, Hunter, and all the rest of them are saying that silver is going higher soon. They're saying the system can't be sustained a whole lot longer (maybe a year, maybe four years, who knows?) and when the system breaks then silver and gold will skyrocket. But, yes, they're manipulated and, yes, they are going to continue manipulating as long as they can. And as long as they can manipulate the price will not skyrocket, and the trend certainly seems to be down for gold and silver (because that is the will of the manipulators).

  40. I would think that we would have to have more QE, taxation or tariffs for the dollar to collapse. I also think that the people need to see that Trump is not the truth messiah like so many think. Don't get me wrong I wanted Trump but only because I rather go out in hyperinflation then globalism brought in by the Clintons/Bushes. I can't wait for the day for Anarcho Capitalism to live.

  41. It is one of the first things they teach you in financial markets. When world finances are in trouble, USD is the last currency standing simply because it is the "wide spread opinion" safest bet to go with world's #1 econamy. Everyone goes with the USD and USD is going up because of that, for time being!!!

  42. First of all, the dollar is NOT getting stronger. Its all other currencies falling faster in value then the dollar. The are ALL shit. The dollar is just the least shittiest ATM!

  43. Trump/Pence 2020!
    But gold and silver prices certainly did go up.
    Today January 17, 2017….just one month later. Gold $1217.20, Silver $17.09.
    Good rant. 🙂

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