Illuminati silver interviews Brother Anthony

Illuminati silver interviews Brother Anthony

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Monday 14th December 2015 and I am
briefly interviewing one of our fellow Illuminati Silver Brethren – Brother Anthony.
Welcome to our channel – and this is the first time that listeners will have heard
your voice. You are one of the High Priests of illuminati Silver and I wonder if you would
tell us a little about yourself. Certainly, well having left university with
a degree in Economics and Politics I worked in the City, firstly for an Insurance House
and then for a one of the Big Four UK Retail Banks in their Commercial Division.
I left the Banking Industry and returned home where I set up my own Mortgage Broking Company
We specialised in niche development finance solutions. Then after the 2008 crash I extended
my operations to include Property Management and International Commercial Investment both
in the UK and in Turkey. Now that’s interesting, I’m sure that
our listeners are no doubt wondering why would someone like you – involved in International
finance even be interested in supporting a small channel such as this – focussed on
the precious metals market? Like the rest of our team, my mantra has always
been to spread investment risk in a number of sectors. Personally I have a keen interest
in old UK sovereigns and collect them both as a hobby and for their numismatic qualities.
Silver, well, I have previously been more cautious of and while you believe $12 is the
floor possibly spiking down to $10 it is at that latter level I shall be gearing my funds
towards. I am aware there is a lot of hype surrounding precious metals on the internet
and I share the view that if we can perhaps put some light and perspective into the debate
then why not? Ah so you may be a silver bug then really?
If you consider short term caution against long term bullishness, I guess I am.
Now I won’t embarrass you by asking how many gold sovereigns you have, but has the
price decline since 2011 adversely affected the value of your gold portfolio?
It has slightly, but nowhere near as much as if I had invested in bullion. However one
has to bear in mind, that the majority of my purchases were made before 2011 and like
yourself, I have restricted buying since concentrating on unique and interesting collectibles. One
thing I would recommend to our listeners is to shop around and do your own due diligence.
In the right place at the right time, you can, by obtaining the right coin, gain an
average 20% investment protection compared to the underlying metal price. However one
has very cautious out there as there are many, many fakes.
Now being involved in Financial Projects abroad obviously you have to consider currency valuations
and in today’s world devaluations. We hear frequently on You Tube many claiming the imminent
collapse of the dollar. What is your view on this rather contentious subject?
Frankly I would be very surprised if the dollar was the first currency to collapse. One has
to bear in mind, that regardless of what one suspects about what China and Russia plan
to do by selling their dollar denominated assets, the reality is, the rest of the world
actually holds the dollar in quite high esteem. You try dealing with a Turkish top 100 company
they don’t want to deal with you in Turkish Lira, they’d look at you as if you have
2 heads. Its dollars dollars dollars in Istanbul. Well I’m pleased you mentioned Turkey because
that leads us nicely to my next question. You are obviously aware of Donald Trumps’
recent comments about banning Muslims to the US (albeit temporarily) and the high level
of support he has apparently received, which suggests an anti-muslim sentiment developing
in the West. What do you have to say about this?
OK, well as you know that Turkey is approximately 96% Muslim and less than 1% Christian. However,
it does see itself as a ‘western thinking’ country highlighted by Istanbul being split
into 2 distinct regions: One being Asian and the other European; both of these are serviced
by their own airports. What Donald Trump forgets and let’s also not get into the conspiracy
world here, but I can assure you that the relationship between Turkey and the US is
far closer than many envisage and I would not be surprised if this also applies to other
‘Muslim dominated’ Countries. Funnily enough one of our You Tube subscribers
recently mentioned Thorium. It is alleged that there is a long standing agreement that
Turkey will not realise its vast thorium reserves which are interestingly located in the area
close to the Iraq border until the US is happy for it to do so.
Why is that? Well let’s just say that thorium is a far
cheaper and more efficient energy provider than oil. I don’t wish to say anymore at
this stage except that it is already publicly acknowledged that Turkey has the third largest
deposits of Thorium recorded, just behind the US and Australia.
Thank you for that most interesting insight. Coming back to the focus of our channel is
there anything you wish to add about the precious metal space?
Well personally, my approach is quite simple. For every day needs I use cash. For tomorrows
needs I hold liquid assets such as bonds, stocks and UK gilts. Longer term I hold property,
funds and Gold, with silver being my punt on there being shortages in about 15 years’
time so I do take a long term view on silver. Brother Anthony thank you for your time and
insights. You are more than welcome.
So there we have it. You have now been introduced to one of our fraternity and we plan to interview
others who have an input into our videos during the coming weeks so that you at least can
glean some idea about our thoughts, backgrounds and inspiration.
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. The US can vilify anyone at anytime regardless of race or religion if they feel their way of life is threatened. Today Muslims, yesterday Japanese  tomorrow who knows.  Trump is popular  because he is viewed as a winner, a self made man who regards the so called American way of life as first priority unlike the current regime. He also is seen as a man who won't put anyone in front of America and that's what the common citizen have become use to, being number 1 .P.S. If silver gets down to $10 then I sure will make the move much harder . I'm currently considered a hobbyist in PM acquiring.

  2. Went off on a tangent and forgot to say thanks for another interesting video although I must mention this high priest stuff is more than a little disturbing. Other than that, good insight on the way to invest in PMs. I'm diversifying my tiny PM collection between bullion and semi-numismatics. I do not know enough about numismatics to lay out any money for them. It's hard not to buy with silver under $14 but I'm not blowing all my money now and then ending up disappointed if it drops to $12 or $10. I'm sticking to the slow and steady plan except I doubled up at the first drop below $14 but that was a one time thing. I only order the minimum to get free shipping. It's an exercise in resisting temptation, lol.

  3. Agree with Ripcord Jr below nice variation to your normal format would be good to hear more interviews like this. And seasons greetings from Australia

  4. "The relationship between Turkey and the US is closer than many envisage" – I'll bet it is, go and stir up the Russians for us Turkey – OK.

  5. Thorium Based Nuclear Power would render the Oil Conglomerate Obsolete. You can find a documentary on it on Youtube. Also, $10 Silver! One can Dream…

  6. I think most logical people who pay attention to trends/cycles { instead of hype} will agree that silver will probably come down to $10- $12 levels. I do believe, that if deflation sticks around for another 2 years, silver can come below $10 . Once silver makes its true bottom , I anticipate it will take years for it to hit $20 + a oz. Silver is a true long term physical investment in this current era. Thanks for the video …

  7. I think anyone that can have the discipline and see if $10 silver comes , before buying , will be making a solid long term investment. Common sense says that silver will eventually go back to $ 50 a oz { like it has done 2 times before}….but its gonna take many years. Anyone looking for quick profits, may not want to buy metals in this current era.

  8. Oh wow, You are real illuminatists, I thought it was a ruse.
    That changes things.
    Thorium reactors are mostly safe, I still dont get why there are not more of them,

  9. The problem I see is that you are trying to understand American sentiment from news from our news broadcasts, might it be time for a road trip ( err, boat trip) because there may be other opinions other than what is spewed from the talking heads.

  10. On October 27, 2015, silver was at $16.29. Today, a little over 6 weeks later, it's down about 16% at $13.72 or so. I fail to see anything on the radar that would account for such a significant drop in the spot price. What gives?

  11. Whats with all the masonic tributes ?

    Oh the bankers who surely know that this whole false economy is predicated on fraud and obfuscation. Booms and busts with timing known by insiders.

    We live in immoral times of greed which will eventually implode. The wealth gap and continual voodoo economics show the greed has a firm grip.

    Thorium seems to offer a cheap and safe form of energy that we desperately need. It should be discussed in every family so the fear of nuclear is property debated openly. Cheap abundant energy is within grasp and it can and should spur the next great phase. The damage to our plant with the fossil fuels is crazy, again greed is keeping the status quo.

  12. Kookaburras & Australian lunar series, American silver Eagles & Maple leaf, or just round & bars? anyone please.
    what's the best choice?

  13. Very nice and entertaining video Sir Evelyn,, and yes I do believe you are the one and only, Sir Rothschild!  I have a very gifted ear for distinguishing people's voices.  So, if your not Sir Evelyn, you're doing a very good impression.  And, I believe I even know why a person of your status in the world would carry on such a production.  You feel guilty for all your past sins! No! just kidding. I know someone like you, that has everything, must do something that he enjoys.  You mentioned brotherAnthony was a high priest  but you didn't mention what degree he was?

  14. I have serious concerns over the Italian banking system, following the failure of a number of banks there. Is this the much vaunted black swan?

  15. This was very much needed here to make this channel fully develop. I really appreciate hearing the voice and background of other I.S. members. I look forward to hearing more of these. I also found the brief segment on thorium very enlightening. Thank you guys. Can't wait to see more of these!

    Also, A reminder on Jeffery Talpins and Element Capital. I think now would be a very appropriate time to inspect that play. I think it could be an historical play one way or the other. If nothing else a horrific example of failure, or perhaps something else… It is just such a LARGE play. >>>>here it is again for reference.

  16. Confidence is not good if it is false confidence. And confidence is the only thing keeping the fiat currencies afloat making them a confidence trick.
    Does it matter which of the fiat currencies are the first to fall?
    I don't think so, I think people will run to dollars, at first when things start going down and smaller economies fall, but they are going to be burned and when they realise it, it is already too late.
    I am very confident in my own strategy.
    1) No debt,
    2) A little in real estate
    3) All long term savings in gold and silver
    4) no debt,
    5) all short term savings in the local currencies
    and no debt.
    Did I say NO DEBT because that is important, in this deflationary environment leverage is a death sentence.

  17. I made a comment earlier that I had never heard of Thorium before. It appears to have been taken down. If it has it is the first time I am disappointed with this site.

  18. FED raised rates finally on Dec 16th. Let's see how this shakes out in the bond market. Bond money might flee to Stocks. Stay tuned.

  19. good video😀. old sovereigns are becoming more expensive esp young Victoria, would you buy double sovereigns? I myself would only buy physical silver, with the silver premium in the UK of about £2 then add vat unless you import from Germany and the selling price being so bad silver even at 12usD Gold may still be a better investment.

  20. Voices of reason in the pumpisphere. I'm waiting for Illuminati Silver to make a video about junk silver . Premiums are outrageously high for it, and I don't know why anyone would invest in it. It's not even legal to melt it down. What are your thoughts?

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