Illuminati Silver – Silver prices are going to fall further

Illuminati Silver – Silver prices are going to fall further

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about Silver. Silver prices are going to continue to fall
further even based on fundamentals. The so called Silver Gurus of this world say
the market is manipulated and silver prices are deliberately held down. Are they correct?
It’s possible, but on basic fundamentals alone, the Silver Price should fall further
regardless of manipulation. Why do we say this?
Well let’s examine the evidence: 54% of Silver demand is that received by Industry.
The actual physical quantity of silver demanded by Industry over the past 4 years to 2013
has gone down and over the past 10 years has remained at best static.
Yes, despite the rumours it has reduced – from 643 million ozs to 546 million ozs. Once the
2014 figures are announced we are likely to see this trend having continued. As far as
2015 is concerned, with the World’s economies in their current state of deflation and recession
its even likely to get worse. Yes, it is true that there are more uses for
Silver than ever before, but don’t listen to the so called experts who tell you that
regardless of the price of silver, Industry will still buy the same silver quantity for
that Fridge Freezer or Computer. Look what’s happened to the Solar Industry.
Only a few years ago, Solar Panels were going to use so much Silver, it would cause supply
shortages. What actually happened? The Industry found a way of using less Silver in their
panels. Whilst silver is perhaps the most conductive
and reflective precious metal, substitutes do exist when Price becomes a factor –even
though quality may admittedly be affected, – for we live in a ‘throw away’ society
where goods have built in obsolescence. I pity those in the USA taking out 7 year
car loans for example – why? Because the cars won’t last that long. You will be selling
them at a major discount in 3 – 4 years and still have a hefty loan balance to cover.
So with the economies of the world suffering deflation and or recession, with declining
economic activity and now including the Far East, the Industrial demand for silver at
best will remain flat, or at worst will reduce for the next couple of years. If it were not
for people like you who are listening to this message who went out and bought physical silver
coins and bars providing a 75% increase in purchases, then Silver will have lost its
lustre some time ago. Therefore, do not listen to those so called
silver gurus who perhaps made 1 or 2 correct price predictions since 2008 and the rest
all being wrong – you know who they are – those who say buy silver now while its
cheap, – average down if you bought when it was high (who incidentally recommended that
you should buy when it was high?) – for demand is going to rise exponentially and
supply is falling – Many of them have a vested interest in telling you this as they
have their own precious metal businesses and silver investments or a latest book to promote.
So let’s dispel one of the myths they engineer – Silver Mine supply is not declining. I
repeat Silver Mine supply is not declining. According to the Silver Institute, the supply
of silver rose by over 3% in 2013 and by over 30% since 2004. Last year’s supply according
to our sources show a similar picture. It’s not going to run out any time soon.
We also hear that mines are going to close. Yes some will as do other businesses in a
world economy. Those mines which began production anticipating $26 oz silver and higher, whose
costs are in the $20 + per oz category, will survive for a time but will eventually close
or be bought out by a more efficient operator. But you only have to listen to the Kitco and
Cambridge House Interviews to see that a number of Pure Silver Mine Owners have managed to
reduce their costs to around $16 oz (which also includes exploration costs by the way
– I will come back to this later) and they are few in number and represent a small proportion
of the Silver Market. Other mines which produce Silver as a by-product
(which represents almost 70% of the Silver mined) have all in costs of between $9 and
$15. So it is quite possible to see sub $15 Silver prices and the Industry still continue.
I want to come back to this ‘all-in’ cost which also includes exploration charges.
It is true, that at sub $15 silver, many companies will hold back on exploration and cut back
unprofitable seams. This means they can still function and pay their bills. It does not
bode well for the future admittedly i.e. 10 years’ time but for the next couple of years
its impact will not be reflected in the price. Please understand this. It takes on average
10 years from exploration find – to full mine production. So the time to be bullish about
silver is not today but in a few years’ time when those explorations which have not
occurred result in a possible shortage. However, with Silver ranging from $20 – $35 during
2010 – 2013 a number of exploration projects did occur, deposits were found and developments
begun. Now some analysts are predicting 2015 or 2016
to be the Year for ‘Peak silver’ – really? OK lets suppose they are right for a moment
– this means, 2015/16 will see a further rise in the supply of silver – peak meaning
highest point. So with supply reaching a peak and demand remaining flat or falling – what
do you really think the price is going to do?
Now what about Investor demand? So many Naysayers are telling us the Mints
are running out of silver. Well not strictly true.
Each year, the Mints have to assess their demand for Silver and place their orders accordingly.
In Simple terms the process of making silver coins is as follows: 99.9% pure silver is
Melted at a temperature of around 2,000F, its then extruded (in other words) – made
into long thin strips, 1oz for example blanks are then cut out of the strips, they are then
burnished – which is a polishing process, and finally the blanks are pressed or struck
from a steel die with the appropriate design etched into it.
So if the demand for such coins exceeds what the Mint predicted then yes it does temporarily
run out of Silver – but there is plenty of supply to call upon to correct this – which
is why previous delays or rationing have only lasted a few weeks at most.
So don’t listen to the scare stories, it’s not that Silver has run out, it’s that the
Mints have underestimated the demand for a particular coin or bar. So a rise in demand
for coins and bars from 139 million ozs in 2012 – 245 million ozs in 2013 did catch
the Mints by surprise. But supply was shortly re-instated and you can buy today as many
Philharmonics, or Canadian Maples as you wish. Finally I want to address Black Swan events.
Yes, if the world currencies collapsed tomorrow then we shall see Silver Prices rise – not
because one immediately thinks of buying silver but because there will be a flight to Gold
and Silver prices have a close, (but not identical) direction correlation to Gold. So it will
move up in sympathy, but not because of its inherent demand. This only kicks in when Gold
prices go parabolic and those who cannot afford it flee to Silver as a substitute.
So let me summarise, We are not running out of Silver – at least
not for the foreseeable future. Prices will fall further just based on supply
and demand (regardless of any manipulation that does or does not exist – if it does
occur then prices will definitely fall even further).
Miners can still supply Silver under $15 per oz and only a few mines will close.
Exploration will be affected but this will impact on prices in around 5 years’ time
and seriously impact in 10 years– not today. Industrial demand for Silver has slowed and
declined in real oz terms and this will continue until the economies of the World Improve.
The only reason India purchased so much Silver in 2014 and now 2015 was because of the tax
levies placed on gold. Just imagine what would have happened to the price if the demand from
India was not there. So Supply up and nearly peaking, demand down
(if it were not for Private Investors being influenced to buy silver coins and bars demand
would be considerably down) we see prices falling further.
By the way, it has recently been brought to our attention that Bullion Dealers are having
orders resold back to them before delivery or shortly after receipt of their orders.
This does not bode well for Investor demand and will further influence the price of silver
downwards. Thank you for listening. We appreciate those
Silver Bulls amongst you may not like this message and frankly we don’t particularly
care if you like or agree with it or not but we do care that you have an opinion – so give
us a thumbs up or down but at least respond and subscribe for further messages.
Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners; come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are therefore not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other
productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal
views of its owners.


  1. I hope the price keeps dropping, I keep buying & buying MORE! Some day it will be worth much more that the paper I traded for it.

  2. do you think for one second i trust bankers or governments. try taking your gold or silver out of country. they won't let you. why if gold and silver is so worthless?

  3. I appreciate hearing your views towards the precious metals. Tell me, where would you have me invest?  I feel it is important to have an alternative to currency for trade.  The central bankers' manipulation of currency is a true Con fidence game. I hear central governments want to go cashless to further extend the manipulation.

  4. Nice to hear something other than the world is collapsing (which it is)…I am new to metals, but have been doing my homework and tend to agree. I've been stacking hard just to get in the game…but when you do break out the charts one can see metals have fairly flat movement with spikes – anyways, I think some people don't want truth because it hurts the ego. I appreciate the real take away of the video – Caution when being influenced by sales people! – Use your own critical judgement and don't go broke! Pretty fair message. I personally feel silver to be a great place for the 20-50yr ,,especially if they are low income – the barriers to real estate and other investments have become increasingly difficult for many to overcome. In the USA we have a severe down turn in small business openings and an up tick in small business closings – there is definitely black swan situations brewing – however, I think your 10-15yr assessment is much more plausible than the Sept 2015 super crash of the century. "They" will kick this can down the road for as long as "they" can.

  5. Why make videos and record voiceovers if you're just going to use a fisher price microphone and have as much distortion as possible in the signal? Why not just not do it, considering a decent microphone for this purpose can be had for under $30? Hell even 99% of laptops have better built-in mics than what you used. Your video has good info but it's so incredibly difficult and painful to listen to, and when you get quiet for dramatic effect, intelligibility gets even worse. There is no reason in 2015 to have broadband distortion and an overmodulated mic capsule in your voiceovers. 

    Seriously, just use a built in laptop mic, because whatever you used is absolutely terrible, and it's basically unlistenable with quality speakers. 

    Source: 20 yrs as an audio engineer.

  6. I don't know where you get your information but, but apparently you have an agenda to push.
    This from SRSrocco; "While some of the top 12 primary miners stated adjusted income gains for the year, all the companies suffered net income losses — a staggering $1.7 billion loss for the group.  With these huge losses, you would think the top silver institutions would report this in their annual publications.  Unfortunately, the opposite is the case.  According to CPM Group’s 2014 Silver Yearbook and Thomson Reuters GFMS most recent World Silver Survey, the top primary miners produced silver at a Cash Cost below $10 an ounce.

    The top 12 Primary Silver Miners Suffered A Loss Of $1.00 An Ounce In 2013 According to, the average price of silver in 2013 was $23.79.  Using simple arithmetic, the top primary miners should have made a cash profit of $14.32 an ounce ($23.79 – $9.47 = $14.32).  However, this was not the case.  My top 12 primary silver miners as a group suffered an adjusted income loss of nearly $1.00 an ounce in 2013."
    With an already dwindling silver reserve it will be impossible for those mining operations to build up that reserve when their continuance will be jeopardy when our economy collapses because loans for operations will also dry up, thus the price will go through the roof.

  7. I'm in with JP Morgan and stashing as much silver as I can. I don't need for silver to spike when I don't have enough to be "satisfied" from the coming massive wealth transfer. Doesn't matter what the price is; that's what you guys get for always thinking in terms of dollars like you've been trained. Price means nothing, value means everything. I'd love for it to go grossly undervalued for at least five years. It will still buy you more than fiat currency and you can trade your silver anywhere than the hot potatoe U S dollar. the secret is to buy only what you can afford and not think in terms of investing because you will lose in the short term. You have well balance views. I'll continue my dollar cost averaging to get my stack set. I'm still living off gold I bought in 1979 so it doesn't matter the price; it the price drops, it only means true wealth is easier to obtain; everyone has a chance, don't be left behind. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gold is going to reach 980. When it reaches there, you can buy more.
    It is breaking the minor support now, in monthly Time Frame. Will break even further down. USD will be stronger since gold falls.

    Use the stronger USD to purchase more silver by that time. You can buy more oz.

    And also, thank you for the video. Those are educating.

  9. Banks all over the world are buying metals. Also, you can't predict the future. People trust silver, you can't deny that. If the price went down to say 10 an ounce you know what would happen? Tons of people would buy it and drive the price back up. This video is stupid.

  10. Of Corse, he doesn't dare mention all the trillions of paper money printing that's going on around the world. If, it weren't for that, he may be right about some of what he is saying. But, just because of the theft of your wealth through the lose of your paper money's value, through their controlled inflation, should make people want to continue to stack!  At the rate their printing paper currencies,  silver will only go higher, just like every thing else.

  11. So what, if the silver pumper's and bullion dealers have a dog in the game? It's a dog they believe in! They have to put a great deal of investment and time into their businesses. What's this guy's motivation for disseminating the so called truth?
     I am sure it's not his great love for humanity!

  12. Good vid, but I think we are going into uncharted waters where the U.S. dollar loses the World Reserve Currency status, and we have to trade in dollars for a new currency and lose 40% value, then you still cannot get cash because they will give you a debit card. Cyprus banks are the model of future of 'bail in'. Stores close because of chaos, then food(in long term storage buckets) and water, water filters, small generators, lighters, matches, wood for fire, might be worth more than silver and gold at some point. Just sayin', ahmmm, I reckon…

  13. It is nice to finally hear a critical roar about silver, there is a lot of hypes about it, but despite everything thou said, I still believe that silver AND gold, is the best place to put our money as a long term investment and saving plan.
    Anyone with a little brain should know that precious metals are not a good short term investment, the average buy/sell price spread is 15%.
    And Silver and Gold is a fun way to save, there are so many beautiful coins out there, and a safe way to save, thou ist much less inclined to spend thy shavings when it is converted to metal, rather then it being in paper notes or sitting as digital numbers on thy bank account.

    And it is imperative that we save to a rainy day.
    Ps. I do believe that thou hast convinced me that my next investment in precious metals are going to be gold, I need an Australian Nugget for my collection anyway.

  14. If the Illuminati had a voice it would be yours. You sound annoying and like you are trying to brainwash people. It is no secret there is a real shortage of physical gold and silver on the comex which is nothing more then a criminal enterprise. That comex paper industry is also used to fix the fake spot price. Also you said early on that mines got their cost down to 16 but a few minutes later in your video you have it down to under $15. So which is it????

  15. Also you would be dumb not to start buying now and buy on the way down. Just as i have been doing the last few years. Which means my stack is only a couple dollars down. But the cost per oz decreases as i continue to buy on the way down. I dont need someone with a annoying voice to tell me to wait because if your predictions come true then it wont take long to get my cost per ounce even lower. Also even the beginning investor knows that physical precious metal is a LONG TERM INVESTMENT. And a smart investor buys now all the way to the bottom because you dont have a clue whats going to happen or where it is. You or I can not predict what the central bankers have in store for us. So there for you are just another mouth piece

  16. Just reading these posts, one after the other wishing silver price to drop to add to ones stack should show this guy how wrong he is! People everywhere are waking up to the crime of paper currency and want to "return to sender" by trading it for real money, silver! Shiney

  17. Hmmmmm…

    Yes demand is falling but above ground silver available is at a 900 year low??

    This video is about as near sighted as a 600 pound human claiming there not fat because they recently cut calories

  18. Suffering deflation…  Sigh.  I pray that I am so lucky to "suffer" deflation in my life time.

    The world is dominated by inflationary economies.  Many are fooled, like the video author, that inflation is good as it rises prices and deflation is bad.  Savings are a pretty large portion of the fundamentals of sound economics.  Its the thing you do after you are productive.  Inflation is the hidden tax, as you are unable to buy as much than without it.  A purposeful interest rate on your savings would be a percentage higher than the rate of inflation.  Frankly, we all lose money saving.  This is because we are suffering from inflation.

    Economies improve when prices fall.  More people are able to afford the most important price of all, the cost of life.  Rising prices are not the sign of strength.  The economies are so far out of wack that people think inflation is good.  If the central banks and governments were honest, they would be bound to precious metals.  From our current world to a new one, where cheating/printing money is wrong, the price would be astronomical in current currencies.

  19. Folks aren't buying silver (and or gold) for simple supply demand reasons as exist today. They are buying because they foresee huge demand in the future, not from the industrial sector, but the investment sector. you buy physical assets when you lose confidence in government or "the system". Many see this coming in spades. Don't you? In the last hundred years dow:gold ratio has hit 2 or less. Do you think it will never do it again? Gold:silver is about 75:1 but historically has been between 10 and 20 for long periods. If this ratio returned then silver would outperform gold. Agree?

  20. What's your take on the bullion leased out by The Bank of England to various bullion banks? Do you think the bullion banks have been good boys and kept it safe or do you think they may find themselves on the naughty step when asked to give it back? It's probably hanging round your dear wife's neck… :p

  21. If paper trading of silver were prohibited, and only physical trading allowed, what do you think would happen to the published price of silver?

  22. Why won't The Fed allow an audit of the gold reserves in New York and at Fort Knox and West Point? It's not been done for 60 years or something. If it is all there, as we all believe it is, cough, then there is no reason not to. Would put everyone's mind at rest and probably help keep the price down lol. Would you allow an audit?
    Why is Texas wanting to hold it's gold in Texas and not New York? There is even distrust amongst the states. One wonders why.

  23. Sell to this shill at your peril. And if you are willing to sell Constitutional silver at a deep discount, then contact  me as an alternative. I have a depth of faith, and this dude wants to fuck you.

  24. Fact: The central bankers robbed the average Cyprus bank account by 47.5% just two years ago…  Currently the Greeks are faced with something very similar or perhaps even worse… Ask yourself, is silver an asset that people are going turn to to preserve and protect their cash…? Ask yourself, what impact does a failing currency have on silver demand and hence silver price…?

  25. You seem to be speaking of silver as if there is an endless supply.  Yes you can mine for more silver if you need  more, but current global reserves are approximated at approx. 530,000 metric tons. If we are taking out about 870 million ounces p.a. we will eventually (rather quickly) run out of silver reserves and will need to explore or access more expensive reserves.

    I'm sure people have been arguing your side regarding commodities for a while, but anyone who has looked back over any period of time will notice that all commodities have increased in price over time.  This is not a coincidence but a consequence of our reality.  Populations increase causing demand to increase, but supply is relatively limited as there is a finite amount of resources on the planet.  There is variance in the short term price of silver, but the price will ultimately go up.  This is a result of our monetary system and environment. 

    We avoided a lot of increase to price due to photography becoming digital, but I wouldn't bet on our silver usage declining (or increasing at a decreasing rate) so rapidly in the future.

  26. You talk about convenient points, you don't cover the fact that silver is non-recoverable, it is destroyed in industrial use. Silver short contracts exceed physical supply. Production costs for silver include all in costs for base metals found along side silver which makes silver appear cheaper coming out of the ground. Historic gold to silver ratio has averaged what 12:1. Its hovering around what 73:1. Your Debt is Money Fiat system fails under any scenario because there isn't enough money in circulation to pay the interest, so constant growth is required to maintain the ever growing debt. This is decidedly not sustainable. Silver is not about making money short term. It is a long term stay of value. Paper currencies will slowly degrade and devalue. Period. Silver does not! Period. If prices fall, buy more. If you want short term gains play the casino stock market. Silvers intrinsic value is supported by its many uses, no other metal shares this dynamic. This fool is using his own set of facts to promote his own end. He is likely a shill for goldman sachs and is one of the many sheep about to get skinned when the short contracts unravel. We await your demise.

  27. What you are saying is basically true. Fundamentals are not very promising except for investement demand which is increasing at a fast pace. I have observesd the same things in reagards to the supply side. You are right that most non primary silver miners can still continue to operate at a silver price of 15 Dollars or even lower as they subsidize the losses by selling other base metals such as copper, lead and zinc. All the miners are condemned to sell their metals at almost any price because they need to generate cashflow to continue the operation of the mines. The illuninati guys know that and they make use of it as long as possible.
    However, today's currency wars, sovereign dept levels, stock and derivative bubble, could lead to a crash at any time. You are also correct, that people will rush for Gold first and will only change to Silver if they either can't get Gold or Gold would become unaffordable. Nevertheless nobody knows exactly for how long the current monetary system is going to continue. The day it doesn't will be a good day for silver and that is the reason to hold it. Nobody should get into physical Silver just to make a quick buck.

  28. Why ALWAYS the attack on silver and never gold, who's abundance is becoming greater than silver? I have another question, we know that historically silver comes out of the ground at 15 to 1 vs gold and many are saying that it's 10 to 1 today, and you stated that supply has increased compared to demand, so where does that leave gold? The gold supply has increased even more so,w/ only marginal industrial use. You also mentioned "silver by-product", there is no such thing because the ore that could be considered "by-product" must still go through a costly process to refine and gold comes out of that same ore as a "by-product". I'm not arguing the validity of your claim concerning silver but if what you say is true, then gold is in even worse shape. Anyways, gold is GROTESQUELY over priced compared to silver and every other commodity; I do not know how it can maintain this inflated price, were it not for manipulation.

  29. Nice to hear from another Brit, the number of thumbs down means you are hitting nerves, that in itself means you are correct.

    Excellent points, and yes i subscribed.

    Regards Shane.

  30. This video announces, at the beginning; "We tell you the truth about silver". When one applies one of the seven 'principles' of truth, that of polarity, we know all truths are but half truths. It is taught that there is always a polarity to all things, and that one must never toss out an opposing expression when seeking to reconcile any 'unknown'. As is true of the stated "pump and dump" expressions concerning silver. However, there are many degrees of expressions about silver within the polarities stated, that are expressed as well which are not of pumpers and dumpers on one extreme, and not of silver nay sayers on the other extreme. We may further employ the principles of rhythm and correspondence as all paradoxes may be reconciled. There are expressions of mind towards silver that are of integrity and void of self interest towards this issue of silver. 'Listen to all, follow none'. One must have an understanding of true wisdom, else all are but words, words, words, which become meaningless to the ears (or reader).
    It should be obvious to the astute, that there are many other issues that correlate to silver, that are not mentioned in this video, i.e. the historical facts of all fiat currencies, massive debts accumulated within the current 'monetary system', central banks interests in maintaining control of the monetary system, politics being an extension of economics within this monetary paradigm being accepted by the masses, the 'source' of silver in of itself, the energy that is required to bring anything to any so called market (hence its true value), the energy that was required to produce Au, etc. etc. etc…
    One may ask, why is a true source of value being correlated to a price set in any form of fiat currency? This gets too deep and complicated for most to attempt to explain in a reply to a youtube video. Therefore it must be suggested here, that one must seek his/her own truth to come to understand the nature and truths of any subject, this one of course is of silver. You will come to understand (for those that are ready and willing) that the ALL is mind, the Universe is mental. What point of view do you wish to take about anything? You will come to know that it will be the accepted 'mindset' of the masses that will most likely affect you and your navigation throughout your own life, in as far as you choose to be of mind that is put to deeds/acts as an effect of causers. Be clear, be mindful, utilize the seven principles of truth, practice in understanding of them, and become a causer of effects, rather than an effect of a causer. When applied in true understanding, you will come to know how irrelevant this particular video is when seeking the truth of the whole of the subject matter here (silver).
    Do not be affected by fanciful words, titles (Illuminati Silver), half truths, mis/dis information leading to false knowledge etc.. However, in this instance, do not toss out the expressions of this video, nor any other that is rational yet still but half truths. Consider all, without your own time and 'efforts' seeking your answers, then you are left with no other choice but to accept and adopt 'others' answers, therefore relegated to become an effect rather than a cause.
    I bid all of those that read this well.
    Think well, be well.

  31. Firstly we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to comment on our videos it is very much appreciated. We allow all comments to pass the filter unless they are racist, illegal or contain bad language. We would like to make a point to a few subscribers who claim, that although we have been right about silver prices falling (even when the David Morgan's and Mike Maloney's and others were saying it's going to rise,) they are now saying it's due to manipulation and not the factors that we put forward. For the record, yes when the price of silver fell just over a week ago, there was excessive demand for Silver Eagle coins in the U.S. – that is true. But demand for them the previous two months were down. Investment Demand for silver in Europe is down (though Greece did purchase extra gold). Recent Demand from China is down. The only significant purchaser recently has been India. Overall, demand is down, and this is the main reason prices are falling. Admittedly, speculators are having an above average impact, but this is because they can see that the physical demand is not there and so they are shorting the metal.

    We have no problems purchasing silver in Europe as there is no shortage. We can still purchase silver Eagles over here and checking US sites there still seems a reasonable number available there too – though the dealers have used this opportunity to push up premiums – why? To cover the losses on their stocks as prices have fallen.

    We have had no reports from any of the major electronics companies that they have had difficulty purchasing silver and medicinal / pharmaceutical companies have not complained either – so we would like to know why certain individuals are stating there is a shortage for industry and perhaps quote the companies who are experiencing difficulties in obtaining supply.

    Janet Yellen has given the strongest signal yet that U.S. Interest rates may rise this year. Whether you believe her or not, the effect is a strengthening dollar which causes precious metal prices to fall. Just ask one question of those who say the gold and silver are manipulated and this is the ONLY reason their prices have fallen, – why have copper prices, zinc prices, platinum prices, palladium prices also gone down? Are they all being manipulated? The world economy is in recession and experiencing deflation – this is why Governments and Central banks are printing so much money as they need to bolster the economy. It's simple logic really. Whether it will work or not is another debate.

    So when a subscriber or commentator says we are shills, or are trying to talk the price of silver down – please advise them to grow up. If it were true, would a couple thousand people on You Tube who may purchase 30 – 50 oz a month really make such a difference in the price, if they followed us and delayed their purchases for a short time. We doubt it.

    Meanwhile silver has fallen just below $15 and except for a few blips, we see it staying there and going lower over the coming months. No doubt if this were to happen, it would be because we are manipulating it downward – being part of the New World Order – or perhaps it's because we are correctly reading the situation and have no precious metals to sell to an unsuspecting public.

  32. hey guys weve subscribed to your great channel,i hope you can continue with your work,please come check us out subscribe and stay connected with us,adam

  33. Given UNPRECEDENTED overall american debt amounting to a staggering 200 TRILLION dollars (national debt plus unfunded liabilities like Obamacare and socialcsecirity).I don' t think America will make it till 2017 safe and sound.. So What are you Silver Illuminati talking about? The full blown currency crisis is as good as guaranteed around 2016 with silver and gold being natural safe havens. You dont have to be a economic wizard to arrive to that conclusion. Just make a quick study on the internet and face the facts -America is about to encounter the worst economic calamity the world has ever seen. Prepare accordingly folks…

  34. Subbed to your channel… Thanks for sharing your views… They are an interesting balance to the precious metals "experts". Cheers!

  35. Hi, new subscriber here. Thanks for the info and the video. How much lower would you guess silver will go? Im very interested in your opinion. Thank you.

  36. I'm a silver stacker, but only for a year, within 2 weeks of starting this new hobby I saw what was happening and had some deep intuitions and have been telling everybody its going down to $12-14, they thought I was a nut job. But I've been stacking and flipping the whole time. Now that we are there in the $14 range I still think its going further down.Maybe even in the $8-10 range and thats not far away either.  I however think Gold will take the biggest hit initially. Thanks for the video

  37. I'm a stacker, and I must say I really enjoy your videos. You present a realistic perspective to balance out all the fear porn. I think stacking is a great idea, but I'm stacking for retirement in 40 years, and not expecting $100/oz next month.

  38. Silver "SQUEEZE" inevitable! It is a Mathematical certainty.

    This particular, U.S. Dollar encarnation, will eventually fail. After suffering a 95% devaluation from 1913-2013. All, derivatives will be "called in" on an Investor RUN to be the apex of Economic failure in all Human History. We are talking a Quadrillion $ in Fractionalized Paper and Debt. Stuffed, into every facet of Modern Civilization. In a Global Criminal malfeasance and Fraud.

    Furthermore, Your 1 OZ Silver bar will have a mean Value of $10,000,000,000-US. Resulting in Permanent Backwardation of all Commodities "in the Dollar". Who would even accept them? Fortunately, Precious Metals or other Barter, will get You fed.

    Big Question? After this "Preordained" Economic implosion eventuality. (REDUX) The Value of Commodities will be surreptitiously revalued by the, newly formed, Global NWO illuninati Bank Note. ( that I personally will dub as the Zion/Nazi Note or the Khazarian Kash) That is the ULTIMATE "plan".(plot) …………No?………….

  39. Price of silver don t care about fundametals. A lot of silver bugs talks about physical demant, cost of producing silver etc. Though logical at first i came to realisation its very much technical, and manipulation is the part of it. In this week 2.3 billion dollars of contracts were dumped by central authorities. Prices will likely be surpresed for long time. No one knows where ths bottom is. But dont get me wrong, i like commodities as an investment, just dont put 100 percent in silver for crist sakes, the number of people who expacts to get rich from silver is just too high.

  40. Silver is mined 75% as byproduct of copper zinc lead. It must be extracted
    as an impurity even if silver was 0 Zero dollars. It costs less than
    $3.00 to extract silver as an impurity. So it could go to $3 breakeven for byproduct miners. Only primary mines produce at actual cost of $9.

  41. very interestin video …reminds me of the hunt bros billion$ silver sellout and more recently 2 american billionaires sellout one jpmorgan the other a china affiliated just this last oh 2 weeks. odd to say the least. will silver with its strong historical record remain the poor mans choice for bartering,perhaps .

  42. This is a win-win situation. If he is right that the price is going down, then it is a buying opportunity. THe lower it goes the more I will buy. If he is wrong and the price goes up, the hundreds of ozs I already own will make a pretty profit.
    Thanks for the video. I liked it.

  43. Is silver a good investment? I find many of the pro silver opinions to be overly optimistic, but then listening to the cons, I don't find solid arguments against silver. The only argument seems to be that one could invest and the price could go down, because the demand isn't there. I don't think silver will explode soon in value. But is the only reason to buy silver the idea that it is poised to go parabolic? It's not so much that silver is so marvelous, but that money is so valueless. In the whole world there exists about $70 trillion, and we have a debt of $18 trillion. The question isn't, "Is silver a good investment?" The right question is, "Is paper money in a shaky bank a good investment?"

  44. I Bought 400 ounces at $24.75, seven days later =  $26.40Looks like its going up to me :)Do your own research before listening to this crap.

  45. Silver is down because the productive citizens are in prison for minor traffic violations or smoking something that grows out of the ground etc. also slaves do not buy silver, people need MONEY to buy silver, and inflation and taxes do not allow any savings. Anyway silver and gold are no use to slaves, if you do not understand 'Love thy neighbor' is your true wealth, you belong in labor camp

  46. your voice is so shady, i wouldnt trust you as far as i could throw you. sorry you havent convinced me that silver is not a good investment. keep your fiat toilet paper ill enjoy my real tangible asset.

  47. silver is a by-product from the huge base metal mining industry around the world and miners sell their silver below the market price to get quick money, hence depressing the silver market.
    there is plenty of physical silver in India, known to own the largest hoard of physical silver in the world. almost every family in India has some kind of silver as saving.
    all Hindu temples in India have huge quantity of silver idols, and several have solid silver chariots drawn by horses during religious ceremonies.

  48. And why is it we should believe what is said in this video? Can he see into the future? Who is he anyway? Maybe he doesn't want us buying silver so he can buy it up himself…as much as he possibly can. Sure, i realize that those pushing us to buy buy buy, are those in the business and making profits from it. And you really don't think the markets are rigged/manipulated? Are you a Chase bankster executive? While you make some ( currently )valid points, you show no facts to back up what you say. Suze Orman always recommended a 401k or some other plan ( the name slips my mind at this time ). went to her FB page and I asked why she never suggests silver or gold and never got a response. stocks? Just a piece of paper that you're betting will rise in value…better off betting on a football game or horse race. It's gambling either way. having something of real value in your hands is not speculating. it's investing for your future when the fiat currency says "Bye-Bye."Why are the banksters buying gold and silver? why are the wealthy buying? Why are banksters making it more difficult to withdraw YOUR money? Fill out all kinds of forms and answer personal questions to get your own money under the guise of "Terrorism? The only terror we have to be concerned with is the terror of our country going down at the hands of the greedy government that wants to keep brainwashing us so they can keep us under their control. Maybe this "Illuminati Silver" guy is a government worker? Wouldn't that be Illuminating?

  49. why buy gold or silver? Plant trees eat plants not animal products. Thanks maybe why other things going down in price over supply

  50. Thanks for publishing these very informative presentations. I am in silver and gold for the long run, so this news is very welcomed and I hope that silver prices remain low for the next decade at least! It is nice to hear your opinions and you have posed some very interesting points, such as Brown's Bottom. I will look forward to your next presentation and the website.
    I grew up in the Middle East where gold is god's money and cherished above fiat currency, which has little value to the Saudis. They give gifts of gold rather than fiat currency. In the UK we give fiat currency as gifts and seem to cherish it above gold and silver, because we understand gold and silver less than money.

  51. Interesting Video. I hope lots of people stop buying, and the price drops to 1 dollar an ounce. I will keep stacking and collecting, and keep listening, but I won't stop buying each month. I am also a numismatic collector and I personally value Gold and Silver, regardless of what any experts tell me.


  53. One of your best all around video ! Thanks !
    Anybody is entitled to their own opinion but I would strongly advise those who disparage you or left derogatory comments to keep this link, come back to it in a couple of years or so, and if they were wrong, to have the intellectual honesty to admit it.
    Propaganda is a very powerful tool (no matter if they are coming from politicians or financial gurus)
    It's funny how much people will parrot endlessly statements or arguments their heard once without much critical thought whether true or false and stick to their view long long after being proven wrong by facts and reality.
    Once some have adopted a certain view they won't change unless they go to desintox and rehab like alcoholics or drugaddicts.
    Mike Malony, David Morgan, Eric Sprott and the like "silver club" did such a great job that it will take quite some time before the whole mania about silver clears up a little.
    Meanwhile get used to hear that the price of silver should be much much higher "because historially the ratio to gold has been 15 to 1 … during the roman time … blablabla… and at the 15th century… Hahaha ! Eventhough in the past half century the ratio has been more around 50+…
    Yes, anything is possible in this world. So just wishing those good luck !

  54. Unless you want a "pretty" coin, which costs more, look at buying the most metal for your investment. This comes in the form of silver rounds and silver bars.
    Gold Goliath offers the best prices on silver on the internet with great service and no hidden fees.

  55. Apparently you were wrong. You say silver is an industrial metal… ok. So, why silver price didn't fall during the former month? Cu, Fe and petrol felt down. Why silver didn't? Because silver is not an industrial metal. It is precious metal like it was in the Bible, Thora and Quran

  56. I love this channel. And while I do collect silver coins, I make sure it's limited mintage collectible coins that I like. Reason being…I keep coming back to this one point. If I held thousands of ounces of silver and I was so sure it was going to raise 10 times in its value….Why would I sell it? Why would I sell 17 dollars per ounce silver when I think its going to 100 or 1000? What business man would do that ?

  57. I take the ultra-long view of precious metals. I see that for 400 years the value of a dollar was 20.667 per oz of gold, then all of a sudden FDR devalues the dollar to 35/oz of gold. Then since Nixon ended gold's connection to the dollar it has gone from 42/oz of gold to about $1300/oz of gold. Similar numbers for silver. What seems to be happening is the short term manipulation is intended to obscure the fact that over time the dollar is losing value by comparison to the precious metals. Spikes in price give stupid people who don't pay attention over the long term the impression that gold and silver have actually lost value and have crashed in price and the poor stupid people don't notice that with every spike and "crash" the price of the gold and silver never goes back down to where it was previously but always finds a new higher plateau. Relatively speaking it seems that gold is holding up better than petroleum. When gold was still $20/oz of gold you could obtain about 7 barrels of oil for one ounce of gold. As of 8/19/2016 you an get roughly 26 barrels of oil for one ounce of gold.

  58. Hello IS! I tend to agree, at least according to my basic charting, that silver is likely to fall a bit further. Around $17 at this writing, I see about $14, thereabouts, at the lowest. I do think, however, that once this deflationary cycle is done, we could see a doubling in price, but I don't see more than that. The question is always: How long will the deflation last? My thought is, if one takes history into account, it will last quite a bit longer than an inflationary cycle.

    Thanks for the video. I have subbed and look forward to future reports.

  59. Manufacturers of the BrilliantLight Power SunCell need 12,000 metric tons of silver to build devices which generate electricity ten times cheaper than coal, oil, or nuclear electric generators.

  60. If there is deflation then central banks will print more and more money and we will see more and more negative rates. I can not see the Kenyon theory of higher taxes if the economy picks up. Mention High Taxes and it doesn't go down well. How do we protect our money when there are negative rates? If following a deflation there is inflation and hyperinflation, commodities, in general will rise. You criticize Mike Maloney, but you do not give him credit for his documentary, Hidden Money. Mike isn't the only one who believe investors should hedge with gold and silver. Ron Paul is a firm believer too. Please could you give us your theories on how governments should tackle this problem? I think it is too far gone and I think Mike is trying to suggest how individuals should protect themselves. I appreciate your video.

  61. I sure do miss you wonderful controversial & commentary videos. (I hope the profane comments didn't disCourage you) Is it the end of such an approach…. have you given up on your web site & inner circle potential? I sure hope not… yours was one of the BEST channel on youtube.

  62. I think your right. I continue to buy it as I can just because of it's scarcity compared to paper money. I'm 31 now and it's all I have for any kind of future security. A crises may or may not happen in the future but I try to protect myself from inflation with it.

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