IMF Issues warning to the FED over interest rates.

IMF Issues warning to the FED over interest rates.

Welcome to Illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 3rd September 2015 and we
are going to comment on the IMF warning issued today.
Now before we do this, we wish to make a comment. Many people have asked us, why are we producing
these videos? Some have accused us of being part of a New World Order Plot to keep gold
and silver prices down. Others say we are investors trying to talk the price down so
we can buy more at lower prices. Others claim we are imposters just trying to make a name
for ourselves. Well frankly we could be any of the above,
all three or none. We claim we are here to enlighten you. We claim we are here to help
protect you against the pumpers who have lied to you for years. We claim we are here to
help you navigate through the precious metal mine-field and hopefully profit by doing so.
Should you believe us – that’s up to you. We try where we can to quote authoritative
sources. We are bankers, financial advisers, wealth
managers and economists by profession. This does not mean we will always be right, but
it does mean, we don’t have a precious metal company to promote or large stocks of gold
and silver to offload that we have purchased at higher prices. People who say we are trying
to talk the price down are just conspiracy theorists without any sense of logic. Let’s
assume for a moment we manage to obtain 3,000 subscribers and let’s say that we manage
to influence all 3,000 of them not to buy silver at these levels (which we can’t incidentally)
Do you honestly believe that those 3000 people will make a difference to the silver price.
Of course they won’t and that is how ludicrous our critic’s arguments truly are.
So lets get back to the IMF. Published on BBC News today and we quote:
“Chinese stock markets have been falling since mid-June and the government unexpectedly
devalued the yuan on 11 August. Many believed the move was an attempt to make Chinese exports
more competitive. However, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned
China against manipulating its currency to give its exporters an unfair advantage. “We
are going to hold them accountable,” he told CNBC.
The IMF is also concerned about the impact on global growth if the US Federal Reserve
raises rates later this year. The Fed, which could decide to lift rates
when it meets on 16 and 17 September, should keep its decisions “data-dependent”, the Fund
said that’s the IMF. Analysts at Societe Generale said: “The IMF
clearly doesn’t think raising rates against the modest global growth backdrop is a good
idea.” More broadly the IMF recommended that advanced nations should maintain very loose
monetary policies and “growth-friendly” fiscal policies.
That meant the European Central Bank should extend its asset-buying programme unless inflation
rises sufficiently, the note said.” So there we have it, the IMF wants Quantitative
Easing or QE and does not want the US to raise interest rates. We produced earlier today
a video on this very subject, and we can see clearly, that the rest of the world is putting
pressure on the FED not to raise interest rates later this month.
Now we feel we must repeat our mantra- and it’s this – the world is entering a period
of deflation. Demand is down. This means production has to decrease. Prices will therefore fall.
Like it or not, this will also include gold and silver, and in our view especially silver
as more than 50% of it is used by industry, There is no conspiracy to ‘talk the price
down’ and yes miners will struggle with a lower price, and their first reaction will
be to mine more, to aid cash flow. So all of those pumpers who tell you there will be
a shortage tomorrow are frankly talking through the top of their heads. We hope you have found this video useful.
If so, please give it a thumb up, comment and if you haven’t already done so, please
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@illuminatisilv1. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. Interesting. But if the FED's rate is not increased I would expect the USD to decline leading to PMs to increase slightly.

  2. Couldn't agree more. People honestly think that they can own a few thousand pounds worth of silver and gold and that within the next few years they will be selling it for tens of thousands if not more. Only relatively recent opportunity of making such a massive gain with little investment was bitcoin. Get on with your lives and understand that if gold or silver ever reaches that dream amount the pumpers say it will, well it wont be worth living at all. Keep up the vids.

  3. IS twice in one day ……thanks for even doing what you are doing it is appreciated sometimes YT is not a hot bed of mental health just like the human race goes we are not all insane at the same time ……..the only reason we are all still here thanks again!!!

  4. You have been very kind and honest to me, therefore I have no reason not to believe you, or question your motives. There is only one question that comes to mind, and it's about what was not said. In the past, you would include the phrase "event of a black swan". With the whole world seemingly taking the same path, it seems likely one will occur. If I may ask, what is your opinion of the odds of this, and the effect, were it to happen? Would a reset happen quickly or drag out, causing more pain, and wealth being lost? This, rather than price, and eventual temporary shortages seems to be the driver of the latest round of retail buying, most people don't want to be bothered with the physical side, unless their hand is forced, or tremendous opportunity will follow. I'd really appreciate an answer, private if you wish, my situation has changed a bit since we last talked. Thank you.

  5. I like your videos; keep them coming. I agree that deflationary forces are winning the tug-of-war, but the central banks will not just sit idly by while countries experience a deflationary bust. They will respond with more and more QE and other forms of monetary loosening because they will want to be seen to be doing something about it. Never mind that what they do might be counterproductive, politicians and central banks don't want to be accused of doing nothing so they'll do something – and QE is the only play left, now that interest rates are already zero. With that expectation, holding gold remains a prudent safe haven strategy. Gold may well have some further distance to fall, but it is better to start accumulating now than miss out.

  6. First of all to me you loose all credibility by choosing to be anonymous and criticizing others by calling them fear pushers and the like. How do you expect to be taken seriously as opposed to those you criticize? At least they are willing to stick their neck out and be judged by their forecasts. (Whether right or wrong..) Your argument about severe deflation driving silver down seems weak. I mean you, Harry Dent, Peter Schiff and Jim Sinclair all agree on deflation yet you all have a very different opinion of what that means for silver. Take your word over Jim Sinclair? Why? What credentials have you?

  7. I think, as I've said before, that this bodes well for the FUTURE purchases of bullion in order to preserve wealth, but this does not negate the idea of purchasing select limited minting, short-run items while they are being produced.

    I wouldn't go out and get a box of ANYTHING at this point, for the simple reason that, if the speculation that "lower industrial use = lower end prices in the retail marketplace" (which is HAS repeatedly done in the past), but at the same time, I wouldn't completely hold off picking up a few pieces you want "just in case the price is ten cents lower next month." Next month, what you want might be gone.

    I do agree though, that if prices do decline further, it will "shake out the weak hands" and we may see a rise in "rich people dumping things of real value in order to satisfy margin calls on their zeroes and ones", which will translate into higher availability (assuming they;re selling REAL and not paper, of course), and a further downward push in the price, although I would expect this to be far more prevalent in the bullion market than in anything numismatic or otherwise collectible. You know…"the stuff that you WANTED", as opposed to "the stuff you NEEDED for the future."

    Another thing to consider for the future, if prices go dramatically lower, THAT is the time to get your fractionals. Since a 1/10, 1/4, or 1/2 ounce coin or round takes the same number of strikes, and the same number of dies to produce, the "per weight cost" is considerably higher with fractionals. If it's $50.00 an ounce, the manufacturing costs on fractionals are considerably lower by weight, so they "seem to be a better bargain" at higher prices, but the reality is that the physical minting costs are the same. When the metal is cheapest is when to snag your fractionals, even though, on a percentage basis, it will SEEM to be less of a value than, say, a 100 ounce bar.

    The difficulty with 100 oz bars (and larger) is simple: If there comes a time when we NEED to use it for purchasing…it's not going to be easy to just cut off a chunk of a bar to get your loaf of bread. That and it would be "somewhat awkward" to carry around larger bars, as few haberdasheries offer jeans with pockets capable of holding 78 pound bricks of metal.

  8. Guys, Britannias have a comparatively low premium, presently (and yawl probably like the Queen's profile). I bought my monthly quota (6) earlier today, and God willing I'll buy 6 more at the deflationary down tick. Very few of us need saving from pumpers as we don't have large reserves waiting to push all in. However teaching passion with restraint is laudable. Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai

  9. I think you are exactly  who you say you are and I think the only important thing is that you back up your opinion with evidence and a sound rationale.  And it doesnt hurt that you have been consistently correct with regard to gold and silver prices for some time.

  10. Thumbs up…although I think you are a bunch of Nazi, IRA supported, left handed, pudgy, ex-footballers out to crash JPMorgan short position via talking down silver and then buying it back "en masse". Copper too. Oh, BTW, the dude's name is Jack Lew. The bond guys I know all say "deflation"…as far as the eye could see. And, you know, bond guys are the smartest of them all.

  11. Deflation is coming not inflation. When production slows down products stockpile and become cheaper. It happened in 2009 until QE. In the USA a strong dollar is good in that it provides more purchasing power, but weakens exports (thus the U.S. economy) because other currencies arnt worth as much. This makes US exports more expensive to the rest of the world. If this happens, the price of metals goes down as well. That's my understanding.

  12. When I hear the Fed talk about other countries manipulating their currency or market its hard not to laugh . Hows that wealth effect ( illusion ) working now ? Temporary gain for long term pain , shortsighted foolishness ! I agree with you on deflation being in our future. With so many people tapped out and apprehensive about their future and many just getting by, it doesn't look like a shopping spree is gonna happen anytime soon . Like all things based on deceit and lies you end up trapping yourself and usually looking like a fool in the end.

  13. Will not reduction in base metal mining, coupled with more retail demand have some supply issues? Higher premiums will negate price drops too? I've noticed only higher premium silver available now.

  14. The Fed's mandate is simple. Full U.S. employment and price stability. They should not be swayed by the IMF. Are we in a deflationary period? Probably. But based on the U.S. government's latest figures, which are most likely complete fabrications, the Fed should raise interest rates a quarter point, and then see how things work out. As for me, I'm not looking too hard at silver and gold prices. I'm more interested in keeping metals at 10% of my investments. So I will continue to buy small amounts monthly, at least until I retire.

  15. how can they raise interest rates warren buffet put a bunch of money into a oil company. THey can't bankrupt the oracle of omaha who provides all these jobs to americans. Highly doubt they raise interest rates now. Miners I think are probably mining more now as the prices are under production costs. I don't know how they can add more hrs to it. But they are not selling it but reserving it until the prices go back up.

  16. Great blog Mr illuminati; Are we talking about Real deflation,  say negative equity on real estate?. If so do you really think that any of these banks will tollorate all their mortgages going into negative equity and all that cash pumped into the stock market being worth less than they paid. I agree deflation is coming but one should not under estimate the determination of the Fed to tackle it head on with QE 4 to 100.  Now take a look at the Chinese Yuan. In fact many other currencies have fallen against it substantially! What are they to do? The manipulation of their Yuan is miniscule compared to how it has risen. Oh yes I am still waiting for a real answer on Browns bottom. If you are for real and have been "in the know" why are you like "poets on the subject of cheese."  Curiously silent as regards Browns bottom As you say you come from a background of banking and finance but you have no idea why 400 tons of Britain's gold was practically given away. Creadabillity is earned sir, I must add that your answers make sence and they are put accross elequently. I would say that to gain a true following you must address real concerns such as the possible manipulation that is the main concern of many people who have turned their attention to PM's. As I say Browns Bottom and the subsequent eye watering amounts of gold and in particular silver naked shorting as this happens to be the number one naked short position even more than oil. Oh yes, as much it does not help your cause to refere to PM bulls as Gold Bugs or such like. Many are yearning for light, WE HAVE ENOUGH HEAT.

  17. Aaaw! You're overexaggerating 🙂 I've been following my 'beloved' Polish governments moves for the past year (KGHM being the largest copper/silver producer) and you gentlemen, have been pretty much SPOT ON so far 🙂 Hope you have lovely weekend!

  18. What's with this "we" when you're just one person, an armchair general, who sits behind a computer? Does the "we" include your immediate family members or perhaps referring to your pets?

    Creating ripple effects in the silver market is exactly what you're doing. Sure, even if you have 3000 subscribers, that wouldn't make too much of a difference unless a good number of them post your opinions as theirs on other channels and internet forums that reach hundreds of thousands world wide, and then passed on again to other audiences, the trend continues. I'm already seeing your direct quotes being used in other places. Those 3000 people would make a tremendous difference in silver price.

    You keep on stating silver is only an industrial metal, insinuating it has no monetary value unless determined by TPTB: If you go far enough, sea shells would be used as money (paraphrasing). Let's look at present day, paper and plastic are money. In other words, anything can be money and can have value as long as the people that hold, buy, and sell them.

    While others may be pumping for precious metals, you're CLEARLY pumping for fiat currency.

  19. China depegs.  Yuan goes down. China sells 100 billion in U.S. Treasuries.  Yuan goes up.  Russia say's it will quit trading in U.S. Dollars.  They are getting out of the U.S. Dollar.  The Fed will end up buying all the debt.  All these trillions will move back into the U.S.  Guess what will happen then?  That's what I'm getting out of all this Alt News.  If I talked you into using my money for trade and you found out I was printing all kinds of extra money what would you do.  I know they do it also, but at some point it becomes to much B.S.  I know 1st hand what happened when the German Mark went to the EURO.  They gave them 1 Euro for 2 Marks.  They said the prices would be cut in half.  Well they didn't.  Everyone lost half there cash.  All I hear from you guys is sit and wait.  Doing nothing is what cause's people to get trapped and lose there ass's.

  20. I agree it are times of deflation and putting the printing presses in overdrive wont help much (goverments needs to study the past better) but on the other hand,many many people know/feel something isnt allright…It all feels weird busnesses are in bad shape goverments print and print stockmarkets seem to have good days (untill a few weeks back),china needs a holiday from all the production….My precious metal dealer (i was 2 days back) saw a massive increase in customers and mostly for the cheaper silver,so what idustry doesnt eat the stackers will buy,and its not realy that even in times of deflation production numbers are higher to make the same profit…..If it cost u to mine more u leave it in the ground…Beside that i dont like silver that much as metal..I love the fact that:
    Bad news comes out gold is stabil or rises a tiny tiny tiny bit…The smoke clears and it drops and drops…I dont believe a oz of gold will be 5000$ in a day but…………..Will all the global negative news…constantly in the media (China USA Europe bad number over bad news and bla bla bla) gold that drops in price and my gold dealer sees his busness booming doesnt make really sence would it?

  21. You'll never see intelligent life from other galaxies interested in dollars, bitcoins, or any other fiat currencies devised by mankind, guaranteed. Precious metals are sought after by civilizations beyond all compartmentalized realities of mankind.

  22. Illuminati Silver ask's; Should we believe them? From our position, this is an irrelevant question. We understand that at the bottom of a pyramid construct, there is noise, above that there is data, above that is information, above that is knowledge, above that is 'understanding', which leads to the capstone of wisdom. By employing reason, the seven principles of truth, understanding what essential knowledge is required to navigate deeper into the truth of any subject, putting in the proper effort of investigation, verifying and validating the correctness (truth) of the information along with ascertaining you have reasonable & accurate sources of information concerning a subject, one accumulates- data that holds pertinent information, which a knowledge base can be established and processed so that one has a clear understanding of the knowledge that helps minister one to navigate a wise course concerning the subject. One must not narrow his subject matter to a compartmentalization/isolating of a specific specialized set of data that is but part of the whole concerning the subject, but rather, broaden your scope to be a holistic investigation that connects all the parts. One can not determine the health of a house by merely investigating the kitchen. Being mindful of reason, it is unreasonable to put your faith in others beliefs and allowing others to be the cause of how you are effected should you so blindly choose to follow 'words' of others only. We will end this section stating, it is not of reason to be critical towards IS, as their content does not warrant anything more than what they state as their intent to inform people new to PM's in what they perceive as a being a helpful counter balance to the voices of 'pumpers'. One must be critical in thought of himself. One must observe over a period of time any consistencies or inconsistencies, facts or opinions etc. etc. etc. before a valid pattern may be established to determine the integrity and value of their (IS) cause.
    With reference to the chatter of the quoted talking heads from a particular agenda and motives, with expressed concerns as to China's currency, we offer another point of view; China, may be de-pegging from the US dollar in order to allow a more realistic global economy setting the value to its currency. This has implications that are too great to detail in a Youtube comment. Beware of propaganda that is embedded with self serving motives.
    We further concur at the present time with IS 'mantra' of deflation, however, this is very fluid, dynamic and dependent on many factors at play from a philosophy centered on market economics. Do you wish to stand in the camp of classical economics or that of neo-classical economics, or perhaps, none of the above? This too, in the larger picture of life can be irrelevant to the adept of men that seek truth, personal growth and true understanding of what a life is.
    Think well, be well.
    ~The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding~

  23. Darn. I accidentally spammed your comment, but remember what you said. So you think that gold will hold its value more than silver. because Im planning on getting some gold as soon as it goes down a litter further. Im not sure if Im waisting my time with silver, but I still have time on my side. I like that silver is down a lot more than gold, so I've been focused on it instead. Would you share some more of your thoughts on gold. Thanks.

  24. Please do talk the price of silver down and gold I like to buy more of it for less dollars. what if there 3000 multi millionaires? That were buying a lot of silver.

  25. The market has wanted deflation since 1999. The FED has been fighting deflation since then. This cyclical deflationary downdraft will end in a massive monetary inflation, then price inflation, which will result in another wealth transfer to the rich. The FED will get their wish in due time.

  26. Thank you for sharing your input on the economic environment. I find your input to be inline with the other sources that i follow, confirming what I already suspect. I would like to know more about how silver miners, refiners, and producers hedge or "short" their own positions. I think they can continue operating when prices are below cost basis if they have put hedges on during good times. Will you please do a video on how hedging "shorts" can drive the prices lower, so that I can better understand it. Thank you.

  27. So in case of the total economic collapse, will the US dollar collapse too? If yes we should buy more gold before the dollar collapse.

  28. The IMF and the FED are two faces of the same coin. I like it when the crooks in DC and the IMF warn China about currency manipulation when they are the biggest currency manipulators in the history of planet earth.

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