Info Wars on the precious metal ‘Pumpers’? – You decide – by illuminati Silver

Info Wars on the precious metal ‘Pumpers’?  – You decide  –  by illuminati Silver

Welcome to Illuminati Silver – we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 29th July 2015 and we have
produced this video to ask our loyal listeners if they would like us to reveal whom we believe
to be the Silver and Gold ‘pumpers’ and what it is that they have said previously
– in effect creating an ‘info-war’ on the pumpers of precious metals?
Now when we began this channel, it was for the sole purpose of discussing issues surrounding
precious metals, with an emphasis on Silver. One of our recent videos mildly criticised
the actions of Mike Maloney, and such has been the vicious backlash and vitriol from
a small number of people, it has led us to believe that we may be on to something and
our suspicions have been aroused. After all, whilst no-one likes criticism, ours was very
mild – so why the energetic attacking response adopted? Well this has led us to research
further and this is what we have found. If you look on You Tube, around 90% of the
Precious Metal videos are produced in favour of buying gold and silver almost regardless
of the current price. Within that, there are perhaps a dozen channels that interview the
same people between them – who constantly ‘pump up’ the need to buy gold and silver.
The message from these people is almost the same. Only on a very rare occasion have we
found an interviewee slightly arguing with the premise put forward by that channel. Then
we discover that in the majority of cases, the interviewees either trade in precious
metals, write newsletters for the industry, or work for bullion dealers. Further a number
of the channels are sponsored by, or actually owned by Precious Metal Companies.
So we wondered, whether there is an appetite amongst our listeners for us to comment upon
whom we think are guilty of the ‘pumping charge’.
Rest assured, our intention is not to offend nor is it to create a negative environment.
However, such a series of videos, may at least address this 90% ‘pumping balance’ and
perhaps alert new listeners and people considering buying precious metals as to the ‘propaganda’
that belies this most noble of ‘collecting’ activities.
This will entail a lot of work on our part, and we only wish to undertake it, if there
is a desire for it. So please comment and let us know. We will then make a judgement
based on the responses we receive. Whether the answer is a ‘yes or no’ a
thumb up would still be appreciated. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. I know who the "pumpers" are. It seems that the main theme for the "pumpers" of precious metals is that there will be a fiat currency collapse(globally) very soon and having physical(gold/silver) assets will protect your wealth when the confidence in paper money vanishes. What is the Silver Illuminati's take on this?

  2. I've read of this kind of business practice and marketing done. I believe it was called something like creating a "syndicate". Getting together with others in the same industry and creating your own "world" that you can control and leave outsiders out of all for the purpose of making each other money through cross-promotions, etc.

    Anyway, yes — the guilty parties deserve to be exposed. It's pretty obvious already who they are so go for it!

  3. Bring them to the gallows!!!
    However, I do think it's obvious to most whom have a biased opinion when it comes time to buy and time to sell.
    In conjunction to that, if you guys do decide to do this then do it "Trump" style. No pulling punches!

  4. You are very brave ! And yes, it takes a lot of work and that's why nobody does the research.

    In 2001, where were all those clowns experts who just a couple years earlier  where trying to convince anyone to put their hard savings in the stock market ?
    Same with those arguing in 2006 that real estate in the US were to go higher ?
    At least they vanished, kept quiet…
    Not so with the gold/silver "pumpers" !
    Just like all politicians they know they can rely on the fact that people have only very short term memory like goldfish ūüôā

    We are also partly responsable for the people we decide to listen to.

    For example I found Peter Schiff a smart and likable guy…
    But I have to admit that he will be eventually right only after being wrong for so many years.
    And though I didn't get burned with gold/silver investment I admit that I completely missed the 200% +¬† rally ont the stock market after 2009 because of what Schiff kept calling for a long time a "dead cat bouce"…

    Anyway you can count on my support but besides educating poeple there is very little to gain in the process. It's just my 2 cents.

  5. looking at a even bigger picture myself i can see a nice trap for people. Not just to do with precious metals but negative investing towards the metals via fear and possible short term gains and fortune.

    while trying to sell various other products along the way. no disrespect to a preppier or stackers of silver.. like myself to a degree.

    personally i see it as entertainment because i  make my own opinion on what to do.

    thus others should do the same in respect of that and not be brain washed by the videos and fear and take it with a pinch of salt.

    that's why i think people need a open mind about subjects before jumping in on some think they advertise.

    just because i see a KitKat advert on the TV every day doesn't mean i am buying a KitKat. 

    personally let the pumpers pump as long as they like…. people will make there own minds about them and less educated people will suffer… so on that note and on the reverse… it might be wise to do one!!! with a possible negative out come and possible trolls.

    on that note i am off to get a Kitkat ūüėČ

  6. Yes – consider that a checks and balances for us new silver stackers – whom hear nothing but a economic collapse and financial doom.

  7. You guys are all about the truth, so now that you mention it, why stop now?  Although some are newbies and NEED this information, there may be be pumpers out there more experienced stackers need to be aware of if they aren't already!  My general rule of thumb is if they do a podcast and/or write an article AND they also are in the business of precious metals, leads one to believe that they are in it for their own good, not yours!

  8. IMO, stick to your format. Give your subscribers accurate information, call out things you consider agregious. I wouldn't make a video categorically outing people and websites as you will draw their ire and most likely start a campaign soley to discredit you. Just your mention of "pumpers" in conjunction with the facts supporting your opposing point of view is enough to raise awareness which makes the offenders obvious without naming them specifically in most cases.

  9. full speed ahead…………….wonder why someone didn't think of this sooner better a little late than never great Idea please proceed !!!!!

  10. Let us know, after all it is only one persons opinion and no one really knows what is going to happen. One thing is for sure this federal reserve scam cannot go on forever and silver has been considered money for thousands of years.

  11. This information can save future people who want to get into stacking a lot of money and prevent con artists from getting rich

  12. If for every buyer there must be a seller than for every promoter there should be a moderator.
    This will encourage people to think and avoid deception. Speaking about those who promise but fails to deliver is only a fair deal. This conversation will be highly appreciated.

  13. Yes call them out !!!  It's not just the interview channels though , many videos of individual stackers are just as bad with the pumping. I suspect that some are working in conjunction (salesmen) with dealers as their videos are little more than infomercials right down to the placement of the dealers box . In my opinion it leads some to an almost manic state of buying especially some of the newer stackers.

  14. Honestly, do not think this is required.  No need for a name calling war, just continue to give excellent advice re value investing in silver, please.

  15. it is obvious that there is no balance here..  9 out of 10 are promoters and pumpers!
    So, go for it and have them exposed.

  16. Please do! The truth is a rare commodity these days. Telling the truth is always the right thing to do, its just how you relay that information that matters. Facts are more popowerful than lies!

  17. We live in a world where we are bombarded with constant advertisements from anyone and everyone trying to sell us their tat, to be honest id rather someone tried selling me something of value such as gold or silver than a fizzy soda elixir, a plastic fandangled peice of… or claims on saving me 20% on my yet unknown current charges for something i dont want.¬† But i am enjoying your vids so whatever you think and get some good sinister music on in the background so we know who the bad guys are.

  18. It might be entertaining.  I'm in to deep to get out of silver.  Not sure I would anyway,  Why keep my extra money in a bank and out of my control?  I just like finding the truth on what's going on.  Logic dictates that if there are X amount of dollars out there and they print X amount more then the value of the dollar should be X amount less valuable.   If there are liars out there then they should be exposed.

  19. Well mad dogs and English men………we know who they are, but maybe it will help any newbie's not to make a mistake in what to believe.

    Regards Shane.

  20. Yes, not only give your opinion of the "pumpers", but give us you opinion on reputable channels regarding precious metals.  Thanks.

  21. I like channels like this one and FreedomforceUSA because I really believe that you guys do your best to be honest. I also believe that you are not selling anything or have a hidden agenda. However, I am confused on whether you guys think buying PMs is a good idea or not. Could you clarify that for me.  I find silver/gold collecting to be fun so I will do it no matter what (its better than wasting money on hookers and, but you thoughts would be appreciated.

  22. No, you should not get into a finger pointing game.  Maintain your integrity and let your reputation speak for itself. Your purpose is to teach and inform. Its up to the subscriber or listener to judge whom to trust and not.

  23. My advise is not mess with the Mafia.  You may find Obama and his cronies down the rabbit hole.  I would rather have a list of people you trust so that I can watch their videos.  Gold, Silver, Economy collapse or otherwise.  Keep up the great work.

  24. The facts remain the facts, why waste time on the pumpers. The truth will out and they will be seen for what they are – their record will erode their credibility. Like David Morgan calling a bottom in the silver price as he has done countless times before.

    I like your channel because I just want your unbiased opinion. Please don't go down the path of challenging the pumpers it will only drag you down to their level.

  25. Like you say in your intro,"we tell you the truth about silver" therefore I would not necessarily get into "outing" the less truthful people. Stick to telling the truth and stay above the fray. I respect your honesty!

  26. Most people who take the time to watch silver related videos & who spend there hard earned $ actually buying silver, surly would appreciate any additional illumination you can provide.  Fear not the wrath of the pumpers, for there ravings will just prove the validity of the discussion.  Your honest experience & insight is much appreciated.

  27. A report on short predictions would be pointless. The push by every "pumper" is based on a looming black swan. Therefore, they say buy, because even at today's highs its peanuts compared to post event prices. How about, a video that deconstructs theory, namely Mike Maloney's history of gold and silver as it relates to today's economic environment. Is his history correct, are the charts correct, is he leaving out things. Like will the dollars fall from grace be a catastrophe or will it be a slow boring death. Will we just slide into another fiat, like SDRs, leaving PMs buried in paper for another 40 years? You seem to know your stuff, so what is your take on the black swan, the bricks, China's hoarding, and the IMF sleazing their way into a one world fiat? How goes your long game?

  28. If you want my two cents I'd say no to going against individual pumpers and going nuclear against their motivations,"facts," arguments and methodology.
        In other words, keep doing what your doing.  There's a reason that your subscriber base has skyrocketed in a few short months.  
         My fear would be that reference to specific individuals would devolve into an ad hominem internet flame war which would descend into a lot of name calling. 
        Indeed, you would also be interfering with these people's income streams.  That would get them to invest actual resources into making your channel's life more difficult.
        Also, if one were to ascribe a certain methodology to an individual there's a certain type of viewer who would not see the bigger picture.  He or she would simply take that message as "avoid or be skeptical of this person's channel" instead of realizing that a lot of cons read from the same play book.  What's more important?  To avoid investing with Charles Ponzi or knowing how Ponzi schemes work?

  29. If you do go about 'outing' the pumpers, I would constrain it to only a few shows periodically, as the true value of this channel (at least for me) is to gain an understanding of differing and unique points of view with respect to PMS. This channel continues to provide honest and forthright information I can use, and I would hate to lose this in the form of a flame war with a pack of greedy lying "experts".  Perhaps a List of Shame in the notes section after your transcript on your videos may do to, with links to some of the most egregious predictions.  On a final note., if this channel runs a war with pumpers, this channel may become tainted with a persistent bearish view of PMS. Especially as at some point the value of PMS will rise again, and the pumpers will declare victory.

  30. Another very interesting submission.  I would very much like to see an intelligent, sober, and non-vitriolic debate on this important topic.  To be compete, it would probably need to include clear explanations of the rationale for either buying now before it is too late versus a more measured approach, along with presentations of evidence.  But in lieu of that, I encourage Illuminati Silver group to present their reasoning, including cause and effect in the various topics that impact the precious metals market, that leads to your take on the subject, and to show where the other side is in error.  Looking forward to it!

  31. Just on your sub's level, it seems to have taken another jump up over the last few days…..Jolly good Chaps.

    Regards Shane.

  32. please please please will you tell us your opinion of the rants of "truthnevertold".
    surely they are in a league of their own!!

  33. I dont think u should name and shame other pundits.
    We all believe from the heart that we are on to a winner with Silver,short or long term.
    Any trying to wake up others by explaining the fundermentals is not such a bad thing.
    Then people have to make their own mind up on whats been said.
    PS enjoying ur channel,looking forward hearing what u guys have to say.

  34. By all means, please DO continue. I really appreciate your perspectives…I would be interested to hear your opinions on each of the "pumpers" and their syndicate, like truthnevertold, Max Kieser, Jim Willie and his "the voice", etc. As already commented, please stick to your format. I've recommended your YouTube channel with friends.
    Two Thumbs Up!

  35. I really think it would hurt your reputation overall to sling mud. I look at it this way, what is the benefit? We all have our opinions, let them have theirs. Just make yours so compelling that is puts theirs to shame without having to degrade yourself to name-calling. 

    It is a level of professionalism as any information broadcasting medium should be (Like radio) Never denigrate (by name) your competitors, let them do it themselves.

    We are smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

  36. I‚Äôll bet my stiff upper lip on saying that Bo Pollution out of 20020 gold forecast it the biggest balloon out there and I swear on the ‚ÄúBook of Daniel‚ÄĚ, will Nostra Illuminatus Damus eat my poor soul if I‚Äôm wrong, that he is worse than Mick Balloonie‚Ķ

  37. Well Dr No i did spend the evening having a quiet glass and looking at the number of Silver channels that have died a death, i know Ed at FreedomForceUSA has mentioned it alot, but most of the subs i made a few months ago are dead as dodo's

  38. Hey I.S thx for another video, Are certain big boys planning on creating a public backlash towards these pumpers as a scape goat when all this goes down in short time?  There would be after all sufficient evidence to portray them as the ultimate bad guys and take attention away from the bigger picture.  Of course any widespread coverage of such a thing would drop the PM's even more.  My belief is that a strong campaign against pumpers will result in strong negative sentiment against PM's.  Are you and your friends still seriously buying when it drops below $1,000?  Are would you just buy a little?  Do you believe like I do that if it goes into the range of $750-850 then that means a much faster recovery that would be midterm instead of longterm?  thx again

  39. I vote yes, but with studies, proof video of what said, video after (changes), and professionalism, you need to stand at a higher level if broadcasting and be a leader, would also like information on people who to follow that provide great prediction and information, or do it yourselves. this is alot of work you guys are undertaking, I hope it pays off. best wishes, William.

  40. Hi again Gents.  Joining the fray, as you say, takes a lot of energy. While I see merit in your intentions to expose the "pumpers", I wonder at the wisdom of doing so.  An endless argument wastes resources, leads to diluting your original focus and may result in you having to defend your position "ad naseum". Therefore my preference would be for you to stay focused on the service that you very ably provide.  Truth, very much like Beauty is attractive to those seeking them.  My two cents, but I will respect any decision you come to as a result of the community's wishes.

  41. It's negative energy.If there is 90 percent pumpers,they are not doing a good job of it as my suspicion is that less than 1 percent of the retail potential customers own physical silver and gold.If one is looking for peace they should not create an ANTI WAR protest but rather a peace demonstration.Why not give great info that your team has to offer to help inform those who could benefit from it.Peace

  42. Through your other videos you have earned enormous credibility on the issues surrounding buying precious metals.  I think those interested in buying precious metals would definitely trust that you would be fair in your criticism of the pumpers. I think it would be extremely helpful and I believe much appreciated.

  43. No. Maintain your character. You've already called out Mike Maloney. If you watch his videos, as I know you have. He does not call anyone out or attempt to discredit any one; only concepts of monetary policies. He simply gives his opinion, he does not call out YouTube channels. Maintain your character. Let it go. Give your own analysis. Hearing you attempt to call anyone out was not why I subscribed. Maintain your character. You have begun to develop a very good following. Don't ruin it my running as series of calling people out.

  44. quiet as its kept one of the most devious pumpers of all time up there with m ¬†maloney is suze ormon she pumped gold relentlessly till she introduced a debit card that was supposed to generate a fico score with twenty different fees she even appeared on stage with Elisabeth Warren makes me question warrens veracity anyway Suze Ormon is a bad one she even hawked student loans for pheonix college ……..A questionable greedy college in the states

  45. I guess it depends. If you're just going to point out the obvious ones like Mike Maloney, Chris Duane, Eric Sprott, etc. it would probably be a waste of time. If there are any less obvious ones it could be interesting. Not that I believe having a shared interest in making money from selling PMs necessarily completely invalidates a message, but it is good to be aware of potential conflicts of interest. Do you have any potential conflicts of interest?

  46. I don't care about any silver comments…I'm just buying silver because silver spot price is under the cost to mine and refine and turn it into a one ounce silver blank… know, common sense stuff. ¬†If gas was to cost $1.22, and it costs $1.68 for refineries to produce it…I would be buying oil. ¬†With silver, I always buy physical….plus I like the collecting part of it also…sometimes the coin or rounds go up in value after being discontinued. ¬†I have some Perth Mint and Silver Shield rounds that are double and triple spot price.

  47. Keep your focus on giving the most accurate information regardless of the pumpers. If you stick to your guns others will notice there will be no need for finger pointing.

  48. PM prices yawned open to swallow up the cash of those who did not understand how all commodities react when too many speculative hoarders enter a market at once. After hasty hoarders finish an accumulation binge, comes a period of average price being below equilibrium, until investors as a group are no longer liquidating the specific good. Recent price declines are cushioned by disciplined investors who aim for fixed percentage portfolio allocations. PM prices might not bottom until half the major gold producers have shut down, central banks are selling again in bulk, and coin shops are swamped with coins and bars they keep sending to refiners after they can't sell them at 5% below spot. But hyperinflation might come before any of that happens.

  49. I would hope that anyone paying attention and putting forth focused effort to obtain verifiable, accurate data, which provides valid information, from which one can gain knowledge concerning the subject, allowing for an understanding of this knowledge, then they may have a better opportunity in making a wise decision that is most suitable for them. Therefore, I do not think your time and effort of calling out 'pumpers' would have a positive effect on 'illuminati silver', as you may be seen as just another polar agenda. Anyone paying proper attention can hear, read and see for themselves the intents and motives of vested pumpers.
    I suggest you keep it clean and tidy, by presenting your statements backed by valid and verifiable data & information, so that your subscribers may have another source of data based information to consider as they build a more substantial knowledge base. Maintain value to your subscribers by providing unbiased information not anchored by any particular agenda of being a short or a long in a 'market' type arena, as it (PM) relates to all aspects of reason of concern, not just in investment, but also as a viable insurance policy to a fiat currency monetary system that is based on debt, and displaying integrity in your words and deeds by not engaging in, or promoting an environment of 'you' against 'them'.
    This is my opinion, it cost you nothing, it is worth nothing more than the value you place on it.
    *Note to any readers of this comment; be aware of polarities, that all truths are but half truths, they are the same, they only differ in degrees. Employ other principles of truth in your reasoning, that of cause and effect, correspondence, and rhythm. Utilize these principles with mindfulness of seeking the truth. Understand, which point of view you are taking when engaging in your accumulation of knowledge, then 'understand' this knowledge. I trust this will allow you to navigate wisely.
    ~The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding~
    Think well, be well.

  50. Well here is my take.  I would agree that there are people pushing a narrative to buy up PM's at any price.  Some have even made predictions that did not pan out.  However, with all that in mind, I believe that precious metals, more specifically Silver is absolutely the only reasonable way to protect your savings.  Why you might ask?  Counter party risk / default.  Paper contracts are subject to one or more parties not fulfilling their obligation.  Gold and Silver are the only, yes ONLY asset class that is Money and a store of wealth, with several thousand year proven history.

    Do I think that people in the industry talk their book?  ABSOLUTELY!  Have these same people given me very valuable information and for free at that?  YES! Do they spend countless hours a day providing this community a service?  100% YES! and I am thankful. Do I buy into every hype story, no but I have been caught believing something that didn't pan out and I believe that for the most part it is given with the best intentions.

    Me personally I just stick to the local coin shop and by in regular buys in a dollar cost average approach.  Seriously, who could have guessed that the commercial bullion banks in league with the Fed would blatantly attack this market like this.  If you don't think that this (Silver) is the most manipulated market on the planet, well I guess there is no hope for you.

    In closing, I just found your channel and like the approach, so Thank you!


  51. its usually more productive to speak your truth as you believe it than to criticise others. I am, however, convinced that those who suggest manipulation in the precious metals market are guilty themselves of the same charge…

  52. +Illuminati Silver
    A question or observation for illuminati Silver.

    I have not watched all your videos so I may be off but I have watched some and have made this observation. It seems to me that you are bullish for metals but promote temperance. When promoting temperance you are warning people of the "pumpers". Why are the pumpers wrong? Because they say a ridiculous high number and any number that is ridiculous must be wrong?

    My problem with this is that you don¬īt exactly answer their arguments for why they believe this ridiculous high numer. Maybe you feel that you don¬īt have to because it is a ridiculous number. But there are other ridiculous numbers, like how much debt has been created in recent years? How much derivatives? How much malinvestment? What I hear is that you are arguing for the price of metals in a market that keeps its status quo. But a pumper like Mike Maloney is arguing for what the price would be if we basically had a financial armageddon. It almost happened 2008 if I understand correctly but was barely stopped by inflating an even bigger bubble, printing even more debt and setting us upp for the greatest crash and calamity in history.

    Do you have any videos where you explain that this crash cannot possibly happen? Or where you explain that it cannot possibly happen fast but gradually over a long period of time so the metal prices wont change fast but everybody will have time to get in if they wait just a little longer? 2008 happened pretty suddenly for some people catching them with their pants down. Do you have an argument for why that wont happen here? Why a black swan event cant happen which starts an avalanche? That Deutsche Bank wont go bankrupt or the Comex even tho it seems perpetually lower ware house stocks will always be able to deliver.

    If a black swan event would happen tomorrow. Deutsche Bank goes under and the banks begin to fall like dominoes. Who has done the most disservice to regular people. Mike Maloney, Silver bullet Silver shield, SRSrocco or you?

    Must for an example Mike Maloney be lying just because he is selling precious metals? Is it impossible that he read so much about the field that it became his hobby and jobb at the same time, and even when selling he is still telling people about his actual beliefs?

    Not meaning to attack or insult but this is an actual question and concern from me.

  53. It is important that pumpers are exposed, so inexperienced PM investors or those looking into it aren't sitting ducks for their lies and knavish motives. Very bold move on your part IS.

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