Inlay Gold into Gold Ring

Inlay Gold into Gold Ring

White gold 18K Ring, made by hand, forging Divide the ring in 4, or 6 depending of your design Fit the ring in your vice Find the centre of the band Mark the squares Mark helping line Find the centre between squares Draw the squares Draw your pattern 0.3mm Round graver Channel ready Clean Draw helping lines Cut this internal lines. I want to do 3D effect in this ring Use onglette graver Nr2 Insert 0.3mm gold wire 24K I use manual micro pusher to fit the wire in the channel Clean Cut deeper Re hammering the inlay Clean again Make manual milgrain. Use beading tool 0.4mm Make milgrain in the white part if you like 👍 👍 Holes for diamonds Ball bur 1.3mm Fit the diamonds Fix the diamonds making milgrain and covering the border of the diamond SUBSCRIBE if you like my video Live a COMMENT 👍 👍 👍 👍


  1. Hey COLY Heres como un mago ""utilizas tu manto blanco para pintar y crear lo que quieras en este mundo maravilloso de la joyería excelente trabajo

  2. Impresionante tu trabajo Cloy precisó y asombrosamente bello. Espero con ansias tu siguiente vídeo. Seguí tu consejo ando probando con aliaciones para mejorar el color de oro "blanco". En esta temporada estoy cargado de trabajo, pero cuando este un poco tranquilo quiero regalarte una prueba de mi trabajo. Haré una pieza dedicada a tu alludanye, que me imagino que es tu esposa y la mandaré a tu ubicación . Aquí en Querétaro Mex. se da el opalo. Estamos contacto tu amigo y seguidor Osvaldo Michaus.

  3. Fabulous. I like watching you make the groove for the yellow gold to go in and especially the tiny white gold curls that are made. Could you collect some and set them in resin?

  4. Hello sir. Beautiful work. What is the tool you used towards the end that seems to deposit little balls of metal? What is it called? What a brilliant way to flush set stones! New subscriber here. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Albert-Bent Fork Wearables

  5. Beautiful work! Something about the way you work is very relaxing to watch. I was wondering if it is possible to inlay different tonalities of gold on one another. For example inlaying a higher concentration gold into a harder one (or rose gold etc)? Thank you for the upload.

  6. I have a suggestion, perhaps for an experiment. Try borrowing one of those coin stretching die sets, and make your own coin, then stretch it into a ring. I'd especially love to see it, if it had been a coin with an inlay like you're doing and how the distortion would bend the metal. Especially because gold is a soft metal so stretching is probably something it can do without cracking. If you did such a design, for minting a coin, you could kill two bird with one stone, and make an especially nice design, maybe a limited number set, and then make a series of rings. That's just me dreaming of what could be done though.

  7. Hey what type of graver did you use to cut the channels for the gold inlay? It looks like a flat graver but it's tough to tell for sure. Thanks in advance! Much appreciated.

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