Insane Claw Machine Wins (GamerGreen Arcade Room Crane Game)

Insane Claw Machine Wins (GamerGreen Arcade Room Crane Game)

look what you got a 2 and 1/2 Sophia
with me today on a rainy day we’re gonna check out claw machines at Golden Corral
see what we got oh that’s kind of buried in there and she maybe not first try I
thought she was buried down in there John the first shot from Strawberry
Shortcake’s the gamer green claw machine see if we can get anything we want we
berry muffin so far that’s gonna go for this little dinosaur thing you know the
chin no it’s kind of a weak it’s kind of grab a weak this had a rocket board he’s
kind of see he’s way down there there so I don’t know maybe maybe there you go now look what you got two and one two back one more maybe that’s good that got
around the whole thing got the ball on the way that balls on the plush machine
but got one hey in the hole that’s right if you want
for the wine baguette maybe holds it it’s got that loop got it Maria was gonna like flop it out
wouldn’t let go like another dog tag I think that thing’s too far you’re just
going to slide forward though you know it’s another Marvin Marvin
Marvin Martian is that different every year bill didn’t like sharing his out
with us but she loves cats she’s at home we’ll bring out home
towards well you’re gonna play ball let me see where to me
oh my got it let’s see if Samantha gets this watch the ball is helping us give
me some power just there you okay let’s see if it picks it up or not you don’t
drop it too far forward there you go you got it no back back just a little bit
more I think right there can’t tell where you’re on the side but
that looks back from yeah you were too far to the one side oh maybe
no you got it it just got it just the right way that’s heavy man I can’t believe pick
that thing up it’s like solid plastic I can’t believe you picked that thing up
there you go there you go got the yellow dinosaur thing awesome oh but no we’re
not playing the game anymore you know dragon okay it’s bear we should be able
to get they keep son hope maybe oh man there’s a lot of air underneath them and
kind of sideways but if it closes at all they hold on to his feet you got him by
his feet there go behind it oh maybe Oh how’s it how does it do that
– and one almost maybe if that one if it falls the right way
you got that one now though – you know it might have been in the there you go
that’s perfectly okay Sophia didn’t do the Hat that’s why that’s why it closes
there you go might fall off all right gamer green superhero and then you also
got that she goes okay you got three more turret turns out that even after
this see under the nose maybe that grab better
and the other ones there you go finally got it barely it almost didn’t go in
almost well up there Samantha’s gonna try one more time for the dog where we
do see there’s nothing to really grip all right well we got all this stuff
though guys the other stuff we got two of the night on our late night rainy day
crawl machining with Sophia and Samantha we just killed it at Golden Corral I
think we got twenty things there between the jewellery call in the flesh saw some
pretty sweet craps so let’s go check out station shake the fries that’s way too
far forward everything around it that should get it got it that’s got it no a
dead zone did now that you moved it in that is good of
a spot I really thought we had this our last
turn on this one right now until I should get it okay we got the baby toy we have lots of
baby shower just knock it over maybe and then you might get the next time I know someone who loved that right
there looks like to be right on top of Adobe stab it that looks good nope good
stab that thing behind it I think Minton that grabbed it loose anyhow you
have the legs and they’re good otherwise it would have dropped it loosened up Oh sparkly camera green now you enter on the neck and the legs
if you get on anything get between his legs and around his neck right there you
got it the dog Samantha wanted got it maybe we
get behind it again like you turns gamer green van Coon geez Exodus and another
green book we’re gonna try to get anyways there you go clamp there you go
nope his legs are too you got to get it by the head I guess I can’t cuz legs are
too skinny for floppy no cheating no okay I got it and again I
got something Memphis one let’s see we just finished up our rainy day calling
Samantha just won the coke car so we just left Steak and Shake we won we won
five plus which I can’t really show you because it’s dark any fine this dog they
had at Golden Corral she couldn’t win so we had to get it at stake in shape you

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