Inside A Top Security Swiss Gold Vault | Gold | Real Vision™

Inside A Top Security Swiss Gold Vault | Gold | Real Vision™

While an individual can easily store up to
half a million pounds of gold bullion in a simple safety deposit box, there are places
in the world which are home to the gold which makes up the wealth of nations. And secret vaults which house the gold of
the planet’s wealthiest individuals chooses their means of preserving intergenerational
wealth. One of those vaults is buried deep beneath
the Swiss Alps. It’s home to billions of dollars a privately
held gold and has never before been filmed. But we’ve been granted permission to take
a look inside one of the world’s most secretive locations to show you the lengths mankind
will go to in order to keep this most precious of metals safe. So we here today in the biggest private gold
vault in the world. And here, gold is stored for wealthy families,
for institutions, for private banks, and even for some central banks. When you come through this vault, you go through
a number of security zones. You’re deep in the mountain here. We’ve gone for miles or kilometers through
various security zones and different levels deep in the Swiss mountain to reach actually
where the gold is stored. It is the only vault in the world which is
nuclear bomb proof, earthquake proof, gas attack proof. Past the security level that doesn’t exist
anywhere in the world.


  1. We were waiting to see the dragon – if you cannot provide that, we keep our stake here:
    Gringotts Wizarding Bank is the only bank of the wizarding world, and is owned and operated by goblins. It was created by a goblin called Gringott. Its main offices are located in the North Side of Diagon Alley in London,…

  2. "Wealthy families". That statement always makes me sick. Nothing demonstrates the concept of the moronic masses more than this concept.

  3. The truth is even stranger. At the end of WWII, the US "offered" to hold German and Swiss gold for safe keeping. the Swiss never really had an army to keep it safe and Germany was demilitarized and had Soviets breathing down its necks. The Germans and Swiss balked at the idea. The US told the two countries that if they do not give them the gold to "hold" it will be confiscated and the two countries will be charged with war crimes saying that it was stolen during the war from the Jewish people. Both countries agreed, Years later both countries demanded an audit and wanted to see their gold. The US showed them a small sample. in fact, they kept bringing in small samples a little at a time. The representatives called bullshit and demanded all the gold be placed in one pile so they could see that it was not the same gold being brought in over and over. The Germans and Swiss threatened to expose the US for stealing their gold. The US said "look….right now only the three of us know that we no longer have your gold.If you shoot your mouths off, the whole world will know that you are broke. Go home, pretend this never happened and we will give you better terms in borrowing the US dollar going forward. Then the FED just printed more dollars to cover the deal.

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