Inside Ivory Coast’s hidden gold rush | The Economist

Inside Ivory Coast’s hidden gold rush | The Economist

this is a story about a country digging its way to prosperity central ivory coast is a rich agricultural landscape life here revolves around crops most importantly cocoa ivory coast has the world’s largest cocoa crop and it starts in places like this the village of Yoho where John Co Sao is a cocoa farmer profit margins for cocoa are notoriously thin mr. ko SiO gets less than ten dollars for a sack like this these days mr. ko si Oh supplements his income by dealing in gold should be alloys each of the alaq what will I you they for a long time mining was seen as a dirty alternative to the wholesome traditional farming lifestyle but that’s changing Ivory Coast is in the midst of a gold rush the country boasts some of the richest gold mining potential in Africa it’s part of a broader mining boom across the African continent propelled by high mineral prices and struggling crops hundreds of thousands of people are leaving agriculture behind to pursue a life in the mines five minutes down the road from mr. ko si OHS village hidden in the bush former farmers are operating a bustling ad-hoc mining enterprise it’s a light day at the zoo leefoo mr. ko SiO makes cash as a middleman between the miners module Mensa and foreign buyers word of profitable mining sites travels quickly and before long a few tunnels evolved into a self-sufficient mining camp like this the work is dirty and dangerous with open shafts just steps away from living quarters about half a million people are thought to be involved in artisanal mining in the country spread out across more than 150 sites like this Sita you love her on trade and Amma and Caillou come Satya sure did dead Emilio Kazama Peter moon – to fit a pigeon a Cheeto appear a bleep row crop made with a Katrin de cacao – near enough Wow my Xena me – above our mahi it’s not the first time that artisanal and small-scale mining has helped develop agricultural economies in the 19th century mining helped establish railroad and banking systems that transform the economies of countries like America Australia and South Africa but that shift can come with consequences an hour down the road in the gold rush town of miso Co the environmental and social costs of ivory coast’s gold mining boom are becoming apparent here petrol fumes mingled with rumors of a treasure there for the taking a year ago this was a tiny forest village now it’s a boomtown several thousand strong we’re to Recife Sunday Sunday cacao the the Palmier a flight ed the trio profit the law the locals call it a vision – because it’s dense population and frenetic energy remind them of the country’s biggest city a popular source and a quad Dooku comedies are le colonial see a day when you do cook on Ibiza you to La Manga de la Sol – LA one game at nodal Arzo this massive open pit is the biggest mine in the circle hundreds of people work in tandem to dig out gold ore considering the giant scale of the pit the final product seems meagre well I love a particular a particular no toxic mercury is used to aggregate the gold voila everyone yet saucisson de mer qu let Matthew and then drained into the soil this piece of gold is worth about $10 it is dangerous dirty work this pit is illegal and heavily armed security guards patrol it shortly after arriving our team was prevented from filming and briefly detained the Ivorian government has since shut this site down local officials worried that because of the mine operates under the radar and is intact the wealth generated here isn’t being invested back into the community roger top a is the chief of greg bay the closest sizeable village the way is being done right now no no we don’t get any profit from it simply the miners get what they can get the village self does not get anything from goldmine e mr. Thapa thinks revenue from mines like this should go toward public projects like schools roads and hospitals our villages need a lot of things what current water we don’t have it they could also get electricity for example they could have schools built and and hospitals also built well this will be profitable to the population back in your home Coco is still a way of life federal officials acknowledge that mining can be a vital tool to fight poverty in rural places like this but they have been slow to establish a legitimate legal structure for it leaving the door open to labor and environmental abuses if mining is going to be a vehicle for development in Ivory Coast the country’s industry has a long road ahead


  1. The nasty poor uncivilised lawless with the rich ressource exploited by the european colonisation and help this country become a civilised situation.for some decades

  2. Your continent is rich like how india was once but we real Indians ie Dalits are still poor, because if our innocence to consider ourselves as poor and our country as a poor country! Do not allow any whites, they will buy our costly things with their cheap chemical things like waste plastic, etc., You must own your own country! Please don't spoil your country's rich diversity! Chase whites before they steal everything and pollute our country's
    . The things that they give in return is not sustainable at all!

  3. Hey God save Africa, these developed countries are exploiting it heavily, distroying it's rich ecosystem only for dimond and gold.

  4. Fake gold and diamond offers, expose them through this link, It has helped alot of gold buyers.

  5. The chief and mayor are the only two folks dressed in fine clothes. The rest of workers are living in a slum. Like many other countries , workers just get the minimum wages, all profits are made by these middle men and elected officials.

  6. they are poor because you European you people make every things hard for us, now same European don't want to see African immigrants in Europe,close your mouth,,

  7. Europeans have plundered Africa for years.only in 1960 ivory coast got independence from France. Reason for French being official language

  8. Era gold mine kare bole kichu bike gari kineche,kintu eakhane KC Ra dibbi Bina paisa gari kitchen,excellent,I am from One KB KC country.

  9. government should set up a proper mining operation in that region and aid the workers with modern machinery so they wont have to pollute the soil with mercury …. They are damaging the environment for the future – they should not punish the villagers for trying to make money by shutting the operation down , they should have been smart enough from the beginning to see and opportunity to make a change and invest in that regions mining industry .

  10. Prime example on why they can't get it down right .idk of others can see it but I can .than u have dik heads who wanna socialize this camp .how many times ru going to watch that not work ?

  11. Their resources are mostly exploited by the white people. It's sad because they run the hard yards while the white aristocrats enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

  12. Afrikalılar ayağa kalkın. Daha fazla avrupalı piçlerin kolonisi olmayın. Önce kendi ana dilinizi konuşun ve sonra o tüm avrupalıları ülkelerinizden kovun. Birbirinizle kavga ederek yada avrupalı piçlere köpeklik yaparak bir yere varamazsınız.

  13. More Agenda 21 nonsense! Since you can't tax it efficiently, forbid it and let people starve. Brilliant left wing thinking!!! These folks are working, they are not on the dole. Politicians want to steal their labor, nothing changes. Maybe if you hang the politicians…………….

  14. This really opened up how I think about countries like this in Africa. They're basically a century behind the developed world, but they are catching up as the realize the value of there natural resources. However I think that as they grow and experience many of the same things that countries that have already industrialized did, they will know what not to do. It's a culture of extremely hardworking people, Ithink they will prosper much sooner than most expect.

  15. i have noticed on my world travles that the rest of the world does not have decent hand tools from a construction industrial worker perspective

  16. "Digging their way into prosperity"
    Are you shitting me?
    One of the poorest country in the world, which also has one of the highest illiteracy rate and getting exploited, despite abundance of gold, is what you describe as "digging their way into prosperity".

  17. I've noticed a trend of corrupt African governments, they have the potential to open up their resources and maximize profits for their people safely, yet they choose to be like bugs that are constantly trying to suck the blood out of their people.

  18. Those bags do not contain golg as the density of gold in the given volume is round about 19300 kg. How can a small child carry that much of weight?

  19. So where do miners get mercury from and how much does that cost. ? Soil doesnt look very rocky for lotsa gold. Got to find the source

  20. now these black people will become terrorists and america will then go there to make peace and give freedom…..its all about gold oil

  21. murcury is dangerous .the truth is to find gold in large amount you have to dig deep in the earth .they dont have the machine to do that.

  22. Black people still being slave. Black people don't seems to understand that they'll never be successful using European economics. They'll only be successful when they embrace and curates black economics.

  23. Africa is full of resources and riches.but when it comes to poverty they are first! Corruption have destroy Africa.evil leaders devils

  24. That is how we now understand how we are so ungrateful we are all blessed and live in 1st word and they live in a third world country and are more grateful than us😔😔

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  26. Get that gold before the white man sees it ,oh crap too late they are sending in soldiers as a peace mission because you guys need protection from your self.

  27. I rather see them doing it then having another country coming over getting it like the Asians and all the others but you hear them say its heavy guarded so somebody is over them anyway. Their doing them just like they did with the diamonds making them work and taking it from them. I bet when the camera goes off its a different story behind the mask

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