Inside look at Golden Corral: Only on 9

Inside look at Golden Corral: Only on 9

PLUS — DEER DILEMMA! ONE DEWITT WOMAN FED UP WITH THE DAMAGE THE ANIMALS ARE LEAVING BEHIND. IN ONE OF YOUR STORIES — FIND OUT WHAT’S BEING DONE ABOUT IT! ROD: BUT FIRST — IN A STORY YOU’LL SEE ONLY ON NINE — WE TAKE YOU INSIDE THE BRAND NEW GOLDEN ROD: GOOD EVENING EVERYONE, I’M ROD WOOD NICOLE: AND I’M NICOLE SOMMAVILLA… IN FOR CHRISTIE. IT STARTED AS A QUESTION TO THE YOUR STORIES TEAM. GOLDEN CORRAL WILL OPEN. THE ANSWER — MONDAY. TONIGHT, ONLY ON NEWSCHANNEL NINE, ANDREW DONOVAN GETS THE FIRST LOOK INSIDE. Andrew Donovan: “What are you doing here today?” Barbara Moore: “Came to try out the Golden Corral.” ANDREW: BARBARA MOORE, FROM JAMESVILLE, IS SO EXCITED FOR THE BUFFET TO OPEN, SHE BROUGHT HER BOYFRIEND AND MOM TOO EARLY. THEY’RE NOT OPEN YET. Barbara Moore: “I’ll wait. I’ll come back when it’s open. I think he said Monday.” ANDREW: years for Golden Corral I’ve seen anywhere for an opening. Ever.” ANDREW: THE RESTAURANT HAD IT’S STRUGGLES WITH THE LAND AND CONSTRUCTION. THEY STILL DON’T HAVE WORKING PHONES. BUT THEY HAVE FOOD. MANY CAN’T WAIT, BUT OTHERS ARE SKEPTICAL, AND EVEN JUDGEMENTAL. Andrew Donovan: “Syracuse is such a good food city, what do you say to the people that hear about golden corral, and say why would i go to a chain? how do you sell them?” Allan Lavelle: “come and try it.” Allan Lavelle: “We’re getting fresh produce, we’re getting what you’re going to get, why go anywhere else.” ANDREW: ABOUT 16 DOLLARS FOR ADULTS, AND LESS FOR CHILDREN. EVEN BEFORE OPENING, THE BUFFET IS FULL OF FOOD. FROM SALADS — TO BEEF — TO CHICKEN — TO THE SIGNATURE DESSERT. Allan Lavelle: “They say when you opening, opening, i say ten, they say be here at ten, i say be here at eight, so you can be in the building at ten. The lines are going to be long, but we seat a lot of people.” ANDREW: AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’LL HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE TO FILL THEM. IN SYRACUSE, ANDREW DONOVAN, NEWSCHANNEL NINE. ROD: THE GENERAL MANAGER MOVED TO SYRACUSE, WHERE HIS WIFE IS FROM, SEVEN YEARS AGO — WHEN

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