Instructions for Making the Christmas Charm Bracelet Kit

Instructions for Making the Christmas Charm Bracelet Kit

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Megan with
and today I’m going to show you how to make this Christmas charm
bracelet from the Christmas charm bracelet kit In your kit you’re going to receive one
foot of green aluminum chain, four little Christmas lights charms, two green and two red, four crystal AB Czech fire polished glass
beads, four head pins. I have one extra here and a lobster clasp. You’re gonna need a pair of chain nose pliers, a pair round nose
pliers, a pair of cutters and a ruler. So to start
we’re gonna make little dangles from our Czech glass
beads by putting them onto head pins and creating simple wire loops place a bead onto a head pin, take a pair of
chain nose pliers bend the wire above the bead at about a 45 degree angle take your round nose pliers and grasp just above that bend, you wanna make a
large enough loop to fit over the chain. So you’re gonna
want a place that about an quarter inch from the end of your pliers wrap the wire around the pliers rotate your pliers and complete the loop. Take your cutters and trim off the excess you just do that three more times
until you have all of your beads on the head pins bend the wire with around the nose wrap it around, rotate and finish the loop trim we’re gonna put this aside and measure
our chain standard bracelet sizes are usually
seven or eight inches you can decide how long you want your
bracelet to be I’m making mine eight inches. So if you have a smaller wrist, you can make yours 7, for a larger
wrist you can make it 8 it also depends on how you want it to
fit. Charm bracelets can usually hang a little bit looser. I’m just going
to measure eight inches. This is an open link chain
so you don’t have to cut it just going to place the split in the last link at the top and just like a jump ring grasp one side with a set of pliers on each side and just pull the sides away from each other.
Don’t pull it apart like this, you’re just going to move them to either side and now remove
the extra chain. While you have this open we’re
going to attach our clasp so just place that clasp onto the last link and slide those back to meet and now we’re just going to use the last
open link to the other side for the clasp. So now all that’s left is to hang our charms and the beads off the bracelet So if you’ve making it. If you’re making a
different size bracelet you gonna want to figure out the best placement for your charms and beads for an eight inch bracelet I’m going to
skip three links between each so I’m going to go ahead and lay this out the
same way that I have done it up here you wanna make sure that your chain is
nice and straight that it doesn’t have any twists in it so that everything hangs to one side you’re just gonna lay out a bead, a charm, a bead, a charm and alternate your colors. I’m gonna go ahead and start the first bead dangle in the second loop. If you’re
doing this size, if you’re doing a different size you can space yours out and
see where you’d like to put you first bead so use your chain nose pliers to open
that loop up just by pushing into one side place it onto the second link in the
chain and then pull it closed I will go ahead and place my chain flat
and make sure it’s flat after everything I hang from it to make sure that I have everything
hanging from the same side of the chain next your gonna take one of the red Christmas light charms you gonna open your jump ring by grasping one side with a pair of pliers and pulling the sides apart. Skip three links and hang the charm on the chain just close that jump ring back up make sure that that’s in the middle of
the links that it hangs from. They can get kinda stuck on
the corners take your next dangle and open the loop, skip three links and hang it from the next link, close the loop, take a green charm open the jump ring, skip three links and hang the charm from the fourth link, close the ring skip three links, hang next dangle from the fourth link, close those up, take your last red charm, open the jump, skip three links, take your last dangle, open that loop up, hang it from the fourth link and then you can take your last charm open the jump ring close that up. Now you have your whole charm bracelet. All you’re going to do is take that clasp and link it onto the last empty chain loop and you’re
ready to go. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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