Intense Gold de Parfums Vintage ¡nuevo 2019! la mejor inspiración de Creed Aventus

Intense Gold de Parfums Vintage ¡nuevo 2019! la mejor inspiración de Creed Aventus

hello friends. How are you? today we go with the
review of a house perfume Vintage Parfums, here we have it, let’s
know your notes and comment This perfume is from the year 2019, its notes are pineapple and apple heart notes bergamot, pineapple, rose and jasmine
and its base notes patchouli, musks, gray amber, vanilla and
birch, this perfume let’s see your box we are going to get to the point and the truth is that this perfume
in this line Parfum Vintage has a extreme resemblance to what Aventus de Creed is here we have it in their first lines of perfumes they already took out some
perfume that looked a lot like Aventus de cría en esta nueva creación en este
intenso gold lo que nos encontramos son sus notas potenciadas en este caso es
más intenso tiene una duración buenísima between 10 am and 9 am
a fantastic fix between that gray amber and those woody touches of
background, it is a delight because above all what we are going to feel very much is the
pineapple touch enhanced from the start of perfume is as if they had given it
a little push to intensify that aroma that makes it impressive, for
true, this is so much for men as for women, Creed Aventus is also for both men and women because this perfume is exciting It has a touch that I like a lot, is that
when you go in the hours we can put 3-4 hours what we are also going to
notice is the touch of vanilla that I would also say that stands out above
of the wooden notes, I’ve tried some other perfumes that are also …
who want to be … imitations of Aventus and many times the woods stand out more
than other notes within this aroma however here in
this new Parfum Vintage perfume what we are going to find is the power
especially the pineapple note and the vanilla note between the different … from
the different perfumes equivalences and others that I have been able to prove from Aventus de Creed what is intense Gold eau de parfum from Vintage Parfums this one gets the best grade, one
of the best perfumes intensity and duration is considered
within what are these types of perfumes also a niche perfume, so a lot of quality today I will leave for
course down between the comments page page where can we find it
because they also ship internationally because if not I don’t
could have so I hope you liked this video and meet this perfume with me, a huge kiss to all and see you at the next perfume


  1. Saludos Amiga Muy interesante con piña 🍍 me encanta la piña 😍Gracias por la recomendación y información sobre este perfume. Feliz fin de semana! 🍁

  2. Es verdad eso que dijiste Isa,?credd aventus es unisex ,yo creí que solo era para cabelleros,e oído mucho de ese perfume pero no lo conozco,

  3. Hola Isa!! Un saludo desde México y porfavor has reseña del nuevo de Ferragamo el signorina ribelle porfavor con esa hermosa botella rosa brillante!!! Muchas gracias❤️

  4. Me gustan mucho los unixe , y tu estas muy guapa, viendote en videos antiguos, has cambiado para mejor😍😘🌷🌷

  5. Isa te parecería bien enseñarnos en un vídeo cómo funciona lo de hacer pedidos fuera de Europa? Me refiero a los temas de aduanas, si es seguro, cuánto encarece el producto… hay mucho miedillo y desinformación, por lo menos en mi caso, y me da cosilla aventirarme a comprar y que haya líos… muchas gracias guapetona. Besos

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