Interviewing David Gold From Dapix | EP#193

Interviewing David Gold From Dapix | EP#193

Hey everyone, I’m Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness and today we’re here with David Gold who is the CEO of Dapix who is currently building out the FIO protocol and if you could just start
by telling us a little bit about yourself that’d be awesome
sure um so I’ve been in the venture entrepreneur side for a long time
engineer by education was a dot-com entrepreneur built we ran a b2b
procurement company during that day raised over 25 million in venture
capital had an M&A event after the crash so we actually got smaller and
profitable became an angel investor became a VC with General Partner a VC
fund for over 11 years jumped in to lead our blockchain investment several years
back and went down the crypto rabbit hole and quickly saw that in one sense
there were some similarities to blockchain during the early days of the
worldwide web and that I I saw the technology and saw wow this could be
really disruptive and game-changing like the web but not terribly different from
when I opened my mosaic web browser on dial-up I said this technology really
sucks today so who’s gonna fix this who’s gonna make this really user
friendly and started looking around to see what was being done and honestly
couldn’t find a solution I believe was gonna solve the UX issues and that led
to the genesis of the ideas behind the field furrball that’s awesome yeah yeah
for sure definitely in the preliminary stages
where like today people who use the Internet don’t really need to know
what’s underlying like and all the protocols underlying and they don’t and
they’re not aware of them and that’s where we need to take blockchain
technology to the point where the average person doesn’t need to be aware
and they can still use it fluently and I think that’s that’s really important so
so how busy are is your day now like with everything that you’ve got going on
what does your day look like on an average day uh it’s pretty crazy and it
seems like it never stops but yeah we’ve got so much going on we’re getting ready
to launch our test net in the next several weeks we launched our geo
address pre-sales several weeks ago closed or Siri they venture around led
by finance in August so yeah there’s a lot going on as we move towards
maintenance in the first part of next year yeah absolutely so for people who
aren’t aware of what Depok scizor FIO can you give a bit of an introduction to
both of those yeah so DAP X is just the venture-backed company that’s building
the Pheo protocol and faeo stands for the foundation for inter wallet
operability feos goal in terms of a result standpoint is to deliver the kind
of results that HTTP did for the internet for blockchain and that is to
create an industry-standard usability protocol that acts as a service layer
and sits between wallets and enables an entirely different user experience it’s
impossible today including out of the gate with the first iteration the
ability for users to not even have to know or see what a public address is the
ability to send requests for payments today everything in crypto is send only
and most transactions of value in the real word start with a request a bill in
order card check and invoice are all requests for payments that concept of
decentralized requests dreams doesn’t exist field will enable that and the
ability to include data in an identical way across all tokens or coins another
quarter card an invoice so all three of those will be the three initial
capabilities feel a little naval and it will enable that in existing wallets
exchanges in crypto payment processing platforms we are none of those we help
make all of those better or the glue that sits between all of those via an
industry-standard communication for a long yeah
yeah absolutely because of the very few similar projects that I know are doing
this they lack interoperability with a bunch of different wallets like they
only work with one or two wallets and they’re very you know not well known and
not widely used so it’s like a huge resistance point for people so I think
it’s really key that it can work with everything so people don’t have because
people shouldn’t have to change what they’re using
or interoperability obviously it should solve that so that they shouldn’t have
to do things differently and then they can just make a smoother experience so
and that’s why we have you know we built this from the beginning with industry
involvement we have 28 industry partners including companies like finance and
finances trust wall advances is one of our investors we have companies like
edge and we know me and shape-shift and Bitcoin calm and and Carter Wallet and
atomic wallet and the list just goes on on and is growing all the time and then
and the foundation itself is an industry guided nonprofit foundation which will
ultimately be the center of gravity for the protocol once our company releases
all the code in the main net and and and open sources it yeah yeah absolutely I
think that’ll be a extremely like a big push to the mainstream and mass adoption
and really streamlining all of that so for the people who are starting to take
advantage of other domains out there like other domain solutions
how does FIO stand out and how is it doing it differently I know obviously
you’re working with a lot more wallets but can you speak to that a little bit
more yeah so domain solutions you mean other naming solutions so and some of
them yeah yeah one of the things you know few addresses are not web domains
they they are not a web naming system there are a couple other efforts out
there yet just deal with the concept of naming Pheo is much more than just
naming out of the box it is payment requests and cross-chain metadata in the
future it’ll be things like multi decentralized multi-sig routing the
concept of recurring payments in a decentralized way becomes possible
reverse lookup of non fungible tokens that are self sovereign whole bunch of
things that Theo can do so you know naming systems that are out there they
most of them are trying to be very broad and actually be decentralized website
naming wallet naming all those sorts of things
wee-bey actually enable in the future paths for
some of those to work as aliases on feel because we really feel doesn’t care
alternately it’s about delivering the actual workflow and usability that leads
up to transaction and in the future some of it that happens after transactions is
what Pheo is is all about so you know there is overlap its own any part
but-but-but Pheo doesn’t vision is different than just naming it’s bigger
than just just naming yeah absolutely it seems like you guys take it way further
than just that so so all the other all the other projects that are just trying
to scratch that surface are only just doing a tiny portion of what you guys
are already already doing yeah in some sense and then in some areas there they
may at least talk about doing things that at least we don’t envision doing
for example the concept of decentralized web domains is not part of what the Pheo
protocol is about Pheo is all about making the process of moving
decentralized value extraordinarily user friendly and so that doesn’t fit with
the content because of decentralized web web domains is a very different category
of needs and desires and not something you do but is something that other you
know some of the other naming systems are focused on we actually think that
that’s a conflation of two different things
decentralized websites need to be completely open and open text by nature
anybody who wants to put your website needs to be able to type it in and
resolve it to a DNS behind the scenes not to go to it that’s not true with
wallet names there’s a lot of good reasons why you won’t don’t want
necessarily want everybody in the world to be able to resolve your wallet name
to your public addresses there’s privacy things that need to be done that we’ve
taken into account with the Pheo protocol yeah yeah for sure and so so what are
some of the big updates coming soon for fi oh I know you talked a little bit
about that but if you can expand on that a little more yeah so the the biggest
next thing we just launched our field address presale addresses not Fiona
foundation so people can pre reserve few addresses and been on a few domains but
the next big thing is we’ll be launching our first version of our test net here
in the next several weeks the API is and SDKs will become available
so companies and people won’t have to ask our permission to do test
integrations to a test net and then after that we’ll go to a phase 2 where
we actually start to invite you in outside parties to run nodes on the test
net as well after that so those are the next big things from the community that
are gonna be gonna be coming awesome yeah no that’s that’s huge so so where
do you feel that FIO fits in with other similar projects I know we we just sort
of touched on that but how do you feel it sort of fits in with the other
projects that are doing this or maybe how it’s very uniquely different from
other projects so we’re not we don’t think there’s any other project that’s
doing exactly what we’re doing and we think about you know a service layer
that handles workflow messaging communication about the sending of value
and other chains but does not send the value that happens from a technical
perspective the same way it does today we user experience perspective it
happens very differently technically the end result is the same I mean I would
say we’re not aware of any other project that talks about that kind of goal the
only overlap tends to be at that concept of having to have a human readable
wallet name as part of that construct and you know so there is no human
readable wallet naming system that is clearly recognized as the naming system
so this point with what we’re doing to make feel functional we have to provide
that as well as I mentioned we we actually may have roadmap items that
provide aliases to other naming systems and ultimately there may end up being
just one naming system and if so you know that’s a naming system that Theo
will use that might be few addresses wait maybe it’s not but that
no matter where that is all the rest of the work flow around the transactions of
value needs to have its own industry standard protocol to enable two
disparate wallets or a wallet and a crypto payment processing platform to
actually enable that kind of capability between them they have to have a
standard that they agree on and how that’s gonna happen in order to send a
request for payment from one wallet to another you can’t do that today because
the under like watching protocols don’t have that capability and even if they
did they would each work differently right and from a user standpoint the
concept of things working differently becomes very confusing so having the
standardized homogeneous service layer that abstracts away the underlying
differences between blockchains creates that user-friendly environment and it
makes you know sending a request for Bitcoin identical to sending it for you
know like coin or or yose or or any other token or coin or just simply
sending those becomes identical as well yeah yeah and that definitely really
streamlined it for making it a lot easier for people to to get involved it
I feel like this is exactly what what we need for the people who really struggle
with you know understanding blockchain and how crypto works to really get those
people in and and that’s where mass adoption comes so where do you see FIO
going in the next year in the next five years what is the what is the roadmap
generally look like yeah so maintenance part of next year will continue to grow
the field members that are working on integrating the protocol I you know
we’re now getting users engaged and expect to have a large number of users
who have pre-registered few addresses before may Menten are eager and waiting
for that cape functionality after main net it’s all about you know usage and
adoption right and getting users to utilize it within the rocks which which
were highly confident they will as soon as it’s available because it’s just
anybody who’s seen the demos which are on the Fiona Foundation website go wow
that is a much better experience so that’s that’s the roadmap through the
next year launch main net drive forward with with adoption with the ultimate
goal quite honestly of making it the industry standard for for the
service layer and our goal you know review Pheo is not competing with any
other blockchain you know a lot of the block chains out there view themselves
as competitors with each other in terms of what they’re trying to know vo is its
own self standing delegated proof estate protocol our our goal is we don’t see
ourselves compete with any other block chains we want to make them all better
we want to provide a service layer that that quite honestly enables them to not
have to worry about the usability layer so they can focus on the critical work
they’re doing at the infrastructure and plumbing layers which still has a lot
left to be done right in terms of improvements so that’s that’s our vision
and our goal awesome awesome so what is the what does the current
user base size looking like like I know you guys just recently started doing
pre-sales but what’s that looking like so far you know so we literally just
launched the pre-sale in the last several weeks and we’ve gotten a lot of
response I don’t remember the last numbers on the number of domains and are
under auction but there’s a lot and few addresses are getting registered and a
number of our wallet partners are gearing up to run some pretty cool
promotions for their users around it so it’s been great you know and it’s it’s
early but people are registering for something that they can’t actually use
right now because it’s three reserving right but it enables them to be ready to
use it at main that launch and that’s that’s that’s what’s cool and that we’ve
already got you know feel members that are doing an initial integration of the
protocol to enable this I don’t know if that’s ever happened before you actually
have industry partners doing an integration with a protocol for actual
real world users while it was still a test net phase because they need to
enable the key generation even though the users don’t need to know that’s what
it is they are told that is click on a button or a link in their wallet to
basically generate the key pair that’s associated with the Pheo address they’re
reserving but they don’t see that address or even know that’s what’s going
on but our wallets are already doing that integration out of the box so
that’s how how how much support we have from the industry for what we’re doing
here ya know that’s awesome yeah I don’t know of any other projects that have
much development going on in such an early phase so is are you or any of the
team going to be attending any events this year or next year what is what is
what does that schedule look like yeah sorry upcoming events we are sponsoring
WCC in Vegas week after next and San Frisco blockchain week so I’ll be
acceptance of blockchain week I’m on a panel there and two of our team members
are sheep decentralization officer and our director marketing will be at WCC so
yeah those are two upcoming events that we will definitely be at and I likely am
going to be at block show in Singapore as well so those first two will have a
decent presence at awesome awesome and I’ll be giving away free theo addresses
there so attendees of those events will actually be able to get a they’ll get a
little card and insert with their swag bag and they can use that to scan a QR
code and get three few addresses awesome yeah so definitely got to go in attend
for sure so where can everyone go and learn more about the FIO protocol yeah
Sophie Oh fi o dot foundation is the website there’s explainer videos there’s
demo videos we have our full white paper and roadmap they’re really a complete
set of information all the partners are listed there all the press and news is
listed there and there’s links to the Pheo address pre-sale site which is a
separate site from from Theo dot foundation as well awesome awesome and
is there anything else that you’d like to share before we end this off no I
mean I think we covered most everything I guess I would say to viewers imagine a
world where you know the process of moving decentralized value around was as
simple as sending an email or sending a request to somebody and saying hey send
me that you know ten bucks that’s what Theo enables and will enable
a whole bunch of other great capabilities as well we truly are
revolutionising the usability of crypto and that’s going to be key to enabling
mass adoption you know if you ever want crypto to be used in commerce and for
real utility it has to be easy to use and back to the internet example it was
around four for a decade and its growth rate was
pretty darn slow and there was a decent number of people’s using the internet
before before HTTP in the World Wide Web but the growth rate was pretty slow and
what the native growth to explode was the world wide web made it easy and
intuitive use right all of a sudden average person on the street could start
to interact with it because all I had to do is point and click right that’s all I
need to do but before that you were dealing with telnet and cute FTP and all
kinds of funky protocols and different apps and entering an IP addresses and it
was not something the average person was doing that’s where we’re at with
blockchain today we’re still in that phase absolutely awesome so if people
want to get ahead of the curve gotta go check out FIO thank you so much for for
doing this I think I learned a little bit too so so yeah make sure to go check
out FIO and thank you so much for for being on thanks for your time


  1. • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? – 0:15

    • How busy are you now / How does your day look? – 1:57

    • Can you give us a brief introduction to the FIO? – 2:30

    • Human-readable wallet identifiers are so important, and many people are starting to take advantage of the multiple naming solutions out there. How does FIO stand out/ what will FIO do differently? – 5:45

    • What are the next big updates for the FIO to release soon or that are in the works? – 8:30

    • Where does the FIO fit in with other existing similar projects? – 9:20

    • Where do you see the FIO going in the next year? The next 5 years? – 11:59

    • What is the current userbase size and how well is the project growing? – 13:40

    • Will you or any of your team be attending any upcoming crypto or blockchain-related events? – 15:10

    • Can you share with everyone where they can go to learn more about this? – 16:04

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