Introducing Nouvelle Copper Luxe Onyx | Anolon

Introducing Nouvelle Copper Luxe Onyx | Anolon

Hi, I’m Marge Perry. And I’m David Bonom. And we’re chefs, culinary instructors, and
recipe developers. We’ve been cooking on Anolon’s Nouvelle Copper
line for quite some time now – they’re the pans we choose when we’re developing recipes
for cookbooks and magazines. And also when we want to make dinner. Anolon has extended the line with this new
Luxe version, and this one is Onyx and I think it’s so gorgeous. This copper layer ensures that the pan heats
up really quickly and evenly, and also that it retains its heat so you’re not constantly
jiggling the knob on the stove. The nonstick exterior not only looks great,
it means it’s easy to keep the pan looking sharp even after a ton of use. And makes it dishwasher safe. And while we’re on the subject of cleaning,
Anolon’s signature flush rivets ensure that there’s nothing for food to get caught on. You can sear double cut pork chops and finish
them in the oven. Right, you can use them in the oven up to
500 degrees, and they work on all cooktops: gas, electric, and induction. And while function means everything to us,
we also think that the graceful shape and beautiful Onyx color of this collection make
it really good looking. And really, when friends are hanging out in
our kitchen, we like that the cookware looks as good as our kitchen smells. OK, I’m feeling inspired. Me too. Let’s make dinner.

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