Introducing Nouvelle Copper Luxe Sable | Anolon

Introducing Nouvelle Copper Luxe Sable | Anolon

-Hi I’m Marge.
-And I’m David. Anolon’s Nouvelle Copper cookware has been our go-to when developing recipes for magazines, clients and our own cookbook. So I was kind of thrilled when they came out with this new Luxe version in a color they call Sable, which is a deep
rich brown. One of the reasons we’re such fans of Nouvelle Copper is right there in the name. This copper base is a great conductor of heat. That’s important to us because it means that the food cooks really evenly. The flush rivets make it super easy for food to slide out and it also helps to
keep the pan clean. Another thing that helps keep it clean – so this beautiful Sable exterior is more than just good looks, it’s nonstick, which means it stays
shiny and new whether I wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. While we cook on gas here at home, we often do demos on the road. And we never know if we’re going to get gas, induction or electric but, it doesn’t matter because Anolon’s Nouvelle Copper Luxe line works well on all cooking surfaces and it looks beautiful
while it’s working. Hey that’s what you say about me.

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