Introduction to Resin Jewellery : Basic Materials

Introduction to Resin Jewellery : Basic Materials

Hi Viewers… Now we will see the details about the trending Resin-Jewellery and the basic materials required for making them.. All these materials that you are seeing are required for Resin Jewellery we will see the details of the materials one by one Let me explain you about the Resin first There are 4 main types of Resins today but Epoxy Resin will be best suitable for Jewellery Making so I suggest always buy/ask for Epoxy resin when you are about to make Resin jewellery. We get Epoxy Resin in two-parts Part A- Resin, Part-B Hardner We will get a solid material by mixing both these liquids in a suggestible ration I will show that in the next video And you need to buy/ask for Clear Krystal Epoxy Resin Epoxy resin that you buy should not be in Pale yellow colour which will not be suitable for Jewellery making The clear resin will give great look to the all part of Resin Jewellery Read the details of the resin clearly before you buy that.. the resin should have details like the type of resin, mixing proportions, precautions etc. on it We need to use Measuring cups for mixing these liquids The Resin that I am showing here should be mixed in 2:1 ratio( 2 Resin: 1 Hardner ) you can use the measurements on these cups to mix the liquids I will show how to color the mixture of resin in the next video the next material is silicon molds you will get these molds in different sizes, shapes and patterns from the market silicon molds will be used to hold the resin mixture for a long time and we can separate it very easily from the silicon mold when compared with plastic molds The next one is Resin Colorant These will be available(different colors) in both liquid and powder form I will show how to use this colorant in the next video The next material: Glitters Glitters( of different colors) will be used for decoration purposes in the jewellery making.. Hand Driller we use this to make holes, attach the jump rings, and hang other materials to the resin jewellery Sand Paper Will be used to remove the excess particles of resin and to sharpen/shine the resin jewellery. Tools: Pendant base, hangers, jump rings, molds, etc I will show them how to use these in resin jewellery making in the next video Magnetic sheet This will be used as a base for some resin jewelries to stick on metal bodies.. can be used as a base for jewellery stickers.. That’s it:) These all the basic materials that can be used for Resin Jewellery making.. I will show how to use all these in the next video If you like this video, please like and share and please don’t forget to subscribe….! Thank you.


  1. Mam i am frm kerala. I like your work. I cannot find your next video. i want to know more about this type of jewlry making. So pls share your next video's link

  2. mam, please tell from where you purchased the resin… and about its cost as well as which company's resin you are using

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