iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Good and The Bad – (4K60P)

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Good and The Bad – (4K60P)

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the iPhone 11 pro max has been my main device over the past couple of weeks
I’ve used it every single day all day long and I’ve really been enjoying using
it compared to the XS Max but I wanted to go over the good and the bad
there are some great things about it and there’s a couple bad things and not as
many as maybe last year but there are a few so let’s go over those now the first
thing you need to know is that the iPhone 11 pro and the 11 Pro max are
identical in every single way except for the screen size of five point eight for
6.5 inches and also the battery capacity the iPhone 11 pro max has a very large
battery in it and it will last a little bit longer than the 11pro now the first
good thing is the display the display is incredibly bright it’s 800 nits average
brightness and then will peak out at 1200 nits if you’re trying to watch an
HDR movie for example the display looks incredible it’s a nice and vibrant it’s
super color accurate and it’s easy to see in sunlight you’ll see I have this
wallpaper that’s actually very dark in some areas and light and others and I
can still see it fine in bright sunlight so that’s a really great thing on this
new phone is it’s just super bright it’s brighter than the XS Max not by a ton
but it is brighter now something people ask me about all the time is PWM or
pulse width modulation and PWM is the way an OLED display controls brightness
and Apple is using that here but they’ve increased the rate fast enough where it
doesn’t bother my eyes anymore so it’s at about 290 Hertz it’s flickering fast
enough that it seemingly doesn’t bother me at all like previous generations of
Apple’s o LEDs I actually have a hard time looking at them it causes me to be
nauseated and gives me headaches so this year it doesn’t do that I’m happy to
report that and that’s definitely a positive for me the next positive thing
for me is build quality the build quality on this phone seems better to me
it’s stainless steel around the outside edge but also there’s no sharp edges
like there was on the tennis Maxx for me this was a sharp lip right here so it
was really sharp around the edges and overall it just didn’t feel built as
well as the iPhone X for example so this year we’re back to very high
quality I know some people didn’t have that issue but I did on a couple
different phones so it’s much better this year and they’ve always been
high-quality but this just feels even better now the phone is constructed of
glass which it’s been that way since the iPhone 8 and this year it’s got a matte
finish on the back and I actually find this to be a good thing and the reason I
say that is it’s less slippery if you’re not using a case I think it’s great for
me I know some people think it’s more slippery I actually find it to be less
slippery so the front is the same the back is less slippery for me if you’re
not using a case of course if you’re using a case it’s going to be even
better the next positive thing for me is battery life battery life is easily
three to four hours better on the iPhone 11 pro max than it was on my XS Max
with regular software if I’m not using betas it’s definitely an incredible jump
when it comes to battery and that’s thanks to a much larger battery so we’re
seeing that not only due to the new chipset inside but also the battery
itself and that leads me over to the new a 13 Bionic that’s another major
positive it’s incredibly fast the a 13 Bionic is just super fast all of the
time there’s no issues as far as scrolling frame rates are super smooth
as you can see here and because this video is in 4k 60 I think you can
appreciate just the smoothness and the speed overall now a lot of people ask me
how reception is on the new phones and I’m happy to report it’s much better for
me than the XS Max now the tennis max reception wise was okay for me but this
is a big leap especially with speeds and also Wi-Fi speeds now that it supports
Wi-Fi 6 so I’m happy to report that next year we’ll probably see Qualcomm modems
or some variants in sample bought Intel pant patents this time around but we’re
stuck with Intel phones in this particular generation now other than the
major positive of battery life we also have incredible cameras this year and
these cameras are so good I’ve been using them for video in fact I’m using
them for the entire video while shooting this so right now the forward facing
camera is what I’m recording with and the rest of the video is recorded with
the rear facing camera of the pros so they’re just incredible cameras but
let’s take a closer look at some of the features and see what the photos look
like now the cameras this year is what really makes this phone stand out Apple
has done a terrific job of making them incredibly good so you’ll see I’m
zoomed out using the ultra line I can go to 1x or 2x back out and the 1x and 2x
are stabilized and they’re incredibly stable when walking and I’ll show you
that in a moment but if we go back out to the ultra wide it’s actually so wide
that if I slide my finger up from the bottom it’s in the frame even though
it’s not near the lens so it’s an incredibly wide shot and looks really
good if you’re trying to capture a ton of information when you’re in the Photos
app it’s really interesting because it’s stitching together the ultra wide and
the 1x camera so if i zoom in you’ll see now it’s stitching together the 2x and
the 1x camera zoom back out to ultra wide then it stops going over the actual
frame so it’s kind of an interesting way to see what you can see in other lenses
if you want to zoom in and out it is a little bit difficult to frame though so
if you want to change that hit this little arrow here and now we have
options for things like 16:9 so I want to go one X to 16:9 now I can see the
whole thing and it makes it a little bit easier to frame when you’re going
between 4:3 16:9 maybe for a thumbnail on YouTube and then you have some other
options here with filters and time lapse and flash as well Apple this year has really improved
stabilization so you’ll see I’m at 1x just walking down a trail and it seems
to be very very stable it can zoom into 2x and it’s still pretty stable it’s
gonna get a little more wobbly but back out to 1x and then if I switch to ultra
wide the stabilization shuts off so now I’m at ultra wide and because it’s such
a wide shot you don’t really need a stabilized lens it’s pretty stable
overall now when you’re in an environment that’s dark enough a little
icon will show up on the iPhone and this indicates the new night mode and Apple
has added this to the new iPhones so that you can capture more light and
process better photos when it’s dark out and you could still use the flash here
but night mode you can activate it when the icon shows up otherwise there’s no
way to activate it manually but it just shows up as it gets darker up and then
you have some options for exposure times or your aperture so depending on if
you’re holding it by hand or if it’s on a tripod this time will vary based on
motion it’s sensing using it using its sensors now let’s take a look at a very
dark environment and I’ll show you what this can actually do now we’re in a dark
environment and there’s almost no ambient light and the iPhone actually
knows that it’s dark and also knows that it’s on a tripod so it allows us to turn
the capture time up to 30 seconds for maximum exposure so let’s go ahead and
hit the button to record the photo and you’ll see it’s very dark and as it
starts to gather light it starts to expose on the iPhone screen itself and
this is really interesting to watch and the maximum time is 30 seconds and it’s
pretty amazing the results you can get because it will get details that I can’t
see for example you’ll see there’s a small white box there that’s actually an
iPhone box but I can’t see that with my Lutton with my eyes without any lights
on so I can’t make out any detail on it I just know there’s a faint shadow that
looks like a box in the background and so I can’t see it with my own eyes let’s
go ahead and take a closer look at it so there is the photo that it actually
was able to capture it was able to capture the word iPhone and I can’t see
that word at all in this particular environment even with these screens on
there’s not enough light for me to see it I can only see that LED that’s right
there and that’s about it there’s not a whole
lot of light in this room it’s pretty amazing what it can do and this is not
the ideal situation but this gives you an idea of what it can do now here’s the
exact same background I haven’t moved anything but this is what it looked like
before I turned off the lights off so you’ll see it did a pretty good job of
capturing and overall take a look at a couple other photos that were captured
at night now Apple has finally included a fast
charger in the box with the phone this is an 18 watt fast charger similar to
that of the iPad pro it’s USB c2 lightning and will charge the phone
about 50% in 30 minutes now the last positive is the speakers the speakers
are really good on this phone you’ve got the forward facing speaker on the top
and then the down firing speaker on the bottom and combined they have a really
nice sound it’s a wider sound as Apple calls it and it’s just better overall
it’s really really loud and I’m glad they’ve just made it better and better I
didn’t think you could get much louder than the XS Max but these definitely
feel louder to me now let’s move on to the bad or the negative things about
this phone and the first thing is they’ve removed 3d touch now I know a
lot of you are not going to be bothered by that but if you are familiar with
using 3d touch and like to use it they’ve removed the way it works it’s
now a long press or haptic touch and while that doesn’t bother me too much
it is a little bit slower and it’s just not as nice it feels like they’ve
removed a feature although they have added battery life because they were
able to make the display thinner and probably it’s for future design since
it’s hard to implement that pressure layer underneath
now the next bad thing is the price the price continues to start at $1,000 and
goes all the way to about $1,500 in the United States that can be much higher
overseas and it’s a problem for a lot of people now of course there’s the iPhone
11 which is a good option for most people but if you want that better
display and that ultra wide camera along with the telephoto lens
you’ll have to opt for at least $1000 plus and or at least wait another year
until they come down in price so that’s going to be a big negative for a lot of
people and finally while this may or may not be a negative for some people
they’re probably going to redesign this phone next year many people are
expecting a full redesign with possibly a smaller notch maybe even a larger
battery or similar size battery and then maybe even an iPhone 4 type style so if
you want the latest and greatest you may want to wait until next year
you have a XS Max or a X because the full redesign seems to be a three year
cycle and this is the third iteration of this phone so that may be a problem for
you otherwise I highly recommend it so that’s it for the good and bad of the
iPhone 11 pro and pro max let me know what you think about it in the comments
below I still recommend it to anyone looking for an upgrade if you love the
iPhone ecosystem or iOS ecosystem it’s only going to get better from here on
out with deep fusion coming to the cameras later with 13.2 or it may be out
by the time you’re watching this it just gets better and better and less buggy
over time as far as updates are concerned but let me know your
experience with it in the comments below and if you’re picking one up or maybe
you’re going to hold off until next year thanks so much for watching and if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that notification bell
if you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as they’re released if
you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching I’ll
see you next time


  1. Had the Pro Max, but after a couple days I returned it. Sticking with the X and remaining optimistic for the 12. There just wasn’t enough there for me to justify the price, which was just over $1700 with tax on the 512gb model.

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  6. Compared to the battery on the X, which is what I had before switching to the 11 Pro Max, the battery life is incredible. My morning consists of me going to work putting in my AirPods and pulling up YouTube videos. I do data entry so I’m on the computer majority of the day with YouTube running almost constantly and the battery lasts all day plus some. I love it

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  9. After my update my battery 🔋 dies faster than before wtffff. Apple stay scamming people into making them believe the new iPhone pro Max has better battery life . 🤦‍♂️

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  11. @zollotech –

    Really love the fact that u give PWM it’s due attention & go into detail on it. Apple is relatively new to OLED & clearly are still tweaking, iterating & evolving their implementation.

    I’m waiting out for the day they release OLED phones that are actually really dimmable, as opposed to the simulated dimming using PWM to fool the brain.

    The eyes are still receiving direct blasts of incredibly bright & sharp light, and considering the amount of time we spend on our phones today, and the environments we spend them in, subjecting your eyes to a display that’s actually at full brightness but fooling your brain into thinking it’s dimmed, is a bad bad idea for long term eye health IMO.

    Even if they adjust the PWM frequency so that a larger percentage of people don’t feel symptoms, it doesn’t change the underlying fact that, for eg, if I wake up at night & need to look at my phone, my pupils would be very dilated, and then suddenly boom they’d be blasted with some 800 nits of sharp OLED light. That can’t be good for the eyes, regardless whether one feels the nausea or gets the headaches.

    What do u think?

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  15. I upgraded from the 7 and the battery life is insane. I get up at 7 AM for School. I Put it to charge around 1 AM and I have 53% on average.

  16. As always, thanks for your great review Aaron! Far as I can see though, nothing exceptional with the 11 outside of the camera. I reckon whether it be Apple or Android, they both starting to hit a wall now with new models… i.e. They're ain't nothing really exciting or new. I'm far from any tech expert , but I'm loving my 10R, works fabulous, and beautiful to use! In no hurry whatsoever to purchase later model.

  17. Coming from a X, the Pro Max is just amazing so far. I can’t kill the battery and the camera upgrade is just incredible. It’s well worth the money for me so far… the trade-in was worth it. I look forward to seeing what Apple does next year.

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    Slow Down phones….
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  31. Zollotech So this has an increased refresh rate over the iPhone X? Why are these cameras only 12mp? Also is deep fusion available for use yet?

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    I missed 3d touch for the first week but the improvement in battery life was well worth the trade.

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