iPhone 6 Unboxing (Gold + Space Gray)

iPhone 6 Unboxing (Gold + Space Gray)

Iphone 6 make you all crazy Hi guys new hidden specifications on iphone 6 PREEEESENTED BYYYYY SQUARESPACE What’s up guys, Lew back here with a brand new video And today it’s all about the iPhone 6 as I’m sure you know It’s early in the morning and I’ve got two of them in front of me A gold as well as a space gray And then I have two more that are coming at noon That’s when I’ll get the 6 Plus as well as the 128 gigabyte 6 Now that sounds like a lot of iPhones That’s because I’m gonna do what I usually do And give one back to you guys I know I have said i would give iphones before but i didnt but Just make sure you’re subscribed to the channel Hit the subscribe button, and more information about that giveaway is coming up very shortly But let’s not hesitate any further Let’s take a look at these two initial iPhones These are our 64 gigabyte models I think that’s sort of the best value 16 gigs doesn’t seem like enough these days, in my opinion And 128 gigs, I probably wouldn’t personally use So, here we have the Space gray, iPhone 6, that is a nice size I have to admit, I am a little bit worried About, the size of the 6+ Having played with the dummy units Think it’s a little bit large for the one-handed operation That’s my opinion But of course, I’ll have that comparison coming up shortly on the channel So let’s go ahead and remove the plastic here That’s always the very fun part, heh Ya know, it’s really comfortable It’s a little bit heavier then the dummy unit, which is to be expected I like the fact that on the space gray model The antenna isn’t as quite much of an eyesore As it might be on the other model So since you have this protruding camera now It’s probably gonna make more sense to put a case on your device And there are a few options that are out there Course’ there is the official Apple case which is more expensive And then you got some stuff on Amazon that may or may not be rushed out In order to meet the demand of the new iPhone In many cases, they may or may not have had the physical device They just based their case design off of a mockup Which as we know, they’re not identical by any means So a good option for you, and I’ll put a link in the description For more details on it is a company called ZooGue I’ve actually been using their products for a while and they’re having a crazy sale on iPhone 6 case pre-orders right now $4 for the iPhone 6 case and $5 for the 6+ case That’s coming down from a regular price of $15.99 and and 19.99, so an insane value there it comes in a bunch of different colors and the main thing here is so take away some of the risk Especially if you drop your phone straight down, flat on the glass since the case provides a little bit of a lip around the edge generally speaking, that lip is going to hit the ground first and stop the glass from shattering even a small amount of protection, thin protection can make a difference with your new expensive gadget so go ahead and check them out in the description anyways, back to the actual device the space-gray version of course has the black on the front and I think this is a good look personally you get a little bit better immersed in your content if you’re in a dark environment and generally speaking, I’m a fan of darker colors, you have your buttons that are now a little bit longer than the previous version No longer little, tiny circular ones Your hold switch is in this little location up here the camera which I already talked about, aswell as a circular flash now the power button is one of the big changes it has moved to the side of the device now, the device is bigger, it makes a lot of sence so that you can get a comfortable grip and that is sort of where your thumb naturally wants to rest The SIM card tray is in this location over here as well and the bottom is where the remaining ports are that’s where you’re gonna have your speaker, microphone as well as your lightning port and of course the headphone jack in that location right there Now other items inside the box we of course have your standard Apple paperwork you have the earpods which come in there nice little case here a power brick to charge up your device and of course a lightning cable so everything included in the box to get you up and running with your brand new phone let’s go ahead and unbox the second one this is the gold version we’ll do a little quick comparison here but I’ll probably do a more comprehensive camparison video when the other device is arrived which is hopefully very very soon like I said I’m hoping for around noon but anyways we can at least see two colors against one another here here is the gold one you know what and that’s not a bad look either I just sort of feel like the gold was a big deal last year and now it’s more about the size there’re other things that are new about the device besides just color so there’s not so much of a need to make a statement with your golden phone but anyways for some people this is gonna be what they like best and of course color is a subjective thing so it looks pretty nice once again you have this subdued gold finish champagne as it were the white outline for the antenna in this case as opposed to the grey which I think blends in a little bit better but I’m not not really a big deal either way and then on the front you’ve got a white bezel which some people like again a little bit flashier you have this gold round ring around the touch ID sensor a subjective thing you’re gonna have to decide for yourself which color you like best actually let me know down in the comments if you could get any iphone 6 which color would you like and also are you more interested in the 6 plus or the regular 6 let’s go ahead boot this up make sure nothing is oh the boot up screen are a little different so you have a white boot screen on the white version and a black boot up screen with a white Apple logo on the space grey version they feel better than the dummies which again is to be expected they don’t feel big comparative to the old one not as not as much as I expected so there we go we have the start up screens hello in a number of different languages I’m not gonna set these things up completely right now for the sake of keeping this video relatively short and to the point but as i mentioned before I have way too many iphones coming in today so if you want your shot at winning one just make sure to be a subscriber and I will have some more comprehensive comparisons on the way as the other phones arrive most specifically the 6 plus vs the 6 from a form factor perspective just stay tuned to the channel like I said subscribe if you haven’t yet and lot’s more iphones 6 stuff coming up very shortly just wanted to get you guys a quick unboxing video just like the old days very close to the actual moment of launch hope you guys appreciate it if you do leave a thumbs up down below and other than that I’ll catch you on the next episode later guys


  1. Still watching on my iPhone 6, still running fast and strong and won’t be changing it until Apple stops supporting it tbh

  2. I Have An IPhone 6s Space Grey And It’s The Best Phone I’ve Ever Had In My Life!😍😍📱

  3. I have an S10+ now but this phone has a special place in my heart.
    So many memories and it looks so cute lol

  4. I want to use iPhone 6 but it was so big because my hand was small but that is just my theory because I cant even touch that phone

  5. sometimes i wish i had an iPhone, but my mum never lets me buy one. apparently she says i “don’t know how to use them” even tho i do. she also says i have to be 14+ and it’s too expensive. 😔

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