iPhone 6s Unboxing & Hands-On (Rose Gold)

iPhone 6s Unboxing & Hands-On (Rose Gold)

Hey everybody. This is muwen360. Sorry I’m
a little late with my iPhone 6s coverage. I was supposed to get it yesterday but since
I missed the delivery, I got it today. Better late than never. Anyways After months of speculation
and rumor, the latest flagship phone from Apple, who jumpstarted the mobile revolution
for the year 2015 is finally here and right in front of you. So If you plan on picking
up an iPhone 6S for yourself, here’s what you can expect to see inside the packaging.
Let’s get the unboxing started. Here’s the packaging with a very familiar Apple look
to it. The wallpaper you get on the front of the box depends on which color you get
and it says iPhone 6s on both sides. You got your Apple logo here. On the back, you get
some basic information about the phone and as always it’s designed by Apple in California
and made in China. I picked up the 16Gig version but I would highly recommend you getting the
64gig version because there’s no microSD card to expand your storage which is why in
my honest opinion 16gigs of storage will run out pretty quickly. Enough talking, let’s
get the box opened. I’m upgrading to a knife this time to cut the plastic instead of using
fingernails. The phone will cost you about $649 for the full retail price for the 16gig
model. It’s more expensive if you want greater storage. I paid about $690 with tax for mine
and since I was one of the first to pre-order the device, which is why I’m lucky to receive
it on launch day. Though I believe it is the Verizon CDMA model which stinks because I’d
much rather get the unlocked version so I can use it on the carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile
if you know what m talking but it is what it is. Let’s lift up the lid. First and
foremost you’re greeted with the phone itself, the iPhone 6S in the Rose Gold color which
looks rather beautiful I think. In addition to this pink Rose Gold color, there is also
Silver, Space Gray, and a champagne kind of Gold color. Let’s put this away for a second
I promise I’ll get back to it soon. Underneath the phone is the carton securing it in the
packaging with that nice cut-out for the camera bulge. Then you get your documentation. Quick
start guide, safety and warranty information, and of course two Apple stickers. It doesn’t
hurt to read them when you’re bored because hey it came with your purchase. Lightning
to USB cable for charging and data transfer and nope it’s not USB Type-C. No fast charger
you just get Your Regular 5watt 1amp power brick. Last but not least, you get your Apple
Earpods with mic and in-line and remote control. Always nice to see manufactures bundling headphones
with their devices and these sound pretty sound good. And that’s all you get inside
the box. Let’s bring over the star of the show here, the iPhone 6SS. Feels solid in
the hand with the aluminum construction. Lightweight and thin. Although on paper, it’s just slightly
thicker than its predecessor and it does weigh more Apple had to accommodate some extra hardware
under the display for 3D Touch which I’ll talk about later. It does feel extremely fragile
though so unless you want to end up with a cracked screen within the first few months,
a protective case or skin is always a good idea. Giving you guys a tour of the phone,
you get your ring and silent switch on the left spine of the phone, volume up and down
keys all very tactile and high quality. On the right spine, you get your power button,
and a sim tray good for a nano SIM. On the back you have you new and improved 12 megapixel
iSight camera with 4K video recording capabilities and next to that is the true tone flash. On
the front you have your improved 5 megapixel Facetime camera with the earpiece and ambient
light sensors next to it. And also the homebutton integrated Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Now
let’s get this thing powered up. Apple logo and I’m showing this because some people
do like to see the boot up sequence. The 6S being an S year device isn’t too much different
in terms of design or the look and feel compared to the 6, which had more significant changes
to the hardware. But this generation of the iPhone has gotten a faster processor, the
Apple A9 chip. Finally 2gigs of RAM, and of course, 3D Touch the Halo feature of the new
iphone so there are a few reasons to upgrade if you’re looking to do so. Now let me just
quickly fast forward through the set-up and I’ll be with you shortly. Cool now we’re
in the homescreen of the 6s. The new multi tasking window as well as the new glow animation
for Siri confirms that iOS 9 is pre-installed out of the box. And here’s how 3D touch
works. Basically you when you apply pressure to an app on the screen, you get a contextual
menu with actions to perform without the need to open the application. So for example, if
I apply pressure onto the phone dialer, I have the ability to create a new contact.
Or if I have press hard on the camera, I can take selfie, record video, record slow mo
or take photo. Of course More on 3D touch will be available in our full video review
in the coming days. if want to get this or the 6S Plus, you can get it directly from
Apple online, or store. Carriers in the U.S. like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint should
also have them in-stock online and in retail stores nationwide. So a lot of ways to get
your hands on this thing. Links and more information are down in the description text below the
like button. Keep it locked here on this channel to see more including our full review, camera
samples, and accessories for the iPhone 6s. As always feel free to subscribe to see more
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let me know your experience down in the comments. I would to hear your thoughts. Thank you for
your time and I’ll catch you in the next one. Take care.


  1. Mine costs $524 total, thanks to T-Mobile's Jump On-Demand! special for 6S release. You pay $20/mo for 18 months and if you want to keep it afterwards, it turns out to $524. Pretty good deal, even if it is a 16GB. Same goes for the higher capacity variants, but obviously you'll have to pay the down payment for them.

  2. Fun fact Muwen, all LTE phones from Verizon come preunlocked ready for other carriers because of some network agreement made with the FCC. Pop in another SIM card if you want, it will work. I had a Verizon model iPhone 5S and it worked on both Cricket (AT&T MVNO) and T-Mobile. The Verizon models are the same iPhone's used on T-Mobile and AT&T, so they have a bit more resale value since they're more versatile out of the box. Only Sprint uses a different model iPhone because they're Sprint, the carrier you should avoid. 😛

  3. Hi I'm looking for some info and help. First i'd like to know how many gb are truly available in 16gb? . I have an iphone 5 and it's still 4 gb left and i wanna upgrade it but i don't wanna neither an old phone nor an useless one. Should i buy iphone 6 64 gb or iphone 6s 16 gb? Thanks in advance

  4. all verizon iphones come unlocked, due to an agreement with the FCC. i have used mine on tmobile just to see if it would work.

  5. That's stupid putting ur Apple ID on YouTube… Anybody can record this and put it in slow motion to see it normally..

  6. You should not show the password and you must change your Apple ID password, despite of speeding like that, someone can slow it down and steal your info ID

  7. Im getting this same phone from Verizon for 10 bucks a month and 24 monthly payments. ANd its 128 gigs so yeah i never buy the newest phone.

  8. no problems with the phone.>>>ur2.pl/1286 did not receive the ear buds and the charger as advertised. Amazon gave a substantial credit for the error and I was pleased with the adjustment.

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