Iran, Greece, Yellen and Precious Metals update by Illuminati Silver

Iran, Greece, Yellen and Precious Metals update by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 15 July 2015 and we are
issuing this short video to update you with what we believe to be the consequence of the
latest deal with Iran, Janet Yellen’s comments today, and the Greek assent vote and their
impact on precious metals. Gold prices fell today to a 4 month low after
US data showed a rebound in Industrial output and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen again
signalling her plan to raise interest rates before the end of the year. At the time of
this video gold is down just over $5 to $1149 and silver has fallen 27 cents to $15.10.
Presenting her Quarterly Monetary Policy Report to Congress Yellen said that interest rates
might “snap back more quickly’ as the boost to consumer spending from low oil prices
shows through more definitively. Now we want you to pay heed to her reference
to oil prices. Only yesterday, President Obama struck a Nuclear Deal with Iran. One of the
most significant aspects of this is that it could open up Iran’s vast crude oil reserves
to the rest of the world. Once Europe and the US ease their sanctions, Iran can ramp
up crude production and exports, thereby ensuring this new era of low oil prices. This is estimated
to take effect within 6 months to a year. Once the sanctions have been lifted, 30 – 37
million barrels of crude oil and condensate can be released to the market immediately
– as it is currently stored in tankers floating off the coast. With US production remaining
strong and Iraq and Saudi Arabia pumping record amounts, an oil glut or surplus is likely
to occur, which should prove helpful for improving economic activity around the world. It is
also likely to put pressure short-term on other commodities such as gold and silver
as the price of oil falls further. Not surprisingly, the Greek Prime Minister
has had a difficult job selling his deal to the Greek Parliament. With riots and the police
using tear gas against protestors using petrol bombs outside the Parliament Building, and
with the Deputy Finance Minister quitting and criticising the austerity plan, it appeared
the proposal would not pass. However, the Politicians know that the alternative at this
present time would mean short term economic catastrophe for certain, without being confident
about how it would all end. On that basis, and putting his Premiership on the line, Tsipras
has persuaded the Greek parliament to vote in favour of the austerity plan. With France
already accepting, and Britain being bribed it really now leaves Germany as the only real
stumbling block, and we are confident that they too will relent.
With another crisis seeming to calm down, economic figures weighing heavily on most
countries and especially now the BRICS Nations, and Summer holidays just around the corner,
this further endorses our view that precious metal prices will fall further over the coming
months. We hope you have found this short video helpful
and informative, and would appreciate it if you would give us a thumb up or down, comment
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Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Being a part of the US Fracking industry the hit has already started to show. This deal with Iran and what we have felt was coming certainly says to me it may be time to switch from the fields and look out upon other horizons. Sad as that may be for us in that industry the silver lining for myself is that pm's will drop lower and go stagnant for awhile.

  2. Once again, I agree with your video, but there is one wild card that could change things.

    A FALSE FLAG ATTACK .  …done to try and break up IRAN/ U..S  relations

  3. OK I am start getting confuse here, no matter with and without Greece problem & China stock crash, gold & sliver prices just keep going lower & lower. If world economic will collapse in Sept, then metals will go down because oil down too? if there is no collapse, then metals still go down because all money keep stick with stock market & dollar keep strong? So the Metal is in a long long down or sideward trend like in 1982-2002? Then we have to wait other 30 years to see our stacked metals raise again?

  4. I have enjoyed your videos. You preach other spectrum compared to Mike Maloney's and Chris Duane regarding silver as an investment. You advocate common sense. I do wonder, though, what is your movtivation in all this?

  5. Hey illuminati its Pete… hope all is well… thanks again for another fantastic video…. have a great Thursday…

  6. Thanks once again for sobering up my mind on silver investing. I listen to all your broadcasts and think, "yes that would be the most likeliest outcome".

    Them i listen to Mike Malony and the fool in me jumps and says, "go and get loads of silver". Then i check the spot price and remember what you said and think, "yes they are correct once again". And I hold off that big buy for another day.


    On the Iran topic you mentioned, There was some upset that Obama had gone into talks with Iran and the Saudi's didn't like it because America signed the deal stating that they would protect saudi Arabia from Iran for the continuation of the petro dollar system. Then America started fracking which put them as a direct competitor to the Saudi's, and (as i seen it), the Saudi's started to pump the markets with a surplus of cheap oil in the full knowledge that bring the price of oil down would cripple the fracking production which needed the oil to be over $50 a barrel, and it has crippled the fracking industry.

    To top this all off, we now have washington lifting Iranian sanctions to now hurt the saudi's. (or America is planning its next big war and wants lower oil prices. Who knows?).

  7. I noticed where I live in Michigan. around Christmas oil was around $50. Gasoline was around $1.70. Now oil is around $50 again and gasoline is about $2.70. I don't care if oil is $10 if gasoline is still the same price as it was when oil was $50.

  8. As of right now, PM prices are falling like a rock. Gold has broken the $1140 price , which is significant.  I remember about 3-4 years ago, I was on a metals forum,  where members were claiming they were gonna cash in their  401k plans and buy all silver/ gold , and I got banned from that forum, for advising them they may not be making a wise decision. The pumpers and forum owners did not like my contrarian view . Now those people that bought PM"s back then, are down 30-40 % on gold and 300% on silver. ..and it looks as though its gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

  9. Very interesting and informative as always! A little disconcerting for somebody who works in O&G like myself but on the bright-side, I might finally get to pick up my Victoria Jubilee head for less than £200!

  10. Lower oil price equals cheaper mine production to a degree, ie even lower silver and gold prices.

    Well that's all your vid's watched in the correct order, it makes a change to watch sense rather than a sales pitch.

    Thank you for that.

    Regards Shane.,

  11. Dear Illuminaty-Silver Team,
    thank you very much for your insightful videos. Your fundamental analysis of supply and demand  seems very solid to me. I also believe that prices may stay under all-in sustaining costs for a longer time and that the current silver to oil ratio suggests that further purchases should be delayed.

    I like your statement that you do care that people have an opinion and I have mine: I do not believe in any grand conspiracy theory. But I can see that the fractional reserve fiat monetary system we live in combined with modern computer technology, to big to fail (and jail) financial entities possibly run by psychopaths (it's somewhat in the human nature that those people raise to the top in such entities),  the extreme amount of debt levels, visionless politicians, a population with a high percentage of "financial analphabets", … , bares an unknown amount of risk of system failure. There are certain groups who benefit greatly from this system and those people like to keep it running as long as possible. But the system is rotten and no paper currency has prevailed on the long run.

    When and how the system will be replaced/reset is beyond me. But I strongly believe this is going to happen before I retire in 35 years. I think everybody should hold at least some of their savings in gold and silver as an insurance and that small purchases over a longer time are a good strategy against the ever declining purchasing power of fiat currencies with the potential of high gains in the event of a crisis.

    I would be interested in your opinion on the EUR/USD ratio and oil prices for the next year.

    Kind regards, Kassidy

  12. Thank you very much for the video. I learn something new every time I your videos. It's nice not to hear Alex Jones/Mike Maloney hysteria? What is your opinion of Porter Stansberry?

  13. Yes, I agree the sanctions lifted by the Iran deal are effecting the price of silver by putting more confidence in the Western Banking system.  Short term of course!  But it is a valiant effort to keep things propped up with less manipulation.  Is that a babylonian lion on that bullion? With a sun 'Osiris', a deadly sword, A crown of authority, and of course roman and Greek olive and acorn trees?  I don't know the language for sure… Farsi?? Although Farsi would be appropriate for the topic… But ancient Babylon was in modern Iraq, not far from Iran.  Seriously! You all are brilliant!

  14. I don't agree with this man.  You have to ask yourself why is it the bankers try so hard to manipulate the metals over the years.  Because it is tied to the value of industry.  You cannot have a computer, cell phone, solar, jewelry, and anything else that requirs real PM without it.   They make trillion of dollar every year trading paper silver and gold back and forth between each other, but industry keeps on spiting out more gadgets that require more and more of the real PM.  They are suppressing the price to buy more physical, it's not rocket science.  At some point, and who know when that is?  Could be hundred years from now, paper silver and gold will be long gone.  But the physical will still be there as bright as ever.

  15. I'm going to put my forecast on another vid. Around November silver will hit around $10 then go back up to around $13.50 in the Winter and then the price will continue to drop in the years to come. Maybe bottom out at $5 but it is tough to say because stackers just keep buying instead of letting silver die.

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