Iraqi dreams of lifting Olympic gold

Iraqi dreams of lifting Olympic gold

Karrar Mohammed Jawad became the first Iraqi
to win gold medals for two years in a row at the World Youth Weightlifting Championships,
held last September in Slovakia. The 17-year-old was hopeful of winning gold
at the 2012 London Olympics, but unfortunately he suffered a hand injury while competing
in the Asian championships which was the qualifying event for the Olympics. His father is a former lifter and also the
trainer for the Iraqi youth team, and Karrar explains how he got into the sport and his
hopes for the future. “I used to go to the gym with my father to
watch my brother training. My father asked me one day whether I would like to try one
of the moves of weightlifting. I did what he asked me to do and he was very impressed
with the way I lifted the weights. He told me that I had a talent. I continued to train
after that and took part in national and international competitions.” “Winning an Olympic medal is my dream and
the dream of every athlete. It is my desire to win an Olympic medal to raise the profile
of the Iraq name in the International arena. Hopefully, I will achieve this desire.” Although Karrar and team-mates have to train
at sub-standard facilities, he’s hopeful of bringing more gold medals back to Iraq and
making his father proud.


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