“Iraqi Gold” — A Bad Lip Reading of “The Campaign”

“Iraqi Gold” — A Bad Lip Reading of “The Campaign”

Just admit it. You wanna bone, but you’re just too safe. No, hey, come on, look at this. Texas is smiling! Let’s drink a pretty Texas drink! Now let’s assume China people get nasty, like you do, okay? Little folk, all happy. And now it’s the Samurais’ turn… Cutting their foreskins because of people like you. What an adorable game. Tell that woodpecker, “I like Minnesota”. I hate squished up fondue. One time I took a little ant to a party! Cocaine’s your dinner. I hope this’ll make you high. I know the puppy dance. Oooooohh… You got weird spit! Do they like the food? Your apartment is really big, okay? Do you see the peacocks? I’d never admit this, but I love your giraffe, And I want to tattoo it for you. As long as you pleasure him. You wanna cuddle? I got a little buzz. So it could be right on. I was hoping you’d pay for it. When were you fertile? You let me keep some precious junk, okay? Some baubles like a Frenchman’s socks and bones and his skeleton. And now you know! You shouldn’t bite the stork. Ahh-choo! Excuse me! Gold, Iraqi Gold! Just touch it and you’re good. And once you get inside the X-rated bear, I’ll have you soapy all night… With a fire engine, and a Grand Elf that looked like a changeling, and Lycra shorts… Sweet buns! I knew you were sad, so that’s why I brought the frog, and now I might even let you throw it! Well, come put it into me. Hey, I made a haiku. Your bottom’s hanging low like a chimp’s sweet hole, and I’m takin’ to lovin’ fur. Well I got your swag, playa, and Boo-Boo’s coming down to break off your mama’s butt. You probably got a dragon that’s dumb, and you divorced Amy in Nacho Town! Little baby can’t hurt my corns and you’re the Greek swan that dumped on my jellyfish, you got me? Mmm, ok. Dring dong wong, bling dong schleiss. I ain’t see that poor chicken. Get off, Frank! Ahh, I just hurt my pee pee! Magic eight sweat ball, the sailor’s named Todd! The finger puppet! I’m a Charlie Chaplin man! Cheelay ah pooboo allo!


  1. Anyone else feel like these are real deleted scenes and outtakes but they claim it's a bad lip reading production? 😂😂😂

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