1. @moorek56 you also dont know what shit taste like until you eat it. With proof like this you do know what they are claiming is not true based on evidence.

  2. Actually, the fraud is even worse. When the dupe IS wearing the bracelet, the huckster doesn't pull straight down, he pulls towards the dupe's feet. This ensures that that the applied force is directed through the point of support, so it can not cause any torque to the dupe's body. This is why he or she does not get pulled over.

    If you look carefully at the huckster's head, you can see in the "after" trials that he always looks at the dupe's feet so that he can aim the force correctly.

  3. @joeny1980 The "strength" or "balance" or "tip test" is a well known (by some) trick used to promote a host of current SCAMS.
    It's a technique that is easy to learn and always impresses your friends especially when they see that the "special" hologram card you put in their hand to give them magical powers is actually your credit card. Always good for a laugh.
    If you see anyone promoting any product using this "test", walk away!

  4. I know, it's so funny to watch those folks being taken for fools. I go to my local Mall and sit close to the subjects being fooled into believing that they are going to buy a real piece of great technology, I at which point stand in and tell all around that it's a scam and tell them why. That's really funny to screw up the sales of the dealers of this shit. Just sit there and tell all around them not to spend their money on that shit and WHY not to do so….hahahahah. Go try it yourself!

  5. This bracelet is a scam , please dont buy it.

    But since Americans are dumb you can import it from China for $1 and sell it for $50 , you will earn a fortune on this!

  6. good points youve made, but as a magician, i can tell u 1 thing. just like n magic, if u want something 2 look good on tv, sometimes u have 2 use techniques 2 make the results pop! 4 example. n every criss angel trick they edit the video 2 hide the sneaky move he makes. thts not 2 say tht tht particular trick he can't do w/o editing, but it makes it harder 2 see how its done.same with ths sure i agree ths dude did what your saying, but tht dont mean it doesn't work. just wanted it to look better

  7. @1001magictricks Actually it either works or not, it's that simple. You are correct when you speak of "magic" but thats because is fake but also a source of entertainment. If this bracelet works, then there would be no need for tricks. Bottom line, it's fake.

  8. It is a placebo; it "pretends" to be a magnetic energy restorer when there is no magnet in it. Genuine, real MAGNET therapy has been scientifically proven to help restore a persons ENERGY flow: In the same way some people hearts are out of sync and have to be re-started by Doctors. The human body DOES conduct energy and when it's out of sync, there are problems. But this kind of thing, ain't the answer. Chinese have known for Centuries, how to restore balance to the human body.

  9. @lqkow You fool!! For you to suggest this video being wrong, is telling people what they are supposed to see. There is no way you can deny what is on this video, even if you and your foolish friend want to play irenew bracelet with each other. Disprove the video, otherwise it sounds it sounds as if your the complainer.

  10. my friend bought it, its just a peice of rubber with the most trashiest piece of metal holding it together. the thing looks like its about to break and the best part is, when you buy it, you actually cut the rubber so itll fit your arm better. there is nothing in the rubber or metal whatsoever. complete scam

  11. Dude I dig the reggae and all but you have it up too loud, i can barely understand you or pay attention to what you are saying.

  12. I've been practicing judo for almost 12 years and this is a scam. The arm is being pulled away from the center of balance and making them lose balance while the second pull is simply pulling toward the path of the center of gravity.

    This is sad.

  13. I can't believe people actually defend garbage products like this. But… I'm fine with morons spending their money on products like this. It provides me with laughs. The funny thing is people will convince themselves it works, and defend their stupid decision. You know what's better? Try exercising, practicing yoga, and changing your diet. I guess if I get one, I can sit on the coach and eat 4 big macs in one sitting, yet not gain weight… lol.

  14. @PhotonicDoctor I apologize, I miss read your original message, in this case I stand correct and was the dumb one. My apologies.

  15. @PhotonicDoctor u can just go to wal mart in the "as seen on tv" section and buy one instantly for like $20 but its a POS so dont even bother

  16. @lqkow how is "myksgrl" a scammer if he is the one telling and "SHOWING" us that this is a fraud? this stupid bracelet is shit, my cousin bought one. it didnt do shit. we broke it and put it my toilet and shit on it. anyway.. thank you for the video bro! irenew is a scam and the makers should be kicked in the nuts by a midget! but whats up with the music? i totally crapped myself laughing when i herd it

  17. @1001magictricks you are wrong about the criss angles camera, it is a continous camera shot, what we dont see is the work BEFORE the show. i saw his show live in vegas, and everything was explained and showed to us, their is no camera tweeks, everything is propped and set up before the camera is shot

  18. THE IRENEW SUCK!!!!!!!! ITS A BIG SCAM save your money. but if u want to try it without purchasing it just get one of those big newspaper rubber band & put some peice of metal on it & there u go u got one

  19. lol i just got 2 for like 7 bucks so now all i need to do is be able to open the damn thing lol what is the bracelet made of any real scientific test been done ??/ im sure its not just metal ans rubber

  20. so this product claims it can improve a persons balance, how does that work? what science is behind it??I think it's more of a mind trick then real science, so in other words only gullible people can make it work. XP hahaha only losers could possible want to buy this.

  21. I knew this thing was crap.. It's no different than the magnet cuffs they sold ten years ago.. at least the magnetic cuffs looked nice.. like an id bracelet..

  22. @ukFAN1231 im not reffering to the times where they say "continuous camera shot" im refering to the about 70% of the time when they dont. trust me, i know, there are TONS of illusions on mind freak that use camera edits, and theres no shame in that, the main point i bring to the table, is you sometimes have to enhance results to make it look better

  23. @ukFAN1231 actually, let me apologize, your right, i just read my old comment, and i apologize, i accidentally said "in EVERY criss angel trick" my bad, you're correct that many do use continuous camera shots

  24. @hayabusakid716 Yes it clearly is. The test is to support the claims, other wise why have that test? Also when you say "work" how else can it work for you besides what is claims is does. It seem as if your adding your own idea of "work" to something that clearly does not work

  25. @hayabusakid716 Are you serious? What would prove it to you? Looks like you just don't want to believe its fraud. Honestly, if that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

  26. I don't see why people are arguing that this thing actually works. This video explains very easily how the advertisement is faked to make it look like it works. Being pulled down doesn't effect your balance, but when pull someone sideways, backwards, or forwards you take them off their center of balance and they stumble.Which is what they do in the commercial but they minimalism the tug to trick you. Plus the bracelet is made from silicone, plastic, and stainless steel…

  27. lol after watching this video i went to the mall wear they were selling hese bracelets and i made him to make sure he was putting the pressure straight down to the ground and lets say i pwnt him

  28. @crmsunyungui Your a fuckin idiot thats sold on bullshit. You fool take your 2% ion powers and put it in your ass. You say it's real but speak nothing of fraud that's presented in this video. You truly are a moron to post such a comment when the video speaks more truth than your ion energy bullshit.

  29. There is no science behind these bracelets at all. It's just a scam to get your money. It "works" by placebo. Wake up!

  30. Fake! I agree I got taken for $30.00 dollars at Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst , NY Queens. Oh well live and learn. I knew something was wrong when I got home and tryed it on another person..Hey the sales people are good at fooloing the public. (BASTARDS!)

  31. Fake! I agree, They got taken for $30.00 dollars at Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst , Queens NY . Oh well live and learn. I knew something was wrong when I got home and tryed it on another person..Hey the sales people are good at fooling the public. (BASTARDS!) I bought the "Infinity" brand band.

  32. WHAT?? The IRENEW bracelet works great, I was hit by a truck the other day and the shit exploded around me into 1 million pieces and not one hair of mine was out of place…This shit is the BOMB!!!!

  33. But…but…but don't you people understand that this "bio-field" technology taps into your "natural frequencies" and harnesses your life aura? Do I really need to further explain?


  34. You know- i never even noticed that. Someone ripped it apart and showed it was silicon rubber and stainless steel. But i never noticed he WAS pulling them away. D*mn good point, dude. +like

  35. Explain to me, in technical terms, what a "biofield" is.
    Explain to me, in technical terms, what these "natural frequencies" are.

    This "biofield" must consist of some material. These "natural frequencies" have to be something.

    Why wasn't this technology patented and sold for billions?

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