Iron and Copper Thermite

Iron and Copper Thermite

All right everyone, welcome back to Cody’sLab So, today I’m gonna compare iron thermite with copper thermite. I gotta enough here to make 20 grams of each and the particle size should be about the same for both mixtures. I’m using an electrical ignition system to light both at the same time. The copper went up in a blinding flash, and the iron just keeps on burning. Copper has a much lower melting point than iron does, which means more energy is available to continue the reaction, rather then just melting the ingredients. Also copper has a higher density than iron so you have more heat in a smaller space. Hope you all enjoyed, I’ll see you next time.


  1. would meat or other food still be edable after freezing it with liquid nitrogen and then uncooling it (and ofcourse baking certain foods)

  2. I am wondering could you use copper thermite as an explosive? if so could you fire something like a cannon with it?

  3. Cody, make a gallium heart, sulfuric acid diluted to about the acidity of battery acid + gallium + Dichromate

  4. Hmm could you use both copper and iron blended together? Possible to get the best of both? Fast and slow?

  5. Would you ever consider selling things online? I'm sure people would like to buy things… Such as honey and beeswax and other science type stuff. Just an idea, also it could help make money for the channel too. 😊

  6. +cody'sLab good thing you dont live in the usa donald trump might be president and the C.I.A. and N.S.A might put you on the terrorist list

  7. can you try making a shape charge to blast a hole in rock, in your mine, and see how deep you can penetrate?

  8. i reeeeally like your videos!! please do more videos on the mine, they are the best ones i think! 😀😀😀

  9. What kind of education do you have? I see that you know a lot about chemicals, and minerals, and apparently how to create black powder. How come you know all of this? I'm myself interested in getting a mine, but I'm not certain what kind of education would be recommended.

  10. Make some Copper Thermite Explosives for your Mine. And try them. After what i just saw it might be better than the one you are currently useing (Explosive for Mine wise). Unless its Illegal over there.

  11. Can you test an aluminiumoxide and aluminium mixtrure? I think the reaction would be even faster than with the copperoxide.

  12. Ok, so now let us try Ti, Nb, the whole periodic table! Of course, if Everything wasn't 'classified,' we could know the answers by reading the results that the military has already discovered…

  13. You disregarded the actual real reason for Copper Thermite going off more vigorously: Copper wants its electrons back much more than Iron does. Thus Copper Oxide is the stronger oxidant!

  14. how did you make that intro? the one where the flames ignited to make your channel name? I'm guessing it was gunpowder.

  15. if you used platinum and potassium in theory you would get an even more violent reaction. but its only a theory

  16. Could one use Copper thermite as a propellant in something or shoot a bullet, could primer in conventional bullet be enough to ignite it. I guess that use of thermite in gun would just ruin the railings and blockade the barrel, but if used in one of your homemade barrels it would work perhaps. I want to see that.

  17. I might sound like an idiot, but could you use copper thermite for a flashgrenade. or is it not bright enough?

  18. huh, never tried copper! guess that's why! Gawd I luv thermite! If your going to do chemistry you should use a chemistry ignition source or at least but a magnesium strip 🙂

  19. Just wondering, would copper thermite work as powerful enough explosive to use it for mining ? ( I am complete beginner in chemistry, sorry if it's s stupid question ) thank you

  20. So, basically (sorta guessing here) , copper thermite packs a more destructive "punch" because it releases energy at a faster rate, but iron thermite releases energy at a slower rate, so it could be used for fusing metals, or melting stuff. COOL!

  21. I dunno if you'll see this cody but if anyone can answer it please go ahead. Which would be a "better" thermite then? The copper or the iron? One that can sustain its reaction for a while or one that goes up instantly?

  22. Very interesting.
    Your use of copper made me think of the armour/tank piercing rounds that start life as inverted copper cones that vaporize etc.. – and also Shape(d) Charges used for demolition, both using copper.
    I wonder whether your experiment proves why copper is used in military/demolition.
    I'm not suggesting thermite is used in demolition (who would think such an outlandish thing!?) but judging how the Copper Thermite liberated far more heat and energy than the Iron based Thermite, it shows how Copper in a Thermite Mix packs-more-of-a-punch than Iron, so to speak (and could potentially be directed/focussed) 🙂

  23. Hey Cody great I've been looking all over the internet to see what thermite might be "hotter" but your the first I've seen to do something like this. I was wondering if you could make another video, it can just be on paper, but see what the different energy release would be from Maybe using magnesium zinc or titanium instead of aluminum and same with the oxides like using lead bismuth magnesium oxide. Thanks

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