Iron Lord University

Iron Lord University

*maths* I DON’T CARE! I LOVE IT! *song continues* *little dab* *360 noscope* *how to fitness* *every reference to “Last Word” and to “Hawkmoon” are 100% casual* *lord SALADin plays Destiny (and he’s VERY good at it)*


  1. Eat your vegetables and you can grow up to be almost as cool as me 😀 says lord saladin

    (Morelike lord-salad-eaten ayyeee, no? Im sorry i realize i have made something terrible)

  2. 7:45 pm: Cool costume, a bit lacking on the cloak though. Whoa is that Hawkmoon and Last Word? Awesome! Huh.. didn't know he was a vegetarian.
    8:28 pm: Wait….. Oooooooh I GET it! Hardi har har…

  3. I have literally seen this video about 100 times, recommended it to every member of my clan and it's still entertaining to watch for me, no clue why it's been multiple years now and I'm still watching it but it's my favorite video.

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