Iron Moon Adventures EP 1: I Am Iron Moon

Iron Moon Adventures EP 1: I Am Iron Moon

So what is up everyone? My name is Sir Iron Moon and welcome to the very first episode of my video blog… …The “Iron Moon Adventures.” So, to be honest with you guys, on this very first episode of my video blog, actually, I am a bit nervous because this is my very first video blog experience that I did in my entire life. Well, to give you more info about myself, I am a teacher in an International School in San Juan City and I can tell you that I’m a big Marvel
fan. As you can see, with my outfit for today, I am really one of the biggest fans of Marvel. So what is the real aim or goal of this video? Why did I started making videos on Youtube? What is my purpose here? So first, I believe that “the name of the game is to entertain.” I don’t have any selfish goals but to entertain you, guys. I wish to make you all smile I wish to make you happy To give you more info or ideas or knowledge about pop culture references or certain topics that we will talk about and at the same time and most especially, Marvel updates. Like if there’s something new, what will come out next, what happened, what ifs, why did it happen, so… updates. How did you say so? Next, I will also give you next time, if I have already made a little bit of money from Youtube, Tech Reviews, wherein we have to compare the devices that we have on hand like for example, iPhone X vs. iPhone 6s Plus. But unfortunately, I have nothing. I have nothing. I have nothing. That is, to follow, maybe next time. And at the same time, we will have interactive field trips wherein you don’t need to spend money. All you just have to do is to subscribe to my channel and watch my video blogs wherein we will explore the places where it is really beautiful to explore. It is like going to a field trip but you don’t have to spend money. And at the same time, what follows next will be other episodes about Public Q & A wherein we will ask Pinoys or any person outside, we will ask them and we will know their thoughts and their opinons as well, and we will give them an info about the topic. There’s more to come so you better tune in to our next episodes. To give you an idea of what our next episode might be, our next episode, which is episode 2 will be about Avengers: Endgame. That will be our topic that we will talk about and we will go to Promenade Greenhills where they will have the Superfan Screening Probably, we will see our favorite Marvel Superheroes because they are in their costumes. They are the cosplayers. They suited up and we will have a chance for a photo op with them. The biggest Marvel fans in the Philippines will also probably going to be there We will also ask them about the movie Infinity War and Endgame. At the same time, we will take a peak of what’s going to be there like merchandise, what other freebies we can get from there so better watch out for it, please. I know that I still have a lot to learn I am not really an expert in video blogging to be honest. I’m not an expert in Youtube I know, you guys, have more experiences than I do if you have some ideas or some concepts
to to suggest for me don’t forget to leave it in the comment section and
I will read it for all of you Guys, so that it, apologies to Thanos, we don’t have much time. Please do not forget to like this video, leave some
comments, subscribe to my youtube channel don’t forget to follow me also on
facebook, instagram, twitter and last but not least thank you for tuning in or
watching my first episode. I hope you will wait for the next episode, for you will see more, next time. So, ’til the next time, I am Iron Moon, and peace! hey guys it’s your boy levar avocado
back here with another banger you like to dance
get on your feet right now he’s gonna get me hey


  1. Teeaach!!! Welcome to the world of Youtube :)) congrats!!

    Good luck!! Looking forward for the new videos!!!πŸ₯³

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