Is Amanda Using Her BF for His Money??? (PART 1) | Gold Digger Test!

Is Amanda Using Her BF for His Money??? (PART 1) | Gold Digger Test!

Being a gold digger is not a crime and is a completely subjective term Therefore to avoid any defamation of character and emojis placed on all of our targets. I’m really not trying to get sued guys. Okay, this is gonna be one heck of a video! Yo yo, yo, what is up, okay, I got to know what we’re gonna use for this video like what’s her interest Are we gonna use a God’s up boats? A Ferrari a Lambo? What would she like? This is the homie Lars today, we’re gonna be placing his girlfriend’s Amanda to the gold digger test Loris has a very interesting hustle that he does He is a reseller of top apparel and shoes for those of you who don’t exactly know what that is basically when a limited edition Supreme Nike Jordan or Yeezy shoe drops Morris will sign up or line up to buy the limited item once the item is sold out you will then flip it through his connections are all on websites such as eBay or Craigslist Lars has made quite a substantial amount of money doing this especially when he will buy a pair for 250 dollars and then flip them in no time at all for $1,500 to collectors or Superfans now imagine if he did this with not just one item but five or ten you can quickly see how the money will add Up, and the money does add up because Loras is not working alone he has a team that consists of five of the people who Loras pays to stand in line and then gives them a commission They can sell a product faster than he can and one of these people was his girlfriend Amanda And so we’re doing this because Loras understands that business and pleasure Typically do not mix anyone’s that finds out if Amanda Supports what he does and actually loves him or if she’s only with him for the money so one dog licks all the ear wax out of my ear and my face time with Flores and then head to bed and morning rises from Lee after so let’s get this day started – making our way once again to Hollywood where we’re gonna be meeting up with Flores Yo yo, yo, did you get what we needed Okay, see this is yokes aka or plug he’s responsible for plug in us with all the crazy expensive cars mansions boat trip jets that We need on the show to uses or bait today is plug just yet again with Bijan from wheel Lifestyle who will be hooking us up with a sweet ride. Once we get to LA. We’re headed to LA right now We’ll see you soon then. Okay, cool. Let’s see you soon So we continue our drive to our destination and about an hour later. We arrive and meet up with Lawrence And I feel really bad because he’s actually been sitting outside of my old apartment for a good amount of time now Okay guys right now We’re currently waiting for B, John from Welo to bring into the car that we’re gonna be using to test your girlfriend Are you nervous? Are you scared? By the way, we also got yolks a little surprise here, we got him a you know, awesome shirt right there He’s small so it’s tiny. Yeah, he’s small. I were at large. Maybe I’m just fat. I don’t know a couple more minutes tick by and then finally Yup symbiont have arrived in style and with them they have brought so well, I actually don’t exactly know what this car is yet However, let’s find out once we’re done saying hello here and then giving yolks his awesome shirt Okay, let’s talk about this beauty now Barbra Jean let’s talk about this car what do we got here What are we working with today Tara? No problem. We’re have a Mercedes e 400 mg package. It’s a convertible So we call it obviously drop talk. You have the Indy skirts on the side They’d be fine lights up and everything nah not fun car It is indeed a truly nice car that also comes with a sticker value of about seventy thousand dollars It’s not an exotic but it is expensive luxury and classic. What’d you think of ours? Yeah, what’d you think? I Might lose my girl Jesus what is happening to everyone that comes onto the show talk about being hopeful loris You know what? Let’s get a second opinion on this everyone. This is B John’s daughter. What is your name? Briana Briana, what do you think of the car? Like it you think Lawrence is gonna lose his girlfriend over this car Okay, I guess there is really no hope at all for you loris Anyways, I explained my master plan to be John and now it is time to get a move on with this test Alright guys, so we actually don’t need this car for phase number one. We only need it for phase number two So we’re parking it going upstairs and gearing up for phase one So Webster as we go to make some last-minute preparations and then gathered the rest of our equipment in the car I then headed to the bank to pull out some cash that we’re gonna be needing for this Bates Okay. So remember that we told you that Amanda works with Loras and his reselling business, right? well This is how we’re gonna be making contact with Amanda for phase number one Lorises sold Amanda as supposably he has a buyer for some easy shoes that he wants to sell he has asked her if she could be the one to drop up that pair of Yeezys to the customer because Supposedly he won’t be able to make it but this customer isn’t really a customer It will actually be yokes to plug a KA or decoy now So Loris has told Amanda that he has passed on her information to yolks and yolks and Amanda have now been keeping in touch through Text message and time a greeting confirmed that today. They will need to complete the sale Hence why I’m pulling out the money five hundred dollars to be exact anyways We begin our 20-minute drive to the park where we have chosen to meet up with Amanda and this park might look familiar to you Guys because we actually shot a video here before when we helped diancie test his girlfriend Alyssa Yeah, it’s a really crazy episode and if you haven’t already seen it you definitely should watch it Anyways, this time we were aiming our cameras on the opposite side of the park and our time is ticking So we give Amanda a call to make sure she’s still coming. Hey Amanda. I just got to the park Okay Cool. Yeah, I just looked for me. I’m in a blue shirt Looking forward to seeing the shoes All right see Amanda we assumed that amanda was barely leaving her home So we estimated that we had about 20 minutes before she got here which was plenty of times I had Lauren connected to a phone call with yolks and now that we’re connected into a phone call We’re gonna be able to listen to his entire conversation with Amanda. All right, Lori, Thomas warned you these headphones aren’t the best quality Yeah, we still ain’t sponsored by Beats. Come on dre. We waited? so about 15 minutes tick by and then suddenly We realize that our estimate of 20 minutes was a little off because amanda is already here The pattern is was that she caught us off guard. So we kind of had Laura’s fully inside the car However, the good news was that she parked opposite us. So luckily. We didn’t even have to hide him. There’s like there’s like a tree So Amanda makes her way to yolks and phase 1 is about to begin But before we go any further than this Let me explain to you guys my master plan because it’s freaking sexy as always This test will consist of three phases in every single phase we’re gonna be buying one different pair of shoes from Amanda phase one will serve as the Introduction phase the purpose of this phase is to literally just make contact with Amanda and show her that yoke’s is a serious buyer phase Two is gonna serve as the show-off phase This is where the Mercedes II 400 is gonna serve a major role because yokes is gonna be buying the second curve who’s in that Car and finally phase 3 will be the dates phase yokes will meet up with Amanda to buy his third pair of shoes from her and hopefully by then she will realize that he has A lot of money and this is gonna set up the perfect scenario for yokes to ask Amanda on a date. So I assume Cool yeah, let’s check him out. Let’s put him down Alright guys, so she just made contact with us right now and he is checking out the shoes Remember the goal here is to make contact with Amanda which we’ve already done but then also show her that yoke’s is a serious fire Which she is about to do right now Yoke’s finishes checking out the shoes and now we watch on as he begins to whip out the cash Oh, ok so a very very interesting development is taking place right now, it seems that according to Amanda There was another customer interested in the shoes as well as yolks. So therefore she is raising the price on them I told her only 500 why she charging them that much. Hmm? So Amanda’s now telling helix that Loris should have informed about this other buyer and the price change However, as you guys just heard Loris only told her 500. I’m sorry. That’s just like how it goes we do What is the other buyer try and offer for the shoes? Okay, so she’s gonna show the shoes to someone else after this so at this point it really seems like we’re really not the only ones who are interested in issues after all and we’re now gonna Have to enter into a bidding war with someone else. So you’re saying I can’t even get the shoes right now Do you really have someone like on the side who you’re gonna stone tools it? No, okay. This is very strange Amanda says that there’s another buyer but Lori says that there is So Amanda steps away to call Loris to inform him of this So we awaits for her phone call and keep in mind just because the Loris doesn’t have an extra customer doesn’t mean that Amanda doesn’t also, I mean It could just be that she forgot to tell Loris about him or her so Amanda is calling and we’re just waiting still nothing Is she talking to him? I can’t hear any more cuz she stepped away, but it looks like he’s fine So Amanda appears to be on the phone and supposedly it’s with Flores, but he still hasn’t received a phone call from her He’s talking dude. Nothing. Are you sure? Okay, so she’s on the phone but it’s not with loris. Hey, she may be on the phone with the other customer I mean, we don’t know yet But a couple more minutes tick by Amanda jumps off of her phone call and then makes her way back to yolks And hey, do you want them it’ll be around like 800 to a thousand potentially. Oh, they’re not interested It’ll stay up 500 but there is a very high chance It has now become crystal clear what Amanda is doing from saying that there is another buyer interested to Supposedly jumping onto a phone call with Morris to now it is clear that she just said all of that because she is hustling yokes 700 first and use the easies that’s so overpriced. Come on Amanda is a hustler. I mean you can’t really blame her, you know Because I have to roll like this is the world of sales the bigger the sale the bigger the Commission I’m sure by making a bigger cell for Loras Loras will give her a bigger Commission. Yeah, is that expensive? Yeah, I try to hook people up in the community for about 500, you know Problem is I only have five bills I don’t have the 700. I’m pretty sure there’s a bank around here somewhere. You could maybe go and withdraw some money right now Yeah That’s embarrassing. Oh why? Because what if it was a loyal customer, that’s true. That is so true. I feel like So this development Although not a big issue does pose a small threat to our test and yoke’s knows it because we figured stepping aside In order to show Amanda the yolks is loaded and he is a serious buyer. He has to make the purchase The only problem is I only gave him $500 for the shoes. So he steps aside to talk to us. Yo, yeah, yeah Okay, hold on. Hold on one sec. One second. I’m putting on speaker Yo Yeah, yeah Dude that’s it. We just gotta do it. Let’s just go for it um Tell her right now when you go back right now tell her right now that you’re just gonna walk to your house like around the corner and you’ll be back in ten minutes and we’ll go pick you up run out with a car and we’ll take it to the bank because I don’t have cash. Okay All right. Sounds good, man. Okay. All right. We’ll pick you up here for now. Oh Damn it. Now. We can’t hear anything at all. All right, Amanda. I’ll take him for 700 I just I’m gonna go down the street. My house is just a couple of houses down the street I’ll grab the cash and I’ll be back in like 20 minutes ish All right, I’ll be right back Okay So yolks begins to walk down the street as instructed in Lawrence and I jump to the car to go meet him and pull out The extra cash we need to hurry though Because every second we waste is every second Amanda could get impatient or worse notice the cameras Okay guys right now we’re currently passing. You should duck a little bit because we are passing We passed Amanda right now Now we are picking up yolks as planned yolks has walked down a couple of houses and now we are in the clear to plan Out our next moves, but again, we can’t keep a man to waiting too long I told her that you told me $500 for the shoes maybe $700 because there’s another buyer Why did you come back at I want it to be like nah 600 We’re gonna go ahead go with the purchase I don’t have the money on me right now, though So we’re gonna have to go to the bank Find out the Story for when I get the money back from him Sweet, so I guess he Oaks really is loaded and thanks to him putting up the extra $200 We save ourselves a trip to the bank Not you, you’re good. You’re good go. I mean you could go back right now. Go ahead We pretty much already know what’s gonna happen so yolks is okay to make his entrance again and so so after 10 minutes or so yolks begins to make his way back to Amanda to complete the purchase. Hey too bad. This wasn’t real Lara’s Is you and I way more money So you said 600 right We now make our way back to our original location as yolks begins to count up the cache Again there is no need for us to listen in anymore because we’re hoping everything from here on out goes as plans I mean that’s if Amanda doesn’t freaking hustle yolks for more money Perfect so yolks walks away with the shoes Amanda walks back to her car with the money and phase 1 is officially complete now It is time to play the waiting game and tomorrow we’re gonna have yokes hit up Amanda one more time to buy his second pair Of shoes. This is the end of phase number one We made contact mission accomplished. That’s all we have to do. Nothing else So I believed everything was going as plans but in the middle of the night I received a phone call from Loras and things in this test are about to change and get really really serious Why what happened dude? It’s freakin. Midnight. It’s past midnight Wow Are you okay? Is everything okay? I am recording I just started recording well Yes, I am can I face time you actually Okay, I’m gonna screen recording based on right now I’m gonna choose two yolks for how much did I miss did Amanda some jokes for I don’t know How my like what do you mean like how much is it? So him – 700 about 30 minutes ago, and I just got home and You know she kissed me and everything and then she handed me the money and then I went to go count it and guess how much was How much was it? Gasper I don’t know 700 I would say 700 Yes, it was not 700 She gave you 500 cuz she kept the other 200 to herself No lower No 400 No I Don’t know if you guys heard that correctly or we’re paying attention but if you weren’t go back and watch it, as I said this test is about to get serious and you know, What the reason was she said? yo chronic have one daughter’s on him and Then he started Negotiating with her and then he tried to walk away from the deal and then she stopped him right when he got to his car And she said okay. Okay. I’ll say you to shoot for 400. She said that she didn’t want to come back empty-handed What the hell? Amanda didn’t hustle yokes to make extra money for Loras. No, she called yokes to keep the money and steal more from her own boyfriend Not yet. Hey you wanna keep go with this dead? So Loras wants to keep this going but I mean keep in mind guys. That’s not his money That was my money that I made to tuck. So that’s why it’s probably easy for him to just say fuck the money Let’s continue with the test. I’m kidding Loras we go to sleep morning rises And on our way to LA we head again the man the legend In the meantime of Denzel gets everything in the car I have something to tell you guys So yolks is supposed to be keeping in touch with Amanda for today rights in order to buy the shoes So I asked him to send me screenshots of the conversation that he’s been having with her So he sends them to me and jackets read it so Bo blog he asked her about the shoes, right? And then she says okay. Let me double check. I will get below us a call She ends up texting him back and then says okay, so I just got a text back from him He’s actually in the studio making music, but he told me about the shoes that you wanted He said he was showing them to a couple of other people, but if you’re up to paying 450 I can deliver them for you tomorrow. Those shoes are originally $400 that’s how much Loras told us to pull out because that’s how much he was gonna sell it to us But Amanda over here is trying to charge $50 more this sounds like the exact same BS story that she gave us the first time This is a complete lie and hustle amanda is straight trifling, but you know what? She’s not the only one actually cuz yokes is also trifling this guy’s already like literally hitting on her he goes, by the way I love your selling skills. I really think it’s sexy when a broken soul. No Recedes bang we should definitely hang out and get to know each other more if you’re up for it. Stay beautiful. See you tomorrow What bugs we finished putting our things in the car in our week? Oh, okay. We Hitting on Amanda already I am here to say I’m not actually really mad that yoke’s is hitting on a man too hard The thing is I just don’t want Amanda to get freaked or creeped out when the time is right I want you to ask her out in person But I drive to LA comes to an end and we have a Rob I think is like you she know she was supposed to Sound from five hundred. Why would she bring you back only four and then still take a commission from it? I Snagged Angela’s a savage. Okay, phase two is supposed to be the show off base. However, given the current circumstances and what’s happening We’re gonna be using the space to also try and see if she’ll like cut you out on money again So here’s what I’m thinking because Amanda stole from Loras instead of just using phase two to impress her We will also be using it to catching her in the act after yokes gives Amanda the money for the shoe Morris will hit her up and ask her to bring him that money and we will be there to capture that moment when a man two hands Morris the money in person So now we’re gonna start making our way to her yokes is gonna buy his second pair of shoes and turn our way there Jan Denzel decide to give a little counseling to Lawrence. You’re fun. No one in, OA You was a man a man Simple it wasn’t your father And with her fall, you don’t know who provided the money she wasn’t flipped it on over your phone No, Denzel stop you giving them bad advice I’m not even kidding this conversation lasted the whole ride. She’s a gold digger drop the home. Okay now rob The ho no no, okay Once again Denzel is a savage got to the destination where yokes is going t buying his new pair of shoes He is not here yet But he’s gonna get here shortly glad just wait and hopefully we don’t have to wait long to get this thing started Oakes is on his way with this crew and He’s currently on the freeway singing a song to a man Oh we continue to wait to get our cameras ready and then ask Leslie her thoughts on Amanda stealing from Mars Dopes arrives shortly after and we’re very very tight on time so we have to get a move on with things Leslie gets into position and yolks goes upstairs in order to meet Amanda because she is almost here we have one of the Oaks his friends help us with getting a good hit and shot of him upstairs as we Hide in the car below. All right I said we were just chilling in the car waiting for yokes to succeed and bring demand down here to show off the e 400 time ticks on and still no Amanda. So how you doing back there Lars? How you feeling? How you feeling? How you feeling? I don’t even know I know yeah It’s like ever happened to you before it has like she ever like come back to you saying like oh He only gave me like 200 or he only gave me like $100 less and so now I don’t even know like, you know She comes home and she gives me my money and I don’t even count her I just put it right in my pocket like, you know, she’s my girlfriend so I don’t even have to bother I just need just About five more minutes go by and yoke’s finally spots a man – coming so he calls her over and they meet So you got the shoes, yeah So you guys might be wondering how is yolks going to get Amanda down here Well that simple he’s gonna tell her that he left his wallet in his car. Oh sure. You know what? I left my wallet Downstairs in my car you want to come with me? Come on, let’s go I Told you guys it would be easy. So there has not been one time laura’s that you’ve actually Counted the money and made sure that it’s all there like in four why I counted the one You know for the shoes recently because you know, that was your money and I was gonna give it right back to you Okay, I’m kind of with this one on J It is a little foolish to not count the money even though Amanda is your girlfriend Laura’s Alright, so they are walking in right now. We’re gonna turn off the lights and I get a little dark in here I am so sorry. We don’t want to get seen the windows are tinted but we don’t want to risk anything. So perfect So yolks has now taken Amanda to his Mercedes II 400 and we’ll begin showing off We’re not listening in to anything this phase because we already know what’s gonna happen They get to the car in L. Yolks heads inside to get his ball You think yolks is gonna shine anything? No No, he liked the rag With the honey now in hand yolks begins to walk back to a man to remember He is paying four hundred and fifty dollars for the shoes. Not the original 400 Now begins to check out the shoes and to keep things interesting me and Jane now place a bed sissy if yokes will actually tell Amanda to get into the car or not when he starts showing off Yokes isn’t checking out the shoes he puts them away. He now puts the lid on Come on Amanda hop into the car so I could get paid I give you ten dollars if she Come on come on, she’s going she’s going she’s going she’s going I don’t get paid until she jumps in Oh my god, Amanda has jumped in I am getting paid in yokes. He’s doing a great job at showing off He’s not gonna turn it in Trust me Yelp’s that shows off the convertible feature and we’re hoping Amanda is digging this Remember Loris told us she liked classy and this Mercedes is nothing but classy Why go for a ride Okay, just like one time around yeah, oh Okay, so this is a little bit unexpected. Okay, we expected already get into the car, but you’re driving Why is he driving on it’s okay. I am hoping that yolks is really not trying everything crazier going overboard We are trying to pull a test on a man to not really get at her in piss laura saw Yeah, I just have to follow them just in case something goes horribly horribly wrong and so I can keep Laura at peace They haven’t gone very very far just to the end of this parking lot We’re following close behind but we don’t want to get too close behind. It. Looks like thanks to the people and all the traffic They’re moving pretty slow There is no other exit in this parking structure Other than the entrance that we came through and thankfully that entrance is to the left of us So we stopped by an intersection and wait for them to cross by us As young Okay, my biggest fear right now is yoke’s takes Amanda on a joyride something happens in Laura’s flips out the exit is literally coming up, but then suddenly So yoke’s take Samantha for a lap around and then brings her right back where they started and this is what we get for not Wearing headphones Thank you The problem So manda steps out and yolks is showing off comes to Annette this is the end of phase number two guys now, I guess let’s just meet yolks back at the apartment He didn’t take the damn head off the damn seat We are so horrible we ever guest feeling so stressed out on this show But yolks trebs off and we follow right behind them. This is the end of phase number two All that’s left to do now is give it a couple of hours and then see if a man that actually pays Laura’s his full four hundred and fifty dollars Hey guys, this video is actually being made possible things to take talk If you guys haven’t heard of then guys They are this rising social network app where you guys can post funny videos or moments of yourself they just recently added this amazing new feature where you guys can now react to your friends videos other people’s videos and even my freaking Videos, let me tell how it works so the first thing you want to do is you want to download the tic-tock but like I mean You should already have it on your phone. What the hell is wrong with you? Next thing you want to do is you want to make a profile again? You should have already made a profile from there just search for your friends and top influences that you love to follow. Trust me They’re there. This app is gonna be big me For example, I’m a search for my friends who man TV since I’m already following him I’m just gonna click on one of his videos and then I’m gonna go right over here to the arrow and I’m gonna hit the Reacts button, and now what it does is it creates this cool live little reaction thing I hold down to recorder whenever I’m ready and now I’m ready to react so I exposed a gold-digger today. Here’s her reaction. Oh She jumped on the car, oh Oh So now my video has been recorded All I got to do is I hit next and then I hit post and bam it is right there seriously guys If you guys don’t have this app go download it it’s available on the App Store and on the Play Store finds me on the app find your friends on the F find everyone in the app because trust me is Gonna be big don’t react to everyone today So, we now have a lot of time to kill we drive back to Department pick up something to eat and then wait and wait and wait and wait until finally we have waited long enough Next apply aka the decoy. Oh my god. You look comfortable got the shoes He got all comfortable, right? Yeah, it’s a comfortable house So now we head upstairs and we prepare to give Amanda a call for her to come over and people pay so much for shoes Man, it is crazy. Ooh These are nice though. These are new Brandi. Nobody’s ever done it Okay, let’s stop smelling shoes and get to this phone call already Hey, what’s up, how’d it how did the show go? It was good. I kind of need to pay somebody back right now I’m on my boys house alura’s starts telling a man’s it that the reason he needs some money right now is to pay a friends back and she responds with Yeah, are you busy Yeah, do you think I come by now right now She sounds very very reluctant to come but Laura’s presses on and then finally manages to convince her I just really need to pay the guy back right now Oh god Everything is now set into motion We just have to wait in another 20 minutes for her to come but that is nothing compared to what we’ve already been waiting So they pass by in a flash Morris begins to head downstairs Now in order to meet up Amanda and receive the money remember if it’s shorts don’t scream at her bring it up your Hey At the end of the day if Amanda ends up keeping some of the money it’ll be my money that she’ll be keeping That’s why I don’t want Loras lashing out at her. I mean sure I really don’t want to lose any more money but at this point I mean like what can I do Loras is now walking right under us – well we fast timpz – tell Amanda to meet him In order for us to get a good shock We got a great bird’s-eye view and we’re hiding a position in the camera correctly and soon enough. We spot Amanda How Is she gonna give him the for many years in no way how much is gonna give them? I bet some 300. Yeah 300 she keep a hundred Birds. Yeah, I say 300 350. Oh, my that’s 350. You have the money. Yeah. All right, cool Just making music right now, you know just thing, you know That’s why I need the money funny my friend back from something from last week Okay, this is the moment of truth Lloris now begins to count the money you see they just didn’t enough Okay, will Amanda give Loras the full amount this timer Will she steal from him again was taking the 300 dollars just a one-time thing or has she always been doing that behind lorises back? More importantly what will happen with their relationship because how can someone so close to you who immediately say? I love you to have the audacity to even think of doing something so cruel to you Well, Laura should be done counting the money by now. So it’s time to find out Don’t worry guys part two will drop very very soon But if you guys didn’t already know we have a ton of merch that we want all of you guys rockin So we’re starting something called merch madness every Monday when we drop The first fifty orders will receive 50% off and need merchandise All you got to do is use the code UD merch fifty The link is in the description below become a part of the family and also help us keep these videos go


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    Edit: since she was charginโ€™ extra money from customers, she should at least tell Lares & not ripping him off. Like jeez Iโ€™m sure he wasnโ€™t gon kill yu if yu told him the truth ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  7. Bitch tok the left turn only ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚just like the sign says lmaooo๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ maaan i wish you where doing this back on 2008 and 2014 ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ i had some crazy bitchassess fucking gold diggers lmaooo you would have been amazed from those bitchassesss ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Dang man, everyone is calling her a hustler but I think she is a freaking thief stealing from her boyfriend like that. She is taking his shoes, charging someone 200.00 dollars extra then the original price which was 500.00 and she is clearly trying to pocket money from the sale which is bad enough but not only that she pocketed 300.00 and only gave him 400.00. It's his shoes he should get everything, she shouldn't have gotten anything so in my book that is theft. Maybe she needed the money to buy pants?

  9. Laurenโ€™s you shouldโ€™ve called to see if she did it or not and could have asked what sheโ€™s gonna do it for

  10. Is it just me or does yolks just do these vids to get some action with the chicks and then covers it up with, "It makes the vids more convincing"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”

  11. Lares just deadass gave me a new idea for a side hussle. Flipping shoes or things that youโ€™re passionate about doesnโ€™t sound bad at all. ๐Ÿค”

  12. Makes you wonder how many โ€œother customersโ€ sheโ€™s told people about and charged HIS CUSTOMERS to make extra money for herself!! Then telling her bf she just made the normal price! Lol.

  13. Am i the only one that really doesn't like Yokes? He's just a horny fuck boy and he isn't good for stuff like this because of it. =/

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