Is Carly Fiorina the ‘Cracker to Crush the Trump Nut’?

Is Carly Fiorina the ‘Cracker to Crush the Trump Nut’?

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 18th September 2015 and we
ask the question ‘Is Carly Fiorina the cracker to crush the Trump Nut?’
Last night’s GOP 2nd Presidential debate had just two themes – ‘destroy Donald
Trump’ and promote Carly Fiorina. When Trump stood for President, like many
we were not confident about how serious he was. When he started losing commercial sponsors,
and began seriously criticising fellow Republicans, we knew he was burning bridges, so there ‘was
no going back’. So the next question to be asked, was, ‘is
he an illuminati puppet’ or perhaps more pertinent, who owns him? We are now satisfied
that he is ‘his own man’. He was not part of the Republican or the establishment Plan
to stand and seriously run for President. Jebb Bush was the candidate to fill that role,
with Chris Christie and Marco Rubio as reserves. However, Trump’s support has proven so strong
in the polls and his alleged ‘gaffs’ having not hurt him, there is no doubt, that the
word is out – to ‘stop him’ at all costs. Now, we must remember that Trump signed a
pledge not to run as a ‘third Party candidate’ and that was on the premise that he was treated
fairly. So the Republican Party agreed to this and have spoken politely of him in public
and given him a ‘fair shot’. However, the word is out to all candidates, do whatever
it takes to politically destroy him – he is fair game. Even Rand Paul is part of this
initiative; in fact he is spearheading it, in the hope that it will give him greater
name awareness, exposure and toughness. We doubt that his father Ron would be that happy
about this approach. Anyway, back to Fiorina. She is smart, educated
and a highly intelligent professional. She is quick witted and knows her mind; to some
extent an American Margaret Thatcher. She appears to lack a ‘soft side’ and perhaps
feel that she must be tough in order to gain credibility.
She handled herself yesterday extremely well, but so did Trump, when considering the first
third of the debate was spent attacking him. Fiorina, achieved her Rottweiler attack with
a degree of gravitas, bringing up Trump’s 4 Company bankruptcies – thereby disparaging
his business prowess, and also retorting very effectively about his remarks concerning her
look or face. Since the debate, all of the News anchors
have been told – promote Carly Fiorina, and state she won the debate, even though
Christie, Bush and Trump did well. So there is an anti-Trump axis developing – Bush
the political insider – the favoured candidate – who has to be protected at all costs, Libertarian
Rand Paul, the terrier used to snap at Trump’s heels at any opportunity (as he is dispensable
after all) and now Fiorina, the nominal female candidate, the ‘outsider’, like Trump,
who between the three of them aim to remove Trump from the number one spot.
So is Fiorina the ‘Nutcracker’ that can crush the ‘Trump Nut’? Time will tell
however, you can bet, the media will now promote her heavily in the hope that she is.
Is any of this important? You bet. Yes it is a sideshow at present, however, with the
problems facing Hilary Clinton over her emails, and the likelihood that Biden will now enter
the race, the next President of the USA is far from decided. We hope you have found this video useful and
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  1. ‘They don’t like it up um’. As with your previous video the establishment (shall we call it) will send out their ‘foot soldiers’ the Politian’s and the media to discredit anyone who gets a sniff of power. The candidate may be of the right or left it does not matter the media/ Politian’s will viciously attack and mock him/her making the said candidate appear foolish and amateur. When in fact, any of the attackers would not be able to with stand anywhere near such a sustained onslaught.

  2. .carley was boosted to the top tier to lead the attack. She will not be going back to the Minor Leages. Is entertaining to watch them promise possible war with Russia, Iran, Syria, Isis, North Korea, as well as drugs, gay marriage, taxes, healthcare, and anything that would dilute their power to rule without accountability.

  3. Silver Illuminati you hypocrite, you claim that we misunderstood the Illuminati/Freemasons and you're trying to clear out the smoke and misinformation.
    On hand you claim …for the good of humanity, and you want to help us with "precious metals"

    on the other hands you take the freedom of speech, abolish laws, start wars, steal wealth, murder in order to accomplish something…

    and then you have the audacity to turn around and tell us "trust you on silver" because you claim to say the truth? what truth? you only look out for your brothers.

    2nd, you guys are the root of all evil,

  4. 'Power is a lot like real estate. It's all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value'- FU
    This gentleman has been preparing for this a very long time and he's in to take it. Being on the edge of that camera for so long there's only one thing this man desires and the answer could be so simple. History.

  5. I am enjoying your videos and deem them quite valuable. I do agree that Jeb Bush is the GOP inside nominee. My position stems from my being an American, 52 yo and served as a GOP district representative in the state of MS. I can say that the GOP is very corrupt and that the MS State GOP WILL nominate whoever the national GOP tells them to. I do see this power as waning considerably, as evidenced by the near defeat of Thad Cochran, by the Tea party McDaniels.
    However, I am also wondering that given the global and US economy now and its possible extreme downturn ( in its likelihood).. I wouldn't be surprised if the both parties would be willing to concede both to party "outsiders" or even the presidency. If Rand Paul was to be given the GOP nod, and the US economy were to tank… it would pretty much wipe out support for Tea party candidates and the GOP could resume its iron fist rule. Likewise, the Dems might just concede the entire 1600 Penn, just so the GOP has to be the ones to face what in truth both parties have created.
    As for me…. none appeal to me, though I guess Ben Carson is the least disgusting.

  6. Carly Fiorina cannot win against any reasonable democratic opponent. just look at her campaign for US Senate. All these former employees were appearing in democratic tv commercials. They will be replayed for a larger audience with the same effect.

  7. boy, how did this subject get to religion and end of the world so fast ? I don't think the bible is anything more than a conglomeration of plagiarism from earlier civilizations and is just used to control people my personal observation the god everybody is fighting about is basically the god of Abraham I do believe in something out there but not the bible great bed time story though ! so lets talk about silver and precious metals please!

  8. The way the debate played out, and the near unanimous script the media has been bombarding us with since then, makes the current strategy obvious. I agree the whole purpose of that debate was to boost Fiorina as a credible outsider that is more controllable than Trump. I'm really glad you said this. I don't think the Fiorina-fest will last though unless Trump's polling starts declining. Then it will be on to the next would be David.Trump is like Reagan in the way he can pass right over the media, and other gatekeepers to get his message out, I'm not sure the establishment has the ability to stop him. Waiting for him to implode isn't going work either, Trump has been a celebrity figure for decades, and that arena is much more fickle and cannibalistic than the political one.

  9. Trump is the only decent candidate in the field. The only issue that matters is immigration because it determines every other issue. Immigrants vote 8-2 for Democrats, vote for socialism in their own countries, are against 2nd amendment rights, and mooch off the middle class by getting food stamps and welfare.

    I agree that the media will continue to shill for Carly.

  10. Very insightful analysis. I was thinking almost the same thing. Lets hope others get it. I would love to see their system of webs and lies unwind…

  11. Look.. at the powers that fights him. And keep in mind, why would he run? Is it for (more?) power. I dont think so. Trump has "everything"! He is like "Stark industries", were he can be Iron Man. But he choose to take on this toll, and he surely has to endure a lot to get to the top in order can run the country well! If you dont vote for Trump, then i think you agree to get more of the same as you get these days. Thats how i see it.

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