1. Gold, silver and copper coins is what we need in our money supply. They got rid of gold and silver and now copper is slowly but surely vanishing from the currency.

  2. Collecting all that currency for its melt value assumes that you have the ability to melt it down. It's also illegal.

  3. In comparison to silver and gold, copper is junk, you said it yourself, 23 cents that's nothing! sure they look pretty, so you can collect them, but as an investment option, HAH that'l be the day!

  4. And about the nickels they…are…made…out…of…nickel…and…copper……thats just above steel why would anyone anywhere in an time period be interested in buying little pieces of metal just above the price of steel!

  5. Dude investing in copper pennies is pointless. Just invest in silver, it's affordable enough for the common man. Why the fuck would you carry 2 pounds of copper when you can carry 1 oz of silver with the same value.

  6. The best way to buy copper is localy. No shipping. Bought from a friend= No tax and I got it a MELT price. I bought around 120 pounds

  7. what about the senerio where the dollar crashes and isn't worth anything, wouldn't having somthing other then silver and gold to trade make sense?

  8. The only reason is it has a metal content value of 5 cents and a melt value over 5 cents. It is a bulky way to invest. But it hedges against inflation or deflation quite well.

  9. I look when I can on ebay for "scrap copper stock", and usually find 99% pure Copper bar stock, pieces, or cut sections, and keep my cost around $6/lb.

  10. Stacking 5 cents is a bad idea. Retrieving copper from the copper-nickel alloy would again be an expensive process, considering that nickel will not be as desirable as money as copper. Copper which is as good as money as silver or gold. You may not get the full scrap value when you sell it in the future. Better to invest in heavy kilo copper bars which are in raw form without any minting.  

  11. If you think buying copper for investment purposes is in any way, shape, or form, a good idea, I've got a bridge I want to sell you (it's in Brooklyn). Keep your arms out, it'll make it harder for them to get the net over you.

  12. lol, great idea on the nickels.  I think I'll stack a couple hundred bucks of nickels along with my silver, like you said it will always be worth at least a nickel 😉

  13. did my own math on these 'copper coins' and was astounded at the mark up.  wondered if anyone else noticed this and felt it might actually be cheaper  to buy nickles, melt them down, and then sell them in 1 troy oz bars…apparently that is accurate.

  14. Yeah, people don't buy copper rounds or small 1 oz bars for there metal content. They buy it for the design that the copper has on it. Same reason a person will pay a high premium for a proof silver american eagle which usually goes 300% the spot price of silver.

  15. I just bought a twenty pound bar of copper far south of melt value, (50.00)!  Because I bought from a coin dealer at a flea market who buys from people that do not know any better. It's not their fault, people just get caught up in the latest craze. 



  18. copper can only be bought at close to spot price if you buy it in the form
    of copper cathodes.This requires 2000 pounds or more at currently Jan 2016
    about $2.00 per pound.or $4000.Its investing for rich people.

  19. Is absolutely right copper is a huge rip off and somebody thought about it and got rich and everybody followed him and started meant teen bars and getting rich themselves. It's like legalizing marijuana there's a lot of money to be made in it but it's not legal but want to becomes legal everybody and their brothers going to be selling it. Don't get caught up in the idea that these things are worth anything because they're not

  20. no it's not a scam however buying I a lot above spot just because of where it's minted I obsurd . A cheap bar is worth the same as an expensive bar same with gold. it's worth only spot that's it. I'll never give about spot.that's why I refine my own. I have a full value instead of paying over spot. I certainly won't pay 30$ over spot on gold. I have the knowledge to make pure bars myself and still get spot on fine because it is fine. I refuse to.pay over spot.

  21. I don't think copper should be seen as an investment at this point. However, Copper round and bar is still fun to collect. Look at it as a fun thing to do.

  22. Simple answer: Yes, it is a scam! Please by all means buy a 1 lb copper bar for $5-6 when its worth $2.20 in melt minus the smelter's fees.

  23. why buy copper bullion ?
    ..When you can buy gold billion.

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  24. I'm collecting .99 pure nickel bullion. Seems like a bargain now. Bad video though. A U.S. Five Cents piece is only worth the face value assuming the U.S. exists and if the coinage hasn't been revalued or eliminated.

  25. Hmm,, the dollar isn't worth the money its printed on and govt is lying to you their deliberately devaluing your money so everyone will be on the debit system ,,where no one can save anything ,you will get so many credits to spend then be broke,, Thank govt and banks for deliberately destroying it ,,why do you think there's so many for profit prisons,????

  26. A round is always a piece of artwork too. You can't measure a van gogh on the value of the used materials.

  27. A 1 ounce copper round is about $1.50. Their are 16 ounces in pound right? What is that about $24.00 for a pound. The melt value is about $2.60 a pound, I could be off a few cents. Nickels are okay, but Pre 1982 Pennies are the way to go if you want to stack copper, they are 95% copper, 153 Pennies equal roughly a pound of copper. That's $1.50 for a pound of copper, you make $1.05 profit right now. If you have ten thousand dollars worth of them, that's about 6600 pounds of copper, times that by $1.05, you already about $7,000 up from day one. Now imagine 25 or 30 years later, not a bad investment. It will probably take you about 5 years or less to accumulate that many at face value but it will be worth it.

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  29. There's a bit of a misunderstanding in this video. The silver quarters have not actually increased in value; the silver in them has roughly the same purchasing power as it did in 1964, it's just that their intrinsic value relative to their face value has increased. If you stockpile copper nickels, they will probably only have about the same purchasing power in 30 years as they do now.

  30. You can pick up metals all over the place and take them to the junkyard, trade them for copper. If you time it right, you could make a dollar a pound by selling it again a year later.. But there are even greater ways to make money at the junkyard.. buy decorative brass stuff or brass casings and sell them. Much better than "investing" in copper bullion

  31. Is copper a scam? No, copper is not a scam, but all these bullion dealers, and Ebay flippers are surely the scammers. I see an ad for a 10 pound bar of copper, and they are asking $260. Copper is $3.07 per pound, which means that this bar has a current market value of $30.70. Why in the world would anyone buy this for almost 9 times it’s true value? Come on, really?

  32. It's illegal to melt copper pennies and nicles for their metal content. Still, it might not be a bad idea to hoard some nickles at this point as they will likely retain their metal content value and the government may eventually pay more than face value for them, even if they never overturn their ban against allowing anyone else to melt them.

  33. Copper is a great investment if you look at a 45 years. But if you are investing you should buy scrap for spot and melt it.

  34. They are pretty. Buy them for the artwork alone. Makes great gifts for kids. A perfect gift from the tooth fairy, or a pretty paperweight. Not much more.

  35. If anyone is dumb enough to invest in copper bullion, I have a 76 Pinto parked in the back of my farm that I will let go for a mere $10,000 or best offer…LMAO

  36. Of course this is a hoax! Buying copper only makes sence if u buy tons of it. U could invest in copper at a professional level, but keeping it at home, in coin, is beyond stupid. Copper bullion is a novelty that solely symbolizes ppls gullabillity and smallbrainity. In a hundred years U wont even get your shipping and handling expences back. Like the other guy on this thread said; U'd be better of buying lard 4 u'r money. That u could actually use for something! 😀

  37. I'm thinking about getting some for a display in my knife cabinet for show but I don't think its wise to sink a fortune into 🇺🇸copper🇺🇸

  38. I have some copper rounds, not as an investment, but because I thought they were cool. plus they were inexpensive, although you are correct, they cost more than the melt value will ever be worth.

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