Is gold being used as a weapon against Russia and China? – By Illuminati Silver

Is gold being used as a weapon against Russia and China? – By Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 7th August 2015 and today’s
video asks the question is gold being used as a weapon against Russia and China? We all know that Russia and China have been
two of the largest purchasers of gold in recent years. Assuming the official figures to be
accurate, (and some commentators don’t, as they believe them to be under-estimated by
a large margin) – according to Bloomberg today, China has expanded its holdings by 60% since
2009 to 1,658 metric tons and Russia has more than doubled its assets and added reserves
to 1,275 metric tons of gold. Bloomberg adds that more than $2 billion has
been erased from the value of China’s gold reserves since announcing its holdings in
mid-July. Furthermore, during the same period the tumbling
gold prices of the past three weeks have coincidentally wiped away more than $2 billion from the value
of Russian reserves. This coupled with a dramatic fall in oil price leaves Russia particularly
exposed at a time when it seems to have few friends in the West. An interesting and different take on events
leads one to ask “are Western powers manipulating the gold and oil prices” as a weapon against
Russia’s Imperialistic ambition such as the Ukraine for example and also sending a warning
message to its neighbour China? Most of those who support the manipulation
theory do so from the perspective that it is carried out to assist China in its accumulation
of this metal to help defray envisaged losses on their dollar debt holdings. However, if
the price can be manipulated downwards and held there for some time, as the Chinese moves
funds from their collapsing Stock-market, Property Market and Bond Market into gold,
which then depreciates further due to this manipulation, it will undermine their entire
currency regime and therefore remove the threat of the Yuan ever becoming the World’s Reserve
Currency. We are not saying that we support this theory
but it is an interesting one to ponder and debate. We look forward to your comment on
this. We hope you like this video and found the
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  1. That was my thoughts on the oil price decline, to punish Russia. This is an interesting angle on Gold, but considering the source (Bloomberg Media), I'm leaning towards this being  disinformation.

  2. for some reason your vid isn't playing tonight.  I can watch everyone Else's I click on??? Not sure if it is your vid or my browser, but I can watch vids before and after I've clicked on yours.  I came back to leave this message and try again.

  3. Very thought provoking vid Illuminati.   It rings true to me that the western powers want  to reign in Russian aggression and keep the Yuan down at the same time .  I don't know though, for how long the west can keep the genie in the bottle. How sustainable is this gold devaluation strategy ?      PS I feel ill today because of recent events at Trent Bridge.

  4. Wow that's an interesting point of view. Maybe there is a grand reason. For the manipulation of gold and silver. I really enjoy these videos. I also wonder what kind of horse power you have behind you there's a lot of the information can't be doing it from your home desk haha thanks again

  5. Good question, I believe we are witnessing a currency war . The US is trying to protect the dollar and does not want the yuan included in the IMF basket of currencies . The timing of the Chinese stock market plunge is not a coincidence in my opinion . I'm sure you've noticed how the US is constantly complaining about things in other countries while doing the same thing they complain about. While these tactic may work in the short run I have my doubts longer term. Failed policies often lead politicians to blame outside forces. I think there is a good chance this will lead to a major war This is really about who is going to eat the losses for unpayable debts . In other words who's gonna be top dog 🙂  As far as gold being used as a weapon why not , they don't seem to have problems doing much worse things.

  6. There's a rumor something bad is going to happen in Chicago, or somewhere in Pa., my bet is Chigago. This from a hacker in a Romanian prison, who has hacked just about everyone, who's anyone! As far as strategy,I really have to ask against who? It's laughable, if not so serious! China has something far more valuable than gold, the corporate world and industry, and they are allowing for market correction, which I think will allow a faster recovery. I know nothing about business, but I'd say what is going on is monkee business!

  7. IRT Russia's imperialistic moves in Ukraine, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul, and Gerald Celente seem to think that the U.S. is the aggressor at this time in Ukraine.  Any thoughts?

  8. Thank you for starting to investigate world events and politics affecting silver/gold prices (not just mining production and demand).  I believe you are on the right path.  There is a lot more at stake these days in this fragile global economy, with a weak American president, and our enemies doing what they want as the u.s. retreats from the world stage.

  9. More and more I like the bubble theory.  When the central banks opened the floodgates of liquidity I remember the fear of inflation.  It was almost a consensus.  Everyone should have looked at Japan with its massive deficits and infrastructure spending for the last 20 or so years.  Still fighting deflation. 
         I addition, I think a lot of people with large amounts of money in one form of currency or another don't feel the need to take a detour into precious metals.  American opening up the money supply?  Ditch dollars and buy Euros.  Euro looks like it's going in the tank?  Buy U.S. dollars.  Fast and liquid.  Don't even need a stock broker or a trip to the bullion dealer.  Just open up a bank account denominated in U.S. dollars. 
         That having been said, I think the reason that the Saudis opened up the spigot was largely geo-political.  They no doubt liked the idea of curtailing investment into high price production, but it was mainly to put a knife into Iran, Iraq, and Syria and their friend Putin and Russia.
         Still like the way silver is heading….just a tad more….just another couple of bucks south…..
         I'm also NOT unsubscribing.  Putin is an imperialist who has crushed his nations economy just like that giant pile of cheese he just had steamrollered.

  10. Thanks for opening up the discussion on this.

    I'm more interested in what Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC nations are receiving out of the current deal to bolster the US dollar and how it fits into the bigger picture.

    For instance, over 15 years ago, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, then a former oil minister of Saudi Arabia, stated "thirty years from now there will be a huge amount of oil–and no buyers. Oil will be left in the ground. The Stone Age came to an end, not because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will come to an end not because we have a lack of oil." In other words, the Saudis believe they have foreseen the end of the "Oil Age."

    I would speculate the end of the Oil Age would come about in part due to several factors: improved forms of alternative energy production and storage technologies, declining Western demographics (retiring baby boomers, low fertility rates, disappearing middle class), and the geo-political pressures imposed by those seeking to activate global governance via "Global Warming/Climate Change" regardless of the cost or real truth of the matter.

    Foreseeing oil's demise, is Saudi Arabia's current gambit really about maximizing revenues while there is still an opportunity? Or is it all a bluff to send commodities into a short-term deflationary spiral so that bankrupt oil-wells, refiners, mines, and other properties can be bought up at fire-sale prices?

    If I understand things correctly, nations and large corporations around the world are currently capitalizing on the cheap oil prices, which causes banks around the world to purchase US dollar capacity at interest in order to allow their clients to purchase oil on the open market, thus driving up the demand and buying power of the US dollar and exporting a significant amount of inflation outside of the US. But what happens when nations/corporations have had their fills and met their quotas and Saudi Arabia begins to regulate the oil prices back upward? What are the OPEC nations going to do when they're left holding vast reserves of US dollars, and the only major demand for these dollars by nations is to pay off the interest in acquiring US notes in the first place or in low-volume trade deals? What's going to happen when all of this exported inflation makes it back into the US homeland? And how is this going to affect liquidity in the global markets? Is this all part of a larger scheme to create a major financial crisis and global currency reset?

    And is there even a rational motivation behind Saudi Arabia's current actions, or is it in part motivated more by a desire by various actors to see implemented certain self-fulfilling prophecies?

    I find these questions are very intriguing and certainly deserving of more scrutiny, especially when most of the focus in the media and various communities has been on Russia and China.

  11. I think it does the opposite to China's ambitions. In the next two years they will be able to accumulate larger amounts of gold than ever on the open market (and of course mine a lot of their own gold ) so with more gold than ever in reserve going forward the Chinese currency can only be stronger. The Chinese have time on their hands and at some stage commodities generally are likely to recover.

  12. The gold market has been held under for so long that it needs a breath. I don't think that the banker cabal can continue for the remarked upon necessary duration. Or that China would allow supression to continue. Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai

  13. The elitist bloodlines that have been in control for eons { royal bloodlines, jewish bloodlines , papal bloodlines, etc}   are always way ahead of society in terms of planning and cunning agendas. They are also " above the law" and make the laws that best benefit their corruptions. The best us peons can do, is take note of these facts, and work the corrupt systems the best we can for our own sole benefits.

  14. The wisest people in society , sold gold around $1900 per oz and silver around $49 per oz…they did not fall for the massive lies that gold would soon be worth $10,000 per oz and silver worth $300 per oz. They were able to see past the sensationalism and take the best profits when it was time….and these same people will buy back in and do it again when the time comes , which allows them to not only make the best profits, but also allows them to have a decent stash of precious metals to hold , which are completely paid for by their profits when they sold . This allows them to be hedged if we do see a currency collapse, while also allowing them profits for as long as the fiat game continues onwards. FWIW, I was not one of these wise people. I bought into the hysteria that we were soon gonna see a currency collapse and did not sell gold/ silver near its highs…BUT…I learned a valuable lesson from my mistakes , and I shall not fall for the pumpers hysteria again.

  15. The way that billions of dollars worth of PMs are dumped in the matter of a few seconds all at once time and time again forces me to consider manipulation (in the strictest form of the word) as the prime motivation of such a move. I am not saying this is the sole "mover and shaker" in the market, but I can not see any other reason for such moves.

    With that said, is it possible that the west is pressuring prices south to mitigate the "wealth effect" that national concentrations of gold holdings in the past have been indicative of a congruent transfer of geopolitical prominence? Essentially, gold values (in USD terms) dropping equates to gold being less advantageous, on the global scale, as a strategic reserve. At least while we are in the present monetary structure.

    I have to say this video is one of the more abstract yet intricate thought lines I have seen here! By far this is my favorite video to date. I would LOVE to see more analysis in this direction!

  16. By saying "Russian Imperialistic ambitions in Ukraine…) You are doing disfavor to your channel, like being a Washington's mouthpiece. 
    Ukrainian undemocratic removal of previous gov was orchestrated by Washington, when EU rejected any sanctions against Russia, in no time passenger plane was shot down and US was joined by EU in sanctioning Russia. (how planes never dissapoint!)
    What criminal nations did in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afg… is an imperialism and it is the sickest form of imperialism.
    Any Russian involvement in Ukraine is only US speculation with ZERO proof what so ever.
    By using invented stores and US propaganda in your videos as facts, you are turning you channel in to another YouTube rubbish. 
    Bear in mind that US with it's lapdogs exterminated over a million of innocent life's, in the Middle East, this is what you should refer to as IMPERIALISM when ever you desire to use the word.

    By the way, I am not a big friend of Russia, however, I am not a liar either and I have no respect for those who spread speculations as facts.

  17. us peons In society, gain most of our knowledge via venues controlled by corrupt lying TPTB.   All we can really do, is take note of the lies, and then form counter opinions…for example..
    PEAK OIL….which was a lie…there is a glut of oil….and I seriously doubt TPTB, are gonna allow a monetary system that is backed by gold/silver. Digital currency is the next step , because it gives TPTB even more monetary control also allowing more taxation upon all of us.

  18. Gold and silver have stood the test of time, politics, wars, manipulations etc. etc. etc. The energy that was necessary to create it and the energy it takes to mine it makes it a true store of value. All opinions that disregard this truth, and any fiat currency prices placed on its intrinsic value are unsubstantial and irrelevant from my point of view. I care not how many FRN's are equated to the manipulated 'market' value of gold and silver as it does not exhibit an iota of truth and integrity concerning truthful representations of inherent value which is a misleading and false comparison. I prefer to consider things based on merit as opposed to comparisons. Gold and silver were here long before the USD/FRN, and shall remain long after. That is a truth that resonates much deeper than a corrupt system born out of Jekyll island and birthed by a seedy/greedy cabal of bankers.
    This 'illuminati' must know the principle of polarity, that all truths are but half truths, if they are indeed enlightened. Furthermore, given the name they use here, I give them the benefit of doubt that they are aware of several other principles of truth that may be employed to shed truth and light on this subject. For the typical man, common sense will inform you of true value concerning this subject. The truth is, that what is mined from the earth, grows upon the earth, and received from the heavens (stars, cosmos, place any label on this that suits the truth), i.e. Water, food (nutrition to sustain life), the Sun, minerals, ore, trees, oil, the air we breath etc. etc. etc. is what holds true store of value and meaning to us all. Therefore, any attempt at equating natural resources in relation to a banker created monetary system based on fiat currency printed on paper is a comparison that does not stand the test of time, truth and integrity. All boils down to energy, not man made systems of printing out receipts known as FRN's that originally represented a claim for a natural resource, and which has evolved through material greed brought nothing to humanity but misery, debt, wars and manipulations to benefit a few that have fooled most into a perception that currency is money and they have used it to rape, pillage, control and proclaim ownership of vast amounts of the 'commons', otherwise known as natural resources.
    Beware of the half truths, the intents, and true motives of both extremes of this subject. If you are sober, aware, and if you understand, then you must employ the seven principles of truth, or at very least, put forth your best effort to use common sense. If you do this with conviction in a mindful desire to know, then the truth will resonate loud and clear within you. It is of your natures, it has been hidden from you, and you have been distracted for reasons that are not of benefit to you, but rather to the base of material men filled in heart with greed, lust for the material (lead) and will never want you to transmute to gold. This is not meant in the literal sense of the material, but transcends the material. All is symbolic, whether you are aware of it or not. So, gold in the material sense too is symbolic of a higher value and integrity than lead(and paper). If you understand this, you hold the key.
    ~The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding~
    Think well, be well.

  19. War is fought in many ways, China has been fighting an economic war against us for decades. We are of no concern to those that fight on a global economic level. Some much smarter than I will benefit from information provided and shift positions to take advantage of tidal shifts. Whenever there is a tidal shift economic waves and eddies are created. If I was an economic surfer I would know the signs, read the water and catch a great wave and jump off before it crashes to shore and sinks back into the ocean.

  20. Hey I.S looks like you picked up on what I said in another one of my post.  And we know the big boys won't let Russia or China try to manipulate their currency right?  I mean its the big boys game, its their currency, and if anybody is going to manipulate it's going to be them, not some upstart like China or Russia.  They were allowed to play the big boys game, but they got too arrogant to fast right?  lol  and now they are learning what happens when you try to beat a Rothschild at his own game.

  21. if I may: Fuck China. China is going to collapse ;she will implode from within. her stock market is highly leveraged clowns buying stocks that are highly leveraged we are already seeing the cracks cracking in China.China's Yuan can never be accepted as world res currency or as an alternative why in the hell would someone accept an emerging market currency? China is a joke.As the west slows down bye bye china .Her stock market is a joke & so is her stock-market. what ever china is doing passing rules will not work. at some point China will see a 1929 like market crash. China is not the model nor is her currency. & also I think china's gold holdings at some point will be used to prop up her own markets. IMF has no intention with respect to China. I hear tons of stacker channels american stackers talking about how China is a threat ,well if they believe so well, they should send their kids ,& themselves to china ,& put on their boot straps ,& carry an M-16 ,& go do some chopping stacking gold & silver tends to attract right wingers. I've been hearing about this fear nonsense for the past 4 years,(not though this channel) Also let's think about it in terms such as can gold be used as an economic weapon? of course. if a stronger more powerful nation can force a weaker nation to buy gold with limited resources that can cause destabilization. why in the hell would India be stock piling gold & using what finite allocations to hoard gold when they should be using what limited resources on infrastructure? India is a hell hole.those monies should be put to better usage Gold doesn't do anything it just collects dust. As I said before many times I don't care how many monster boxes a stacker is hording in his closet. One can have 100k invested into silver or gold & still be dead broke because those metals don't do anything one at some point will have to sell what ever holdings they have & go into cash. Gold & silver is not money btw I do trade SLV & GLD when I feel there's a buying time,but I wouldn't ever stack or buy physicals which don't do anything. buying physicals is stupid.

  22. Last comment there's this one clown show that used to project silver. Saying Oh we will could see 1000 $ silver. Oh silver to them moon  then he goes on to pump buy physical silver. Here's my website, are you kidding? if every stacker believed silver to the moon 1000$ or even 100$ silver ,well then they should have been trading SLV or GLD as I have done, & gotten ready-for anything & hedged themselves,& went where the dumb money is.Savvy traders investors make money off the Dumb money.why in the hell would anyone buy physical silver on such an outlandish bull shit statement? See I saw the writings on the wall when all those pumper clowns pumping silver I knew to get out . we saw silver reach all time highs of what 50$ then bang the collapse started. See what every stacker doesn't realize is the fact that those metals were never ever meant to be long term buy & hold. they are meant to be short term trades the PM market is cyclical comes in cycles of 25/ 30 years between bear markets & bull markets but the bull are shorter lived then bear cycles. all those clowns that bought buy & hold & sat on their metals from the 1980's & 2000's are all dead broke underwater this is fact. the buy & hold for physical is a suckers game STOP BUYING THIS SHIT METAL & DO WHAT THE SMART MONEY DOES
    enough said.
    but I am just a guy named tacos what do I know? lol

  23. Crazy as it seems, this latest currency attack from China, coinciding with the suspicious timing of their gold disclosure, has me speculate they may indeed have misrepresented their holdings to help in undermining the Renminbi. Either way, I'd say it's likely we're about to see a commodities rally here as investors start to realize that QE4 just became a real possibility (I always believed they were going to raise rates prior to this development), and fund managers will front run this speculative fear to catch a cheap bottom.

  24. Paper gold is a vehicle to manipulate gold prices
    the big buyers of paper gold have no expectations of ever receiving gold.
    in the future .just a vehicle of manipulation.
    As the price of gold drops panic will ensue eventually causing a massive sell off of gold . The elite are always waiting to by back gold @ 200$ an oz

  25. Your theory on Ukraine is incorrect, the USA have been poking the hornets nest after prime farm land and oil land. Plus did the USA promise the now former Ukraine president membership of the EU as part of the reconciliation talks with Poland. Russia will not back down over east Ukraine and USA know it. (Can you imagine if Russia started suppling Cuba with arms what would happen), well we know what happened there.

    Back to Gold, I like Gold the rich and powerful hold Gold not Silver, it does not matter that Russia have lost 2 billion of assets in Gold they have more in the ground. The price of oil and sanctions of equipment for oil exploration is more of a problem to Russia in my opinion.

    China, Where does all that Gold go that goes through the Shanghai exchange? I thought it went into China but official figures say not it must be going somewhere!

    I always enjoy your videos they are well presented and thought provoking.

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